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A Torture Report Could Spell Big Trouble for Bush Lawyers

Michael Isikoff, Newsweek: "An internal Justice Department report on the conduct of senior lawyers who approved waterboarding and other harsh interrogation tactics is causing anxiety among former Bush administration officials."

Kontinuität der Gesetzlosigkeit: Obama-Regierung verteidigt Folterer

Auch die neue Regierung unterdrückt alle Versuche, die Praxis der "außerordentlichen Überstellungen" juristisch aufzuarbeiten.

Using cell phones in hospitals can be dangerous

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Using cellular phones near hospital beds and critical care medical equipment can lead to electromagnetic interference.

Critical care equipment is vulnerable to electromagnetic interference posed by new age cellular phones. It can disrupt pacemakers, switch off ventilators and cause a lot of problems, Health news reported.



This news item from Islamabad

Relates to an old study from 2007
Interference by new-generation mobile phones on critical care medical equipment

Erik Jan van Lieshout1,2 email, Sabine N van der Veer3 email, Reinout Hensbroek4 email, Johanna C Korevaar5 email, Margreeth B Vroom1 email and Marcus J Schultz1,6 email Critical Care 2007, 11:R98


The '1 meter rule', specifying the minimum distance to keep a mobile phone from medical equipment or the bedside as proposed in the past, seems safe, although the rule does not exclude EMI by new-generation mobile phones entirely. Restrictive policies should be facilitated by offering numerous areas that are easily accessed throughout the healthcare facility where the use of mobile phones is clearly permitted.

Key messages

* Incidents of EMI caused by second-generation and third-generation mobile phones occurred in 43% of 61 critical care medical devices, of which 33% were classified as hazardous.

* The hazardous incidents varied from a total switch-off and restart of a mechanical ventilator, through complete stops without alarms in syringe pumps, to incorrect pulsing by an external pacemaker.

* The median distance of all incidents was 3 cm, with a considerable range up to 500 cm.

*The policy to keep mobile phones '1 meter' from the critical care bedside in combination with easily accessed areas of unrestricted use still seems warranted.

Of course the UK's Adam Burgess seems not to have seen any studies!
BMJ 2006;333:767-768 (14 October), doi:10.1136/bmj.38995.599769.80 Editorial Use of mobile phones in hospitals

New guidelines are less restrictive but still overcautious

The first 150 words of the full text of this article appear below.

Mobile phones are widely used, but their use is still restricted in certain places including petrol stations, some areas in hospitals, and aircraft. Restrictions have been justified on the grounds of public safety, but the reasons behind these restrictions are often unclear. In hospitals, patients, visitors, and staff routinely breeze through wards with their mobile phones switched on. As yet we have no evidence that this behaviour has serious consequences for patients. The lack of such evidence has encouraged the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to advise more selective restrictions on the use of mobile phones in hospitals (box).1 While welcoming this relaxation, we wonder why it has taken so long to happen and why it has the feeling of extracting a generous concession. The liberalisation sits alongside proposed new restrictions, such as a ban on the use of camera phones in patient areas. The regulations also . . . [Full text of this article]

Stuart W G Derbyshire, senior lecturer in psychology

University of Birmingham, School of Psychology, Birmingham BI5 2TT

Adam Burgess, senior lecturer in sociology

University of Kent, School of Social Policy, Sociology, and Social Research, Canterbury CT2 7NF
Cellular Phones, Public Fears, and a Culture of Precaution
By Adam Burges
Invasion of the Entryists

From Mast Sanity/Mast Network

Tatort Klimawandel

"Pötter beschreibt den Klimawandel nicht vom Schreibtisch aus. Er besichtigt ihn. Das zeichnet sein Buch aus." Fritz Vorholz, DIE ZEIT,Tatort+Klimawandel,34,a11809.html

Globales Gletscherschmelzen geht weiter

Weltweit schmelzen die Gletscher in hohem Tempo weiter. In den Alpen haben einzelne Gletscher bis 2.5 Meter w.e. an Dicke verloren.,Globales+Gletscherschmelzen+geht+weiter,6,a12085.html

Klimaschutzwünsche der Konsumenten

Klimafreundliches Verbraucherverhalten kann zu einer weiteren Säule des Klimaschutzes werden und bietet Unternehmen erhebliche Marktchancen.,Klimaschutzwuensche+der+Konsumenten,6,a12132.html

Klimafreundliche, sichere und preisgünstige Energieversorgung ohne Atomstrom

"Die Roadmap ist eine seriös durchgerechnete Handlungsanweisung, mit der wir die vor uns liegenden Herausforderungen meistern können...",Klimafreundliche-+sichere+und+preisguenstige+Energieversorgung+ohne+Atomstrom+,6,a12124.html

Bundesregierung: Lage der Natur alarmierend

Ungeachtet kleiner Erfolge hält die Bundesregierung den Zustand der Natur und die Entwicklung der Vielfalt an Tier- und Pflanzenarten weiterhin für alarmierend.,Bundesregierung-+Lage+der+Natur+alarmierend+,6,a12092.html

Die Kapital-Verbrecher

Jetzt reicht´s aber endgültig. Nicht nur in den USA, sondern auch in Deutschland werden die Gierigen immer gieriger. Zuerst verlangen die Großbanker Milliarden Euro oder Dollar vom Staat, also vom Steuerzahler, und zahlen dann Millionen an Boni für ihre Investment-Banker.,Die+Kapital-Verbrecher,95,a12133.html

Wie viel Profit ist gerecht?

