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Stop The Nuclear/Coal Power Plant Fraud In The Stimulus Bill

We've heard President Obama on the TV alot talking about how he's promoting wind and solar power in the new stimulus bill. But in the Senate version of the bill, it's all a great, big, honking FRAUD, because the 50 billion in loan guarantees for "eligible technologies" there has been deceptively defined so that most of that money will instead go to finance nuclear and filthy coal power plants instead.

We know this because Republican Senator Bennett from Utah made sure that was the intent when he snuck this provision into the bill in the Appropriations Committee. Why it is still there after Bennett himself voted against the whole package is an outrage. But because the House bill lacks this garbage provision, we still have a chance to remove it in the reconciliation between the Senate and house versions.

And if that weren't bad enough, there is another billion for new nuclear weapons development. That's not the kind of infrastructure we were promised.

Because of the urgency of this action, please call your members of Congress toll-free at 800-828-0498 or 800-459-1887 to raise an immediate fuss about this. Then submit the action page below as well as a follow up.

No Nuclear/Coal Subsidies In Stimulus Bill:

What a cruel and dishonest trick on the American people if this is all allowed to pass, to foist the sludge spill disasters of the future on us, in the sheep's clothing of a green energy spirit, which is what we thought we were all voting for in the last election.

All they've talked about for years is how vulnerable nuclear power plants would be to a possible terrorist attack, and now they want to build many more?? And this is on top to the fact we have nowhere to put all the dangerous nuclear waste existing plants have already generated. This is not the change we were promised and it's time to make that abundantly clear with our phone calls and emails. Please make your toll-free calls and submit the action page above.

If They Can Prosecute Michael Phelps They Can Sure Prosecute Bush and Cheney

In light of the growing movement for county by county prosecutions of the former murderous occupants of the White House, did you catch the story that Richland County, SC is hell bent on prosecuting swimmer Michael Phelps for getting photographed with a bong, and has already arrested 8 people. If they can threaten an Olympic champion with hard time for being in the same room with a water pipe, they can damn well bring charges against Bush and Cheney for the senseless murder of citizens in their own county.

On the same return page from the stop nukes & coal action page above, you can also find the new local county prosecutor lookup, which we are using to call, write and email local district attorneys, asking them to bring murder charges against George Bush and Dick Cheney as urged by Vince Bugliosi. If any resident of your county was killed a war based on false pretenses, Bugliosi says that district attorney has grounds to bring murder charges. At the top of all these pages, there is a link to a terrific YouTube video you can watch on this of Bugliosi's House testimony.

There you will also find the request form for the new "Convict Dick & W" caps, the ones with a little embroidered cowboy hat hung on the "W", intended to ridicule the original cowboy from Connecticut himself, who always looked about as at home on that fake Crawford ranch as Eva Gabor looked on Green Acres. So if you have not requested yours yet, you can get one from the return page after you submit the statute of limitations extension action page.

Convict Dick & W Caps:

The local prosecutor initiative is an important long term back up action, intended to keep the heat on at the same time for a special prosecutor at the federal level.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are not asking anyone to file a "formal" criminal complaint yourself. Common sense tells us that a state prosecutor will only act, in the exercise of their OWN discretion, if they believe there is a non-frivolous case to bring. But by speaking out, we can let them know there is community support for them to do so.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.


A Call to End All Renditions

Marjorie Cohn, in an article for Jurist, presents legal background and analysis on the United States's practice of rendition under the Bush administration, and examines the legal opinions offered so far by the Justice Department under President Barack Obama.

Samsung Electronics withdrew the mobile phone SGH-C450 in the Netherlands

- GSM Samsung SGH-C450: SAR (radiation) "Declaration of Conformity ... non conforming!"
- The company Samsung Electronics withdrew a mobile phone SGH-C450 in the Netherlands.

- GSM Samsung SGH-C450 : "Déclaration de Conformité valeur DAS (irradiation) ... Non Conforme !"
- Le manufacturier Samsung Electronics procède au retrait de 140 000 téléphones mobiles SGH-C450 aux Pays-Bas.


Samsung market phones for pre-teens

Samsung frying kids brains for profit

More Accuse Britain in Torture of Guantanamo Detainee

Julie Sell, McClatchy Newspapers: "Despite years of denials, new questions are being raised about Britain's possible involvement in the torture of a detainee now on a prolonged hunger strike at the Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba. Both an American military lawyer who's seen classified documents on the case and the head of a special parliamentary committee said Tuesday that the British government might have been complicit in the alleged mistreatment of Binyam Mohamed. The former British resident was seized in 2002 and held in several countries - including Morocco, where he claims he was tortured - before being transferred to Guantanamo in 2004."


