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Administration Misleading on Claims of Significant Reductions in US Nuclear Weapons

Network Neutrality, Freedom of Expression at Risk

Constitutional Reprieve, With No Help from Reid

Cluster Bombs: An Evil We Must Ban Outright

"Black Site" Survivor Relates Horrific Tale

Official: Justice Dept. Slowed Probe Into Phone Jamming

CIA Tape Case Evokes Watergate

American Lawyer Takes Guantanamo Fight to Switzerland

Candace Gorman's client in Guantanamo is seriously ill, but deprived of all medical care by the Americans. Gorman is fighting for him to be treated in Switzerland, but the Bush administration is trying to outrun and end-run justice. And, from The Independent UK, Nicola Boden and Chris Irvine report that one of three British residents released from Guantanamo yesterday and then re-arrested by UK authorities has been freed on bail, while two other former detainees await a court hearing.

Criticisms Don't Slow GOP Pork Projects

The Associated Press reports: "The demise of the bridge to nowhere notwithstanding, Sen. Ted Stevens and other Republicans remain the kings of pork-barrel spending, proving that GOP mastery of 'earmarks' can withstand public scorn, a president's rebuke and even a Democratic takeover of Congress."

Iraqi Refugees Return, and Are Stranded

Cara Buckley, reporting for The New York Times, writes from Baghdad: "The widow Hashim crossed the border into Iraq from Syria at dusk last month, heading homeward as the sun set behind her and the sky ahead grew dark. Her dwindling savings had bought her family passage aboard a crowded bus, but there was no telling what awaited her at journey's end. The only sure thing was that she would have to look for a new home and a job in a city starved for work and crudely reshaped by war."

The Army's Other Crisis

From the December issue of Washington Monthly, Andrew Tilghman explores "why the best and brightest young officers are leaving." Meanwhile, Thom Shanker, from The New York Times, reports, "President Bush has approved what officials are describing as the most significant realignment of the Army since World War II, signing off on a plan that will keep more troops than previously envisioned in Europe and add large numbers of soldiers to bases in Colorado, Georgia and Texas, Army officials said Wednesday."

Bush, Maliki Break Iraqi Law

Raed Jarrar and Joshua Holland write for AlterNet, "On Tuesday, the Bush administration and Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki pushed a resolution through the U.N. Security Council extending the mandate that provides legal cover for foreign troops to operate in Iraq for another year."

On the Democratic Debate Debacle

Informant: John Calvert

Just What We Need, Another House Un-American Activities Committee

There has been a tremendous amount of alarm expressed recently about H.R. 1955/S. 1959, the self-titled "Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007", but which many have dubbed the "Thought Crimes Prevention Bill".

The language of the proposed bill is just an idle invitation to totalitarian mischief and must be rejected. Please submit the page below to send your real time messages to all your members of Congress, and a letter to the editor of your nearest daily local newspaper too if you like.

Regular Action Form:

Facebook Version: (for this one, you must be a member of and logged in)

Like so many recent bills, whose official title is a dishonest representation of its true intent, H.R. 1955/S. 1959 includes enough vague and undefined language to be very grossly abused. At best, it is gratuitous, an election year stunt to try to fool us into thinking that Congress is actually doing something to protect us, while our real national security has never been lower. At worst, it has witch hunt written all over it.

Some very informed commentators have identified holes in the bill big enough to drive an armored Blackwater Humvee through, especially the use of the word "facilitate" which could mean just about anything. If Congress wants to engage in meaningless puffery, let them issue another honorary proclamation renaming a government building. But this bill is nothing more that an exaggerated problem in search of demagoguery.

Tell Kucinich You Support His Position On This Too

As one of only 6 members of the House to oppose the original bill that passed there, Dennis Kucinich again demonstrates his leadership and his insight into the real problems with this proposed legislation. Won't you make a donation to encourage him to keep standing strong on the issues? And if you make a donation of $100 or more right now through the special page below, he will send you a special commemorate edition of his pocket constitution, just like the one he protects and defends every day.