Es ist eine spannende Frage, darüber nachzudenken, wie viel Profit gerecht ist. Josef Ackermann hält eine Rendite von 25 Prozent auf das Eigenkapital der Deutschen Bank für eine wichtige Zielmarke – also doch sicher für gerecht? Ein Pladoyer von Thomas Begrich, Leiter der Finanzabteilung im Kirchenamt der EKD.

Global warming 'underestimated'


Global glacier melt continues

Glaciers around the globe continue to melt at high rates. Some glaciers in the European Alps lost up to 2.5 m w.e..,Global+glacier+melt+continues,80,a12086.html

Sea level rise could be worse than anticipated

If global warming some day causes the West Antarctic Ice Sheet to collapse, as many experts believe it could, the resulting sea level rise in much of the United States and other parts of the world would be significantly higher than is currently projected, a new study concludes.,Sea+level+rise+could+be+worse+than+anticipated,80,a12105.html


The Tropics on Fire: Scientist's Grim Vision of Global Warming

Ian Sample, The Guardian UK: "Tropical forests may dry out and become vulnerable to devastating wildfires as global warming accelerates over the coming decades, a senior scientist has warned. Soaring greenhouse gas emissions, driven by a surge in coal use in countries such as China and India, are threatening temperature rises that will turn damp and humid forests into parched tinderboxes, said Dr. Chris Field, co-chair of the UN's Nobel prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)."

G7 sets sights on new world economic order

The world's richest nations called Saturday for urgent reform of global finance to save the world from the economic devastation that is dragging more and more countries into recession.

Britain's bankers plumb new depths

Jon Moulton, the private equity chief, warned a City lunch this week that he feared serious civil unrest. There was, he said, a 25 per cent chance of one of the 15 member countries of the eurozone pulling out of the currency club. That, he said, would be a catastrophic shock leading to a "far greater financial crisis" than the current one.

Bank Failures May Reach 1,000 on Bad Loans, RBC Says

As many as 1,000 U.S. banks may fail in the next three to five years, almost double the one-year tally at the height of the saving-and-loan collapse, as losses mount on commercial real-estate loans, RBC Capital Markets analysts said.

European banks' toxic debts risk overwhelming EU governments

The toxic debts of European banks risk overwhelming a number of EU governments and may pose a "systemic" danger to the broader EU banking system, according a confidential memo prepared by the European Commission.

US foreclosure image is 2008 World Press Photo

A picture of an armed sheriff moving through an American home after an eviction due to a mortgage foreclosure was named World Press Photo of 2008 on Friday.

From Information Clearing House

Ethiopia and US worked secretly together in Somalia

The United States distanced itself from Ethiopia's military involvement in Somalia but helped to provide intelligence to Ethiopian government during its military operation in Somalia, Ethiopia's Premier Meles Zenawi has revealed.

From Information Clearing House

U.S. attack in Pakistan kills at least 26

The death toll is likely to rise as there are still bodies buried under the debris at the site of the attack, reports said.

From Information Clearing House


Suspected US Missile Strike Kills 26 in Pakistan

Reuters: "A suspected US missile strike killed at least 26 people, many of them Taliban militants, in Pakistan's Kurram tribal region on the Afghan border on Monday, intelligence officials said. The missiles, believed to have been fired by a pilotless drone aircraft, hit a school that was once used by Afghan refugees' children, before militants moved in around two years ago, according to villagers."


US Kills Thirty People In Pakistan

Many bodies were trapped under the rubble and 30 bodies have been recovered so far. Several people sustained injuries in the attack.

From Information Clearing House

The Oligarchy's Bailout Ball

You know what they say -- half a million dollars just doesn't go as far as it used to

By Michael Winship

"These guys won't be happy until the government agrees to relieve them of every last one of their lousy loans and investments at inflated prices, recapitalize every major bank and brokerage and insurance company on sweetheart terms and restore them to the glory days, so they can once again earn inflated profits and obscene pay packages by screwing over their customers and their shareholders."

Looting Social Security

By William Greider

To understand the mechanics of this attempted swindle, you have to roll back twenty-five years, to the time the game of bait and switch began, under Ronald Reagan.

It's Going to Take a Civic Jolt

By Ralph Nader

Some staffers in Congress privately assert that the Democrats are not acting like a majority party. It is worse than that. They are not acting-period.

Americans Want Torture Inquiry, Obama Doesn't

Written by Thomas R. Eddlem

A Gallup Poll released February 12 revealed that 62 percent of Americans want to investigate or criminally prosecute Bush administration officials who authorized torture in the so-called "war on terror." But even though President Obama has said numerous times that "nobody's above the law," on February 10 he used the Bush administration's "state secrets" gambit to quash a lawsuit attempting to penalize some of those involved in renditioning torture subjects.

Feinstein Comment on U.S. Drones Likely to Embarrass Pakistan

By Greg Miller

The Predator planes that launch missile strikes against militants are based in Pakistan, the senator says. That suggests a much deeper relationship with the U.S. than Islamabad would like to admit.


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