Angry residents put telecoms giant before mast

Jul 7 2006

By Mark Coleman Slough Reporter

PLANS for a mobile phone mast in Langley are ringing up a furious outcry from people in the area.

Telecoms giant O2 wants to build a 40 foot high antenna in Burroway Road, on the Parlaunt Estate,near the junction with Market Lane - just feet from the green belt of the Colne Valley Park.

But people living nearby say the development will blight the area and send potentially harmful radiation into their homes.

Pensioner Glyn Gilbert, 74 (right), of Burroway Road, is leading a Dad's Army team to oppose the application. He says: "This idea is appalling.It will clutter up the pavement, which is a real problem for the elderly,people with disabilities, and parents with young children.

"The development will also beam powerful microwave radiation throughout the area.

"This mast is for the next generation of mobile technology,called 3G, which is much more powerful than ordinary portable phones. Essentially, the engineers have turned the heat up in order to transmit video. And we don't want our brains to fry."

Britain's biggest union, Unison, has called for a ban on 3G phone masts until boffins have decided on the health implications.

And the magazine What Doctors Don't Tell You reports how the informal national pressure group Mast Sanity has found more than 18 sites in the UK with clusters of health problems close to mobile base stations.

Another angry Market Lane resident, told the Express: "The obvious place to build a transmitter is on land near to the canal path or the railway, which should give a line of sight signal into the Parlaunt Estate.

"But placing it on an amenity site is unwelcome,unattractive,and uncommonly ugly. We expected more from a Slough-based company. They should be ashamed of themselves."

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