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Public meeting called over phone mast

Melton Today - Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, UK

The campaigners want more people from the Wimpey estate to join the fight against plans to build a mobile phone mast on the corner of Grange Drive and ...

GOP Hates Earmarks, Except the Ones Its Members Sponsor

David Lightman, McClatchy Newspapers: "Republicans are expected to deliver a daylong rant Wednesday against Democratic spending legislation, yet the bill is loaded with thousands of pet projects that Republican lawmakers inserted. Rep. Ralph Hall, R-Texas, included $142,500 for emergency repairs to the Sam Rayburn Library and Museum in Austin, Texas. Sen. John Ensign, R-Nev., joined state colleagues to include $1.425 million for Nevada 'statewide bus facilities.' The top two Republicans on Congress' money committees also inserted local projects."

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- Dr Thomas RAU: "Les champs électromagnétiques sont un facteur insoupçonné de nombreuses maladies"

UK: This is a recipe for creating terrorists

New Labour's sins in the war on terror are catching up with it, but ministers want to shift blame on to the Muslim community.

From Information Clearing House

Disappeared in the Name of US National Security - A Practical Proposal for Real Change

Where Is The Outrage?

By Mohamed Farag Bashmilah

The American public needs to face what has happened to those of us who were disappeared and mistreated in the name of their national security.

The Oscar for Denial

And the winner is - The American People

By James McEnteer

"We know, deep inside us we know--[just] as the Germans who kept their heads down and tried to lead 'normal' lives as genocide exploded all around them, in their name, by their own government knew--that our government has committed terrible atrocities at home and abroad. If we do nothing to bring these crimes to light and their perpetrators to justice, then we are as guilty and worthy of moral condemnation as the war generation of silent Germans ..."

A Practical Proposal for Real Change

Open Letter to President Obama

By Carmen Yarrusso

Thoreau wrote, "There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root." Mr. President, real change won't happen unless we the American people strike at the root-our intellectually dishonest political system.

Freeing Up Resources... For More War

By Norman Solomon

In his first speech to Congress, the new president threw down a 90-month-old gauntlet, reaffirming the notion that committing to war halfway around the world -- in Afghanistan and now in Pakistan too -- will make Americans safer. With drumrolls like that, the mission could outlive all of us.

Cut the Military Budget

By Barney Frank

Those organizations, editorial boards and individuals who talk about the need for fiscal responsibility should be challenged to begin with the area where our spending has been the most irresponsible and has produced the least good for the dollars expended--our military budget.


Wake up, America!


Burdened with an ever-expanding government and military, increased international competition, overextended entitlement programs, and debts to foreign countries that are becoming impossible to honor, America must mend its spendthrift ways or face an economic disaster of epic proportions.

It's Time to Break up the Big Banks

By Mike Whitney

Timothy Geithner is putting the finishing touches on a plan that will dump $1 trillion of toxic assets onto the US taxpayer.

Nationalization: It's Not Scary, It's All Around You

By David Sirota

Amidst the punditocracy's handwringing about the supposedly unprecedented possibility of nationalization in America, Paul Krugman this week reminded his New York Times readers that nationalization is "as American as apple pie."

A Planet at the Brink

Will Economic Brushfires Prove Too Virulent to Contain?

By Michael T. Klare

The global economic meltdown has already caused bank failures, bankruptcies, plant closings, and foreclosures and will, in the coming year, leave many tens of millions unemployed across the planet. But another perilous consequence of the crash of 2008 has only recently made its appearance: increased civil unrest and ethnic strife. Someday, perhaps, war may follow.

How Can U.S. Recover Without Manufacturing Capacity?

By Glen Ford

"You can't put people to work in American factories that don't exist."

Council’s short shrift for mobile phone mast

NW Evening Mail - Barrow-in-Furness, England, UK

COUNCILLORS have sent a clear signal they do not want a mobile phone mast built on an Ulverston council estate. The recommendation was made during Monday’s ...


Phone mast planned next to Birchington school - Tunbridge Wells,England, UK

THE future’s bright - the future’s a replacement phone mast next to King ... for adults or children caused by mobile phone base stations operating within the...