Kucinich Donations:

Paid for by Kucinich For President 2008, Inc.

OpEdNews Is All Over S1959 As Well

The constributing writer staff of, the premier opinion and news digest site, has again come through with the analysis you need to understand the many problems with this bill. Here is a selection of just some of the articles on this in the last 24 hours there:

Maxine & Ted - Don't Call Us If You Call Us Terrorists! by Linda Milazzo

Oppose Congressional Legislation That Abridges Speech And The Exchange Of Information by William Carlotti

Congress Brings You... Thought Control on the Internet by Michael Collins

Internet Thought Control Bill Under Fire by Michael Collins

Police State America - A Look Back and Ahead by Stephen Lendman

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.


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DHS Finalizing Spy Satellite Program To Watch Americans Without Congressional Oversight

Record-Breaking Obstruction: How It Screwed You

Economic Blues

Lasting genetic legacy of environment

Informant: Teresa Binstock

After Military Suicides, Families Wait for Answers

The Associated Press reports: "It can take months -- even years -- for the families of troops who kill themselves in Iraq and Afghanistan to learn about the circumstances leading up to the death, including if their loved one left a suicide note. To obtain all investigative materials related to the deaths, the families are required to file one or more Freedom of Information Act requests."

Mukasey Limits Agency's Contacts With White House

Dan Eggen of The Washington Post reports, "Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey issued new restrictions yesterday on contacts between Justice Department and White House officials regarding ongoing criminal or civil investigations, implementing his first major policy revision since taking office on Nov. 9."

House Approves $70 Billion in War Funding

Jonathan Weisman and Paul Kane report for The Washington Post, "The first Democratic-led Congress in a dozen years limped out of Washington last night with a lengthy list of accomplishments, from the first increase in fuel-efficiency standards in a generation to the first minimum-wage hike in a decade."

Mobile phone driving jail threat

Motorists in England and Wales caught driving dangerously while using a handheld mobile phone face jail under new guidelines.



Drivers who use mobile phones face jail

Reisefreiheit verknüpft mit Datenerfassung von Millionen Menschen

20. Dezember 2007 Sascha Wagener

Zum Wegfall der Kontrollen an den deutschen Außengrenzen erklärt das Mitglied des Parteivorstandes Sascha Wagener:

In wenigen Stunden werden im Rahmen des Schengener Abkommens die Kontrollen an den Grenzen neun weiterer Mitgliedstaaten der Europäischen Union wegfallen. Damit wird Deutschland erstmals in seiner Geschichte offene Grenzen in fast alle Richtungen haben. Ich sehe dies mit einem lachenden und einem weinenden Auge. Es ist gut, dass jahrhundertelang umkämpfte Grenzen nun frei passierbar sind und das Sterben von Flüchtlingen an der Oder-Neiße-Grenze hoffentlich für immer der Vergangenheit angehört. Doch die Reisefreiheit geht mit einer Verschärfung der Einreisebedingungen an den Außengrenzen zu Drittstaaten einher. Dies hat für die Menschen in den Nachbarstaaten oft schlimme Folgen, da sie ein Visum für die Schengen-Staaten nur sehr schwer erhalten. Gleichzeitig werden Polizei- und Zollkontrollen im Innern der Europäischen Union zunehmen. Nicht zuletzt bedeutet eine der Voraussetzungen für den Wegfall der Grenzkontrollen, das Schengener Informationssystem zur Erfassung von Millionen Menschen in einer Datenbank, einen schweren Eingriff in die Persönlichkeitsrechte jeder Bürgerin und jedes Bürgers.

