Why Obama’s economic plan will fail

TCS Daily
by John L. Chapman


The recent passage of the $787 billion malapropism known as the ‘American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009′ on Friday the 13th was full of irony. Beyond the portentous date of passage, or its questionable moniker, was the ugly process leading to the confirming Senate vote. While promising ‘unprecedented responsibility, transparency, and accountability’ in securing passage of the largest ad hoc spending bill in U.S. history, the Obama team instead permitted their Congressional allies to rush through a 1,000-page monstrosity with no effective deliberation, no promised prior posting, and no lawmaker coming close to fully reading the pork-laden bill. But the reaction of President Obama was, itself, the ultimate incongruity. For even as Mr. Obama hailed its passage as a ‘major milestone on the road to recovery’ which would lead to ‘3.5 million new or saved jobs in two years,’ the bill in fact guarantees the failure of his economic program, a prolonged downturn, and a golden opportunity for the revival of his political opponents...


Further adventures in the quantum wrongness field

Strike the Root
by Glen Allport


If printing up trillions of dollars to ’stimulate spending’ is going to save the economy, why do we ever put up with even the slightest recession? Just print that funky money, boys and girls! Give every citizen a high-speed color laser printer and require everyone to download the Official Dollar Jpeg Files and then print, print, PRINT those dollars nonstop, day and night! Every man, woman, and child would be a multi-billionaire, and economic activity would be red-hot forever!


What’s government giving up for Lent?

Nolan Chart
by Benjamin W. Mankowski, Sr.


Today is Ash Wednesday, and for millions of Catholics worldwide, that means the beginning of Lent. That also means a lot of complaining about not being allowed to eat meat today and for the next six Fridays, and yes, guilty as charged, I did a lot of that in my younger years. There is a certain irony to that, as Lenten discipline used to have more strict guidelines centuries or even decades ago, and there was a lot less complaining. … Government could stand to learn a little bit about sacrifice, especially when politicians of both major parties lecture us about it on a regular basis. Ever since the New Deal and even before, government programs have been introduced to get us out of economic downturns. The problem is, once those programs are in place, they usually prove to be permanent, though any perceived economic benefits are not. We are told we need this program or that agency in place to keep the economy strong...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp



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