PROTEST VICTORY: Delight as council says no to phone giant's application

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Lancashire Evening Post
6th July 2006
Page 22

PROTEST VICTORY: Delight as council says no to phone giant's application

Mast bid is thrown out

Planners have thrown out a bid to build a phone mast on Grimsargh farmland.

Preston Council's planning committee unanimously turned down the application for the mast on Whittingham Lane.

Phone giants O2 said the mast, on land at Dixon's Farm, was necessary because of increased demand.

The company wanted to build a 20 metre lattice tower with three antennae and two equipment cabinets, surrounded by a fence.


But furious residents said the mast could affect their health and devalue their homes.

Concerns were also raised that it was close to a listed building.

Grimsargh and Haighton parish councils and Alston Lane Catholic Primary School raised objections, along with 148 local people. A 345-signed petition was also submitted.

Normally, the application would be determined by the officers, but it was called in by Counc Neil Cartwright.

A dozen members if the Grimsargh Mast Opposition Action Group were at the meeting to see the application be thrown out.

It was previously recommended for refusal by planners on the grounds of its damage to the visual amenity and that it could be "located in less environmentally damaging location".

Preston Council had asked the company to consider moving the mast behind a belt of trees, but this request was refused.

Herbert Wilcock, who lives less than a half-a-mile from the site said, " We're all really pleased our campaign was successful".

" We feel the council has listened to the strength of feeling on this issue. Hopefully, O2 will go away and not try to reapply somewhere else."

Angela Johnson, O2 North West spokesman, revealed the company will be looking for another suitable in the area for a mast.

She said, "We only build masts where they are needed."

"Our radio planner is going to see if it will work in another place. If it does, we will put in new application."


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