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Rachel's News #936

Midwest City Fights Back Against Iran War-Mongering

Erik Leaver, reporting for AlterNet, writes: "When the new National Intelligence Estimate on Iran was released noting that Iran gave up its nuclear weapons program in 2003, the council moved into action. Unanimously, it passed a resolution ensuring that no preemptive military attack by the United States against Iran takes place."

Schreiner kritisiert "Diskriminierung" von Langzeitarbeitslosen

Der Chef der SPD-Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Arbeitnehmerfragen, Ottmar Schreiner, sieht in der Diskussion um "Hartz IV"-Empfänger eine massive Stigmatisierung von Langzeitarbeitslosen. "Die Diskriminierung ist die Folge der gesamten 'Hartz IV'-Debatte", sagte Schreiner der "Frankfurter Rundschau". "Die war von Anfang an so ausgelegt, dass Druck auf die Menschen ausgeübt wurde."

Once Again, Military Families Urge Congress to Stop Funding Military Occupation of Iraq

The Investigations of the Destruction of CIA Torture Tapes

What Is Probably in the Missing Tapes

Acidic Seas May Kill 98% of World's Reefs by 2050

Scientists worry as oceans grow more acidic

Informant: Teresa Binstock

House Judiciary Trio Calls for Impeach Cheney Hearings

A Case for Impeachment Hearings

Dauerreden gegen erneuerbare Energien nicht gestoppt

Damit es zu keiner Abstimmung kommen kann, hören manche Gegner der Erneuerbaren im US-Kongress einfach nicht auf zu reden.

Klimaschutzkonferenz droht zu scheitern

Die USA, Japan und Kanada verhindern die Aufnahme von verbindlichen Zielen der Reduktion von Treibhausgasemissionen für die Industriestaaten.

Das letzte Jahrzehnt war das bislang wärmste

2007 war global das siebtwärmste Jahr seit 1850.

Hillary Clinton's views on U.S. foreign policy worse than those of Bush/Cheney?

Hillary Clinton on Iraq

Hillary Clinton on International Law

Hillary Clinton on Military Policy

Informant: Duane J. Roberts

The Disgraceful Treatment of Our Veterans

Joseph L. Galloway writes for McClatchy Newspapers: "The same people who don't blink at spending $3 billion a week on their war of choice in Iraq were the ones who cut the VA budget and privatized maintenance at Walter Reed Army Hospital and opposed every attempt to expand benefits for veterans old and young. They're the same people who turned a blind eye as their corporate sponsors and private donors looted billions of dollars from the Treasury with no-compete contracts and bloated bills for everything from food for the troops to fuel for their tanks and trucks."

Inspector General for Iraq Under Investigation

Robin Wright reports for The Washington Post, "employee allegations have prompted four government probes into the Office of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGIR), including an investigation by the FBI and federal prosecutors into the agency's financial practices and claims of e-mail monitoring, according to law enforcement sources and SIGIR staff members."

The New York Times: Notes From the Global War on Terror

The editors of The New York Times write: "During the presidential campaign, candidates from both parties will warn of the risk of another terrorist attack on this country. Americans should insist that they also explain how they will repair the damage President Bush has done to America's intelligence-gathering capabilities in the name of fighting terrorism."

Justice Department Accused of Delaying Iraq Rape Inquiry

Elana Schor reports for The Guardian UK, "A US senator came forward today on behalf of the second woman in a week to allege rape by private contractors in Iraq, worsening a controversy that has already sparked a congressional hearing."

Mandatory Vaccines = Crimes Against Children

Subprime mortgage meltdown

Poor regulation, risky securitized loans and greed have led to a very high-risk situation.

NYC protesters demand freeze on home foreclosures

Wall Street rally wants more help for victims of subprime mortgage meltdown.

