Dienstag, 3. Juni 2008

War Criminals Must Fear Punishment



That's why I went for John Bolton

By George Monbiot

As long as the greatest crime of the 21st century remains unprosecuted, we all have a duty to keep the truth alive.



Waxman Wants Bush, Cheney CIA Leak FBI Interviews

Daniel W. Reilly reports for The Politico: "House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) urged Attorney General Michael Mukasey Tuesday to release FBI interviews of President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney as part of the investigation into the leak of the identity of former CIA agent Valerie Plame."



Rep. Waxman Seeks Access to Bush, Cheney Interviews on CIA Leak


AIPAC: Drumbeats of War?

Aijaz Ahmad: McCain ignores facts claiming Tehran poses an unacceptable risk.

Bill Kristol At AIPAC

Obama And McCain "Don't Actually Differ" On Iran.

Only Nader Has Pointed Out the Danger

Who Will Be The Next US President?

Dancing with AIPAC: Obama's Missteps

On his first day as the presumptive Democratic candidate for president earlier this month, Barack Obama committed a serious foreign policy blunder.


John Bolton Says 'Best' Possible Outcome Of Obama Presidency Is 'More Bombings, More Attacks'

The facts are these: when it comes to driving an increase in "bombings and attacks," there are few things more successful than President Bush's Iraq War policies. According to the Center for American Progress.


The Lobby Like No Other Wants a War Like No Other

Aipac's Hidden Persuaders

By Richard Silverstein

Armageddon Now?

By Nadia Hijab

Of all the analysis generated by the Obama-Netanyahu meeting Robert Satloff's is the most significant. Satloff is executive director of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, which serves as AIPAC's think tank. His piece, circulated Thursday, provides insights into what the lobby -- and Israel -- might do next. And it should ring alarm bells.


New FBI Files Alleging AIPAC Theft of Government Property and Israeli Espionage Released

AIPAC was investigated after it acquired and circulated classified government information provided in strict confidence by US industry and worker groups opposed to AIPAC sponsored economic legislation.


From Information Clearing House


On some enemies of Middle East peace


AIPAC Wall Beginning to Crack

Ira Chernus, Truthout: "For years, AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee) has helped to stonewall the Middle East peace process by building a solid wall around the Israeli government, protecting it from criticism in the US. Senators and representatives have feared the wrath of AIPAC come Election Day, even in states and districts where the Jewish vote is negligible. Whatever they may have thought privately about Israel's policies toward the Palestinians, they've remained silent."



Press accounts of NW Winter Soldier hearings in Seattle


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news


US/IRAQ: "Enough Is Enough, It's Time to Get Out"

By Dahr Jamail


World's Largest Media Source Controlled by World's Largest Drug Company


Informant: Dorothee Krien


Friedensforscher warnen vor Rüstungswettlauf

Deutsche Friedensforscher warnen vor einer neuen Spirale des Wettrüstens. "Die neue Hochrüstung kann bedrohlicher werden als der Kalte Krieg", heißt es im "Friedensgutachten 2008", das fünf Friedensforschungsinstitute am 3. Juni in Berlin vorstellten. Besonders die USA, Russland, China und Indien rüsteten massiv auf. Von 2001 bis 2006 seien die inflationsbereinigten Militärausgaben weltweit um etwa 30 Prozent auf eine Billion US-Dollar gestiegen. Die Hälfte davon entfalle auf die USA.



Ex-Aufsichtsrat der Bahn verlangt Auskunft wegen möglicher Überwachung

Der ehemalige Bundestagsabgeordnete der Grünen, Albert Schmidt, hat von der Deutschen Bahn AG heute Auskunft über eine "mögliche Überwachung" seiner Person gefordert. In einem persönlichen Schreiben an Bahnchef Hartmut Mehdorn, fragt Schmidt, ob er "als Mitglied des DB Aufsichtsrates (1999 bis 2002) oder als Mitglied des Bundestages (1994 bis 2005) zu irgendeinem Zeitpunkt im Auftrag der Deutschen Bahn AG" ausgespäht, telefonisch abgehört oder überwacht worden sei. Anlass zu dem Schreiben ist für den früheren Verkehrsexperten der Grünen "die aktuelle Berichterstattung über die langjährigen Geschäftsbeziehungen zwischen der Deutschen Bahn AG und der Network Deutschland GmbH". Diese Firma hat für die Deutsche Telekom Mitarbeiter ausgespäht.