Folgen der unprofessionellen Gesetzgebung nicht auf dem Rücken der Betroffenen austragen

20. Dezember 2007

Zum heutigen Urteil des Bundesverfassungsgerichtes zur Rechtswidrigkeit der Mischverwaltung bei Hartz IV erklärt die stellvertretende Parteivorsitzende Katja Kipping:

Die derzeitige Zusammenlegung der Aufgaben von Kommunen und Bundesagentur für Arbeit ist verfassungswidrig. Dieses Urteil des Bundesverfassungsgerichts ist eine schallende Ohrfeige für die Hartz-IV-Parteien SPD, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, CDU/CSU und FDP. Es weist einmal mehr auf die unprofessionelle Hartz-IV-Gesetzgebung hin. Die Folgen dieses Urteils dürfen jetzt nicht auf dem Rücken der Menschen ohne Erwerbsarbeit bzw. mit geringem Einkommen ausgetragen werden. Dem ungeachtet müssen sofort Maßnahmen zur Verbesserung der Dienstleistungen für die Grundsicherungsbeziehenden ergriffen werden. Dazu gehören:

die unbefristete Einstellung einer ausreichenden Anzahl von Personal bei
den Trägern der Grundsicherungsleistungen,

die Qualifizierung der Mitarbeiter und Mitarbeiterinnen zur Verbesserung
der Beratungsqualität,

die umfassende Beratung über die sozialen Rechte der Betroffenen als
gleichwertige Zielsetzung der Träger.

Insbesondere ist die finanzielle Unterstützung unabhängiger Beratungsstellen für Erwerbslose und Menschen mit geringem Einkommen durch Bund, Land und Kommunen sicherzustellen. DIE LINKE bleibt dabei: Hartz IV ist Armut und Ausgrenzung per Gesetz. Deswegen fordern wir eine bedarfsorientierte repressionsfreie Grundsicherung, einen gesetzlichen Mindestlohn und öffentlich geförderte Beschäftigung.

Declaring forever war

The American Conservative
by Michael C. Desch

The Giuliani campaign was slow to articulate a detailed foreign policy. Through the summer of 2007, it was content to offer platitudes among the mayor’s ‘Twelve Commitments’ such as, ‘I will keep America on the offense in the Terrorists’ War on Us.’ But by the fall, the candidate published a major piece in Foreign Affairs that outlined his agenda. Explicitly rejecting realism, he instead sounded the tocsin: ‘Civilization itself, and the international system, had come under attack by a ruthless and radical Islamist enemy.’ Giuliani warned, ‘the terrorists’ war on us was encouraged by unrealistic and inconsistent actions taken in response to terrorist attacks in the past. A realistic peace can only be achieved through strength.’ Had I been more attentive over the years, I might have been less surprised by the mayor’s hard-line neoconservative stance...(for publication 01/14/08)

From Information Clearing House

Hillary Clinton can’t be trusted on Iraq

by Stephen Zunes


Public opinion polls have consistently shown that the majority of Americans — and even a larger majority of Democrats — believe that Iraq is the most important issue of the day, that it was wrong for the United States to have invaded that country, and the United States should completely withdraw its forces in short order. Despite this, the clear front-runner for the Democratic Party nomination for president is Senator Hillary Clinton, a strident backer of the invasion who only recently and opportunistically began to criticize the war and call for a partial withdrawal of American forces. As a result, it is important to review Senator Clinton’s past and current positions regarding the Iraq War. Indeed, despite her efforts in response to public opinion polls to come across as an opponent of the war, Hillary Clinton has proven to be one of the most hard-line Democratic senators in support of a military response to the challenges posed by Iraq. She has also been less than honest in justifying her militaristic policies, raising concerns that she might support military interventions elsewhere...

From Information Clearing House

Against a national broadband policy

Ludwig von Mises Institute
by Tim Swanson


The hype surrounding broadband socialism has grown over the past year. New political alliances have begun to promote regulations that will allow the federal government to use its seemingly idle hands to touch private pies. Not only do presidential candidates such as Barack Obama seek to subsidize technological rollouts at the expense of coerced taxpayers, but, along with Representative Ed Markey, they want to regulate what network property owners do with their own infrastructure. All of this is done under the guise of the new populistic policy called network neutrality. And while the political rhetoric will almost certainly pick up pace throughout the election year in 2008, the joke is once again on statolatrists: it has already been tried numerous times...

