Donnerstag, 26. Februar 2009

Free the Bush Memos

The Blight of Bagram

Banks to Get Nearly Unlimited Federal Funds

Amazon Teetering on the Edge

Obama Isn't Doing Enough to Solve the Financial Crisis

Oregon State Secrets Case Is Bush Leftover for Obama

William McCall, The Associated Press: "For the second time since Attorney General Eric Holder ordered a review of Bush administration state secrets claims, the Obama administration finds itself defending the doctrine used to protect anti-terrorism programs accused of illegal spying."

Albrecht Müller: Unser Land wird betrügerisch geplündert

Britain Admits Complicity in U.S. Rendition

In a stunning reversal, Britain's government admitted Wednesday that it participated in the 'extraordinary rendition' to Afghanistan of two terror suspects captured in Iraq.

From Information Clearing House

Obama’s budget includes new bailout, $1.75 trillion deficit

Obama to spend $200b on war in 2009

President Barack Obama intends to ask the US Congress for more than USD 200 billion to cover the country's war spending.

Change? What Change

Obama seeks US$663.7b for 2010 defence spending

President Barack Obama on Thursday unveiled a 663.7 billion dollar defence budget, up a modest 1.5 percent on 2009, but projected a sharp decline in spending on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in the coming years.

'Honest' Obama budget sees huge deficit

US President Barack Obama has unveiled his budget proposal for 2010, which projects a deficit of $1.75 trillion for the current fiscal year.

Obama forecasts $1,750bn deficit

The budget would see George W. Bush's tax cuts for the wealthiest expire by 2011 and introduce new tax increases on families earning $250,000 or more to pay for healthcare expansion.

Grim US data show deepening downturn

New US jobless claims unexpectedly spiked last week, reaching the highest level since 1982 as companies continued cutting jobs.

The worst business loss in UK history

Royal Bank of Scotland came a step closer to full-scale nationalisation today as the bank unveiled a record £24.1 billion loss and plans to raise up to £25.5 billion from the taxpayer.

From Information Clearing House


Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation: Reaction to Obama's Defense Budget Outline


Obama’s budget includes new bailout, $1.75 trillion deficit

CBS News


President Barack Obama’s first budget projects this year’s deficit to soar to $1.75 trillion while also setting aside $250 billion more for additional financial industry rescue efforts on top of the $700 billion that Congress has already authorized, according to an official who spoke on the condition of anonymity before the formal release of the budget. … A senior administration official told The Associated Press that Obama’s $3 trillion-plus spending blueprint also asks Congress to raise taxes on the wealthy in 2011 and cut Medicare costs to provide health care for the uninsured...

Economic ignoramuses

Who's Your Nanny?
by Trevor Bothwell


No one in the mainstream can explain exactly how all of this spending will help the economy in the long-run. And yet, the people continue to put their faith into these charlatans. Why? … Frankly at the rate this administration is moving, I’ll be surprised if the economy does not collapse by the 2012 election. At least during the Great Depression, there still a hint of a gold standard which did restrain the actions of the Fed. Now pretty much the entire world is on a fiat money standard which means the Fed can print money as fast as the presses will roll...

Spending our way to ruin

Strike the Root
by Michael Kleen


At a time when we should pay down the national debt, reduce or eliminate spending, and lure businesses back to the states through lower taxes, the Obama administration is acting like a teenager who stole her parent’s credit card. Rather than being offended by a New York Post cartoon comparing the author of the stimulus bill to an out of control chimp, we aught [sic] to be offended by the inability of our so-called leaders to act moderately and rationally when it comes to economic recovery. Their rhetoric of fear only serves to make investors increasingly nervous, and when promises of the quick-fix fail to deliver, fear turns to panic...

Obama puts the economic cart before the horse

by Peter Schiff


In his first televised speech before Congress, President Obama asserted that prosperity will return once the government restores the flow of credit in the economy. It may come as a surprise to him, but an economy cannot run on consumer loans. Furthermore, credit stopped flowing in the U.S. for a very good reason: there was no more savings left to loan. Government efforts to simply make credit available, without rebuilding productive capacity or increasing savings, are doomed to destroy what’s left of our economy. The central tenets of Obamanomics appear to be that access to credit will enable people to borrow money to buy stuff, the spending will spur production and employment, and thus the economy will grow. It’s a neat and simple picture, but it has nothing whatsoever to do with how an economy works. The President does not understand that consumption is made possible by production and that credit is made possible by savings...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Warning to the US: beware treating Afghanistan like Iraq

Patrick Cockburn

It's a mistake to think that 'failed states' won't put up strong resistance.

