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ACLU Applauds House Judiciary Subcommittee on Continuing Its Examination Into Torture Approval

Will the next war for oil be in Africa?


Are They Really Oil Wars?

By Ismael Hossein-zadeh

Behind the drive to war and military adventures in the Middle East lie some powerful special interests (vested in war, militarism, and geopolitical concerns of Israel) that use oil as an issue of "national interest"-as a façade or pretext-in order to justify military adventures to derive high dividends, both economic and geopolitical, from war.

Baghdad Insists On Right To Veto US Operations

Taguba: No Doubt Administration Committed 'War Crimes'

War Crimes Committed and Justice Denied

Easing of Laws That Led to Detainee Abuse Hatched in Secret

Gen. Taguba Knew Scandal Went to the Top


US General Accuses Bush Administration of War Crimes

Truthout's Matt Renner and Maya Schenwar report: "Maj. Gen. Antonio Taguba (now retired) served as the deputy commanding general for support for the Third Army for ten months in Kuwait during the early days of the Iraq occupation. In a statement released today, he bluntly accuses the Bush administration of war crimes and lays down a challenge for prosecution."


How secretive 'War Council' of Bush administration lawyers subverted the law

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news


Bush Cheney Team Torture War Crimes

General Accuses White House of War Crimes


Survey suggests U.S. research misconduct is common

From Mast Sanity/Mast Network

CIA Lawyer’s Torture Definition: ‘If the Detainee Dies, You’re Doing It Wrong’


Roadmap to Torture

Spencer Ackerman, for The Washington Independent, reports on Tuesday's Senate Armed Services Committee's release of numerous classified documents: "In a marathon hearing spanning eight hours and three separate panels, the committee revealed, in painstaking detail, how senior Pentagon officials transformed a program for Special Forces troops to resist torture -- known as Survival Evasion Resistance Escape, or SERE -- into a blueprint for torturing terrorism detainees."

Dementia burden 'could break NHS'

This Land Is Their Land

Halliburton Subsidiary KBR Faulted for Hurricane Work

Derek Kravitz, of The Washington Post: "Reports of problems with defense contractor KBR Inc. just keep piling up. The Houston-based company's efforts to repair Navy facilities following Hurricanes Ivan and Katrina were deemed shoddy and substandard, auditors say, prompting one technical adviser to claim that the federal government 'certainly paid twice' for many KBR projects because of 'design and workmanship deficiencies,' according to a report released today by the Defense Department's inspector general."

Bush, Musharraf, Ahmadinejad Least Trusted Leaders

Reuters: "US President George W. Bush is ranked only slightly above the rulers of Pakistan and Iran as one of the least-trusted leaders in the world, a survey released on Monday showed. The survey, carried out by in 20 countries around the world, found that no national leaders inspired wide confidence outside their own countries. But Bush, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ranked at the bottom, the polling showed."

FBI Interviews of Bush, Cheney Subpoenaed

McClatchy-Tribune: "A House committee subpoenaed yesterday records of the FBI's interviews with President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney during the investigation into the leak of a covert CIA officer's name. The Committee on Oversight and Government Reform demanded the documents from Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey days before former White House press secretary Scott McClellan is expected to testify about Cheney's role in leaking CIA officer Valerie Plame's identity to the news media in 2003."

EU: Ban illegal timber

Illegal logging is destroying the world's ancient forests and accelerating climate change. On July 23rd the European Commission is expected to vote on proposed legislation to combat illegal logging.

Public pressure is absolutely essential now to urge the Commission to help protect the world's forests and climate.

Please write to President Barroso today for a yes vote on July 23rd.

Kinder- und Jugendhilfe finanziell am Abgrund

18. Juni 2008

Heute beginnt der Kinder- und Jugendhilfegipfel. Zur dramatischen Situation in der Kinder- und Jugendhilfe erklärt der stellvertretende Parteivorsitzende Klaus Ernst:

Der katastrophale Sparkurs in der Kinder- und Jugendhilfe schlägt sich nun auch in der Statistik nieder. Die Streichung von mehr als jeder zehnten Vollzeitstelle seit 2002 ist ein Alarmsignal. Die Kinder- und Jugendhilfe steht finanziell am Abgrund. Wenn nichts geschieht, dann kann sie schon morgen ein Schritt weiter sein. Westdeutscher Spitzenreiter beim Zusammenstreichen der Kinder- und Jugendhilfe ist Bayern. Bayern hat jede fünfte Stelle in der Kinder- und Jugendhilfe abgebaut. Das ist doppelt so viel wie der westdeutsche Durchschnitt. Kein Bundesland gibt pro Kopf weniger für die Kinder- und Jugendhilfe aus. 134 Euro pro Kopf im Jahr 2006, das sind mehr als 40 Prozent weniger als im Bundesdurchschnitt und sogar mehr als 60 Prozent weniger als das finanziell angeschlagene Berlin ausgibt. Das zeigt deutlich, dass der bayerischen Staatsregierung jede soziale Prioritätensetzung fremd ist. DIE LINKE im Bundestag fordert seit 2006 einen Sonderfonds für den Wiederaufbau der Kinder- und Jugendhilfe in Höhe von 100 Mio. Euro jährlich. Dies wurde bislang von den anderen Parteien im Bundestag als unfinanzierbar abgelehnt. Jetzt sehen wir das Ergebnis dieser Untätigkeit. Es reicht nicht aus, immer nur mit Betroffenheit auf aktuelle Fälle von Kindesvernachlässigung und Kindesmisshandlung zu reagieren. Konsequent wäre es, die entsprechenden Gelder für die Vorsorge bereitzustellen.