From Information Clearing House

Bush’s new McSpinmeister

Asia Times
by William Fisher


With the resignation of the top US government spin doctor, President George W Bush had to go looking for a second opinionist. Enter James Glassman, a former syndicated columnist and a cast-iron neo-con now tasked with improving the US’s ugly image abroad. As America’s new idealogue, many are saying Glassman is less than ideal. He’s already under attack for a number of ethical gaffes, including touting for McDonald’s...

From Information Clearing House

US House official threatens to subpoena CIA officials

Los Angeles Times


The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, chafing at the Justice Department’s handling of a probe into missing CIA interrogation tapes, threatened Wednesday to subpoena two top CIA officials to jump-start the panel’s own investigation. The department, which is conducting a criminal inquiry with the CIA inspector general into revelations that a CIA official destroyed videotapes of two terrorism suspects being interrogated in 2005, asked the panel last week to defer its inquiry. Committee Chairman Rep. Silvestre Reyes (D-Texas) has called a hearing for Jan. 16. He said he expected testimony from both acting CIA general counsel John Rizzo and Jose A. Rodriguez Jr., the former head of the agency’s operations branch, who authorized destroying the tapes...

From Information Clearing House

Gewaltbereite Politik und der G8-Gipfel

Kriminalisierung der G8-Proteste und Grundrechte

Gewaltbereite Politik und der G8-Gipfel - Demonstrationsbeobachtungen des Komitee für Grundrechte und Demokratie

„In Heiligendamm an der Ostsee trafen sich im Juni 2007 acht Politiker und Politikerinnen in einer weiträumig abgesperrten und eingezäunten Hotelburg. Gegen die Politik dieser Repräsentanten der reichen und mächtigen Staaten protestierten zehntausende Bürger und Bürgerinnen vom 2. bis 8. Juni 2007. Das Komitee für Grundrechte und Demokratie schildert seine Erfahrungen aus den Demonstrationsbeobachtungen auf der Grundlage der Vorgeschichte. Sicherheit galt ausschließlich dem Gipfel, „terroristische“ Gefahren wurden imaginiert und konstruiert. Die Bürger und Bürgerinnen wurden zu verdächtigen Personen. Sie wurden nur noch als Sicherheitsrisiko wahrgenommen. Das Grundrecht auf Versammlungsfreiheit, eines der zentralen Grundrechte im repräsentativen Absolutismus, wurde bis zur Unkenntlichkeit eingeschränkt. In einer Chronologie des demonstrativen Geschehens wird die Geschichte der Protesttage erzählt: Von den Auseinandersetzungen am Rande der Großdemonstration am Samstag in Rostock bis zu den Blockaden am Zaun rund um Heiligendamm während des G8-Gipfels.“ Das Buch "Gewaltbereite Politik und der G8-Gipfel" ist kürzlich erschienen. Das Komitee für Grundrechte und Demokratie berichtet über die Demonstrationsbeobachtungen vom 2. - 8. Juni 2007 rund um Heiligendamm (ISBN 978-3-88906-125-6; 192 Seiten, 10 Euro). Siehe dazu:

Infos und Bestellformular beim Komitee für Grundrechte und Demokratie

Exkusiv im LabourNet Germany:

Demonstration(en) – Der anhaltende Kampf um Deutungen

Auszug aus Einleitung: Notstände, Teil 2 (S. 16 ff)

Deeskalation als arglistige Täuschung durch staatliche Institutionen – Eine erste Zusammenfassung

Auszug aus „Vorgeschichte: Wie ein Künstenstrich an der Ostsee zur Szene gewaltbereiter Politik werden konnte“ (Kap I.5., S. 47ff)

Der demokratische Stellenwert von Demonstrationen

Auszug aus Jähe Grenzen aller „Macht von unten“ (Kap. V. 2.1., S. 169ff)

Dieser Beitrag wird gespiegelt unter Diskussion > Grundrechte > Demonstrationsrecht

