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MFSO: Military Families Come to Washington to Push for End to Iraq War

First, Jail All of Bush's Lawyers

The Empire v. The Graveyard

Hawks Urge Boosting Military Spending

Town council backs phone masts

Last updated 19:31, Thursday, 05 February 2009

THREE Vodafone mobile phone masts planned for Workington have won the backing of the town council, despite 71 objections from residents.

Workington Town Council, which was consulted on the plans by Allerdale council, has recommended that plans should be approved.

Plans include a 40ft mast to be erected in the car park of the Travellers’ Rest, a 40ft mast on Salterbeck Road and a 55ft mast installed behind the TA Centre on Harrington Road.

Phil Cram, 61, of Ashfield Gardens, who lives 50 feet from the proposed mast site at the Travellers’ Rest, collected 50 signatures on a petition against the mast.

He said: “I am very disappointed that Workington council has recommended approval. If they had been on a site visit they would have a different perspective on the application.”

Residents felt that the mast would be a visual intrusion, reduce the value of property and pose a risk to their health.


Runaway Wall Street

Robert Scheer, Truthdig: "It is instructional that only one of the three tax-challenged Obama appointees has survived public scorn to claim a high position in the new administration. Oddly enough, it is Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, the man who will collect our taxes, whose career has not been stunted by his failure to pay them. What makes Geithner so special? The answer, provided by everyone from the president to the media pundits, is that his services are indispensable because he has the expertise in regulating markets needed to preside over the most massive government intervention in the economy. Are they kidding?"

Afghanistan: Losing a No-Win War

Steve Weissman, Truthout: "I could go on, but it all boils down to the one lesson of Vietnam that Robert Gates and his Pentagon brass do not want to accept - that Afghans, Pakistanis, Iraqis and other people in Asia, Africa and Latin America will no longer accept the United States and Europe occupying and running their countries. Counter-insurgency can prolong the pain, but it will never overcome the anti-colonial dynamic, as the British Empire, the French Empire and others all learned before us."

Whistling Past the Afghan Graveyard: Where Empires Go to Die

Tom Engelhardt, "It is now a commonplace - as a lead article in the New York Times's Week in Review pointed out recently - that Afghanistan is 'the graveyard of empires.'... Far less attention has been paid to the 'empire' part of the equation. And there's a good reason for that - at least in Washington. Despite escalating worries about the deteriorating situation, no one in our nation's capital is ready to believe that Afghanistan could actually be the 'graveyard' for the American role as the dominant hegemon on this planet."

The new era of irresponsibility

by Jacob Sullum


Last October, while campaigning in Toledo, Barack Obama called for ‘a new ethic of responsibility.’ The nation’s economic troubles, he said, occurred partly because ‘everyone was living beyond their means,’ including politicians who ’spent money they didn’t have.’ In his inaugural address last month, Obama regretted ‘our collective failure to make hard choices’ and heralded ‘a new era of responsibility.’ Now President Obama, as one of his first priorities, is pushing a gargantuan ’stimulus’ plan that will add around $1 trillion to the national debt and cannot possibly work as advertised. Welcome to the new era of responsibility...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Stimulus package will increase unemployment

Fox News
by John R. Lott, Jr.


President Obama and the Democrats’ ’stimulus’ package will increase the unemployment rate. The changes they propose will also make us poorer, with fewer, less productive jobs. The most obvious explanation is the $36 billion in increased unemployment insurance benefits. Larger benefits at least for this year will encourage some people, who may be unhappy with their jobs, to be unemployed while they look for something better. … Yet the ’stimulus’ package will do something else that will increase unemployment at least as much. Most of the new jobs will be for people who are currently employed. By moving money from places where it is currently being spent to places where the government wants it spent, you move the jobs also. But it takes time for people to move between jobs. That is called unemployment...,2933,487425,00.html

The pseudo stimulus

The Nation
by James S. Henry


So now that President Obama is in office, his economic team is in place, the largest stimulus package in US history is nearly complete, real interest rates are negative and the Treasury is about to announce a “big bang” version of TARP that provides even more capital to private banks, we’re good, right? Lo siento, no, as shown by last week’s steep stock market slide, even after his program passed the House. For once, the Republican wingnuts may be right. There really is much less to Obama’s stimulus than meets the eye...