Popcorn with the cell phone - Popcorn mit dem Handy




Informant: Pesché Jeannot


Cellphone Popcorn Popping & Bird Flock Suicides!!

I notice a lot of pro and con discussion about popcorn and cellphones lately.

Notice that the popcorn kernels are surrounded by at least three cellphones with antennae pointed at the kernels. Kernels must be in middle of area so all cellphone antennae transmissions center on them.

I'm no physicist (B.S., M.E.), but after collecting info on unusual and rare event EMF effects, natural and artificial, since 1965, I see some possibe tie-ins here with at least three bird flock suicides I have on record.

1. Many bird flocks and schools of fish turn as one unit, almost instantaneously....kind of a "group mind" effect. We know birds and fish and other creatures (even humans??....charisma?) receive and transmit natural geoelectromagnetic and EMFs from each other, as well as interactions with the environment....it's called "survival"!

2. We are becoming more aware that specie-specific window frequencies and waveforms (not necessarily intensity) affect living systems in various ways. It's the information content of the signals that creates biological effects. Humans are not the only living things that transmit information contents with EMF signals!! .. alltho our artificial signals are often far stronger (and sometimes less informative) than most natural signals.

3. I understand (comments here, please) that there is such a phenomenon known as interference, when two EMF or sonic frequencies intersect......Depending of phase of signal you get either destructive (reduction) or constructive (increase) interference....I believe this kind of situation creates a "standing wave" effect.

4. O.K., so, with three, or more, cellphone antennae aimed precisely at the kernels the transmission signals from the sound input to the cellphones all hit the kernels at the same time with the same signal phase, thus it would seem that an additive effect (constructive) interference of the transmitted beams concentrate in just one tiny area...an intense standing wave of microwave energy results,.and pop goes the corn!.....one cellphone won't do it....gotta have concentration and standing wave....

5. Now, back to the birds. It seems very likely (considering the large nuimber of antennae in close proximity in the environment now) that occasionally that two or more cellphone antennae transmission beams intersect and happen to be sending the same signal information at the same time, creating a standing wave. When birds hit this temporary standing wave microwave field, they become totally disoriented and confused and sometimes dive straight into the ground as a group. It appears their automatic natural altimeter and sense of direction is destroyed.

6. This happened in England several years ago, and last year a similar incident occurred in Austin Texas. Several years ago a homing pigeon racing event up in Philadelphia area had to be held during the week, because weather prevented the contest during the weekend. Almost no pigeons made it home. Pigeons, which we know are very sensitive to geoelectromagnetic natural signals, do not seem to fly in flocks like blackbirds and starlings, so I suppose there was a lot of general confusion.

So, there are my comments on the popcorn situation.

Condemnation before Investigation is a great way to prevent progress!

James B. Beal
EMF Interface Consulting


Cell-phone popcorn a hoax, radiation changes aren't

Scripps Howard News Service for June 17, 2008
By Martin Schram

It was the pop heard ’round the world.

Four pops, actually. Faster than a speeding kernel _ YouTube viewers around the planet became eyewitnesses to something that looked like corny fun-time science. Here’s what they saw: Four corn kernels on a table cloth, surrounded by four cell phones, lying flat and pointed at the kernels. Four young folks dialed their cell phones. The ringing commenced. Suddenly _ pop…pop...pop...pop. Lo, right before our eye-witnessing eyes, the corn jumped and popped into popcorn.

The popping of the popcorn set the blogs buzzing. In English, French, Japanese. The buzzing of the blogs begat the babble of the 24/7 cable news anchors _ hey, this was their kind of story. After all, hadn’t a world of cell phone users just seen, with their own eyes, evidence of a scientific truth, at last _ proof of the perils of cell phone radiation?

Well, no. It was a hoax.

Not a hoax pulled off by youthful pranksters. It was a hoax pulled off by corporate hucksters. After putting three cell-phony videos on YouTube and letting the buzz and babble build for about a week, the business people who run Cardo Systems, a Pittsburgh-based manufacturer of wireless Bluetooth headsets, put out the word that it was all a hoax _ and they were the proud hoaxsters.

“We wanted to generate more buzz about Cardo Systems,” Kathryn Rhodes, Cardo’s national marketing director, said in an interview, speaking from her cell phone to mine. “We found it tremendously successful.”