4,000 Muslim Brits Join Taliban

THOUSANDS of British-born Muslims have joined the Taliban in Afghanistan. UK troops say they are facing a mini civil war as more Brits head out to fight for the enemy.

From Information Clearing House


Did the US learn anything in Iraq?

by Patrick Cockburn


President Obama is likely to announce in the coming days that he will withdraw all US combat troops from Iraq by August 2010. Many of these soldiers will end up in Afghanistan where the Taliban is getting stronger and the US-backed government weaker by the day. How much has the US learnt from its debacle in Iraq? One lesson not learnt in Washington is that it is a bad idea to become involved in a war in any so-called ‘failed state.’ This patronizing term suggests that if a state has failed, foreign intervention is justified and will face limited resistance. But the greatest US foreign policy disasters over the last generation have all been in places where organised government had largely collapsed...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The U.S. Economy: Designed to Fail

By Richard C. Cook

Neither President Obama, nor his Democratic supporters or Republican antagonists, should feel badly about what is happening. This is because the system they have been given to work with was designed to fail.

The California Budget and Class War

By Ann Robertson

On February 19, the California legislature, after weeks of wrangling, passed a special budget to address the historically high $42 billion deficit. It represents an unadulterated washout for working people who are attacked on almost every front by the Democratic Party, which controls a broad majority in the legislature.

Casino Capitalism: How Credit Unions Survived the Crash

By Ralph Nader

Eighty five million Americans belong to credit unions which are not-for-profit cooperatives owned by their members who are depositors and borrowers. Your neighborhood or workplace credit union did not invest in these notorious speculative derivatives nor did they offer people "teaser rates" to sign on for a home mortgage they could not afford.

Bailing Out With No Objections

How altruistic and honest about peace are nations willing to be?

By Raymond G. Wilson

Should there be any doubts in the minds of people of the earth as to the desires of the United States for world peace with justice and fairness for all nations, proposal of this plan by the United States government to the United Nations would put such doubts to rest. It would renew the faith of many Americans that their own government was not imperialistic.

Obama's Afghan "Surge" Sows Seeds Of New Wars

By Keith Jones

"For This I Blame America"

Afghanistan: Chaos Central

By Chris Sands

Civilians are paying a heavier price. Caught between a rapidly developing insurgency and an occupation force over-reliant on air strikes, they are dropping like flies: according to the UN, 1,445 were killed from January to August 2008 alone.

Help End the Death Penalty in New Mexico

Army looks to thwart building cyber threats

Keine Leistungskürzung bei Verweigerung von Jobs zum Dumpinglohn

„Seit Einführung der Hartz IV-Gesetze gilt: Bezieher von Arbeitslosengeld II müssen auch dann einen Job annehmen, wenn dieser zum Beispiel geringere Qualifikationen erfordert, schlechter bezahlt wird oder längere Fahrtzeiten zum Einsatzort entstehen. Andernfalls drohen Leistungskürzungen. Doch auch Langzeitarbeitslose müssen nicht jede Arbeit akzeptieren. Weigert sich ein Langzeitarbeitsloser, einen Job zum Dumpinglohn anzutreten, darf das Arbeitslosengeld II nicht gekürzt werden. Das hat das Sozialgericht Dortmund jetzt im Fall einer Bochumer Hartz IV-Empfängerin entschieden, die bei einem Textildiscounter für einen Stundenlohn von 4,50 Euro beschäftigt werden sollte…“ Meldung vom 25.02.2009 auf der Mindestlohn-Kampagnenseite

Das Urteil zu Az.: S 31 AS 317/07 bei der Sozialgerichtsbarkeit

Urteil gegen die Logik von Hartz IV

„"Dieses Urteil könnte eine Signalwirkung gegen die Logik von Hartz IV haben", erklärt Kornelia Möller zur Entscheidung des Sozialgerichts Bochum. Das Gericht hatte die Kürzung des Arbeitslosengeldes II einer Frau durch die Arge Bochum für rechtswidrig erklärt. Die Klägerin hatte sich geweigert, zur Hälfte des untersten Tariflohns, also für einen Dumpinglohn zu arbeiten. Möller weiter: "Solche Stundenlöhne sind sittenwidrig. Arbeitslosen derartige Stellen mit Hilfe von Sanktionen aufzuzwingen, heißt, Lohndumping zu unterstützen und das Lohngefüge weiter nach unten zu schrauben…“ Kommentar vom 24.02.09 bei scharf links[tt_news]=4111&tx_ttnews[backPid]=56&cHash=27a3620d57

Erwerbstätige Alleinerziehende in den Fängen von »Hartz IV«

„Statt alle Transfersysteme daraufhin auszurichten und abzustimmen, dass Alleinerziehende, die heute bereits in nennenswertem Umfang einer Erwerbstätigkeit nachgehen, möglichst rasch unabhängig von »Hartz IV« leben können, verfestigt der »fordernde Sozialstaat« den Verbleib in der Fürsorgeabhängigkeit…“ Studie von Johannes Steffen vom Februar 2009 bei der Arbeitsnehmerkammer (pdf)

Aus: LabourNet, 26. Februar 2009

Keine neuen Gen-Maissorten

Les NTIC sans fil: un danger pour la santé?