Don't Buy Bush's War

Don't Buy Bush's War

Controlled demolition 1995

John Stossel: My interview with Ron Paul

Human Events
by John Stossel


[Stossel] What should government do? Ron Paul: Protect our freedoms. Have a strong national defense. Look at and take care of our borders. Have a sound currency. That was the responsibility of the federal government, not to run our lives and run everything in the economy and extend the interstate-commerce clause and the general-welfare clause to do anything they want to do...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Democrats show Beltway “strength”

by Glenn Greenwald


For Congressional Democrats, the ‘victory’ they are touting is that they are only giving Bush $70 billion for the war now, and they won’t give him the other $130 billion he is demanding until they return in a few weeks. They really showed him. But all of these complaints are extremely naive and unsophisticated. You see, all of this behavior by the Democrats is absolutely necessary. They have no choice. Otherwise, Rush Limbaugh and Fox News will attack them for being weak (as though there is some circumstance under which they wouldn’t) and that would be terrible...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Steps to revolution

from Reason to Freedom
by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster


Sometimes we reach a moment in time that calls us to question the framing of ideas that we have always accepted. That can be frightening. But necessary. This is such a moment. Peace is not the absence of war. Peace will only happen when we discard the initiation of deceit, coercion, and violence as individuals or through such human tools as government. Ron Paul is not just anti-war, he is a peace activist who can bring us together in a new frame for all human action. The campaign spontaneously taking place for him is an authentic shock and awe moment...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Objectivist goose stepping

Strike the Root
by Wes Bertrand


Most people in the Middle East and elsewhere really like America …. It represents, in theory at least, a great land of opportunities for anyone wanting to flourish and willing to be productive — ‘a shining city on a hill.’ They just detest the depraved institution that casts a shadow on our city and the rest of the world. The U.S. government’s empire might be one of the worst kinds, because its citizens tend to view themselves as free and, hence, its coercive actions as benevolent...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Blocking the Strykers

by Sandy Mayes


The US military will have to think twice before it ever again tries to use Olympia, WA as a launching point for war. For 13 unforgettable days in November, people in this small community engaged in a courageous and spirited campaign of resistance to the war in Iraq. Sixty-six arrests were made and untold numbers were assaulted by police during a campaign which made national and international news. Day after day, and night after night, people put their lives on hold and their bodies on the line to prevent movement of military equipment from the Port of Olympia to nearby Fort Lewis...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Government battle to restrict FoI requests

Independent [UK]
by Robert Verkaik


At the turn of the year, Government forces, led by Lord Falconer of Thoroton, then Lord Chancellor, appeared determined to press ahead with new rules that would stop the media and campaign groups from making costly and embarrassing requests for information. By mid-spring there was strong cross-party opposition to the plans but Falconer and his ministerial colleagues showed no appetite for compromise. But then Jack Straw, the new Justice Secretary, seemed to lose his will for the fight. By October the whole debate had been turned on its head, with Gordon Brown suggesting that Freedom of Information laws could be extended to cover some private firms. New documents released under the Freedom of Information Act now provide a clearer understanding of why the Government got cold feet.

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Domestic Spying, Inc.

Informant: Scott Munson

War is illegal: International Declaration & Please Sign the Statement

Informant: Scott Munson

Freedom Lost

Mark Lattimer, The Guardian UK: "After the invasion of Iraq, the US government claimed that women there had 'new rights and new hopes.' In fact their lives have become immeasurably worse, with rapes, burnings and murders now a daily occurrence."

Civil Rights Leaders Urge Aid in Housing Crisis

Lewis Krauskopf reports for Reuters: "Rev. Jesse Jackson and other US civil rights leaders converged on Wall Street on Monday to demand the government and the financial community step up aid to stem a home-loan foreclosure crisis."

China's Pollution Problem Goes Global

Jacques Leslie, Mother Jones, reports on the environmental effects of China's emergence as an economic power. Leslie writes, "The catch is that China has become not just the world's manufacturer but also its despoiler, on a scale as monumental as its economic expansion."

Federal Judge Upholds California Emissions Law

John M. Broder, The New York Times: "A federal judge in Sacramento on Wednesday upheld a California law regulating greenhouse gas emissions from cars and trucks, another in a string of legal defeats for the auto industry this year."