They had used some sort of gimmick to make the corn pop. Hot stove under the tablecloth? A microwave beam from above? “We don’t intend to explain it,” Rhodes said. “We’ll keep it a trade secret.” Then she tossed in one last kernel of corporate corn: “We want to preserve the integrity of the videos.” Say what? For a minute I thought I’d heard a fifth “pop” _ only a corporate marketeer would think that “integrity” and Cardo’s “videos” belonged in the same sentence.

Before Cardo Systems confessed its sins, this columnist was on the receiving end of just a bit of the buzzing. Friends and strangers sent me the YouTube videos. Because in 2001, I had co-authored a book with Dr. George L. Carlo, entitled “Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age.” Carlo, an epidemiologist (and yes, coincidentally his name does rhyme with Cardo), had been the insider of the cell phone industry. He’d been hired to run a program of scientific studies that the industry figured would prove that cell phones posed no hazard; but when studies began to show that radiation from cell phones seemed to cause some changes in biological cells, Carlo followed the science _ and the industry began to discredit Carlo.

Our book contained results of studies that had showed that changes in blood cells that had been exposed to cell phone radiation _ they developed micro-nuclei (which are also found in cancerous tumors). The book also noted a study that indicated how far inside a skull radiation can penetrate into the brain when a phone is held against the head: Just near the surface in adults, but penetration was said to increase the younger the cell phone user, so that it went quite far into the skulls of small children.

Carlo, who now heads the Science and Public Policy Institute and the Safe Wireless Initiative, said this week that a number of recent studies have confirmed the risks posed by extensive usage of cell phones. He noted that a Swedish study by Dr. Lennart Hardell and Dr. Kjell Mild showed a correlation between cell phone use and tumors on the side of the head where the phone is regularly held. And another study conducted in 12 European labs replicated findings of genetic change in cells produced by cell phone radiation _ which is not related to the sort of heat that pops popcorn.

Those findings deserve to be major news in a world of more than three billion cell phone users. But the sad truth is that the popcorn hoax got far more coverage than any scientific study ever did.

“What the studies are showing is that there is a fundamental disruption of the normal physiology in cells and tissues and organs,” Carlo said. These changes could increase the risk among those who might be susceptible. “Not everyone who is exposed to pollen sneezes and not everyone who smokes gets lung cancer,” Carlo said. “But those who are more susceptible are at greater risk.”

The risks are real. They were discovered not by hoaxes but by science. That’s why we urgently need more industry-independent studies. And just this once, we don’t need a congressional investigation of Corngate.



Cell Phones Pop Corn, Toast Brains


Mobiles boil eggs!

Tanveer Thakur

CHANDIGARH, Oct 8: It is not quite the fastest way to cook an egg, but researchers have found that if a raw egg is placed in between four switched-on cell phones, it will be ready to eat in about 80 minutes.
Researchers at Panjab University studying the impact of the electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile cell phone devices on living matter, have found that the radiation adversely affect tiny insects, wheat and mustard grains, in addition to eggs.

Scientists have already linked the extinction of common birds like the house sparrow to the excessive electromagnetic radiation in the environment.

According to the researchers, Mr VP Sharma, Dr RK Kohli, Dr HP Singh, and Dr Upma Baghei, the radiation released by the mobile devices have two kinds of effect ~ thermal effect and non-thermal radiation effect.

These rays, the same as those in a microwave oven, generate heat and adversely affect seed germination in plants and impair cell expansion.
In the experiments, the mobile phones were connected to pre-recorded tapes and four of them were kept live with an egg in the middle. After around 80 minutes, the egg was found to be hard-boiled. The research is in its final stages and the effects of EM waves are being studied on enzymes, cells and top layers of plants. "The idea is to sensitise people about the harmful effects of using mobile phones and living in close proximity to cellphone tower,” said Dr RK Kohli.



