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Phone mast bid rejected in Shard End

Jun 16 2008

Emma Pritchard is joined by other parents of pupils at the Guardian Angels Catholic Primary School in Shard End.

PARENTS were celebrating today after winning a fight against phone giants who wanted to erect a 12 metre mast near a Birmingham primary school.



Army Overseer Tells of Ouster Over KBR Stir

For The New York Times, James Risen reports: "The Army official who managed the Pentagon’s largest contract in Iraq says he was ousted from his job when he refused to approve paying more than $1 billion in questionable charges to KBR, the Houston-based company that has provided food, housing and other services to American troops."



McCain's Playbook: Hate, Fear and Caveman Politics



Democrats to back down on Iraq war conditions

Democrats in the Congress, who came to power last year on a call to end the combat in Iraq, will soon give President George W. Bush the last war-funding bill of his presidency without any of the conditions they sought for withdrawing U.S. troops, congressional aides said on Monday.


From Information Clearing House


Colliding Bubbles, US Unemployment, the Credit Crisis and Oil Price Surge

Unemployment Jumps to 5.5%, On Its Way to 6%

By: John Mauldin

The headline number said the US lost 49,000 jobs in May, somewhat fewer than expected. The details were much uglier.



Tim Russert, Dick Cheney, and 9/11

By David Ray Griffin

While we are remembering Tim Russert and his years as moderator of "Meet the Press," we would do well to recall his interview with Vice President Dick Cheney at Camp David on September 16, 2001, just five days after the 9/11 attacks. In fact, Cheney himself, during an interview with NBC's Matt Lauer the morning after Russert died, reminded us of that Camp David interview, saying: "I always, when I think of Tim and think of 'Meet the Press,' that's the show that always comes to mind. . .. It was a remarkable moment in American history."



Russert's 'state funeral' shows media integration into state apparatus

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news


The lies from U.S. administrations have scarred the globe


Addressing America's "Deeper Malignancies"



Bush Threatens Iran With Military Action

By Colin Brown, Deputy Political Editor

The US President's remarks on the last leg of his "farewell tour" of Europe raised fears at Westminster that Mr Bush is determined to take action against Iran before he leaves office in January.



Iraq: World Governments Misleading and Failing Iraqi Refugees

By Amnesty International

According to the latest estimates of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the number of Iraqis who have fled their homes has now reached 4.7 million, the highest since the US-led invasion of Iraq and the subsequent internal armed conflict.



Europe Must Be Built With Respect for Its Peoples

In a column appearing in Le Figaro, long-time Leftist and former Minister, Mayor, and MP, Jean-Pierre Chevenement, argues that French President Nicolas Sarkozy should use his upcoming European presidency to heal the gap between Europe's "yes-yes" leadership and its peoples, rather than continuing down the path the Irish have just so resoundingly rejected.



Research on rejection of Lisbon Treaty published

Informant: Dorothee Krien


Investigation Advances for US Attorneys Scandal

Evan Perez, reporting for The Wall Street Journal, writes: "Justice Department lawyers have filed a grand-jury referral stemming from the 2006 US attorneys scandal, according to people familiar with the probe, a move indicating that the yearlong investigation may be entering a new phase."



Pentagon Pre-Planned Harsh Interrogation Techniques

Joby Warrick, reporting for The Washington Post, writes: "A Senate investigation has concluded that top Pentagon officials began assembling lists of harsh interrogation techniques in the summer of 2002 for use on detainees at Guantanamo Bay and that those officials later cited memos from field commanders to suggest that the proposals originated far down the chain of command, according to congressional sources briefed on the findings."



Massiver Druck Deutschlands nach Referendum auf Irland

Nach der Ablehnung des so genannten EU-Reformvertrages durch die irische Bevölkerung üben deutsche Europapolitiker einen massiven Druck auf Dublin aus, sich zur Europäischen Union zu bekennen oder die Gemeinschaft zu verlassen. Der Fraktionsvorsitzende der Sozialdemokraten und Sozialisten im Europäischen Parlament, Martin Schulz (SPD), sagte der "Bild"-Zeitung: "Wenn alle anderen EU-Staaten ratifizieren und die Iren keine Lösung präsentieren, stellt sich automatisch die Frage nach ihrer Vollmitgliedschaft." Schulz möchte gerne EU-Kommissar werden.


EU will Lissabon-Vertrag 2009 in Kraft setzen

Trotz des irischen Volksentscheids gegen den EU-Reformvertrag will die Europäische Union den gestoppten Vertrag mit einem Vier-Punkte-Plan im kommenden Jahr doch noch in Kraft setzen. Auf ihrem Krisengipfel in Brüssel einigten sich die 27 EU-Staats- und Regierungschefs am Freitag (20. Juni) auf eine gemeinsame Marschroute, um dem in Irland durchgefallenen Lissabon-Vertrag eine Zukunft zu geben. Danach wird das irische Referendum "zur Kenntnis genommen", der Ratifizierungsprozess weiter fortgesetzt, Irland bis Mitte Oktober Zeit für neue Lösungsansätze gegeben und bis dahin an "konkreten Ergebnissen" für die 500 Millionen Bürger der EU gearbeitet. Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel (CDU) zeigte sich "zufrieden" mit dem Ergebnis des zweitägigen Gipfeltreffens. "Wir sind zu Ergebnissen gekommen, die ich für weiterführend halte", sagte Merkel.