4 février 2009, condamnation BOUYGUES TELECOM au démontage d’une antenne relais.

43 mobile phone antennas on Church properties

Malta Today - San Gwann, Malta

In 2008 mobile phone masts were banned from all churches in the French
department of Ain. Guy Bagnard, the bishop of Belley-Ars, justified his
decision to ...



Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald - Ardrossan, North Ayrshire, UK

Following protest about plans to site a mobile phone mast on the corner of Stanley Road and Dalry Road in Ardrossan, Vodafone said they would have experts ...

Handy-Strahlung: Betroffene, Forscher und das Risiko

The fallacy of economics by coercion

Foundation for Economic Education
by William Anderson


How soon members of Congress forget that economics by coercion was a major cause of this crisis. Banks and lending agencies found themselves forced by the Community Reinvestment Act to loan money to people who did not qualify for conventional mortgages — and the ’subprime’ market that came from this practice ultimately blew up, bringing down banks, brokerage houses, and whole sections of the economy...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Obama’s “humane” Guantanamo is a bitter joke

Future of Freedom Foundation
by Andy Worthington


The ‘war on terror’ prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where the majority of the remaining 242 prisoners have been held for seven years without charge or trial, ‘complies with the humanitarian requirements of the Geneva Conventions,’ according to a government official who spoke to the New York Times after reading an 85-page report prepared for President Obama by Adm. Patrick M. Walsh, the vice chief of naval operations. The report was commissioned by the president, on his second day in office, as part of an executive order dealing with the closure of Guantanamo...

The two faces of Barack Obama

by Matt Welch


Obama aims to be the president of all Americans, a position that appears to be sincere. But I wonder whether in the process he might also want to consider appointing himself chief executive of his own head. All night long, with equally sonorous vigor, he served up confident assertions, only to state moments later, with equal conviction, their near opposite...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

America’s human traffickers

by Garry Reed


Why are today’s political plotters so hot for a military draft and mandatory civil servitude? Why are so many of them so eager to turn their once-sovereign fellow citizens into political string puppets? Do they know something we don’t? Do they know that the public treasury will be raped so long and deep and wide and hard that the only way the country will survive is to create a workforce of slaves? Do they know we’ll be fighting wars of conquest forever and need an endless supply of human drones?

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Die letzten spanischen Gletscher werden bald verschwunden sein

Ursache des vom spanischen Umweltministerium berichteten dramatischen Rückgangs ist die Klimaerwärmung mit höheren Temperaturen und geringeren Niederschlägen.ärmung

The Obama Code

Guantanamo Abuse Has Worsened Since Obama: Lawyer

UK Gov't Accused of Cover-Up over Iraq War Minutes

Scientists Find Bigger than Expected Polar Ice Melt

America is not a democracy

15-25% deployed to Iraq/Afghanistan from Ft. Lewis suffer from brain trauma, headaches

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

New Army Field Manual Deals With Electronic Warfare,2933,500404,00.html

Economic Recovery Requires Capital Accumulation, Not Government 'Stimulus Packages'

Remember the Constitution?

Sign the Petition to Stop the Cruel Slaughter of Seals

After pullout some US forces still in combat

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news


Obama’s non-withdrawal withdrawal plan

by Chris Floyd


It would be superfluous in us to point out that a plan to ‘end’ a war which includes the continued garrisoning of up to 50,000 troops in a hostile land is, in reality, a continuation of that war, not its cessation. To produce such a plan and claim that it ‘ends’ a war is the precise equivalent of, say, relieving one’s bladder on the back of one’s neighbor and telling him that the liquid is actually life-giving rain. But this is exactly what we are going to get from the Obama Administration in Iraq...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Change? What Change?

U.S. To Leave Residual Force Of 50,000 In Iraq After "Pullout"


"I think a limited number of those that remain will conduct combat operations against terrorists, assisting Iraqi security forces," Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell said. "By and large you're talking about people who we would classify as enablers, support troops."


Military Families Speak Out (MFSO): Obama: Bring All Our Troops Home From Iraq Now!


Tell the truth about the War on Terror

Love Letter to Rahm Emanuel

A Broken Down Stock Market

The Government's War on Recession


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