The brain trauma vets

by Conn Hallinan


A recent study by the General Accounting Office found that, ‘Traumatic brain injury has emerged as the leading injury among U.S. forces serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.’ According to a Walter Reed Hospital study, ‘closed brain” injuries — injuries with no visible marks — outnumber ‘penetrating brain injuries’ seven to one. Other researchers put the ratio much higher. … TBI is a slippery beast, or ‘murky’ as Weiner puts it. It can cause symptoms ranging from depression and uncontrollable rages, to irritable bowels and emotional disengagement. It can suddenly appear long after the incident that caused it, and it is difficult and complex to treat. While medicine is beginning to understand more about the kind of TBI generated by car accidents, falls, or sports injuries, no one is quite sure exactly what causes the TBI generated by roadside bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bush’s secret detention camps around the world

Guardian [UK]
by George Monbiot


Three days before Bush arrived in Britain, the US supreme court ruled that the inmates at Guantanamo Bay were entitled to contest their detention in the civilian courts. This is the third time the supreme court has ruled against the prison camp, but on this occasion Bush cannot change the law: the court has ruled that the prisoners’ rights are constitutional. Symbolically the decision could scarcely be more important. Practically it could scarcely be less. The department of defence can transfer its prisoners to an oubliette in another country, where the constitution’s writ does not run. The public atrocity of Guantanamo Bay has provided a useful distraction from something even worse: the sprawling system of secret detention camps the US runs around the world...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Real ID, real problem

Baltimore Sun
by Cynthia Boersma


‘No. Nope. No way.’ So exclaimed Democratic Gov. Brian Schweitzer of Montana when asked whether his state would participate in the federal Real ID program. Frustration with this misguided, expensive and unworkable federal mandate also compelled another governor, Republican Mark Sanford of South Carolina, to call Real ID ‘the worst piece of legislation I have seen during the 15 years I have been engaged in the political process.’ If Real ID has any friends in the states, they’re not speaking up. This sentiment is now percolating through the halls of Congress. In recent hearings before the U.S. Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, senators from both sides of the aisle were blistering in their criticism of Real ID...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bush moves to increase offshore oil drilling

Austin American-Statesman


President Bush, reversing a long-standing position, will call on Congress today to end a federal ban on offshore oil drilling on most of the outer continental shelf, according to White House officials who say Bush wants to work with states to determine where drilling should occur. … the topic of offshore drilling has been a sensitive one in the Bush family. Bush’s father as president signed an executive order in 1990 banning coastal oil exploration, and Bush’s brother Jeb was an outspoken opponent of offshore drilling when he was Florida’s governor...

McCain on offshore drilling: a sad (and costly?) saga

Mother Jones

by Jonathan Stein


The easiest point to make about John McCain’s recently declared support for offshore drilling is that it is a flip-flop. When McCain ran for president in 1999, he supported the current moratorium on offshore drilling, slated to last until 2012. But speaking in the Washington area on Monday, McCain said, ‘There are areas off our coasts that should be open to exploration and exploitation, and I hope we can take the first step by lifting the moratoria.’ McCain added that drilling ‘would be very helpful in the short term in resolving our energy crisis.’ It’s hard to blame anyone for changing his or her positions on energy issues over the past eight years — markets have changed, America’s energy needs have changed, and prices have certainly changed. Even many Democrats have altered their positions on energy; most are much more supportive of climate change legislation than they once were. You can blame McCain, however, for switching to the wrong position...

Straightening out McCain’s Straight Talk

by John Dickerson


The energy plan was supposed to showcase both McCain’s boldness in facing hard problems and his party-challenging, solutions-oriented approach. An ad released along with the kickoff speech heralded the fight McCain had with his party five years ago over whether to confront the challenges of global warming. (Did I mention that today was supposed to be about being bold?) Instead, critics won ammunition for a line of attack they’ve been pushing for the last year and a half. ‘I think John McCain has exhibited the ongoing debate in his own campaign between John McCain and John McCain,’ said John Kerry, no doubt relishing the chance to tar a Republican with the brush that killed him. ‘You don’t know what he means on torture, taxes, tolerance of Jerry Falwell, changed on drilling. … Here you have a flip-flop by John McCain, flipping to the right and then flipping backwards.’ Whether this bungled start does sustained damage depends on the durability of McCain’s Straight Talk brand...

