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Blackwater Changes Name, Keeps on Ticking

The Associated Press: "Blackwater Worldwide is still protecting US diplomats in Iraq, but executives at the beleaguered security firm are taking their biggest step yet to put that work and the ugly reputation it earned the company behind them. Blackwater said Friday it will no longer operate under the name that came to be known worldwide as a caustic moniker for private security, dropping the tarnished brand for a disarming and simple identity: Xe, which is pronounced like the letter 'z.'"

Power Elite Playbook: Controlled Conflict and Staged Incompetence

by Deanna Spingola

The war conspirators included a Standard Oil attorney, Henry L. Stimson (Skull & Bones), who was a Thomas Lamont ally, and partner with Elihu Root in a law firm on Wall Street, the nucleus of the powerful American Establishment. Following Washington’s proverbial revolving door collusion strategy between corporate oligarchies and government, Stimson held the following strategic positions: civilian Secretary of War under fellow Skull and Bonesman Taft...


Wikipedia Threatens to Delete List of Bilderberg Attendees

Informant: Neo Mulder

Einladung zum 6. Stuttgarter Impfsymposium am 16. Mai 2009

Vorratsdatenspeicherung (VDS)-Urteil: freie Passage für weitere Maßnahmen

Neue Rettungs- und Konjunkturpakete: Für die Schwächsten fällt nur wenig ab

Obama will mit 800 Milliarden-Dollar die Wirtschaft ankurbeln, Billionen in den Finanzmarkt pumpen und Deutschland fördert den Mittelstand mit 50 Milliarden Euro.

GOP "Filibuster Hypocrisy"

Institute for Public Accuracy (IPA)

Don't Fix Wall Street, Replace It

How Banks Are Worsening the Foreclosure Crisis

The bad mortgages that got the current financial crisis started have produced a terrifying wave of home foreclosures. Unless the foreclosure surge eases, even the most extravagant federal stimulus spending won't spur an economic recovery.

U.S. 4th-quarter housing prices fall 12% from 2007

Home prices nationally dropped 12% in the fourth quarter, the most on record, amid foreclosures and a recession that pushed buyers out of the market.,0,6798473.story

From Information Clearing House


Foreclosures Hit Home: A Microcosm of America's Mortgage Crisis

Poll: Americans want Bush prosecuted

A USA Today/Gallup poll found Thursday that 41 percent of Americans favor a criminal probe against the former president, 30 percent back an examination by an independent panel and 25 percent say neither should happen.

From Information Clearing House

How Halliburton ensured it had a very profitable war in Iraq

The company spent $75 million digging a pipeline under the Tigris river at a location where the army later decided nobody should have tried. This was part of the $7 billion (no bid) contract to restore Iraq oil exports, which has been a disaster. Then there are the disposable canteen plates that cost the American taxpayer $28 each.

From Information Clearing House

The Deep Politics of Hollywood

By Matthew Alford and Robbie Graham

Each of the dominant Hollywood studios ("the majors") is now a subsidiary of a much larger corporation, and therefore is not so much a separate or independent business, but rather just one of a great many sources of revenue in its parent company's wider financial empire.

Hollywood's New Censors

By John Pilger

These are extraordinary times. Vicious colonial wars and political, economic and environmental corruption cry out for a place on the big screen. Yet, try to name one recent film that has dealt with these, honestly and powerfully, let alone satirically.. Censorship by omission is virulent.

Mast likely to be built at Fraserburgh

By Jamie Buchan

Published: 14/02/2009

Mobile phone giant Vodafone is expected to get permission to build a mast in the centre of a north-east town, despite a raft of complaints from residents.

The firm applied to create a 50ft lattice tower, complete with three antenna and two dishes, on a site behind Bayview Motors in Broadsea Road, in Fraserburgh.



Fraserburgh mobile mast expected to get permission - UK Vodafone is expected to get permission to build a mobile phone mast in the centre of Fraserburgh. ...

Energiesparlampen sind keine echte Alternative zu Glühlampen

Überschreitung der Befugnisse der Kommission?


Debatte um das Glühbirnenverbot muss im Europäischen Parlament statt finden.

Nachricht von Helmut Breunig


Energiesparlampen, Haltbarkeit

Öko Test - Germany

Verbunden ist das Ganze auch noch mit einer schlechten Lichtqualität und mit Elektrosmog, was sich negativ auf die Gesundheit auswirken kann. ...


Test Haltbarkeit von Energiesparlampen

Sie sparen weitaus weniger Energie als versprochen wird, sie erzeugen schlechtes Licht. Und auch in puncto Haltbarkeit können die Energiesparlampen nicht überzeugen – im Dauertest fielen die Lampen reihenweise aus.,Test+Haltbarkeit+von+Energiesparlampen,35,a12251.html


Das Ende der Glühbirne: Hamstern Sie auch schon?ühbirne

Gullible or Cynical?

Security and Government Ineptitude

Obama’s Opening Salvo

How the American Empire Will Fall

Obama and Liberals: A Counter-Productive Relationship

By Glenn Greenwald

During the 2008 election, Obama co-opted huge portions of the Left and its infrastructure so that their allegiance became devoted to him and not to any ideas. Many online political and "news" outlets -- including some liberal political blogs -- discovered that the most reliable way to massively increase traffic was to capitalize on the pro-Obama fervor by turning themselves into pro-Obama cheerleading squads.

Deficit Nonchalance

By Paul Craig Roberts

The fiscal year 2009 federal budget deficit that Obama is inheriting, and adding to, will be ten times larger in absolute terms than Reagan's biggest and a much larger share of GDP in percentage terms. Yet, economists are sending up no alarms.

