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Hill Close to Deal on War Funds

Jonathan Weisman and Paul Kane of The Washington Post report: "House Democratic leaders could complete work as soon as Monday on a half-trillion-dollar spending package that will include billions of dollars for the war effort in Iraq without the timelines for the withdrawal of combat forces that President Bush has refused to accept, House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (D-Md.) said yesterday."

Was machen wir mit den USA?

Der weltgrößte Treibhausgasemittent bewegt sich einfach nicht von der Stelle.

Gegen das Aushebeln des Rechtssystems

Wolfgang Kaleck über das Völkerrecht, die Legitimierung der Folter und die Möglichkeit, Menschenrechtsverletzer zur Verantwortung zu ziehen.ölkerrecht

Many Children Struggling After 2005 Storms

Leslie Eaton, The New York Times, "At least 46,600 children along the Gulf Coast are still struggling with mental health problems and other serious aftereffects of 2005 hurricanes, according to a new study by the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University and the Children's Health Fund."

"The official story doesn't add up": David Lynch on 9/11

Governors Take Action to Save Rainforests

The Age, AU: "Vast tracts of tropical rainforests will be protected under a declaration signed last night by the governor of Brazil's Amazonas state and his counterparts from the Indonesian provinces of Aceh, Papua and West Papua."

Climate Change Is Security Issue, Not a Green Dilemma

Daniel Howden, The Independent UK, "Foreign policy makers are waking up to the impact of climate change on conflict zones worldwide, and will add their voice to those calling on governments at the UN conference in Bali to act urgently."

Rep. Ron Paul: Remarks on Violent Radicalization & Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act, HR 1955

"Legislation such as this demands heavy-handed governmental action against American citizens where no crime has been committed. It is yet another attack on our Constitutionally-protected civil liberties. It is my sincere hope that we will reject such approaches to security, which will fail at their stated goal at a great cost to our way of life."

From Information Clearing House

Russian FM rejects U.S. call for further sanctions against Iran

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov dismissed a call by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice for further U.N. sanctions on Iran concerning its ambitious nuclear program.

From Information Clearing House

Iran Threats To Shut Strait

Iranian threats to close the Strait of Hormuz, a vital commercial waterway, are the greatest concern for Naval security in the region, a senior U.S. Naval said Friday.

From Information Clearing House

Bush under fire over Iran lies

"Are you telling me a president who's briefed every single morning, who's fixated on Iran, is not told back in August that the tentative conclusion of 16 intelligence agencies in the United States government said they had abandoned their effort for a nuclear weapon in '03?" asked Senator Joseph Biden.

White House Quietly Admits Bush Lied About When He Learned That Iran Had Suspended Its Nuclear Program

Admission Was Reported by ABC News But Has Largely Been Ignored by Corporate Media.

From Information Clearing House

When Is Bush Going to Come Clean?

By Paul Craig Roberts

Members of the right-wing Israeli government have denounced the NIE finding as contrary to Israel's interests. Former Bush regime official John Bolton accused America's intelligence agencies with conspiring to discredit President Bush with politicized intelligence.

NIEs: Waste of Time?

By Cindy Sheehan

Investigative journalist Seymour Hersh claims that BushCo has known at the highest levels about this intelligence for over a year, but they have all been beating their evil drums of war against Iran, nevertheless.


Final Disgrace for Bush & Co.

US official in Blackwater probe quits

U.S. State Department Inspector General Howard Krongard, under scrutiny for his brother's link to the Blackwater security firm, has decided to resign, U.S. officials said on Friday.

War Is A Racket

Major General. Smedley Butler served his country for 34 years, yet he spoke against American armed intervention into the affairs of sovereign nations.

From Information Clearing House

Democrats signal compromise on Iraq funding

Democrats controlling Congress sent the most explicit signals yet on Thursday that they are resigned to providing additional funding for the war in Iraq before Congress adjourns for the year.

From Information Clearing House

Iraq: A New Country?

A video that describes what the situation is really like in Iraq.

The Central Bank: Silent Partner in the Bloodletting

By Mike Whitney

A nation's economy is a reflection pool. The face that looks back from the water; is the face of the culture and the prevailing ethos. It's no different with America. The stewards of the US economic system-Paulson and Bernanke-are inextricably linked to a political/military establishment which has been thoroughly marinated in a culture of violence and corruption.

Scott Ritter: Cheney's Iran Policy Still Stands

Scott Ritter, former U.S. Marine and UN weapons inspector, discusses the new Iran NIE, his admiration for Ron Paul and the need of the American people to destroy the careers of their warmonger representatives.

Big Oil, Anti-Environment Lobby Block Energy Bill Progress in Senate

The Constitution, Media & Dennis Kucinich


Piano Wire Puppeteers

By Sean Penn

Didn't Senator Clinton just vote in essence to give President Bush the power to bomb Iran? If he had done it last week, would that have made her right? I mean, if she knew then what she knows now? Or am I getting that backward?

Israel Considering Strike on Iran Despite US Intelligence Report


War with Iran may be unavoidable: Israeli ambassador

"At the current rate of progress Iran will reach the technical threshold for producing fissile material by 2009," he told the British newspaper. "This is a global threat and it requires a global response. It should be made clear that if Iran does not co-operate then military confrontation is inevitable. It is either co-operation or confrontation."

US, Israel collude against Iran

Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Michael Mullen met his Israeli counterpart Lieutenant General Gabi Ashkenazi and War Minister Ehud Barak in Tel Aviv on Monday, Israeli sources said.

From Information Clearing House

The Power Elite Playbook: Bankers & Their Bombers

by Deanna Spingola

Much has been written about America's war in Viet Nam, another small, distant, non-threatening, resource-rich third world country. Despite devised government justifications, war is always about power and resources. Contrived circumstances provoke popular support; history is super sanitized in government-school text books. America's Middle East quagmire is not about terminating terrorism and the Viet Nam war was not about checking communism....

Long Island Residents: Cell Towers - Act Like Other Villages

December 5, 2007

(Bayville, N.Y) – In the wake of one village’s decision to protect its residents from the threat of cancer caused by cell towers, residents of the Village of Bayville want to know why their government insists on keeping them under this grave threat.


Informant: Martin Weatherall

Keith Olbermann's special comment about the President’s cataclysmic deception about Iran;article=115777


Keith Olbermann: "Neocon Job"

Keith Olbermann on MSNBC Countdown comments about the president's "cataclysmic deception about Iran."


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