Mobile Phones and Vanishing Birds


Missbildungen bei Hühnerembryonen unter EM-Feldern

Handys beeinflussen Speichel und Wasser


Jeder Mensch hat das Recht auf ein gutes Leben: "reclaim your life"

Zahltag in Berlin am 2. Juni 2008

Arbeitsagentur kein öffentlicher Raum für unabhängige Beratung und Begleitung? Teilerfolg der Erwerbslosengruppen bei „Zahltag“-Aktion

„Aktivisten der Erwerbslosenszene haben am heutigen Morgen erfolgreich versucht, einen großen Beratungstisch vor der Arbeitsagentur Mitte (Kochstraße 30) aufzubauen, um den wartenden „Kunden“ der Agentur ihre beratenden und begleitenden Dienstleistungen anzubieten…“ Pressemitteilung vom 2.6.2008 (pdf) von AG Soziales Berlin im Berliner Sozialforum, Aktionsbündnis Sozialproteste und Erwerbslosenausschuss ver.di Berlin http://www.labournet.de/diskussion/arbeit/aktionen/2008/berlin0206.pdf

Aktion vor dem Jobcenter Berlin-Kreuzberg

„Jobcenter verweigert Zutritt, LKA versucht, Infotische zu verbieten: eine Aktion der AG Soziales Berlin vor dem Jobcenter Berlin / Rudi-Dutschke-Straße erfährt ungewöhnliche Hindernisse…“ Bericht von Anna Panek vom 02.06.2008 bei indymedia http://de.indymedia.org/2008/06/219037.shtml

Umgang mit der Entwürdigung. Erwerbsloseninitiativen organisieren Beratung vor Arbeitsagentur Mitte

Artikel von Peter Nowak im ND vom 03.06.2008 http://www.neues-deutschland.de/artikel/129733.umgang-mit-der-entwuerdigung.html

"reclaim your life". Aktionstag gegen Hartz-Gesetze, für soziale Rechte am 16.6. in Berlin

Unter dem Motto "reclaim your life" ist für den 16. Juni (der Tag der Anhörung zu den Regelsätzen Hartz IV im BT-Ausschuss Arbeit und Soziales) ein nächster "Aktionstag gegen HarzIV-Gesetze, für soziale Grundrechte" in Berlin angekündigt, diesmal am Brandenburger Tor. Beginn: 11h. Siehe Aufruf und weitere Infos beim Sozialforum Berlin http://www.soziales-berlin.de/sfb?page_id=130

Die Forderungen der sozialen Initiativen: 1. individuelle Grundsicherung in Höhe von mindestens 500 €, Abschaffung der Bedarfsgemeinschaft; 2. Abschaffung der Repressions-und Sanktionsparagrafen (speziell § 31 des SGB II); 3. individuelle Grundsicherung für alle Kinder; 4. gesetzlicher Mindestlohn von 10 € und Einschränkung der Leiharbeit.

„Jeder Mensch hat das Recht auf ein gutes Leben!“ Dreiländer-Demonstration am Samstag 7. Juni 2008 12 h in Freiburg i.Br.

Am Samstag den 7. Juni 2008 wird in Freiburg im Breisgau (D) – im Rahmen des Aktionsmonates „Zusammen die Utopie leben ...“ – eine Dreiländerdemonstration stattfinden. Mit einer politischen Stimme wollen wir unsere Forderungen erheben und rufen alle im Elsass, in der Nordwestschweiz und in Südbaden zur Teilnahme auf. Siehe den Aufruf auf der Aktionsseite „Zusammen die Utopie leben ...“ http://www.utopie-leben.de/neus/aufruf_3-landerdemo_7_juni_.html

Aus: LabourNet, 3. Juni 2008


Widerstand gegen Sklavenhandel

DIE LEIHKEULE - Zeitung für Leiharbeiter

Leihsklaven! Jetzt geht’s looohooooos!

„Die Nullnummer der Leihkeule war nur ein Testballon, ob es überhaupt Interesse an einer unabhängigen Diskussion über das Problem der Leiharbeit gibt. Uns wurden die ersten Exemplare aus den Händen gerissen. Dann brachten wir eine Extraausgabe heraus für die Zeitarbeitsmessen, in denen die Branche mit Hilfe der Arbeitsämter versucht, günstige neue Leihsklaven zu rekrutieren. Die Frage nach dem Interesse ist somit beantwortet und hier ist die erste Ausgabe der Leihkeule…“ Leihkeule No.1 (pdf) bei chefduzen.de http://www.chefduzen.de/leih_keule_01_02.pdf

Extraausgabe: Zeitarbeitsbörsen (pdf) bei chefduzen.de http://www.chefduzen.de/sonder_leih_boerse1.pdf