G-8-Gipfel im Sommer 2007 in Heiligendamm

Tribute to Legal Team

Feindbild Demonstrant. Polizeigewalt, Militäreinsatz, Medienmanipulation. Der G8-Gipfel aus Sicht des Anwaltlichen Notdienstes

Das ebenfalls gerade erschienene und vom Republikanischen Anwältinnen- und Anwälteverein / Legal Team herausgegebene Buch (ISBN 978-3-935936-68-2, 176 S., 10 Euro, 19 CHF) ist beim Verlag Assoziation A erhältlich. In diesem Buch zieht der Anwaltliche Notdienst eine erste Bilanz der Gipfeltage und ihrer rechtlichen Konsequenzen. Siehe dazu:

Infos zum Buch, Inhaltsverzeichnis und Bestellmöglichkeit beim Verlag Assoziation A

»Gewaltsam, ziellos, einschüchternd«. Polizeiliche Festnahmeeinheiten bei den G8-Protesten

„Die Bilder der tanzenden, singenden DemonstrantInnen – euphorisiert vom Erfolg ihrer Mobilisierung gegen den G8 – gingen um die Welt. Mitten unter den Tausenden AktivistInnen der globalisierungskritischen Bewegung, die sich selbst und die Dynamik ihres Protests feiern, befindet sich eine Festnahmeeinheit der Berliner Polizei. Etwa zehn Beamte – zwei Gruppen mit jeweils fünf PolizistInnen des 1.Zugs der 24. Einsatzhundertschaft – bahnen sich bewaffnet mit Helmen, Ganzkörperpanzerung und Schlagstöcken einen Weg durch die dichte Menge. Sie schlendern zwischen den Tanzenden. Ob sie einen Sinn in diesem Einsatz erkennen, bleibt unklar…“ Artikel von Alain Mundt (S. 73-78) exklusiv im LabourNet Germany

Auch dieser Beitrag wird gespiegelt unter Diskussion > Grundrechte > Demonstrationsrecht

Carl-von-Ossietzky-Medaille an das „Legal-Team/Anwaltsnotdienst“

Aus Anlass des Tages der Menschenrechte, dem 10. Dezember, verlieh die Internationale Liga für Menschenrechte in Berlin die Carl-von-Ossietzky-Medaille an das „Legal-Team/Anwaltsnotdienst“. Die Liga würdigt damit eine Gruppe, deren Mitglieder im Kampf für die Verteidigung der Bürger- und Menschenrechte während der Proteste gegen den G-8-Gipfel in und um Heiligendamm Vorbildliches geleistet haben. Siehe dazu:

Alle Infos bei ILMR

Die Reden der Verleihung der Carl-von Ossietzky-Medaille 2007:

und hier v.a.

Laudatio von Bernhard Docke für das “Legal-Team/Anwaltlicher Notdienst (pdf)

Antwortrede des Ermittlungsausschusses im Legal-Team (pdf)

Aus: LabourNet, 20. Dezember 2007äreinsatz

Ron Paul's Three Biggest Enemies

by Devvy Kidd

Enemy number one: Ron Paul is a target of the compromised "mainstream media" and that includes cable network propaganda machines like FAUX (FOX) News, MSNBC and CNN. This is a fact....Enemy number two: Ron Paul supporters. What? Yes, and let me give you one example that came up last night on Glen Beck's show. Glen Beck: "My life has been threatened. I`ve had to wear a vest and have securities...Enemy number three: Electronic voting machines. If you have an agenda and you want it to go forward, you make sure the lawmakers and policy makers, both county, state and federal, are put in office and stay in office........

Boxer Says California EPA Waiver May Be Political Casualty

David Whitney of McClatchy Newspapers reports: "The decision hasn't been issued yet, but key Democratic lawmakers are preparing for the Environmental Protection Agency to rule against California's application for a Clean Air Act waiver permitting it to proceed with tough reductions in car and truck emissions."