UK terror suspect is in 'hell hole' at Guantanamo Bay

The British resident at the center of a legal battle over alleged torture could leave Guantanamo Bay insane or in a coffin if the case continues to be dragged out, his lawyer said on Monday.

From Information Clearing House

States Push to Take Back National Guard

Maya Schenwar, Truthout: "Going on its seventh year, the Iraq war has taken its toll on not only the US military, but also on the states's National Guard units, which were called up when Congress passed the 2002 Authorization to Use Military Force (AUMF) against Iraq. Now a growing state-level movement is working to keep the Guard at home. Its logic: The AUMF's goals have been fulfilled. The authorization's explicit purposes were to defend the US against the 'threat posed by Iraq' and to enforce UN Security Council resolutions regarding Iraq's alleged ballistic missiles and weapons of mass destruction. Saddam Hussein - along with his supposed threat - is gone, and the UN resolutions are no longer relevant, so there's no longer a mandate to keep troops in Iraq."

Vodafone foiled in bid to erect phone mast

Press and Journal - Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, UK

By Iain Ramage

More than 1000 people who objected to a mobile phone mast
being placed within yards of an Inverness school got their message across
loud and ...

Death by Multiple Poisoning, Glyphosate and Roundup

ISIS Press Release 11/02/09

Scientists pinpoint how very low concentrations of the herbicide and other chemicals in Roundup formulations kill human cells, strengthening the case for phasing them out, and banning all further releases of Roundup-tolerant GM crops Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Brett Cherry

This article was submitted to the USDA on behalf of ISIS

Four different Roundup formulations of the herbicide glyphyosate manufactured by Monsanto are highly toxic to human cells, and at concentrations far below the recommended agricultural use levels. Researchers at the Institute of Biology in Caen, France published their latest results in the current issue of Chemical Research in Toxicology [1].

Roundup formulations are lethal cocktails

The four Roundup formulations are mixtures of glyphosate with various adjuvants. (An adjuvant is ‘helper’ substance added to aid the effect of the active ingredient.) The Roundup formulations are currently the top non-selective herbicides worldwide and increasing, as more than 75 percent of genetically modified (GM) crops are Roundup tolerant. Glyphosate and its major metabolite, aminomethylphosphonic acid (AMPA) are main contaminants in rivers. The adjuvants, not often measured in the environment, are usually considered ‘inert’ and protected as trade secret in manufacturing. Among them, the predominant one is polyethoxylated tallow amine (POEA). POEA is used as a surfactant in Roundup formulations to improve solubility and penetration into plants. Three human cell lines were tested: primary cell line HUVEC from umbilical cord vein epithelium, embryonic cell line 293 derived from kidney, and placenta cell line JEG3. All cells died within 24 hours of exposure to the Roundup formulations. The Roundup formulations (Rs) contain different amounts of the active ingredient glyphosate: Roundup Express, 7.2 g/L (R7.2); Roundup Bioforce, 360 g/L (R360); Roundup Grand Travaux, 400 g/L (R400); and Roundup Grand Travaux Plus, 450 g/L (R450). They were compared with glyphosate (G), AMPA, and POEA. All Roundup formulations in the study, along with individual chemical ingredients, were tested at concentrations from10 ppm (parts per million) to 2 percent (the recommended agricultural usage level), which means that the Roundup formulations were diluted up to 100 000 times or more. The researchers found that the presence of the other chemical ingredients in Roundup formulations, such as POEA, actually amplified glyphosate’s toxic effects. The toxicities of the Roundup formulations were not proportional to the amount of glyphosate they contained, and are most likely due to POEA and other as yet undisclosed ingredient(s) present in all the formulations. POEA by itself is much more toxic than the Roundup formulations, while AMPA is more toxic than glyphosate.

Read the rest of this article here

Funktelefone: Hacker hört mit


Abgehört beim Telefonieren

ZDF - Germany

Das Problem: Der seit Anfang des Jahres einzige in Deutschland zulässige Standard für Schnurlostelefone, der so genannte DECT-Standard, sieht zwar eine ...,1872,7532861,00.html

Selling Our Souls in The Name of Service

by Berit Kjos

Obama hired Pastor Joshua DuBois to head up his Council for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. Considering their diverse backgrounds, the two seem surprisingly compatible. Notice how Pastor DuBois echoes the words of President Obama: "Our democracy demands that when people are religiously motivated you have to translate your concerns into universal rather than religion-specific values.".......

