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A Kinder, Gentler Torture

H. Candace Gorman, writing for In These Times, says, "Every time I visit, Al-Ghizzawi asks me, 'What happened to America?' I try to explain the unexplainable. I tell him that the American government now believes that torture is permissible; that we can hold people forever without charge; keep people in isolation for years; bar communications with family members; force-feed those who want to die and refuse to provide medical treatment for those who want to live. I explain that the American people, whose nation once stood as a beacon of human rights, neither care about this nor want to hear about it."

Ob untreuer Aufsichtsrat oder Ehemann: Handys erlauben genaue Ortung

Hamburg (dpa) - Mit jedem neuen Vorwurf klingt die Bespitzelungs-Affäre bei der Telekom mehr wie ein Agenten-Thriller aus Hollywood: Die Schnüffler sollen mit Hilfe von Handydaten auch Bewegungsprofile von Aufsichtsräten und Journalisten angefertigt haben...


Handy-Ortung problemlos möglich

Weniger Wahlrecht für ALG II Empfänger und Renter?

Gottfried Ludewig ist nicht irgendein RCDS Mitglied, der sich zu skandalösen und Demokratie-feindlichen Äußerungen hinreißen lässt. Nein, Gottfried Ludewig ist der Bundesvorsitzende des CDU-nahen Studentenverbandes "Ring Christlich-Demokratischer Studenten (RCDS)". Dieser fordert nun in aller Öffentlichkeit, das Stimmrecht bei Wahlen für Rentner und Hartz IV Betroffene einzuschränken.

Lesen Sie den ganzen Artikel:


WWF's Rainforest Protection Goals Prolong Ecological Decline


15% protection of last large intact forest ecosystems, and promotion of continued ancient forest diminishment, are insufficient to maintain Earth's ecosystems, climate, biosphere and human advancement

May 30, 2008

By Ecological Internet,

This week the Democratic Republic of Congo announced new protections for 10% of their rainforest, moving towards Brazil's goal of 15% preservation of the Amazon. WWF and other environmental groups hailed 85% industrial destruction and diminishment of the rest of world's remaining large forest ecosystems as good news. At the UN biodiversity talks in Bonn, WWF organized non-binding national pledges to end deforestation, ignoring biological simplification caused by industrial forestry. WWF promotes first-time ancient primary forest logging which is nearly as bad ecologically as total deforestation. These inadequate responses come as a new study shows ecosystem loss is already costing hundreds of billions of dollars a year.

Ecological Internet is committed -- as keystone responses to the climate, biodiversity, water and food crises -- to ending all industrial development of the world's remaining primary and natural ecosystems, and committing to strict protection for half of the world's land and sea as global ecological reserves. The remainder will need to be ecologically managed to sustainably meet human needs in perpetuity. This will require massive ecological restoration and protection of forest remnants in over-developed countries, and major new protected areas (increased by 3-5 times) in countries holding the Earth's remaining primary natural habitats.

Dr. Glen Barry, Ecological Internet's President, explains "levels of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem destruction, waste discharges into the atmosphere, and current population and consumption levels -- all exceed what can be sustained, much less expanded, and still main a livable Earth. Mainstream and even 'radical' groups such as Greenpeace and Rainforest Action Network are pursuing goals inadequate to sustain the biosphere -- further illustrating the failure of the environmental movement to enunciate a sufficient global ecological response. We intend to continue exposing forest liars, ensuring they cause no further harm."

Ecological Internet seeks to identify and implement ecological science based policies required to sustain global ecosystems and equitable opportunities for human advancement. Landscape ecology informs us that at 50% destruction of rainforests and other natural habitats, failure of associated natural patterns of biodiversity and ecosystem processes accelerates rapidly toward collapse. Organizations selling 10% protection and/or "certified" ancient forest logging as forest and climate solutions are a major part of the problem. They legitimize and prolong a dying economic paradigm, pursuing what easily possible rather than necessary. Without ecology there can be no economy.

"Establishing global ecological reserves over half the Earth's surface is required to achieve global ecological sustainability and ensure our and all species' habitat needs are met. This will be difficult, may take decades to achieve, and will need to be carried out in conjunction with population limits, ending fossil fuel use, and political commitments to equity, justice and peace. But this is the only way humanity will survive. An ecological revolution based upon ecological truths is needed immediately, not politically expedient half- measures."

As a sufficient global survival plan, Ecological Internet renews calls for rich nations to immediately dramatically cut emissions, finance strict rainforest protections, and begin wide-scale ecological restoration and protection at home. Further, national governments and environmentalists are called upon to reject simplistic, status-quo and inadequate responses to the complex interplay of ecological and social crises.

Further, not yet over-developed nations, with large intact habitats, should reject the failed Western development model of fast income at the expense of natural capital, and seek to advance their societies from standing forests and ecologically sustainable use of natural capital. True wealth in coming times of ecological collapse -- necessities such as water, soil, local climate and food -- will belong primarily to those that choose now to maintain intact ecosystems.


Contact: Dr. Glen Barry, GlenBarry,
+1 920 776 1075

Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation Experts Respond to McCain's Nuclear Security Speech

Torture, the lawyers are to blame

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Key Vote to Protect Forests and Communities

Number of Uninsured US Young Adults Grows

Will Dunham writes for Reuters: "The number of uninsured US young adults, who already represent a major chunk of the American population without health coverage, rose again in 2006, according to a study released on Friday."