Brother, can you spare a bonus?

by Mike Madden


Yes indeed, the Wall Street life ain’t easy these days. Of course, for any bankers freaking out about the new rules that President Barack Obama announced Wednesday, which cap pay at $500,000 for firms that take federal aid to stay in business, there is one easy way to keep rolling in the dough: Don’t run your company into the ground so quickly that the only way to survive is to get on the dole. The new rules apply only to firms that take part in future bailouts; without federal aid, there are no strings attached. But administration officials, and Obama, seemed resigned to the fact that the $700 billion already spent to rescue Wall Street won’t be the last of it, and that the rules will probably be applied fairly soon. Cracking down on runaway salaries, in fact, seems to be an attempt to smooth the political path for the next round of bailouts...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Die Quadratwurzel aus der "Terrorwahrscheinlichkeit"

Bei der Fahndung nach Terrorverdächtigen vor allem Menschen bestimmter Ethnien oder Nationalitäten unter die Lupe zu nehmen, ist nicht nur diskriminierend, sondern auch ineffizient - wie ein US-Forscher mathematisch zeigt.

Von bösen Banken und Finanzjongleuren

Die deutsche Politik rettet die Banken mit viel Geld und wenig Verstand.

Private Sector Cuts 522,000 Jobs in January

U.S. stock index futures gained more ground after the data. U.S. government bonds, which usually benefit from weak economic data, pared their gains after the ADP report.

Auto sales hit 27-year low

U.S. auto sales plunged to a 27-year low in January, a steeper-than-expected drop that took the slumping U.S. market below China's for the first time.

Foreclosures Now One in Five Home Sales

The declines mean that U.S. homeowners lost a cumulative $3.3 trillion in home values during 2008, with much of that loss coming in the fourth quarter.

From Information Clearing House

Anger after phone mast 'mysteriously appears overnight' near school

Rugby Today - Rugby, England, UK RESIDENTS in Brownsover are being urged to campaign for the removal of a mobile phone mast which they say was erected overnight without prior notice. ...

The New Thought Police

George Orwell's secret police have nothing on two new NSA systems designed to read people's minds.

From Information Clearing House

Obama Bombs Pakistan: Video and transcript

BILL MOYERS: Marilyn, what did you think last weekend when four days into the Obama administration we read those reports of the strikes in Pakistan? MARILYN YOUNG: My heart sank. It absolutely sank.

From Information Clearing House

Mobile phone mast report blasted

Grimsby Telegraph - Grimsby, England, UK

A REPORT into a controversial mobile phone mast has been blasted by Humberston parish councillors. As reported, local residents are up in arms over plans by ...

Polish soldiers on trial for killing Afghan civilians

"It's a unique trial, not only in Poland but also in Europe or even in the world," a court spokesman told the daily Gazeta Wyborcza. "The last such case to have found its way to court was probably in relation to US Army activities in Vietnam."

UN chief urges end to Afghan deaths

Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary-general, has called on US and Nato forces in Afghanistan to prevent more civilian deaths.

From Information Clearing House

Change (In Rhetoric) We Can Believe In

By William Blum

The Obama administration will not produce any significantly worthwhile change in US foreign policy; little done in this area will reduce the level of misery that the American Empire regularly brings down upon humanity. And to the extent that Barack Obama is willing to clearly reveal what he believes about anything controversial, he appears to believe in the empire.

The War on Terror is a Hoax

By Paul Craig Roberts

According to US government propaganda, terrorist cells are spread throughout America, making it necessary for the government to spy on all Americans and violate most other constitutional protections. Among President Bush's last words as he left office was the warning that America would soon be struck again by Muslim terrorists.

James Bamford: The Spy Factory

Video By PBS - Includes Transcript

"it (the NSA) also has turned its giant ear inward, listening in without warrant on thousands of American citizens, many of whom are on the government's secret watch list, now more than half-a-million names long."

How I Saved The USA: Cheney warns of new attacks


An Interview With Alledged War Criminal Dick Cheney.

Dozens of secret Bush surveillance, executive power memos found; Could be made public

Details about more than three dozen secret memoranda written by Bush Administration officials now sit atop a chart created by a public interest reporting group. The memos track new details about dozens of secret Bush Administration legal positions on torture, detention and warrantless wiretapping.

Pentagon pick shows challenges of Obama's ethics rules

The man President Obama nominated to become the No. 2 manager at the Pentagon isn't the first person for that job to come from the defense industry. But Mr. Obama's own executive order on ethics has now become a stumbling block as the White House seeks to push the former lobbyist through confirmation.

