Dienstag, 4. Dezember 2007

Planners approve Sarum Road mast

CITY planners signalled their approval for a fourth mobile operator to use phone masts at Sarum Road reservoir, Winchester, today (December 4).

Winchester City Council's telecommunications sub-committee has given mobile giant Vodafone permission to install antennae and satellite dishes on an existing 20-metre mast, which the company will share with O2.

A decision was due on the application at the beginning of November, but it was deferred when agents for the telecom operator failed to attend a meeting.


Mandatory Cell Phones a hit in Montclair


Informant: gotemf

Atomwaffenprogramm Irans entspringt Bush Kriegskalkül

"Nun haben die eigenen Geheimdienste Bush die Legitimation für seine Kriegsphantasien entzogen", meint der außenpolitische Sprecher der Linksfraktion, Norman Paech. Ihren Berichten zufolge habe der Iran bereits 2003 sein Atomwaffenprogramm eingestellt. Dies habe die US-Regierung also bereits in der Phase ihrer schärfsten Drohgebärden und Sanktionsforderungen gegen Iran gewusst, kritisiert Paech. Dennoch würden weitere Sanktionen gegen den Iran gefordert.



Our Troops Must Leave Iraq

Walter Cronkite and David Krieger, writing for CommonDreams.org, say: "The American people no longer support the war in Iraq. The war is being carried on by a stubborn president who, like Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon during the Vietnam War, does not want to lose. But from the beginning this has been an ill-considered and poorly prosecuted war that, like the Vietnam War, has diminished respect for America."



Oppose Telecom Immunity, Uphold the Constitution



Urge the members of the Environment and Public Works Committee to pass our global warming bill



Toll Of Climate Change On World Food Supply Could Be Worse Than Thought


Informant: Teresa Binstock


World Faces Food Shortages

Water shortages are likely to be trigger for wars, says UN chief Ban Ki Moon


Informant: Teresa Binstock

Klimaschutz ist Menschenrecht

Die Energie- und Klimawochenschau: In Bali verhandeln die Regierungen über den Klimaschutz, während im Saarland Bürger die Sache in die eigenen Hände nehmen und ein RWE-Kohlekraftwerk per Referendum ablehnen. Derweil will Schweden Windräder bauen und US-Wissenschaftler empfehlen die Verknüpfung von Windparks, damit diese zur Grundlast beitragen können.


Globaler Klimaschutz - was geht auf Bali?

Der Geschäftsführer des Bundes für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland (BUND) berichtet für Telepolis vom Weltklimagipfel



Urgent Action Needed Against Pro-GM Abuse of Science and Scientist

ISIS Press Release 04/12/07

When ISIS organised its briefing at European Parliament in June (Scientists and MEPs for a GM free Europe, SiS 35), we already knew that one of our speakers, Irina Ermakova, has had her funding withdrawn because the results of her experiments (GM Soya Fed Rats: Stunted, Dead, or Sterile, SiS 33) challenged the claims of the biotech industry that GM food is safe. She has since been the victim of a scandalous attempt to discredit her work by the mainstream journal, Nature Biotechnology (Science and Scientist Abused, SiS 36).

We have now learned that a second member of our panel of scientists, Christian Vélot, has lost his funding.

There is a committee of support for Vélot and they have organised a petition that has already attracted 6000 signatures. You can sign it on line by going to http://sciencescitoyennes.org/spip.php?article1638

Please sign the petition and send the link to your friends. The biotech industry is working very hard to suppress independent science and scientists; we must do all we can to fight it.

A list of the members of the committee is available at http://sciencescitoyennes.org/IMG/pdf/CSvelot3.pdf

Translation of the petition:

Christian Vélot is a lecturer and researcher in molecular genetics at the Université Paris-Sud. Since 2002 he has led a research group in the Institute of Genetics and Microbiology (a joint CNRS-University institute) at the Orsay Scientific Centre. In addition to carrying out his teaching and research, he has devoted some of his own time to meetings on GMOs. These meetings, one of which in particular served as a working document for the GMO activists at the Grenelle de l'Environnement [a series of meetings in October 2007 in which representatives from government, professional associations and NGOs discussed environmental issues].

Read the rest of this article here http://www.i-sis.org.uk/abuseOfScience.php

Hacking Democracy


Informant: John Perna


Hacking Democracy

Controling the Vote


Why Audit & Recount Laws Must be Legislated

Connecticut provides a new example of why election audit and recount procedures need to be legislated.

