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Tapes by CIA Lived and Died to Save Image

Scott Shane and Mark Mazzetti, reporting for The New York Times, write: "If Abu Zubaydah, a senior operative of Al Qaeda, died in American hands, Central Intelligence Agency officers pursuing the terrorist group knew that much of the world would believe they had killed him."

Uranium Cuts a Tragic Path Through the Navajo Nation

Informant: Teresa Binstock

How Iran May Retaliate if the US Invades

Informant: Kev Hall

2007: Look Back in Anger

Informant: reggie501

From ufpj-news

People Are Starting To Really Speak Out Now On Impeachment

The Kucinich resolution, H.Res. 799, to impeach Cheney first is gathering more and more support as the national impeachment continues to grow, after being referred to the House Judiciary Committee last month.

And as a member of that committee, Representative Robert Wexler and two other committee members, Gutierrez and Baldwin, have joined together in demanding action now.

Regular Action Form:

Facebook Version: (for this one, you must be a member of and logged in)

Congressman Robert Wexler says it on his website, "The charges are too serious to ignore. There is credible evidence that the Vice President abused the power of his office, and not only brought us into an unnecessary war but violated the civil liberties and privacy of American citizens. It is the constitutional duty of Congress to hold impeachment hearings" This special action page will add you name to the sign ups on the Wexler site, where he has more than 150,000 of his own submissions already.

If you have already submitted at the Wexler site, as many of our participants have, please uncheck the corresponding box on the action page, but still send your message reiterating the call for impeachment hearings to your own members of Congress.

New Facebook Groups Extension To Spread The Activism

For those of you who are members of Facebook groups, we debut in this alert what we believe is the first function extender for Facebook Groups, provided by the Voices application for Facebook.

If you go to the Facebook version of the action page, if any of the groups you are a member of have not yet added the action page, there will be an extra link on the action page, "Add to Groups". This will send your message to the admins of your groups asking them to engage in this action too, and make it visible to all their group members.

If you are a Facebook group admin yourself, and want to see what the action page index extension would look like in the context of your own group, please click on the same link and you will get message directing you to your new index page will added admin controls.

Facebook Version: (for this one, you must be a member of and logged in)

In the same way, when you create an action page with the original Voices application you will also be able to designate groups to submit it too, and then do so when you get it just how you like it. What this gives you is not just the power to create your own actions on any issue you care about, but also an effective way to propagate your action by virtue of their own 50 million plus participant base.

Try out all these new functions, and if you need any help, or want to suggest other features you would like to see there, please use the help links on the various pages to do so. Or email us directly back here.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and refer this alert to all you know.


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Kurdistan's Covert Back-Channels

By Laura Rozen

How an ex-Mossad chief, a German suberspy, and a gaggle of top-dollar GOP lobbyists helped Kurdistan snag 15 tons of $100 bills.

Bush is making up the rules as he goes along

When it comes to surveillance and the treatment of classified information, President Bush is making up the rules as he goes along.

From Information Clearing House

We owe it to world to impeach Bush

The results of the election is of no consequence. Bushites are determined to continue blindly in the wrong direction killing thousands of innocent people, causing American deaths and spending billions of our taxpayers' money on a national scandal only to benefit themselves financially.

From Information Clearing House

Ron Paul Speaks On The Problems With The U.S. - Pakistan Relationship

From Information Clearing House

Democrats: US should redeploy troops to fight in Pakistan and Afghanistan

In the party's weekly radio address, New York Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand says placing troops in the two countries would better serve the battle against terror. She says it would also create stability in the Middle East.

From Information Clearing House

Did Bush Watch the Torture Tapes?

By Scott Horton

The Times (London) Washington correspondent, Sarah Baxter, reporting with a summary of the developments in the case involving the CIA's destruction of recordings of the treatment of Abu Zabaydah, points to the growing belief in Washington that President Bush viewed the torture tapes.

Is This The Beginning Of The End In Iraq?

By Patrick Cockburn

Some of the so-called "Concerned Citizens" militiamen now on the US payroll are former al-Qa'ida fighters, though the US is still holding hundreds of men in Guantanamo, accusing them of being associates of al-Qa'ida.

Next-up news n°423

UNO warnt vor explodierenden Lebensmittelpreisen

Hungersnot bedroht Millionen von Menschen in allen Kontinenten.

2,5 Millionen getötete Versuchstiere: Drastischer Anstieg der Tierversuchzahlen

Im Jahr 2006 wurden in Deutschland 2.518.267 Wirbeltiere in Tierversuchen getötet. Dies sind 105.589 mehr als im Vorjahr und entspricht einem Anstieg um 4,4 Prozent.

Schlechte Noten für Moral deutscher Unternehmen

Nur rund 15 Prozent der Bundesbürger glauben, dass deutsche Unternehmen Werte wie Ethik oder Moral hoch gewichten.

Klimaschutz wird kein Thema für Idealisten bleiben, weil er neben der Umwelt auch den Geldbeutel schont

2008 wird grün

2007 war das Jahr der Katastrophen-Ankündigungen. „Wir haben noch 13 Jahre Zeit“, meinte eine Boulevardzeitung zu den dramatischen Ankündigungen des Weltklimarats. Klimaschutz wird kein Thema für Idealisten bleiben, weil er neben der Umwelt auch den Geldbeutel schont.

Biblis ist überflüssig: 100 % erneuerbare Energie für Hessen

Erhebliche Landschaftsgewinne durch die Beseitigung hässlicher Hochspannungsmasten.

Hessen soll bis 2030 zu 100 Prozent erneuerbar sein

Die beiden Atomkraftwerksblöcke Biblis A und B können problemlos durch erneuerbare Energien ersetzt werden.

Widerstand gegen neue Kohlekraftwerke wächst

Immer mehr Bürger in immer mehr Kommunen widersetzen sich der geplanten Kohlepolitik.

Solarenergie in zehn Jahren günstiger als konventionelle Energie

Bis 2018 sinken die Kosten zur Vermeidung von Kohlendioxid (CO2) durch Solarenergie gegen null und sie ist dann günstiger als konventioneller Strom oder Wärme.

Steigende Temperaturen gefährden Antarktische Pinguine

Pinguine, die um die antarktische Halbinsel brüten, bekommen zunehmend Probleme mit dem Klimawandel.


Trend zur globalen Erwärmung ungebrochen

Aktuelle Kurve der globalen Temperatur

Wird Spanien zur Wüste?

Schon fast 40 Prozent des Landes sind offiziell von der Desertifikation betroffen - Schuld hat keineswegs nur die Klimaerwärmung, sondern auch der Bauboom, die Abholzung und die Landwirtschaft.

2007 a Year of Weather Records in US

Informant: Teresa Binstock

Urge your US Representative to support Rush Holt's new emergency paper ballot and manual vote count audit bill in Congress


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