EPA's decision to deny California's waiver request is an outrage

Send an Email: Waiver Denial is an Outrage


EPA Says 17 States Can't Set Emission Rules for Cars

John M. Broder and Felicity Barringer report for The New York Times, "The Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday denied California and 16 other states the right to set their own standards for carbon dioxide emissions from automobiles."

Lead or Get Out of the Way

Kelpie Wilson reports on the EPA's refusal to let California pursue its program of reducing carbon dioxide in auto emissions using the excuse of the weak energy bill Bush just signed into law. Comparing climate obstructionism at home to the US intransigence in Bali, she says: "Back home, 'lead or get out of the way' is a message the lame-duck Bush administration and some of its legislative dinosaurs are likely to be hearing more frequently as the clock ticks forward to 2009."


Tell EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson to grant California's waiver


EPA Chief Is Said to Have Ignored Staff

Janet Wilson, The Los Angeles Times: "The head of the US Environmental Protection Agency ignored his staff's written findings in denying California's request for a waiver to implement its landmark law to slash greenhouse gases from vehicles, sources inside and outside the agency told The Times on Thursday."

Crisis in Capitalism?

This Friday on PBS, "Bill Moyers interviews author Benjamin Barber about how capitalism isn't living up to its potential to serve society."

Senators Dangle CIA Case Over Nominee

Lara Jakes Jordan of The Associated Press says, "Senators voiced frustration Wednesday about being denied details of the CIA's destruction of videotaped terror interrogations, urging the Bush administration's nominee for deputy attorney general to cooperate with Congressional inquiries."

DOJ Shuns Hearing on Halliburton/KBR Rape Cases

Maddy Sauer, ABC News, reports: "The Department of Justice refused to send a representative to answer questions from Congress today on the investigations into allegations of rape and sexual assault on female American contractors."

Cheney: No Justice for Jamie Jones

Stephanie Mencimer, writing for Mother Jones, reports: "On Wednesday, Jamie Leigh Jones told a House Judiciary Committee her now-famous story about having been allegedly drugged and gang-raped two years ago by several coworkers shortly after arriving in Iraq as a contractor for KBR, an engineering and construction firm contracted with the military to provide logistical support to the troops. Jones' story has prompted widespread outrage, partly because the Justice Department and the military failed to prosecute her attackers, but also because it appears that Jones can't sue KBR for placing her in harm's way."

We have very little time left to save Lucy

Rep. Wexler's Quarter Million Person Challenge


Gathering signatures in cyberspace lawmaker sets out to impeach Cheney



Rep. Robert Wexler is taking on the Bush administration — in cyberspace.The Florida Democrat has launched a Web site — — and is gathering signatures calling for impeachment hearings against Vice President Dick Cheney.’ Our constitution mandates that the House of Representatives hold presidents and vice presidents accountable when they commit high crimes,” Wexler says in a video on the site, which suggests, among other things, that Cheney manipulated intelligence to boost the case for war against Iraq and was involved in the revealing of CIA agent Valerie Plame’s identity.On Tuesday, the site said it had nearly 133,500 signatures. Wexler’s goal is 250,000...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

War Is the Enemy of Civilization

Informant: Lew Rockwell

The Long Tail and Long Reach of Ron Paul

A Christian Christmas in Iran

Stop Polar Bear Trophy Hunting!

From Mast Sanity/Mast Network


Save the Polar Bear

Ex-CIA man predicts U.S. war with Iran

McGovern alleged that a joint U.S. and Israeli war on the Arab nation would likely come despite a recent National Intelligence Estimate suggesting that Iran has not had a functioning nuclear weapons program since 2003.

Putin hopes U.S. had no hidden agenda in Iran nuclear report

Putin said it is theoretically possible that the report was published to "divert Iran's attention from preparations for military action," which would be a "grave mistake."

Bush's bid to punish Iranian banks stalls

The Bush administration's new policy of penalizing Iranian banks is facing a critical challenge as financial institutions in Russia, China and much of the Middle East decline to cut ties, analysts and diplomats say.

From Information Clearing House


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