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Firms Defraud Government but Get New US Contracts

Larry Margasak: The Associated Press: "Companies that defrauded the United States and jeopardized American lives received new government work despite rulings designed to stop them from receiving federal contracts, government investigators report. Payments went to a company whose president tried to sell nuclear bomb parts to North Korea, a company that jeopardized lives on the aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy, and a seller of body armor that the Air Force said was defective."

Mobile phone mast could help residents block development

Saturday, February 28, 2009, 20:00

by Dave Burke

A mobile phone mast has given residents new hope that their opposition to a block of flats can still win the day – even though a planning inquiry has backed the scheme.

The inspector, David Hogger, has given the go-ahead for 10 new two-bedroom homes in Lower Barn Road, even though Croydon Council denied permission.

But residents are gearing up for a new fight as Mr Hogger also ruled a nearby 15-metre phone mast is too close to the new development and must be moved before construction of the flats begins.



Huge number of mobile phone stations in Croydon revealed

Croydon Advertiser

Referring specifically to mobile phone masts, Mr Longman explained: "We're not a NIMBY organisation because we all use mobile phones. ...

Doomed to Repeat History in Afghanistan?

Joe Galloway, McClatchy Newspapers: "If the new American team has some new ideas about how to succeed in Afghanistan, now would be the time to lay them out. Nothing that Alexander the Great, Queen Victoria or Leonid Brezhnev tried in their attempts to subdue the quarrelsome Afghan tribes worked, and nothing we've tried in the last eight years has, either. While we're waiting for a new strategy, perhaps we should break out some old Kipling: 'When wounded and left on Afghanistan's plain.' 'And the women come out to cut up your remains ....' Etc., etc."

Rachel's News #1000

Obamas Denkfehler

Mit dem Konjunkturprogramm werden die Probleme nicht gelöst, notwendig wäre eine Umkehrung der Vermögensdisparität.

Citigroup's Special Treatment

Kucinich Requests Assurances Regarding Treasury's Plan for Citigroup

Recruiting for the Military in Schools and the NCLB Policy

Freeing Up Troops in Iraq to Head to Afghanistan

23 Prozent der unter 15jährigen "auf Hartz IV"

Economy Shrinks at Fastest Pace in 26 Years

Citi Gets Nationalized, Don't Call It Nationalization

The Government has reached a deal to buy 36% of Citigroup's common stock. The United States will now be the largest shareholder of the troubled bank (But don't call it nationalization). Citigroup announced another huge quarterly loss.

Citigroup Stock Costs Less Than Their ATM Fee

The shareholders have essentially been wiped out.

Problem bank list tops 250

FDIC reports that number of troubled institutions soared during the fourth quarter to the highest level since 1994.

Dow Jones Industrial Average marks worst February point drop in history

The S&P closed at 752.44 on Nov. 20, though the benchmark on Monday undercut that prior bear-market low.

Govt: 'Mass Layoffs' Soared In January

Employers took a large ax to their payrolls in January, the government said Wednesday, and the cuts are likely to get worse over the next few months.

From Information Clearing House


Economy Shrinks at Fastest Pace in 26 Years

Jeannine Aversa, The Associated Press: "The economy contracted at a staggering 6.2 percent pace at the end of 2008, the worst showing in a quarter-century, as consumers and businesses ratcheted back spending, plunging the country deeper into recession."

Warning for the West as crisis spills onto streets

The slump that has swept through developed nations like the UK, the eurozone and the United States is hitting the world's emerging economies with a speed and ferocity that has shocked even the most pessimistic analysts.

'We're Not Paying For Your Crisis!': Anger rises in Germany as the economy falls

Trade unions and globalization-critical protesters are planning demonstrations in Berlin and Frankfurt under the banner: "We're not paying for your crisis.",1518,610099,00.html

Thousands of Opel Workers Demonstrate against GM

Huge losses in Detroit threaten to doom the German carmaker Opel, and the workers want a divorce from the parent company.,1518,610159,00.html

From Information Clearing House


After the Financial Crisis, Civil War?

Clair Gatinois, Le Monde: "Will the economic and financial crisis degenerate into violent social explosions? Tomorrow, will there be civil war in Europe, the United States and Japan? That's the rather alarming conclusion that the experts of European think tank LEAP/Europe 2020 lay out in their latest bulletin dated mid-February."

Private military companies to supersede regular armies

They are licensed by the State Department; they are contracting with foreign governments, training soldiers and reorganizing militaries in Nigeria, Bulgaria, Taiwan, and Equatorial Guinea. The PMC industry is now worth over $100 billion a year.

From Information Clearing House

Drone Attacks Inside Pakistan Will Continue, CIA Chief Says

Change? What change?

"Nothing has changed our efforts to go after terrorists, and nothing will change those efforts," Panetta said in response to questions about CIA missile attacks, launched from unmanned Predator aircraft.

From Information Clearing House

Iraq War may end, but plently of fighting left

The Marines based at Camp Lejeune now know when their missions to Iraq will end, but they also know their deadly days of fighting overseas are far from over.

Change? What change?

Obama: 'Our combat mission in Iraq will end' Aug. 31, 2010

He'll keep 35,000 to 50,000 troops there in non-combat missions.

Read the full speech here

Change? What change?

McCain backs Obama Iraq pullout plan

"Overall it is a reasonable plan and one that can work and I support it," McCain told Reuters.

From Information Clearing House


Iraq Troop Withdrawal or Occupation-Lite?

CODEPINK Calls Obama's Announcement of Timetable, Residual Troops in Iraq a 'Broken Promise'

Congressman Dennis Kucinich: Kucinich on Iraq Troop Withdrawal: You Can't be In and Out at the Same Time

Veterans for Peace: Veterans' Group Says Leaving 50,000 Troops to Control Iraq Is No 'Withdrawal'

Peace Action: Largest Peace Group Gives Mixed Review of Obama's Iraq Plan

The Great Financial Crisis

Interview of John Bellamy Foster

By Mike Whitney

On The Collapse Of Capitalism

By Ron Paul

Nations will be redefined in this period.

What About Bagram?

By William Fisher

In a brief filing in federal court last week, lawyers from Obama's Department of Justice said they would adopt the same position taken by the George W. Bush administration - that detainees held at the Bagram air base in Afghanistan have no right to challenge their detention in U.S. courts.

Hegemony or Survival: America's Quest for Global Dominance

Hegemony or Survival


Scott Horton Interviews Noam Chomsky

From Information Clearing House

Prince Whitely Is Unable to Meet Its Obligations

In the midst of the severest market reaction in two months, the New York Stock Exchange announced yesterday that the 51-year-old firm of Prince Whitely, one of the largest and best known houses in Wall Street, had been suspended on its own admission that it was unable to meet its obligations.

From Information Clearing House

Wireless Communications for Smart Dust
"Data from the physical world, including temperature, lighting, humidity, energy consumption, and movement, then be married to the world of industrial systems and IT."
2.4 GHZ
802 WIFI

Informant: gotemf

impf-report Newsletter Nr. 2/2009

Vodafone expected to appeal after Broch mast snub

Aberdeen Press and Journal - Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

By Jamie Buchan

A leading mobile phone firm is expected to appeal against a controversial council ruling that blocked its plans to build a new mast in the ...

Why the Dark Secrets of the First Gulf War Are Still Haunting Us

Return of the War Party

An Economy cannot run on Consumer Loans

What is the right word to describe the U.S. government’s current and proposed fiscal condition: fantastic, unbelievable, surreal?

The FED’s Unsound Theories

End the Fed's Secretiveness


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