Judge: Vote Must Be Defended

North Carolina NAACP Mounts Massive Voter Registration Drive

Cash Michaels reports for The Wilmington Journal: "The state's oldest and most respected civil rights organization is in the midst of its nonpartisan Voter Registration, Voter Education, and Voter Participation Plan Initiative. The goal, according to the North Carolina NAACP president, the Rev. William Barber, is not only to register at least 25,000 North Carolinians to vote by October, but also educate all North Carolina voters about the important issues facing the state and nation, motivate ex-felons to reclaim their voting rights, and bolster Get Out To Vote (GOTV) efforts across the state - especially in communities with traditional low voter participation."


Judge: Vote Must Be Defended

Denise Smith Amos, The Cincinnati Enquirer: "For retired US Court of Appeals Judge Nathaniel Jones, the fight for voting rights isn't history - it's today's challenge. Jones spoke Monday at a crowded NAACP luncheon about the late Clarence Mitchell Jr., a personal friend and NAACP leader who for decades lobbied for African-Americans' access to the ballot box."

Apocalypse in the Oceans

Informant: Teresa Binstock

Government Spying On US Muslims

A report that mosques in Los Angeles and San Diego are under federal surveillance has resurrected fears in the Muslim community about government monitoring and led two civil rights groups Wednesday to call for congressional hearings.

From Information Clearing House

Pentagon fires Khadr judge

The U.S. Pentagon abruptly replaced the military judge in the Omar Khadr case yesterday after he chastised the prosecution at a recent Guantanamo
Bay hearing.

From Information Clearing House


ACLU: Abrupt Dismissal of Judge Is More Evidence of Military Commissions' Illegitimacy


Guantanamo Judge Who Challenged Prosecutors Is Replaced

William Glaberson reports for The New York Times: "The chief judge at Guantanamo replaced the military judge in one of the most closely watched war crimes cases on Thursday, creating a new controversy in the military commission system and the potential for new delays. The decision to replace the judge, Col. Peter E. Brownback III, came without explanation from the chief military judge, Col. Ralph H. Kohlmann. Judge Brownback has been presiding over pretrial proceedings in the prosecution of Omar Ahmed Khadr, a 21-year-old Canadian charged with the killing of an American serviceman in Afghanistan."

America is turning into a monarchy

The American president is not called a king, but he acts like one. He goes to war without a declaration by Congress (Article 1, Section 8, Clause 11). He is an emperor in disguise. He has the power of a despot without the title.,5143,700230094,00.html

From Information Clearing House


The Mask of Sanity

Informant: Dorothee Krien

Gingrich quips Bush should have allowed some 'reminder' attacks

"This is ... one of the great tragedies of the Bush administration,"

From Information Clearing House

Marine was ordered to delete Haditha photos

A Marine who took pictures of Iraqi men, women and children killed by U.S. forces testified Thursday that he deleted the photos under an officer's orders and later lied repeatedly to investigators about what happened to the images.

From Information Clearing House

Shiite clerics step up opposition to security deal

Shiites in Iraq protest US occupation, answering al-Sadr's call

Demonstrators in Baghdad's Sadr City district chanted "no to America, no to the occupation." A statement from al-Sadr's office has called the negotiations "a project of humiliation for the Iraqi people."

Shiite clerics step up opposition to security deal

New waves of dispute have risen between Iraqi political forces in Baghdad as the Iraqi and US authorities aim to reach a long-term strategy by July 31.

From Information Clearing House

The Great Oil Swindle

How much did the Fed really know?

By Mike Whitney

The great oil crunch is another fabricated crisis; another "smoke and mirrors" fiasco; another Enron-type shell-game engineered by banksters and hedge fund managers. Once again, the bloody footprints can be traced right back to the front door of the Federal Reserve.

Revolution begins by altering consciousness

Pain and Conscience

By Charles Sullivan

Revolution begins by altering consciousness. We stand at the brink of a multitude of possible futures, many of them tragic. The failure to act and rebel when the conditions demand it is a betrayal not only of our own humanity; it is a crime of great magnitude.

Why Does the Media Cover Up War Crimes?

Kids In America(n Torture Camps)

By Ted Rall

Torture. Such a simple word. Why not use it?

In America, money, not truth, has the power

Can Truth Retain Its Independence?

By Paul Craig Roberts

Know the Enemy

Will Scott McClellan Sink the Neocons?

Informant: Lew Rockwell


McClellan: Bush 'Secrectly Declassified' 2002 NIE On Iraq To Leak To Reporters

By Think Progress

During his "Today" show appearance this morning with host Meredith Viera, former press secretary Scott McClellan confirmed that President Bush himself had authorized the leak of the 2002 National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq.

Tower of Babble Rabble

This reporter first heard about the inevitability of war a year before the invasion at a party given by Dick Cheney -- "the magic man," writes McClellan -- and his wife, Lynne, to celebrate the publication of Chief of Staff Scooter Libby's paperback edition of his book "The Apprentice."

From Information Clearing House


McClellan and the Media 'Enablers'


McClellan: Bush Should Have Fired Rove

The Associated Press: "President Bush broke his promise to the country by refusing to fire aide Karl Rove for leaking a CIA agent's identity, said Scott McClellan, the president's chief spokesman for almost three years. 'I think the president should have stood by his word and that meant Karl should have left,' McClellan said Sunday in a broadcast interview about his new tell-all book, a scathing rebuke of the White House under Bush's leadership."


McClellan's Missile: Media Crimes As War Crimes

Economic Collapse in September?

Informant: Dorothee Krien

Compilation de messages de soutien adressés à Mme Nicole VERARD Maire


Independent Media Source

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