Urge Congress to protect polar bears today



Tell Norway that whaling tarnishes its environmentally-friendly reputation



Hundreds of wild horses at Sheldon Refuge desperately need your voice now!


Call Conference to plan War Crimes Trial of Bush and Higher Ups


Informant: sasha


Orwell in Schweden: Telefonverkehr soll überwacht werden

Das Stockholmer Parlament will dem Geheimdienst erlauben, sämtliche Telefonate, SMS und E-Mails zu überwachen. Gerechtfertigt wird das durch die "Gefahr von aussen".Artikel von Reinhard Wolff in der Taz vom 17.06.2008 //www.taz.de/1/politik/schwerpunkt-ueberwachung/artikel/1/orwell-in-schweden/

Aus: LabourNet, 17. Juni 2008


Umstrittenes Abhörgesetz verabschiedet: Schweden wird Überwachungsstaat

„Während sich am späten Mittwochabend die schwedische Fussballnational-Mannschaft in Innsbruck von der russischen Elf aus der Europameisterschaft kicken ließ, verabschiedeten im Parlament in Stockholm 143 – gegen 138 – Abgeordnete das umstrittene Überwachungsgesetz. Welches nun eine umfassende und für eine westliche Demokratie bislang beispiellose Kontrolle allen IT- und Telefonverkehr ohne jegliche Verdachtsmomente ermöglicht. "Zu einem Extrem weltweit wird Schweden mit dieser Lex Orwell", wie Dan O'Brien von Electronic Frontier Foundation, einer NGO für die Verteidigung der Bürgerrechte, erklärt. Artikel von R. Wolff in der Taz vom 20.06.2008 //www.taz.de/1/politik/schwerpunkt-ueberwachung/artikel/1/schweden-wird-ueberwachungsstaat/

Siehe dazu auch:

The Pirate Bay rüstet auf: Reaktion auf Schwedens Abhör-Gesetz

„The Pirate Bay, die nach eigenen Angaben größte Torrent-Tracker-Site der Welt, will ihre Nutzer besser schützen: Noch für diese Woche kündigte Mitbegründer Peter Sunde in seinem Blog die Einführung des Public-Key-Verschlüsselungsprotokolls Secure Socket Layer (SSL) an. Der Daten-Dienst reagiert damit auf die Zustimmung des schwedischen Parlaments zu einem Gesetzentwurf, der dem militärischen Nachrichtendienst FRA künftig weitgehende Rechte bei der Überwachung von Schwedens grenzüberschreitendem Telefon-, SMS- und Internetverkehrs zusichert…“ Artikel von Dirk Scheuring auf telepolis vom 25.06.2008 //www.heise.de/tp/r4/artikel/28/28190/1.html

Aus: LabourNet, 27. Juni 2008


Mittelschicht stürzt ab - NYC Hunger Experience 2008

»Nahrungsmittelunsicherheit« – steigende Energie- und Lebensmittelpreise sowie Immobilienkrise beschleunigen Pauperisierungstendenzen in den Vereinigten Staaten.Artikel von Tomas Konicz, zuerst erschienen in der jungen Welt vom 13.06.2008, auf der Webseite des Autors //www.konicz.info/?p=423

Studie: Drei Millionen New Yorker haben nicht genug Geld für Essen

Die Glitzermetropole New York hat ein Hungerproblem: Einer Studie zufolge können sich mehr als drei Millionen New Yorker die täglichen Grundnahrungsmittel nicht mehr leisten - das sind 40 Prozent aller Einwohner. Artikel in Spiegel-Online vom 14.06.2008 //www.spiegel.de/panorama/0,1518,559673,00.html

Siehe dazu:

New Report: NYC Hunger Experience 2008

The number of NYC residents experiencing difficulty affording needed food over the past year has steadily increased to 3.1 million in 2007, 55 percent higher than in 2003. Learn more in NYC Hunger Experience 2008, the fifth report in this series. //www.foodbanknyc.org/index.cfm?objectid=46953E8D-C09F-0662-D20B97F6B170CD89#nychungerexperience2008

New York Food Bank

Die Homepage der “New York Food Bank” mit vielen weiteren Informationen: //www.foodbanknyc.org/

Aus: LabourNet, 17. Juni 2008

Aushebelung des Grundrechteschutzes durch EU-Gesetzgebung


The killing of conscience

Strike the Root
by John Markley


People can do far worse than this when they’re convinced that their cause is so holy that normal ethical concerns cease to apply. The state, by diffusing responsibility and presenting itself as an entity that really does have the right to do what would be immoral for anyone else, greatly amplifies this tendency and gives it free reign...