We’ll never be happy consumers again

by James Howard Kunstler


The argument about ‘change’ during the election was sufficiently vague that no one was really challenged to articulate a future that wasn’t, materially, more-of-the-same. I suppose the Obama team may have thought they would only administer it differently than the Bush team — but basically life in the USA would continue being about all those trips to the mall, and the cubicle jobs to support that, and the family safaris to visit Grandma in Lansing, and the vacations at Sea World, and Skipper’s $20,000 college loan, and Dad’s yearly junket to Las Vegas, and refinancing the house, and rolling over this loan and that loan … and that has all led to a very dead end in a dark place. If this nation wants to survive without an intense political convulsion, there’s a lot we can do, but none of it is being voiced in any corner of Washington at this time...

Obama and the wrong road

Independent Institute
by Carlos Alberto Montaner

Last Jan. 9, President Obama declared that ‘there is no disagreement that we need action by our government, [for example,] a recovery plan that will help to jump-start the economy.’ He was wrong. A few days later, polled by the Cato Institute, some 200 economists from the best American universities answered him in a full-page ad published in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal: ‘With all due respect, Mr. President, that is not true.’ And then they briefly expressed their reasons: an increase in government spending in the 1930s did not liquidate the Great Depression or contribute to solving the crisis in Japan in the 1990s. To reprise that strategy was a triumph of hope over experience. What was the correct road to emerge from the crisis? No doubt, they opined, the best fiscal policy to revitalize the growth of the economy consisted of reducing taxes and the burden of government and initiating reforms that would eliminate impediments to work, savings, investment and production...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Activists left hoping for change at Obama’s stimulus parties

The Weekly Standard
by Mary Katharine Ham

When Obama supporters gathered this weekend to build support for the first major legislation of the new president’s tenure, those who had campaigned for change found themselves talking about something unexpected — politics as usual. ‘I trust Obama. I’m disappointed in what has been put out here for this meeting today,’ said Ron, an Obama supporter from Alexandria who hosted an ‘economic stimulus house party’ Sunday with five attendees. ‘We were uniformly disappointed.’ When Obama and the Democratic National Committee asked Americans to host such parties, they supplied a 13-minute online video of DNC Chair Tim Kaine answering viewer-submitted questions and one page of talking points. There were as many as 3,000 parties across the nation, but attendees at two parties in the Metro D.C. area didn’t walk away encouraged...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The American ruling class

Global Research
by Tom Eley


Obama announced measures that purport to restrict executive compensation to $500,000 at financial institutions receiving billions in government assistance. … The measures are essentially a public relations exercise. Their aim is to provide political cover for a new and even larger Wall Street bailout, which Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner will unveil next week...

The “crisis” is not the crisis

Arm Your Mind for Liberty
by George Donnelly


According to politicians, the ‘crisis’ is that the economy stopped growing and loans are not available. People are losing jobs and businesses are closing. But what painfully few people realize is that this is a healthy reaction to the government-facilitated excessive spending and production of the last decade. If the politicians insist on creating bubbles, they have to accept the consequences of them bursting as natural, necessary and curative. The real crisis is both that which caused the ‘crisis’ and the politicians’ reaction to the ‘crisis’...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Curb America’s debt culture

Christian Science Monitor
by staff


To jolt the economy and end a recession born out of too much homeowner debt, Congress and the US Treasury this week plan to take on at least $1.1 trillion in new national debt. This ‘good’ debt will be thrown at ‘bad’ debt, in Keynesian logic. It’s not really a Ponzi scheme. But that’s true only if it works. At the very least, the expected stimulus of some $827 billion and a new bank rescue of $350 billion will serve as a safety net to keep jobless Americans and the economy from sinking further. Some $50-$100 billion, for instance, is expected to go for mortgage relief. But it is a leap of faith, even among Keynesian economists, that throwing money into a debt-ridden economy will thaw frozen credit markets and revive the kind of entrepreneurial risk-taking that creates jobs. Meanwhile, it takes little faith to see the debt costs of that leap...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The audacity of mendacity

by Justin Raimondo


It’s amazing how quickly Obama started sounding just like Bush, because, when cornered by this question on the Afghan endgame, he reverted to waving the bloody flag of 9/11, just as his predecessor did in the run-up to war with Iraq, and long after the alleged links between Saddam and 9/11 had been thoroughly debunked. The president claims ‘you’ve got the Taliban and al-Qaeda operating in the FATA and these border regions between Afghanistan and Pakistan,’ and he promises a ‘concerted effort to root out these safe havens.’ … we have heard much about the alleged presence of al-Qaeda’s shadowy remnants in Pakistan, yet we have seen no evidence. Nor have we been offered any specifics. It seems to me that the president came pretty close to saying, definitively, that Osama bin Laden is in the tribal areas, without, of course, actually coming out and saying it. If he doesn’t know this to be true, then Obama is doing precisely what Bush and his gang did to gin up a war with Iraq — lying...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Stocks dive on new Treasury bailout scheme, Obama warnings