Connecticut races that are to be recounted are exempt by law from manual audits. Yet the CT Secretary of State apparently plans to do recounts by machine, not manually.

Connecticut: Bysiewicz To Consider Elimination Of Manual Recounts http://www.votetrustusa.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2671&Itemid=113

Recounts in any state would be unnecessary if elections were manually audited using scientific sample sizes that give probability of at most
5% for certifying an incorrect election outcome caused by the most well-hidden vote fraud. The need to recount close races is eliminated entirely with scientific manual election auditing because 100% manual counts automatically occur whenever necessary in close races.

2. The National Election Data Archive Releases a Model Legislative Election Auditing Proposal

Unfortunately, federal election audit legislation is not likely to pass in time to protect the November 2008 elections because Democratic House leaders, Representative Steny Hoyer and Nancy Pelosi, have been persuaded by groups funded in part by voting machine vendors such as The Election Center and the National Association of Counties, not to pass the federal election reform legislation (HR811 and S2295) that would require independent manual audits of machine counts and require that paperless electronic-ballot voting systems in states like MD, GA, DE, NJ, SC, and other states be replaced with less costly, more reliable, less susceptible, voter-verified paper ballot systems. That leaves the upcoming primaries and the 2008 November elections susceptible to undetected vote miscount - again.

Manual audits could ensure that at most 5% of incorrect election outcomes were certified (assuming the most difficult to detect vote fraud), by requiring manually auditing on average, over time, a mere 2% to 3% of precincts in federal (US House and Senate) and in statewide (Governor) races - more auditing for close races and less (1%) for wide-margin races.

For state-level legislative races, prior election data could be analyzed to know on average over time how many vote counts would need to be manually audited to ensure that no more than 5% of incorrect outcomes produced in ways that are difficult to detect would be certified.

The costs for auditing elections is minimal in comparison to the budgets that winners of elections control. New Mexico audits 2% of its election results for only $200,000 per election; and CT uses volunteers to manually audit 10% of its precincts.

This is model election auditing legislation:
Mandatory Vote Count Audit proposal

Please work with your own state legislators (call and ask to meet with your own State Senator, Representative or Assembly Person) to sponsor legislation to require routine scientific independent manual election audits.

Although US HR811, S2295, and an election audit bill for NJ, S507, are better than any states' current election auditing procedures and should be supported, they contain some loopholes which would allow vote fraud to be undetected in some specific situations.

This model legislation, written for Utah, closes the loopholes in other election auditing bills -

Mandatory Vote Count Audit proposal

The Technical Guidelines Committee of the US Election Assistance Commission, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology recommend "software independent" voting systems where a mistake in the software cannot translate to a mistake in the election results. However, no voting system is software independent without manual auditing, or full hand counts, of voter-verified ballot records. Paperless voting systems cannot be software independent and it is difficult, although not impossible, for paper roll DRE voting systems to be software independent (although no state which currently uses paper roll DRE systems employs procedures that make their DRE voting systems "software independent").

This 16 page model election auditing proposal is written for general use with any type of voting system for any state. Drop references to paper roll canisters for states not using paper roll DREs; as appropriate replace "Lt. Governor" by "Secretary of State" or "State Election Director"; and review its definitions and text for consistency with particular state election statutes.

As citizens, we are supposed to control our government. We are entitled to statistically sufficient audits of the invisibly-counted election results produced by machines, not just some ad hock percentage audits that may certify incorrect election outcomes.

I want to thank the experts who helped write this election auditing legislative proposal such as activist Joycelynn Straight, LWV Member, Idaho, and recent reviewers such as Philip Stark, Ph.D., U.CAL at Berkeley, and Ronald Rivest, Ph.D. M.I.T.; and thank the legislators in Utah who have encouraged me to pursue this.

Mandatory Vote Count Audit - legislative proposal

Kathy Dopp
Executive Director, National Election Data Archive
phone 435-658-4657

History of Confidence Election Auditing Development & Overview of Election Auditing Fundamentals http://electionarchive.org/ucvAnalysis/US/paper-audits/History-of-Election-Auditing-Development.pdf

Vote Yes on HR811 and S2295

Voters Have Reason to Worry

"Truth comes as a conqueror only to those who have lost the art of receiving it as a friend." --Rabindranath Tagore


US Seeks Alliance with China and India to Block Climate Protection


Informant: Teresa Binstock

"I Will Never Leave Guantanamo"

Sabin Willett, of The Boston Globe, writes: "for two years and three months he'd been asking the federal judiciary to hear a few simple facts. No judge ever has. 'I also have something important to tell you,' Joseph said. 'About my wife. I want you to tell her that it is time for her .... to move on.' 'You mean ...?' 'Yes. I will never leave Guantanamo.'"