Senate Republicans Block Energy Bill

The Washington Post's Steven Mufson reports, "By a narrow margin, the Senate today failed again to block a Republican-led filibuster on an energy bill as GOP leaders made a stand against a $21.8 billion, 10-year tax package that would have extended incentives for wind and solar energy and reduced some tax breaks for oil companies."

Industry Flexes Muscle, Weaker Energy Bill Passes

John M. Broder, reporting for The New York Times, writes, "Pared-down energy legislation cleared the Senate on Thursday by a wide margin after the oil industry and utilities succeeded in stripping out provisions that would have cost them billions of dollars."

A worrisome forecast for the world's crops

Informant: Teresa Binstock


In pockets of foreclosure, housing woes spread block by block

It's a sign of the home-loan crisis' uneven impact: light in some areas, heavy in others - often those populated by minorities or the lower-middle class.

From Information Clearing House

Stranger than fiction: Gonzales named lawyer of the year

Negative news coverage may have cost former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales his job, but it won him a dubious honor Wednesday from a magazine published by the American Bar Association: Lawyer of the Year.

From Information Clearing House

Hillary Clinton on International Law

The current front-runner for the Democratic nomination for president shares much of President Bush's dangerous attitudes toward international law and human rights.

From Information Clearing House

Carter slams US torture practices

Former President Jimmy Carter has said current US human rights practices are an embarrassment.

From Information Clearing House

Terror suspect claims captors recorded interrogations and torture

The possibility that Egypt and other countries to which the CIA has "rendered" suspected terrorists made audio or videotapes of their interrogations prompted Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) to say he will ask CIA Director Michael Hayden on Wednesday whether that agency requested copies of such recordings, "and what has happened to those tapes."

From Information Clearing House

The Witnessing Of American Torture

If we are to have a serious debate about what to do about torture, all these facts need to be taken into consideration.

From Information Clearing House

House votes to outlaw CIA waterboarding

Defying a White House veto threat, the U.S. House of Representatives voted on Thursday to outlaw harsh interrogation methods, such as simulated drowning, that the CIA has used against suspected terrorists.

Congress to CIA Torturers: 'If Only You'd Told Us'

If there was ever a parable about the futility of Congressional "oversight," it's surely the uproar over the CIA's secret destruction of the videotapes of its torture sessions with the Al Qaeda men Abu Zubaydah and Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri.

From Information Clearing House


House Votes to Ban Harsh CIA Methods

The Associated Press: "The House on Thursday approved an intelligence bill that bans the CIA from using waterboarding, mock executions and other harsh interrogation methods."

Suspected Army suicides set record

The deaths occur as soldiers serve longer combat deployments and the Army spends $100 million on support programs.

From Information Clearing House

Pelosi: Republicans 'Like' Iraq War

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi lashed out at Republicans on Thursday, saying they want the Iraq war to drag on and are ignoring the public's priorities.,,-7150964,00.html

House Passes $696B "Defense" Policy Bill

Final action on the bill comes as Democrats struggle for a way to pay for combat operations overseas without appearing to support Bush's policies in Iraq.

From Information Clearing House

Offshoring Interests and Economic Dogmas Are Destroying the US Dollar

By Paul Craig Roberts

The US media has no investigative capability and serves up the lies that serve short-term corporate and political interests. If it were not for the Internet that provides Americans with access to foreign news sources, Americans would live in a world of perfect disinformation.

UN Rights Envoy Suspects CIA Of Guantanamo Torture

By Stephanie Nebehay

A United Nations investigator said on Thursday he strongly suspected the CIA of using torture on terrorism suspects at Guantanamo Bay, suggesting many were not being prosecuted to keep the abuse from emerging at trial.

Another Peace Scare

By William Blum

What possible reason would Iran have for attacking the United States or Israel other than an irresistible desire for mass national suicide?

Stop the Thought Crimes Bill HR1955/S1959


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

How to Legally Live a Life of Crime, or Whitewashing the Real Crimes in the Duke Case

William L. Anderson on legally living a life of crime.

'Mr. Speaker, Peace Is Always Superior to War'

Anthony Gregory on A Foreign Policy of Freedom, by Ron Paul.

Greenland ice sheet melting at record rate

Informant: Bob Banner


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