Orange County Register


Stocks plunged today on Wall Street after Washington rolled out new plan for the federal bailout of financial institutions and President Barack Obama warned that inaction could lead to an economic ‘catastrophe.’ Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner unveiled plans for spending the second half of the $700 billion appropriated last year by Congress to revive the U.S. financial system. Geithner said the first $350 billion had failed to help. ‘Instead of catalyzing recovery, the financial system is working against recovery,’ he said...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp$700

UBS: Rekordverlust und Bonuszahlungen

Trotz Verlust von 20 Milliarden Franken, wird die Bank 2,2 Milliarden Bonuszahlungen leisten und dafür weitere 2.000 Stellen streichen.

Gute Banken, schlechte Banken

Auch in Deutschland wird über die Einrichtung von "Bad Banks" diskutiert. Der Bundesfinanzminister befürchtet, eine solche Konstruktion könne bis zu 200 Milliarden Euro kosten.

Punish Those Who Lie Us Into War

U.S. Rep. Walter Jones, R-N.C., has introduced legislation that would impose fines or prison time on presidents or executive-branch officials who "knowingly and willfully" mislead Congress to gain authorization to use U.S. military forces.

From Information Clearing House

Catastrophic Fall in 2009 Global Food Production

By: Eric_deCarbonnel

After reading about the droughts in two major agricultural countries, China and Argentina, I decided to research the extent other food producing nations were also experiencing droughts. This project ended up taking a lot longer than I thought. 2009 looks to be a humanitarian disaster around much of the world.

Welcome to Obama's "New Era of Peace"

22 Pakistanis Reportedly Killed

By Christine Smith

So much for the peace activists who supported Obama - how deluded could they be? To have expected (or "hoped") for anything different was a daydream.

American Apologies

By Mickey Z.

During his inauguration speech, President Barack Obama declared: "We will not apologize for our way of life, nor will we waver in its defense."

Pakistan Parliament Will Authorize Shooting Down U.S. Drones?

By Talha Mujaddidi

Here is a 7-point Parliament resolution authorizing Pakistan Air Force to shoot down CIA drones coming from Afghanistan and killing innocent Pakistani citizens. - We the people of Pakistan must demand these actions from this government and must not fall into the disguised rhetoric of our corrupt leaders.

Call Off Drone War, Influential U.S. Adviser Says

For months, Pakistani leaders have complained, loudly, about American drone strikes on their territory. Now, an influential adviser to American policymakers is raising his voice against the unmanned attacks, too.

Anger confronts Holbrooke in Pakistan

Holbrooke will face a surge of anti-American sentiment on clear display by private citizens, public officials and increasingly potent television talk shows.

Rethink Military Escalation in Afghanistan


We must rethink our policy toward Afghanistan. Congressional oversight hearings on Afghanistan would facilitate a substantial public debate on this war. What's more, these hearings would coincide with President Obama's effort to craft policy that represents the diversity in public opinion and the wide array of tools at his disposal.

Maliki says era of US Iraq dominance is over

His remarks were a pointed rebuke to US Vice President Joe Biden, who last week said Washington would have to be "more aggressive" in pushing Baghdad towards faster political reform.

From Information Clearing House

Rep. Kanjorski: $550 Billion Disappeared in "Electronic Run On the Banks"


Rep. Paul Kanjorski of Pennsylvania explains how the Federal Reserve told Congress members about a "tremendous draw-down of money market accounts in the United States, to the tune of $550 billion dollars." According to Kanjorski, this electronic transfer occured over the period of an hour or two.

Valentinstag: Regenwaldvernichtung für Treibhausblumen

Die Weltbank hat der Regierung von Papua-Neuguinea einen Kredit zur Förderung von Ölpalmen vergeben. Die Ölpalmen sind jetzt schon für großflächige Regenwaldrodungen verantwortlich, was zu Armut, Mangelernährung und Missbrauch der Rechte der Einheimischen in dem Land führt. Bitte unterstützen sie den Aufruf der dörflichen Gemeinschaften und unterzeichnen sie einen Protestbrief gegen diesen Kredit. (Start: 06.02.2009)Ölpalme

Obama's "War on Terror"

The Stimulus of Abominations

The battle is on

Who Killed the Constitution?


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