States weigh options in offshore oil fight


Governors in some coastal states promised to block attempts to tap offshore petroleum reserves, citing concerns about the environment and tourism. Others agreed with President Bush’s call to lift a 27-year-old federal ban on offshore drilling but said states should decide whether to allow it. Bush on Wednesday joined Republican presidential candidate John McCain in calling for the lifting of a prohibition on drilling along the East and West coasts and in the eastern Gulf of Mexico...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Finding the Truth: A Response to President Bush's June 18, 2008 Speech Calling for More Domestic Drilling of Oil and Natural Gas


McCain Wants to Drill in Your Toilet

"That is not true, as far I know," writes Truthout contributor Dean Baker, "but it makes about as much sense as McCain's plans to drill off the coast of Florida and in other environmentally sensitive areas. This is McCain's response to the pain of millions of families hit by $4 a gallon of gas. While the pain is real, the former straight-talker's plan will not help, and he knows it. The facts on this one are clear: There is just not that much oil in these restricted offshore areas. Furthermore, we will not see any oil for close to a decade. This means drilling for oil in these restricted areas will do absolutely nothing for people struggling to pay their bills now and, in fact, it will provide zero relief throughout the next two presidential terms of office."


Just Say NO to Offshore Drilling

US hid detainees to avoid Red Cross

Colorado Springs Gazette


The U.S. military hid the locations of detained terrorism suspects and concealed harsh treatment to avoid the scrutiny of the International Committee of the Red Cross, according to documents a Senate committee released Tuesday. ‘We may need to curb the harsher operations while ICRC is around. It is better not to expose them to any controversial techniques,’ Lt. Col. Diane Beaver, a military lawyer who has retired, said during an October 2002 meeting at the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, prison to discuss employing interrogation techniques that some have equated with torture. Beaver also appeared to confirm that U.S. officials at another detention facility — Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan — were using sleep deprivation to ‘break’ detainees well before then-Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld approved that technique. -True, but officially it is not happening,- she told another person at the 2002 meeting...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Stop sham spying "compromise"

US-Eltern überwachen Schüler per Internet

Aachener Zeitung - Aachen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

Ein Schulbezirk in den USA stattet Schultaschen mit RFID-Chips aus. Damit können Eltern verfolgen, ob ihre Kinder im Schulbus sitzen oder sich anderswo ...


Eltern versehen Schüler mit Chips - Filderstadt, Baden Würtemberg, Germany

In den USA wurden 80 Schüler der Aquidneck School im US-Bundesstaat Rhode Island mit RFID-Chips ausgestattet, mit denen überprüft werden soll, ...


FDP will stärkeren Datenschutz schnellstmöglich umgesetzt sehenÜberwachung

"Seit Anfang der 30er Jahre gab es in unseren Köpfen immer einen Krieg gegen irgendetwas"

Marcus Raskin, Politik-Professor und Mitbegründer des "Institute for Policy Studies", über den Afghanistan-Krieg, die Gefahr eines Angriffs auf den Iran, den innenpolitischen Belagerungszustand und die Chancen eines Linksrucks in den USA.

Is the oil crisis being manufactured?

The Biggest Election Story Not on Your TV

In The American Chronicle, David Swanson writes: "For over half the days during any period of years you choose to select, the biggest story in US news outlets is the impending most important election in your lifetime. The story, of course, takes an infinite variety of forms, ranging from candidates' friends and associates to their diets, wardrobes, religions, childhoods, and hobbies.... But what if there were a story about the entire process that flipped the whole thing upside down, radically altering many of the assumptions never mentioned but always assumed in all of the endless 'reporting'?"

After 75 Years, the Working Poor Still Struggle for a Fair Wage

According to Adam Cohen in The New York Times, "At the height of the Great Depression, industry convinced President Franklin Roosevelt and Congress to enact a law allowing companies to collude to drive up prices. To balance out this giveaway to big business, the law gave workers something that they had long been fighting for: the first federal minimum wage."

"Disposable Heroes": Suicide-Linked Drugs Tested on Veterans

Brian Ross and Vic Walter, ABC News, say that "Mentally distressed veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan are being recruited for government tests on pharmaceutical drugs linked to suicide and other violent side effects, an investigation by ABC News and The Washington Times has found."

America in the New Age of Empire

Exposing Bush Administration Corruption

From APFN daily update

John Yoo's ongoing falsehoods in the service of limitless government power

Patriotism vs. the Military Industrial Complex

We must take the Dollar back

Gentechnik ist Menschenrechtsverletzung

Agro-Konzerne gefährden Ernährungssicherheit. - Die Vertreibung der Bienen und Imker durch Genmais. Kontamination mit MON810 löst den Anspruch auf Schadensersatz aus. - Gentech-Riese Monsanto kontrolliert gesamte Nahrungsmittelkette, auch mit Gentech-Filz in Genehmigungsbehörden.

Weitergleitet durch das Dugi-News-Team am Mittwoch, den 18. Juni 2008

Residents protest against more antennas

Town Crier Today - St Neots, UK

Lynne Hickey, 48, who has lived on Monarch Road for 26 years, is concerned about the unknown effects the mobile phone masts could have on the health of her ...


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