From Information Clearing House

Tennessee Coal Ash Disaster Raises Concerns About Similar Sites Nationwide

Tom Bearden, PBS NewsHour: "Even today, it's difficult for anybody who hasn't been to Kingston, Tennessee, to understand how big the problem is. Video just doesn't do it justice. In the pre-dawn hours of December 22, 5.4 million tons of ashes created by 50 years of burning coal to generate electricity here burst through a dike, spreading like an avalanche for more than a mile, burying 300 acres of riverbank several feet deep, spilling out into the nearby river itself."

Madoff Whistleblower Assails SEC

The Associated Press: "The man who waged a decade-long campaign to alert regulators to problems in the operations of fallen money manager Bernard Madoff told Congress today that he had feared for his physical safety."


SEC's Madoff Miss Fits Pattern Set With Pequot

Gary J. Aguirre, Bloomberg: "Errant Wall Street elite, such as Madoff, go up against the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Congress created the SEC in 1934 after Wall Street titans -- the Madoffs of 1929 --took the capital markets over a cliff with the economy in tow. The SEC was supposed to keep a watchful eye on Wall Street, especially its elite. So far, the SEC's six investigations of Madoff read more like Keystone Cops than Sherlock Holmes. The SEC didn't merely fail to spot and connect the clues. Someone else -- Harry Markopolos, a former money manager - did that work for it."

Inequality Alive and Well in US

Bipartisanship=Shifting Right?

Tax the Speculators

More Troops, More Worries, Less Consensus on Afghanistan

US Supply Routes to Afghanistan Suffer Two Huge Blows

Next-up News Nr 825

- Edition Spéciale, merci de diffuser ce jugement qui est une avancée majeure :

- "Riverains Antennes Relais contre Bouygues Telecom"

Phone mast for Totton means firm will relocate

12.3m phone mast gets go-ahead

Lincolnshire Echo - Lincoln, England, UK

A mobile phone mast 12.3 metres high will go up in a residential area of Lincoln despite a 90-signature petition objecting to it. Vodafone is to install the ...

Phone mast for Totton means firm will relocate

Southern Daily Echo - Southampton, England, UK

By Chris Yandell

A COMPANY is planning to quit its headquarters and move elsewhere because a mobile phone mast is due to be built next door. ...

Google Launch Mobile Tracker Service - Google Latitude: Handy-Service ortet die Freunde - Germany

Mit GPS kann die Angabe bis zu wenige Meter genau sein, schlechter fällt das Ergebnis mit WLAN oder über die Funkmasten-Datenbank aus. ...


Google Latitude: Freunde per Handy orten

FOCUS Online - Germany

Google als Überwachungsdienst: Die Handy-Anwendung Latitude zeigt den Aufenthaltsort von Freunden in Echtzeit an. Von FOCUS-Online-Autorin Claudia Frickel ...


Handy als Peilsender zweckentfremdet

Neues Deutschland - Germany

Sein neuestes Produkt Latitude ist ein mobiles Ortungssystem, dass dem Benutzer kostenlos via Handy den aktuellen Standort eines anderen Anwenders, ...


Google Launch Mobile Tracker Service

Glasgow Daily Record - Glasgow, Scotland, UK

The software plots a user's location - marked by a personal picture on Google's map - using mobile phone masts, global positioning systems or a wi-fi ...


Privacy fears over Google tracker

BBC News - UK

The "opt-in" Latitude service uses data from mobile phone masts, GPS, or wi-fi hardware to update a user's location automatically. ...


Google tracks mobile phone users

HDTV Org - London, England, UK

With GPS on the user's phone the system is accurate to a couple of yards using the mobile network's existing infrastructure of masts and global positioning ...


Google phone tracker puts privacy in danger, say MPs

This is London - London, England, UK

The Latitude system uses a combination of satnav chips found in many modern phones and mobile phone masts to pinpoint a user's location. ...,+say+MPs/

Obama's Prisoner Dilemma: Reject Torture, Defend Torturers

Informant: Duane Roberts


US Threatens UK: Keep Torture Evidence Secret

End the Fed


Rationalize The Banks!

Facing Foreclosure? Don't Leave. Squat

Stimulating the Total State

American Fascism

Bankrupt Banks

The Good War

War Is Evil

The American form of government

Informant: shane_digital


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