Leiharbeitnehmer oder betriebsbedingte Kündigungen

„Mit der Abschaffung der gewerberechtlichen Schutzvorschriften im AÜG (Arbeitnehmerüberlassungsgesetz) durch das „Gesetz über moderne Dienstleistungen am Arbeitsmarkt“ – besser bekannt als „Hartz I - IV“ – hat sich der Einsatz von Leiharbeitnehmer/innen (LeihAN) als das entwickelt, was kritische Stimmen vorausgesagt hatten: als Maschine zur Senkung der Personalkosten und Abbau der Stammbelegschaft durch den befürchteten und auch tatsächlich eingetretenen „Drehtüreffekt“. Seitdem wächst der Widerstand in den Gewerkschaften gegen die z.T. unwürdigen Arbeitsbedingungen der LeihAN, aber auch gegen den Abbau der Stammbelegschaften durch den massenhaften Einsatz von LeihAN. Das LAG Hamm hat nun in einer – noch nicht rechtskräftigen Entscheidung – den Ausspruch betriebsbedingter Kündigungen für unzulässig erachtet, solange noch LeihAN auf vergleichbaren Arbeitsplätzen beschäftigt sind. Diese interessante und wichtige Entscheidung kommentieren wir im Mandanteninfo für September
2008…“ Mandanteninfo vom Bell & Windirsch Anwaltsbüro vom 1.9.08 (pdf) http://www.labournet.de/diskussion/arbeit/realpolitik/psa/mandinfo2.pdf

Aus: LabourNet, 2. September 2008


Vogelgrippe-Erreger mutiert erstmals zu Human-Pandemie-Version



The White House Lie Factory


US bringing 4th Fleet and 'gunboat diplomacy' back to Latin America


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Encounters with the Watch List

by Ahmad Al-Akhras


Like racial profiling, the so-called Watch List hinges on a false premise that people commit crimes because of their racial, ethnic or religious background. This false premise caused huge suffering to African America, Japanese Americans and now Arab and American Muslims. The worst part of this is the assumption that practicing Islam, never mind being an activist at that, gives one an appetite for terrorism. In the process, people who are in good standing who did not have a criminal record are treated as ‘posing a threat to civil aviation or national security’ or as ‘potential enemies of the state’...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Reiche shoppen weiter

Während die Subprimekrise in den USA inzwischen die obere Mittelschicht erreicht hat, steigt der Absatz im obersten Luxussegment ungebrochen weiter.


Next-up news N°594


Outcry against mobile towers

Sanjib Chakraborty

KOLKATA, June 2: Residents from Paikpara Mouza of Ghatbaor Anchal near Bongaon in North 24 Parganas expressed their grave concern to administrative departments after five cell phone companies installed mobile towers placed close together. According to the residents it could radiate electromagnetic waves which would pose health hazards to locals.



English Bazaar Municipality to curb indiscriminate mobile tower installation

Statesman News Service

MALDA, June 6: The Chairman of English Bazaar Municipality (EBM) Mr N Tiwari said today that Municipality would restrict indiscriminate installation of mobile tower following the objection from the local residents.



Degrading Arctic Ice May Release Climate Threat

The Press-Enterprise's Elaine Regus reports: "Global warming could release long-dormant stores of methane gas trapped beneath the Arctic permafrost, causing an abrupt and catastrophic climate change like one that occurred 635 million years ago, University of California-Riverside researchers have determined."



ACLU Sues Denver for Weapons Information

Rick Sallinger, CBS4 News, reports: "The American Civil Liberties Union has filed suit against the city of Denver after an open records request for information about the purchasing of security equipment for the Democratic National Convention was denied. The group wants to know what weapons the city is buying for crowd control during protests."



Long-Term Contracts Show Plans for Continued Iraq Occupation

Walter Pincus of The Washington Post writes: "The depth of US involvement in Iraq and the difficulty the next president will face in pulling personnel out of the country are illustrated by a handful of new contract proposals made public in May."