Obama, like Bush, is Throwing Public Money into a Black Hole

By Prof. Rodrigue Tremblay

Tuesday, February 10, may be the date when the U.S. economy officially entered into an economic depression. This was when President Obama's Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner, announced that the Obama administration was about to expand Bush's Secretary Paulson's $700-billion plan to rescue large U.S. banks from insolvency.$700

Geithner's Debut: "Not Ready for Prime Time"

By Mike Whitney

Tuesday was Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner's coming out party. He was supposed to outline Obama's Financial Stability Plan to the Senate Banking Committee. Wall Street was looking for clarity, but it didn't get it. Instead, they got 25 minutes of political posturing and blather. The markets went into freefall. By the end of the day, the Dow was down 382 points. It was a complete fiasco.

Who is Pulling Geithner's Strings?

By Cliff Kincaid

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner on Tuesday carefully read from a teleprompter and provided what his flack said was a "comprehensive" plan. It was not comprehensive in any way. It seemed so amateurish and shallow that the market dropped and commentators and senators were almost incredulous at the lack of detail.

Geithner gets the keys to the henhouse

By Mike Whitney

Geithner did us all a big favor on Tuesday by exposing himself as a stooge of the banking industry.

High Noon: Geithner v. The American Oligarchs

Bill Moyers interviews former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Read video and transcript

"There comes a time in every economic crisis, or more specifically, in every struggle to recover from a crisis, when someone steps up to the podium to promise the policies that - they say - will deliver you back to growth. The person has political support, a strong track record, and every incentive to enter the history books. But one nagging question remains. Can this person, your new economic strategist, really break with the vested elites that got you into this much trouble?"


Putting the fox in charge of the henhouse

Worst Economic Collapse Ever

Worst Than The Great Depression?


In 2009 were going to see the worst economic collapse ever, the Greatest Depression, says Gerald Celente, U.S. trend forecaster. He believes its going to be very violent in the U.S., including there being a tax revolt.

Economic Crisis 'Top Threat to US'

By Al Jazeera

Dennis Blair said in a report to US congress on security on Thursday that the longer the economic recovery, the greater likelihood of "serious damage" to US strategic interests. Several countries in South America, Africa and the former Soviet Union were unprepared for economic crises and risked "regime-threatening stability" if the situation were to persist.

U.S. Now Sees Iran as Pursuing Nuclear Bomb

By Greg Miller

Obama's nominee to serve as CIA director, Leon E. Panetta, left little doubt about his view last week when he testified on Capitol Hill. "From all the information I've seen," Panetta said, "I think there is no question that they are seeking that capability."

Iran Next Target, Warns Israeli Diplomat

By Jason Koutsoukis, Jerusalem

A SENIOR Israeli diplomat has warned that Israel is ready to launch a military offensive against Iran to prevent it from developing nuclear weapons.

US Intel Confirms Iran Not Developing Nukes

By Press TV

The new chief of US intelligence has confirmed the findings of a 2007 intelligence report that Iran has no nuclear weapons program. Dennis Blair told the Senate Intelligence Committee that his organization has assessed that Tehran does not have nuclear weapons design and weaponization work.

Prisoners Tortured to Death - Terrorist threat “exploited to curb civil liberties”

By Stephen C. Webster

The American Civil Liberties Union has released previously classified excerpts of a government report on harsh interrogation techniques used in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay. These previously unreported pages detail repeated use of "abusive" behavior, even to the point of prisoner deaths.

New Torture Memos Outline Black Sites, Ghost Prisoners

Three human rights groups released more than a thousand pages of Department of Defense and CIA documents Thursday that outline how closely the two agencies worked in rendering terrorism suspects to black sites, keeping detainees' identities secret, and tempering bad publicity for inmate treatment at Guántanamo Bay.

Revealed: Pentagon's secret prisons, legal loopholes and CIA 'ghost' detainees

Three major human rights organizations have declared the Department of Defense was running secret prisons at Bagram and in Iraq, actively sought ways around the terms of the Geneva conventions and cooperated with the CIA's "ghost detention" program which saw prisoners hidden from Red Cross oversight.

Defence Role in CIA's Secret Jails

By The Age

THREE human rights groups have obtained documents that confirm US Department of Defence involvement in the CIA's "ghost" detention program, and the existence of secret prisons at Bagram air base in Afghanistan and in Iraq.

US: Lawsuit Sheds More Light on Terror War Abuses

Three human rights groups have released documents that they say reveal close cooperation between the U.S. Defence Department and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in rendering terrorism suspects to secret prisons, creating 'ghost prisoners' by concealing their identities from the Red Cross, and delaying their release to counter negative publicity about their treatment at Guántanamo Bay.

Briton to sue for MI5 torture claim

A British man who was detained in Bangladesh has threatened legal action against the UK government, saying its security services were complicit in his torture.

From Information Clearing House


Terrorist threat “exploited to curb civil liberties”

Independent [UK]


Dame Stella Rimington, the former head of MI5, has accused the Government of exploiting public fear of terrorism to restrict civil liberties. Her comments came on the same day as a report published by international jurists suggested that Britain and America have led other countries in ‘actively undermining’ the rule of law and ‘threatening civil liberties’ in the guise of fighting terrorism. In an interview with the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia, Dame Stella said that a series of increasingly draconian policies have led British citizens to ‘live in fear and under a police state.’ The 73-year-old said: ‘Since I have retired I feel more at liberty to be against certain decisions of the Government, especially the attempt to pass laws which interfere with people’s privacy. It would be better that the Government recognised that there are risks, rather than frightening people in order to be able to pass laws which restrict civil liberties, precisely one of the objects of terrorism: that we live in fear and under a police state’...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Out of Work and Challenged on Benefits, Too

Peter Whoriskey, The Washington Post: "It's hard enough to lose a job. But for a growing proportion of US workers, the troubles really set in when they apply for unemployment benefits."


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