Iraq, Now and Forever

Bob Hebert writes for The New York Times: "Most of the time we pretend it’s not there: The staggering financial cost of the war in Iraq, which continues to soar, unchecked, like a rocket headed toward the moon and beyond. Early last year, the Nobel-Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz estimated that the "true" cost of the war would ultimately exceed $1 trillion, and maybe even $2 trillion. Incredibly, that estimate may have been low."



Now and Forever

By Bob Herbert

Seriously. How long do we want this madness to last?


Waxman Taps Mukasey in CIA Leak Probe

The Associated Press reports: "a House committee chairman looking into the leak of a CIA operative's identity asked for Attorney General Michael Mukasey's help in getting transcripts of investigators' interviews with President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and five White House aides. Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., said the White House is blocking Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald from providing the transcripts, which are among the material the congressman wants from the criminal investigation into the leak of Valerie Plame's CIA identity."



Report Refutes "Urgency" of War Funding

Truthout's Maya Schenwar reports: "despite the Bush administration's warnings renewed Iraq funding is immediately necessary, a November Congressional Research Service (CRS) report, obtained by Truthout, states preexisting funds can easily finance the war through February, and probably beyond. While the Army cites January as the deadline for replenishing funding for the 'global war on terror,' the CRS notes the Department of Defense could reasonably slow its 'non-readiness-related spending,' stretching money transferred from the general defense budget to last another month."



Ex-Italian President: Intel Agencies Know 9/11 An Inside Job



America Cannot Afford Bush's "Success"


Auf vier Rädern in den Überwachungsstaat



Merkels Mitte ist ein Trugbild

4. Dezember 2007

Zum Parteitag der CDU erklärt der Bundesgeschäftsführer Dietmar Bartsch:

Damit es keine Missverständnisse gibt: Wenn ich von einem Mitte-Links-Bündnis spreche, meine ich ausdrücklich nicht die CDU. Denn Merkels Mitte liegt im Ungefähren. Ihr politischer Standpunkt ist überall und nirgends. Bei der Politik der Union gibt es nur eine Konstante: Die Umverteilung von unten nach oben. Die Union will den Abbau von Arbeitnehmerrechten, den Ausbau des Überwachungsstaates, eine Leitkultur, die Migrantinnen und Migranten ausgrenzt. Wer angesichts von 1,3 Millionen Menschen, die nicht von ihrer Arbeit leben können und deshalb mit Hartz IV ihr Einkommen aufstocken müssen, einen flächendeckenden Mindestlohn ablehnt, nimmt die Steuerzahlerinnen und Steuerzahler in Haftung, damit die Unternehmen weiter Lohndumping betreiben können. Wer angesichts von 2,5 Millionen Kindern in Armut den großen Banken und Konzernen Milliarden-Geschenke macht, statt das Kindergeld zu erhöhen, geht skandalös mit der Zukunft unseres Landes um. Das hat mit Mitte nichts zu tun. Das ist neoliberal, konservativ, rechts. Merkel hat versucht, der CDU ein wenig soziale Tünche und ein moderneres Image zu verpassen. Darunter aber steckt die alte Partei der großen Banken und Konzerne und der sozialen Ausgrenzung.


Oil company: business as usual



Why the telecoms shouldn’t get immunity

The American Prospect

by Robert B. Reich


You’d think anyone who remembered J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI and Nixon’s CIA, the Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 — let alone the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution — might be concerned about the government illegally snooping on Americans. But executives at the nation’s biggest telecoms — AT&T, Verizon, and others — didn’t blink an eye when the National Security Agency came knocking. You want records of domestic phone calls? Sure, help yourself! Emails? Yeah, we got tons. They’re yours! When word of this leaked out and the companies got sued by Americans who didn’t particularly like the idea of government rummaging through everything they said or wrote, the telecoms went to Congress and complained it wasn’t their fault. They deserve immunity from such lawsuits, they argue. They were only following orders. Congress is about to decide whether their argument holds water. It doesn’t...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Why The Right Loves a Disaster

By Naomi Klein

Over the last four years, I have been researching a little-explored area of economic history: the way that crises have paved the way for the march of the right-wing economic revolution across the globe. A crisis hits, panic spreads and the ideologues fill the breach, rapidly reengineering societies in the interests of large corporate players. It's a maneuver I call "disaster capitalism."