New agreement lets US strike any country from inside Iraq

From APFN daily update


It's hard to believe in McCain's new interest in nuclear disarmament


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news


The Oil-Price Bubble


From Information Clearing House


Newest McCain official: President has "near dictatorial powers"


From Information Clearing House


Ron Paul Things You Want To Know About, But Don’t (Yet)



How Academic Guilds Police Higher Education



America's house prices are falling even faster than during the Great Depression


From Information Clearing House


It’s only going to get worse

The Weekly Standard
by Lawrence B. Lindsey

America has not had a nationwide housing crash since the 1930s. At one point during that calamity, an estimated 60 percent of all mortgages were in technical default. The rather primitive housing credit system of the time, which relied on five-year balloon mortgages, certainly exacerbated the problem, but the bulk of the problem was related to the general economic downturn. There have been some regional housing crashes that were short and relatively mild, most notably in California, Texas, and New England in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Most of those were caused by declines in key local industries: oil in Texas, aerospace and defense in Southern California and Massachusetts. The current downturn, by contrast, is due almost exclusively to a change in the housing credit cycle from excessively easy to modestly restrictive. Housing turned down before the economy, and even now, nearly 18 months into the housing recession, the national unemployment rate is still at what economists consider full employment. That is unlikely to last as credit problems spread into the consumer sector, layoffs spread, and the resulting rise in unemployment makes the consumer credit situation still worse... (for publication 06/09/08)


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Civil groups to protest against US troops in Peru

Non-governmental organisations in Peru have called for a general strike to protest against the government's decision to allow US troops helping the civil administration to carry arms.


From Information Clearing House

Zbigniew Brzezinski and William Odom: A Sensible Path on Iran

The United States would have a better chance of success if the White House abandoned its threats of military action and its calls for regime change.


From Information Clearing House


Iraq cites problems with US security pact

Iraq's chief spokesman acknowledged differences with the United States over a proposed long-term security agreement and pledged on Sunday that the government will protect Iraqi sovereignty in ongoing talks with the Americans.


Iraq says likely to miss deadline for US pact

A July target for negotiating an agreement on future relations between Iraq and the United States is likely to be missed, an Iraqi government spokesman said on Tuesday.


US-Iraq security pact shapes up as major battle as Iraqi prime minister goes to Iran for talks

A proposed U.S.-Iraq security agreement is shaping up as a major political battle between America and Iran, as the debate over the future of troops here intensifies ahead of the fall U.S. presidential election.


Tell Iraqis No Permanent Bases

"The next president should commit to a speedy and complete withdrawal from Iraq," argues Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party candidate for president, "and tell the Iraqi people that the U.S. troops will be going home."


Iraq rejects any article within long-term agreement violates sovereignty

The official spokesman for the Iraqi government on Tuesday highlighted that the government asserted not to accept any article which violates the national sovereignty during negotiations to ink a long-term agreement with the U.S.


Cheney Enrages Iraqis Over Security Deal

Dick Cheney wants the Iraqi government installed by the U.S. occupation to sign a "security pact" with Washington by the end of July.


Iraqi Officials Oppose US-Iraq Treaty

At an extraordinary hearing on Capitol Hill yesterday, members of the Iraqi parliament hand-delivered a letter to members of Congress that rejected the idea of a US-Iraq agreement unless the United States agrees to a specific timetable to get out of Iraq.


Ayatollah Sistani rejects US draft

Ayatollah Sistani laid four conditions for any such agreement to be approved, adding that he was against any long term security pact with America.


Iraq Seeking to Cement Ties with Iran

Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki will make an official visit to Iran on Saturday to strengthen relations between the two countries.


Iraq says it wants to restrict movement of U.S. troops

Iraq said on Friday it would not grant U.S. troops freedom of movement for military operations in a new agreement being negotiated on extending the presence of American troops on its soil.


Iraq May Rebuff Troop Terms in New Security Plan

The Iraqi government doesn't want to extend the UN resolution and prefers to replace it with a bilateral agreement, U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker said yesterday. It might address issues such as whether U.S. soldiers have immunity from prosecution under Iraqi law.


Iraq's Grand Ayatollah warns from uprising against US security pact

Al-Modaresy described the long-term treaty with the US as a 'sword directed over the Iraqis necks,' during a meeting with reporters.


Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani,'sets 4 conditions for US pact

"The cleric stressed that any long-term pact in Iraq should maintain four key terms including safeguarding Iraqis' interests, national sovereignty, national consensus and being presented to the Iraqi parliament for approval." leader of the largest bloc in Iraq's parliament, Seyyed Abdul Aziz al-Hakim said quoting Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani.


Iraq will not be used to "harm" Iran, PM vows

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki sought to reassure Iran over a planned security pact with Washington on Sunday, vowing Iraq would never be used as a platform to attack the Islamic republic.


