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There are two governments, the public government and the deep government

Rachel's News #962

TEPCA protests the Taiwanese government on WiMAX in Taiwan

Taiwan Electromagnetic Radiation Hazard Protection and Control Association (TEPCA), an environmental organization set to promote environmental hazard warnings on electromagnetic radiation, protested over the potential health impact of electromagnetic radiation as Ying-jeou Ma, President of the Republic of China, visited this show on the 2nd Day of 2008 WiMAX Expo Taipei (June 3).



A enviornmental group has held a protest outside of the WiMax Expo in Taipei.

According to the Taipei Times, Taiwan Electromagnetic Radiation Hazard Protection and Control Association (TEPCA) staged a protest while President Ma Ying-jeou was visited the show at the Taipei World Trade Centre.

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Next-up news N°599

Residents rally against antenna

By Anna Hassapi

RESIDENTS in the Apostolos Andreas area of Limassol are staging a demonstration tomorrow, against the EAC’s refusal to remove an unwanted antenna from the roof of a building.

Residents in Ayias Sofias Street claim that radiation from the antenna is linked to the increasing cancer cases in the area, and that it is located too close to a school.

After hearing the two sides at a parliamentary health committee discussion, MP Eleni Theocharous suggested that a solution to the specific area’s problem was found. “The EAC has committed to removing the antenna and possibly the issue of the specific area has been solved,” Theocharous said on Thursday.

The area’s residents, however, received no such promise and confirmed that Sunday’s demonstration will take place as planned. “The EAC did not say they will remove it. They said they will consult with the flat owners of the building, where the antenna stands, and if the owners don’t want it then the EAC will take it down.

“However, the owners were present at the parliamentary discussion and said they do not want it; we have also gathered signatures from all owners on a statement that asks its removal. Still, the EAC wants another consultation,” Neophytos Neroupos, representative of Apostolos Andreas area residents, told the Cyprus Mail.

Neroupos confirmed the demonstration will take place at Ayias Sofias Street, at approximately 9.30am on Sunday and that MPs, city councilors and the press have been invited. He also indicated that the antenna may be brought down by force, if no progress is made.


Roland Kochs Störfeuer

Der geschäftsführende Ministerpräsident Hessens hat im Gesetz zur Abschaffung der Studiengebühren von SPD/Grünen/Linke einen Formfehler gefunden, wodurch er aber nur seine eigene Demontage betreibt.

U.S. Jobs Fall For Fifth Consecutive Month

May's U.S. unemployment rate rose to 5.5%, up from 5.0% in April--the largest jump in the jobless figure since October 2004 and the fifth straight month of job losses, according to the Labor Department's monthly report Friday.

Americans $1.7 trillion poorer

The amount of equity people have in their homes fell to 46.2%, the lowest level on record.

Despite Interest Rate Cuts, Foreclosures Hit Record High

Foreclosures continue to reach new heights as more than 1 million homeowners face losing their home, according to industry figures released yesterday.

Think the Economy Is Bad? Wait Till the States Cut Back

Struggling as we are with the housing bust, the credit crunch, shrinking consumption, rising unemployment and faltering business investment, we can be forgiven for thinking that all the big shoes have dropped. There is another one up there, however, and it is about to come down.

From Information Clearing House


Job Losses and Oil Price Surge Blast Economy

Peter S. Goodman, reporting for The New York Times, writes: "The unemployment rate surged to 5.5 percent in May from 5 percent - the sharpest monthly spike in 22 years - as the economy lost 49,000 jobs, registering a fifth consecutive month of decline, the Labor Department reported Friday."

Consumer anger as oil prices soar

Many goverments have had to cut their fuel subsidies, sparking widespread protest. The rises came amid a report by Morgan Stanley, a financial services company, that crude could reach $150 a barrel by July 4.

From Information Clearing House

America's Medicated Army

The increase in the use of medication among U.S. troops suggests the heavy mental and psychological price being paid by soldiers fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan,8599,1811858,00.html

From Information Clearing House

Congress: Stop Funding Torture

In an open letter to Senator Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, lawyers, clergy and human rights activists voice alarm at mounting evidence of torture and human rights violations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

U.N. Experts Rap U.S. "Cruelty" to Child Prisoners

United Nations experts on child rights criticized the United States on Friday over detention of juveniles at Guantanamo, in Afghanistan and Iraq, and voiced concern that some may have suffered cruel treatment.

US distances itself from UN rights body

In an attempt to further distance itself from the UN Human Rights Council, the United States said on Friday it would only engage the body when there was an issue of "deep national interest.",7340,L-3552775,00.html

America that never was

"This America is not the same country I grew up in," laments Colleen Thistle ("It's time for America to stand up and take back our country," Opinion, June 1). Unfortunately, the country she remembers never existed.

From Information Clearing House

U.S. reopens probe of Arar's rendition to Syria

Richard Skinner, the inspector general of the Department of Homeland Security, said he could not rule out the possibility that U.S. officials sent Arar to Syria to be tortured, something the administration has denied for more than five years.

From Information Clearing House

Africa: U.S. Military Set for a Long Campaign

STRIDENT hostility towards a US military command centre for Africa (Africom) has prompted the US defence establishment to lobby civil society and key stakeholders in Africa, in a bid to garner support for the centre's planned relocation on African soil.

From Information Clearing House

Pentagon said drawing up plans for strike on Iranian camp

Military focus shifts from nuclear facilities to Revolutionary Guard.
Growing talk of Iran attack:

The BBC's Middle East Editor, Jeremy Bowen, looks at increasing speculation that Iran may come under attack because of its nuclear programme.

From Information Clearing House

Lies are the single most prevalent form of violence in our country today

Intellectual Violence

By Angie Riedel

There's just no contest there. Lies are the single most prevalent form of violence in our country today, and that intellectual violence is taking a serious toll.

Research Finds Wide Disparities in Health Care by Race and Region

Kevin Sack reports for The New York Times: "Race and place of residence can have a staggering impact on the course and quality of the medical treatment a patient receives, according to new research showing that blacks with diabetes or vascular disease are nearly five times more likely than whites to have a leg amputated and that women in Mississippi are far less likely to have mammograms than those in Maine."

Easing Journey From Prison to Polls

The editorial board of The Virginian-Pilot says: "They own homes and businesses. They write letters to the editor. They pay taxes. But they cannot vote. Thousands of men and women in Virginia are disenfranchised because they don't know about a program that can restore their right to vote."

Blackwater's Private Spies

The Future of Media Doesn't Belong to Murdoch, It Belongs to Us

Food Crisis Summit Ducks Crucial Issues

Polar Bear That Swims 200 Miles Shot Dead For Its Efforts

GOP Blocks Senate's Global Warming Bill


Senate Inaction Kills Climate Change Bill

Truthout's Christopher Kuttruff reports, "On Friday, the Senate set aside a bill to combat climate change after failing to gather the 60 votes necessary to move the legislation forward."

Vaccine debate: Are we hurting our kids?

Informant: Gomez


Vaccine Lies And Coverups

Informant: Dorothee Krien

Legislating Tyranny


Independent Media Source

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