Who ought to be an American

The Libertarian Enterprise
by A.X. Perez


In I787 the people of several states made it clear: You want a Constitution creating a relatively strong central government? OK, but it’s gonna cost you. You will enumerate those right you can think of that we hold most sacred. You will admit that those rights are not a complete list and promise to protect the unlisted rights. Thus was born the Bill of Rights. In my opinion anyone living in the US who wishes to live by the Bill of Rights and is willing to extend protection of those rights to their fellows is an American, anyone who doesn’t isn’t...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


EU vows to pursue Lisbon treaty despite Irish vote

BBC News


EU foreign ministers have agreed to keep the Lisbon reform treaty alive despite its rejection by Irish voters.The ministers said those EU members who have not yet ratified the treaty should carry on and do so.The ministers have been meeting in Luxembourg ahead of a two-day summit in Brussels, starting on Thursday, that is expected to chart the way ahead.The treaty cannot be implemented unless approved by all 27 EU states. Only the Irish Republic has held a referendum...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Korruptionsexperte Werner Rügemer zur Heuschrecken-Plage im öffentlichen Raum

PPP-Public Private Partnership oder Privat macht Public Pleite?


Rohstoffpreise und Spekulation, vom Boom zum Crash?

Eine Analyse


Nestlé wird beschuldigt, attac ausgehorcht zu haben: Anklage gegen X


Dann war die Spionin weg …


»Bespitzelung ist heute vielleicht schon Normalität«

Der Schweizer Lebensmittelkonzern Nestlé schleuste bei einer ATTAC-Gruppe eine Spionin ein. Ein Interview von Ralf Wurzbacher, Mitglied der ­ATTAC-Gruppe Waadt in der Schweiz und Mitverfasserin des Buches: »Nestlé – Anatomie eines Weltkonzerns«, in der jungen Welt vom 21.06.2008 //www.jungewelt.de/2008/06-21/088.php

Aus: LabourNet, 25. Juni 2008


Mukasey Subpoenaed to Release Bush Interview Report

The Hill's Klaus Marre reports: "A House panel on Monday issued a subpoena to Attorney General Michael Mukasey to force the release of documents related to President Bush's interview with investigators regarding the leaking of a CIA operative's name."



Rich nations failing Africa

The world's richest nations are falling short on pledges to double aid to Africa by 2010 at a time when soaring food prices risk a global food shortage, a watchdog has reported.


From Information Clearing House


Gordon Brown delivers on Iran for George Bush

BRITISH Prime Minister Gordon Brown last night announced new troops for Afghanistan and tougher sanctions on Iran, delighting visiting US President George W. Bush.


From Information Clearing House


Is Iraq Independent or "a Client State of the US"

By Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez

Veteran reporter Patrick Cockburn broke the story of Bush's secret Iraq plan. He explains its terrible implications for Iraqi sovereignty.



Empire or Republic?


Informant: Lew Rockwell


Newt Gingrich, supreme fear-monger


The Science and Politics of Fear

Informant: Lew Rockwell


On political madness and military catastrophe



US Runs Out Of Patience With Pakistan

By Syed Saleem Shahzad

The words came from Afghan President Hamid Karzai at the weekend, threatening to send troops into Pakistani territory in hot pursuit of the Taliban, but Islamabad has no doubts Karzai was reading from a script prepared by the United States.


Afghan President Threatens Raids into Pakistan

Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai issued the forceful warning to the militants and to the Pakistani government at a news conference in Kabul. He says his country is ready to seek out militant leaders wherever they are.


Pakistan vents anger at Karzai over threat

"I would also like to make it absolutely clear that Pakistan shall defend its territorial sovereignty," he added. In a further expression of displeasure with Karzai, Islamabad on Monday summoned Afghan Ambassador Mohammad Anwar Anwarzai to the Foreign Office to formally "lodge a strong protest."


Karzai threat seen as pressure tactic in Pakistan

For Karzai to lash out at Pakistan is nothing new, but his outburst coincided with growing impatience with Pakistan among Western allies. The escape of more than 1,000 prisoners, including 400 Taliban, from Kandahar's jail last Friday was another embarrassing demonstration of the enemy's strength for Karzai.


Bush says he wants to help calm 'testy situation' over Afghan-Pakistan border

The U.S. leader refused to say whether he would back Karzai's threat, but says he understands the Afghan leader's frustration


US military helicopters intrude in Pak tribal area

Two military helicopters of the US-led coalition forces in Afghanistan intruded into Pakistan's Khyber tribal region, triggering panic among local residents, reports said on Monday.


American-led war on terror cannot be allowed to spread into Pakistan's Pashtun tribal area

by Eric Margolis

From Information Clearing House



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