Why Fed chief Bernanke is either a liar or a fool

Root for America
by Wayne Allyn Root


Fed chief Ben Bernanke testified a year ago (April of 2008) before Congress and said that America was not yet in recession and might still avoid it. He called our economic crisis at the time a ‘contraction.’ Interesting choice of words. At the time, I was so shocked and outraged at those comments that I wrote a commentary ripping Bernanke to shreds. I felt he was either a fool or a liar. Well the more things change, the more they stay the same. Earlier today Ben Bernanke told Congress that the recession will end this year. THIS YEAR. Really? You could have fooled me. So the man who didn’t even know we were in a recession last April, now thinks he can read the future?

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Ron Paul Grills Bernanke: "You Can't Reinflate The Bubble"

Government digs a deeper hole

Asia Times
by Martin Hutchinson


Every new stimulus and rescue plan is being met with stock market declines and more gloomy economic data for good reason. The markets recognize that the deepest hole the global economy will need to climb out of is the one governments have dug...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Eleven states declare sovereignty over Obama’s rash actions

Human Events
by AWR Hawkins


In the first 5 weeks of his presidency … Obama has acted so rashly that at least 11 states have decided that his brand of ‘hope’ equates to an intolerable expansion of the federal government’s authority over the states … Washington, New Hampshire, Arizona, Montana, Michigan, Missouri, Oklahoma, California, Georgia, South Carolina, & Texas … passed resolutions reminding Obama that the 10th Amendment protects the rights of the states, which are the rights of the people, by limiting the power of the federal government. These resolutions call on Obama to ‘cease and desist’ from his reckless government expansion and also indicate that federal laws and regulations implemented in violation of the 10th Amendment can be nullified by the states...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

When will we say “enough” to the world’s biggest Ponzi scheme?

Fox News Forum
by Phil Kerpen


The shocking collapse of our financial system should have taught us an important lesson about the structure of our economy, heavily-dependent on consumption expenditures paid for with borrowed dollars. When the flood of borrowed dollars abruptly stopped, the over-inflated housing market collapsed and other markets followed with frightening speed. The lesson should have been that you can’t just keep on borrowing forever, spending lots of money that you don’t have. Instead we seem to have learned the opposite — that we just need to find fresh piles of money to keep the whole thing going. As my friend Jim Pfaff noted at his anti-stimulus rally in Denver last Tuesday, this is Madoff-nomics, writ large...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

To Russia, with hate

by Justin Raimondo


In Afghanistan, Pakistan, and throughout the Middle East, America’s name is mud, thanks to the Bush administration and its predecessors. During the Bush era, our international standing took a huge hit, with millions wondering what crazed act of aggression was going to come out of Washington next. Our militaristic foreign policy has alienated our friends while multiplying and emboldening our enemies. To listen to Andrei Illarionov tell it, however, we don’t have enough enemies. One more needs to be added to the list, and that is Russia. Illarionov is a Russian citizen, formerly a top economic adviser to then-President Vladimir Putin, and a senior fellow at the ostensibly libertarian (and anti-interventionist) Cato Institute...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

US refuses to free the final British Gitmo abductee

Independent [UK]


The British wife of the final UK resident being held in Guantanamo Bay has pleaded for her husband’s release so he can be united with the son he has never seen. Shaker Aamer, 42, was separated from his family more than seven years ago while they were visiting Afghanistan. He claims to have been beaten and tortured during his detention at the notorious US Navy detention centre in Cuba. … Mr Aamer’s lawyers have filed a 16-page claim arguing for his removal from isolation in Guantanamo Bay prison. He claims he was tortured by beatings, sleep deprivation and exposure to temperature extremes, which brought him to the point of a mental breakdown. His claims, if true, could prove to be very damaging to the US government which has always maintained it uses reasonable force in its treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo...

Turmoil on legal team for Canadian at Gitmo

Miami Herald


Officials abruptly canceled a lawyer’s visit Tuesday to Guantanamo amid an internal probe involving the defense of a Canadian accused of killing a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan. Navy Lt. Cmdr. William Kuebler, the often outspoken Pentagon-appointed defense lawyer for Omar Khadr, was scheduled to hold two days of meetings with his client at the U.S. base in Cuba...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Troop Surge in Afghanistan

What Obama's Risking in Afghanistan

Doomsday Clock May Finally Stop Ticking

Administration Draws Fire for Report on Guantánamo

Human Rights First: Rights Group Re-issues Call for Independent Monitoring of Detention Conditions at Guantanamo.