From Information Clearing House


Ominous opposition to long-term US military presence in Iraq

Independent Institute
by Ivan Eland


At the behest of Iraqi Shi’i leader Moktada al-Sadr, his powerful faction staged a formidable protest this week against a likely U.S.-Iraqi agreement to establish a long-term U.S. military presence in Iraq, which would replace the United Nation-authorized U.S. occupation that expires at the end of 2008. This demonstration, and subsequent protests planned for the duration of the summer, should worry both governments...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Revealed: Secret Plan to Keep Iraq Under US Control

Patrick Cockburn, of The Independent UK: "A secret deal being negotiated in Baghdad would perpetuate the American military occupation of Iraq indefinitely, regardless of the outcome of the US presidential election in November. The terms of the impending deal, details of which have been leaked to The Independent, are likely to have an explosive political effect in Iraq. Iraqi officials fear that the accord, under which US troops would occupy permanent bases, conduct military operations, arrest Iraqis and enjoy immunity from Iraqi law, will destabilise Iraq's position in the Middle East and lay the basis for unending conflict in their country."


Iraqis Wary of US Security Agreement

Anne Flaherty, of The Associated Press: "Iraqi lawmakers told Congress on Wednesday that they have serious misgivings about a long-term security agreement being negotiated this year with President Bush, putting themselves squarely in line with Democrats who say hashing out a deal before Bush leaves office is bad timing. Opposition in the US and Iraqi legislative bodies underscores the political hurdles facing Bush and Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki as they try to settle the terms under which US troops can continue operating in Iraq after a United Nations authorization expires at the end of the year."


US Issues Threat to Iraq's $50 Billion Foreign Reserve

Patrick Cockburn reports for The Independent UK: "The US is holding hostage some $50bn (£25bn) of Iraq's money in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to pressure the Iraqi government into signing an agreement seen by many Iraqis as prolonging the US occupation indefinitely, according to information leaked to The Independent."



Iraqi MPs against US bases

Iraqi MPs say if bases are in the security agreement; most Iraqis will reject it.


Secret Security Pact Will Ensure Permanent Iraq Occupation

Iraq Lawmakers Want US Forces Out As Part of Deal

US Security Talks With Iraq in Trouble in Baghdad and DC


Kunstler: "The Remorseless Algebra of a Deflationary Death Spiral"

By Mike Whitney

Look around. The evidence of a withering economy is everywhere. In "good times" consumers shun the canned meat aisle altogether, but no more. Today, Spam sales are soaring; grocery stores can't keep it on the shelves. Everyone is looking for cheaper ways to feed their families.



Indefensible Spending

By Robert Scheer

You wouldn't know it from the most-exhausting-ever presidential primary campaigns, but the 2009 defense budget commits the United States to spending more (again, in real dollars) to defeat a ragtag band of terrorists than it spent at the height of the Cold War fighting the Soviet superpower and what we alleged were its surrogates in the Korean and Vietnam wars.



Monica Benderman: Justice?

Michael stands to go to trial this week, but Michael should not be standing alone. Every citizen who has not yet stood to see that justice is served in the name of peace shall bear responsibility for what we all are about to receive.



How Cheney Outfoxed His Foes on Iran and EFPs

Analysis by Gareth Porter

For many months, the propaganda line that explosively formed projectiles (EFPs) that could penetrate U.S. armoured vehicles were coming straight from Iran has been embraced publicly by the entire George W. Bush administration. But when that argument was proposed internally by military officials in January 2007, it was attacked by key administration officials as unsupported by the facts.




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The Republican Party...
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rudkla - 26. Apr, 05:36
January 6 Committee Says...
https://truthout.org/artic les/jan-6-committee-says-t rump-engaged-in-criminal-c onspiracy-to-undo-election /?eType=EmailBlastContent& eId=552e5725-9297-4a7c-a21 4-53c8c51615a3
rudkla - 4. Mär, 05:38
Georgia Republicans Are...
https://www.commondreams.o rg/views/2022/02/14/georgi a-republicans-are-delibera tely-attacking-voting-righ ts
rudkla - 15. Feb, 05:03
Now Every Day Is January...
https://www.commondreams.o rg/views/2022/02/07/now-ev ery-day-january-6-trump-ta rgets-vote-counters
rudkla - 8. Feb, 05:41


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