Forests, the Great Green Hope?

Stephen Leahy, Inter Press Service, reports: "Expanding European forests absorbed 126 million tons of carbon dioxide from 1990 to 2005 - equivalent to 11 percent of European Union emissions from human activities - while a UN target to plant one billion trees mainly in Africa has been surpassed."



Plant trees, lots of them, you can never plant enough!


Lack of clean water by 2025?


Informant: Teresa Binstock

100 object but council blunder gives mobile phone mast the go-ahead

Anger: residents who objected, with MP Chris McCafferty, front centre

By Brian Coates

A COUNCIL bungle means a mobile phone company can put up a mast – despite a massive campaign of objection.

Nearly 100 letters and a petition were sent to Calderdale Council over Vodafone's plan for a mast in Granny Hall Lane, Brighouse.


Recession Hits U.S. Profits; Economy Might Be Next

U.S. corporate profits are in a recession, and the entire economy may not be far behind.


From Information Clearing House


9/11 and Skepticism

How Americans are continually being asked to accept the opposite of what they know to be true.


From Information Clearing House


'Clarifying' the Geneva Conventions: A Ploy to Limit US Culpability

Official US calls for "clarifying" the Geneva Conventions are part of a ploy to limit their application and enable prisoners to be treated outside the law without inviting culpability for war crimes and torture.


From Information Clearing House


US spies give shock verdict on Iran threat

The disclosure makes it harder for President George Bush and the vice-president, Dick Cheney, to make a case for a military strike against Iran next year.


Russia finds US intelligence report on Iran''s nuclear weapons abilities

Russia on Monday found credible the content of a US intelligence report which stated that Iran won't be able to enrich enough uranium for a nuclear weapons until late 2009 and even then, is "very unlikely" to produce a nuclear bomb until the next decade.


From Information Clearing House


Third world warriors fight U.S. wars for dollars a day

With U.S. forces stretched thin in Iraq, private security companies have swept in to fill the void. But abuses of third-world security workers abound. And in many cases, those helping to fight our wars can't even cross our borders.


From Information Clearing House


US admissions of Iraqi refugees drop again despite vows to boost numbers

The United States admitted only 362 Iraqi refugees in November, almost 100 fewer than in October, and far less than half the number it needs per month to meet a goal of 12,000 by the end of this budget year.


From Information Clearing House


Time to Mount Up and Ride

By Vincent L. Guarisco

Haven't you noticed the pillars shaking, the foundation cracking, and debris falling everywhere? I certainly hope so, because the Bush administration's wrecking ball hasn't quite finished swinging yet.



Henry Thoreau and the Patrons of Virtue

By Charles Sullivan

Far from a government of the people, for the people and by the people, we now have a government that is the exclusive domain of the rich and powerful and has the same level of exclusivity as an expensive country club or resort. The poor and disenfranchised are barred from entry and are thus marginalized.



Parents Told "Get Kids Vaccinated Or Go To Jail"


Wage Peace

Where To Begin

By William Sumner Scott, J.D.

By change of focus from the current wars in the Middle East to this violent past, it will be possible to get the majority of Americans to understand that we have never been a peaceful people. And, if we are to become peaceful, we must begin by making peace with the American Indian.



Operation Iraqi Freedom Exposed

Bush Negotiates Permanent Presence in Iraq

By Marjorie Cohn

The revelation that Bush will sign an agreement for a permanent U.S. military presence in Iraq before his term is up confirms the real reason he invaded Iraq and changed its regime.



North American Union Agenda Exists



My Most Important Message Of The Year

by Pastor Chuck Baldwin

This video address just might be the most important message I have ever delivered. Thanks to notable personalities such as President George W. Bush, countless numbers of both Christians and nonbelievers have been duped as to who God is--and isn't. I urge you to obtain this video address.......



International Demonstrations on Climate Change, Saturday 8th December 2007


Spread the word: climate march Saturday

Internationale Demonstrationen gegen den Klimawandel, 8.Dezember 2007

Rove Confronted Over Iraq War Lie On Fox News




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