Four Million Americans Lost Health Insurance Since Recession Began

Mary Beth Lehman, The Business Review: "An estimated four million Americans have lost their health insurance since the recession began, and as many as 14,000 people could be losing their health coverage every day, according to a report by liberal think tank Center for American Progress' Action Fund."

Why the GOP Hates Unions

Art Levine, The Huffington Post: "The Hoover-like GOP has been working overtime to oppose President Obama's stimulus package while hoping he fails. Meanwhile, a report released yesterday by the Center for American Progress Action Fund essentially underscores the real reasons Republicans and the business community have taken another equally short-sighted economic stance: fighting workers' right to organize."

Home Prices Plunge 18.5%; Another New Low

The Standard & Poor's/Case-Shiller home price index reports that the price of single family homes dropped 18.5% in December versus the same time the previous year.

Home Depot swings to $54 million loss

Home Depot Inc. said Tuesday that it swung to a loss in the fourth-quarter, hurt by restructuring costs and lower demand amid the malaise in the housing market and the onslaught of rising job losses.

From Information Clearing House

A depressing saga of secrets, lies and medieval horrors

The US and UK pay others to do what Saddam used to do to his jailed adversaries.

"Clarify MI5 role in torture"

Senior MPs on Tuesday launched a campaign to force the government to clarify MI5's role in the alleged abduction and torture of terror suspects after Binyam Mohammed a U.K. resident, who was detained at Guantanamo Bay, returned home amid claims that he was tortured with the full knowledge of British intelligence agents.

From Information Clearing House

Change? What Change: Obama picks anti-Iran man for Iran post

The White House names controversial Middle East negotiator Dennis Ross as its special foreign policy adviser for Persian Gulf affairs.

The Fox Guarding the Chicken Coop

Dennis Ross and Iran

By Sasan Fayazmanesh

Who is Dennis Ross, what does he advocate, how was he positioned to become the adviser on Iran in the Obama Administration and what will he do to Iran if he gets the chance? Let me briefly review the case.

Iran's UN envoy has criticized the new US ambassador, who accused Tehran of supporting terrorism and attempting to develop nuclear weapons.

From Information Clearing House

Worse Than My Darkest Nightmare

By Binyam Mohamed

As I gain my freedom, I am determined that neither those who remain in detention, nor their abusers, are forgotten.

How the US Economy Was Lost

By Paul Craig Roberts

If incompetence in Washington, the type of incompetence that produced the current economic crisis, destroys the dollar as reserve currency, the "unipower" will overnight become a third world country, unable to pay for its imports or to sustain its standard of living.

A Struggle For The "Soul" of Capitalism

A Revolution in Spirit

By Benjamin R. Barber

A silent but fateful struggle for the "soul" of capitalism is being waged. Can the market system finally be made to serve us? Or will we continue to serve it?

The People Are Revolting!

By Ryan Chittum

This is an example of what's wrong with a certain kind of financial journalism, the kind where people of like backgrounds spend all day staring at tickers and interviewing each other.

O2 launches fresh bid to build phone mast on cinema's roof

The British are raging against a bankster government that spies on the people


UK: Yes we are raging - against a Government that spies on its citizens while ignoring the crimes of greedy bankers

Today one of Britain's most senior police officers with responsibility for public order raises the spectre of a 'summer of rage', with victims of the increasingly bitter recession taking to the streets in possibly violent protest.

Huge protest over Irish economy

Trade union organisers of the march said workers did not cause the economic crisis but were having to pay for it.

Angry citizen(s) spray paint Congressman's car and home

After the first round of bankster bailouts was passed by Congress against the will of the American people several representatives in Minnesota found their cars and homes spray painted by angry constituents.

Straw 'will veto' Iraq minutes

The Government will exercise veto powers to block publication of key Cabinet minutes under freedom of information laws, it has been announced.

From Information Clearing House

Obama as Lincoln: Mask and Mirror

Was Binyam Mohamed Brutalized at Guantanamo in the Last Month?

Billions for Bankers, Nothing for Homeowners?

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- Tribunal de Grande Instance de Carpentras.
- Riverains antennes relais contre SFR: "LE JUGEMENT"

Hyperinflation, Depression, Martial Law, Looting, Chaos


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