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Justice Department's Voting Rights Chief Resigns

Greg Gordon reports for McClatchy Newspapers: "The Justice Department's voting rights chief stepped down Friday amid allegations that he'd used the position to aid a Republican strategy to suppress African-American votes."

Bush's Budget Wins May Cost Him

The Washington Post's Jonathan Weisman writes: "As Congress stumbles toward Christmas, President Bush is scoring victory after victory over his Democratic adversaries. He has beaten back domestic spending increases, thwarted an expansion of children's health insurance coverage, defeated tax hikes, won funding for the war in Iraq and pushed Democrats toward shattering their pledge not to add to the federal deficit with new tax cuts or rises in mandatory spending."

Federal Judge Told Not to Ask About CIA Tapes

Matt Apuzzo of The Associated Press reports: "The Bush administration told a federal judge it was not obligated to preserve videotapes of CIA interrogations of suspected terrorists and urged the court not to look into the tapes' destruction."

Die risikofreien Designer-Babys kommen

In Großbritannien wurde erneut ein Gentest für Embryos bei der künstlichen Befruchtung genehmigt, mit dem man einen Schritt weiter auf das risikofreie Kind geht.

Die Wiedergeburt der Sowjetunion

Das System Putin mit der Einheitspartei "Einiges Russland" und der neuen macht der Zentralgewalt weist politische Parallelen zum kommunistischen Regime der Vergangenheit auf.

Die Reichen werden immer schneller noch reicher

In den USA wächst die Kluft zwischen den Armen und Reichen, vor allem aber den Superreichen, mit einer rasanten Geschwindigkeit.

Mukasey Refuses to Cooperate With Congressional Tape Probe

David Johnston and Mark Mazzetti, writing for The New York Times, report: "The Justice Department asked the House Intelligence Committee on Friday to postpone its investigation into the destruction of videotapes by the Central Intelligence Agency in 2005, saying the Congressional inquiry presented 'significant risks' to its own preliminary investigation into the matter."

Alex Jones interviews Dean Haglund

Democrats' funding of war a crisis for the Republic

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Another step towards verifiable accurate elections nation-wide

Miami Terror Trial: One Acquittal, Six Mistrials

Curt Anderson for The Associated Press reports on the acquittal or mistrial of seven men accused of being terrorists. The Bush administration had attempted to use the cases to illustrate the dangers of homegrown terrorism, reports Anderson, but the federal jury remained deadlocked.

Countrywide reports doubling of foreclosures

Countrywide Financial said on Thursday foreclosures had doubled in November, while late payments continued to rise amid the US subprime housing crisis.

From Information Clearing House

World Abandoning the US Dollar as International Currency For Trade

The foreign exchange markets are not solely about exchange rates. They are about values, smooth flowing of international trade, about trust and reliability. The sight of the $ falling over a long period of time, with bounces and recoveries that don't change the downward trend is far more than simply a drop in value!

From Information Clearing House

Bush Threatens To Veto Bill That Bans Torture

The 222-199 vote sent the measure to the Senate, which still must act before it can go to President Bush. The White House has threatened a veto.

We Are All Tortures Now

This short video provides evidence of the type of torture engaged in by by our allies. As citizens of the U.S. each of us is responsible for the actions of our government. We are complicit in the torture, distance from the tools used to inflict pain in no way reduces our part in these disgusting acts of barbarity.

From Information Clearing House

The Americans you've never heard of who are being held in Iraq

Last Friday, the Supreme Court voted to take up the appeals of two American citizens being held by the United States in Iraq. So far, these cases are little known, but they may end up being crucial to the Supreme Court's interventions in the "war on terror."

From Information Clearing House

Iraq: US must withdraw and do more for refugees, says leading activist

"As an American I think our country has an enormous responsibility to protect the people of Iraq we have made vulnerable, " she told Adnkronos International (AKI).

From Information Clearing House

U.S. paid $32M for Iraqi base that wasn't built

The U.S. military paid a Florida company nearly $32 million to build barracks and offices for Iraqi army units even though nothing was ever built, Pentagon investigators reported.

From Information Clearing House

Obama versus Clinton versus Plutocracy

By Joel S. Hirschhorn

Here comes another inconvenient truth. Despite all the attention to Oprah for Obama and the pundit blabbering about the Democratic primary horse race the outcome has been predetermined. What people do not want to know is that power elites control what the Democratic ticket will be. When the primaries end the winner will be the reigning plutocracy.


Obama's 'Change we can believe in': repackaged failed policies

by Devvy Kidd

Barack Obama's slick campaign slogan, 'Change we can believe in' is nothing more than empty words because his "vision" is an old, worn out, failed one. Perhaps all these "progressives" need eye glasses to see reality, instead of these silly slogans that mean nothing. Popular play list from the past.......

Mobile Labs to Target Iraqis for Death

Informant: shane_digital

Rep. Wexler Wants Impeachment Hearings for Cheney

Impeachment hearings: Sign Up to Support Cong. Wexler;article=115956

Harry Reid's FISA games

Enabler of the Police State

Glenn Greenwald on Harry Reid.

Informant: Lew Rockwell

Ron Paul most searched for presidential candidate of 2007

CIA Tapes, Senate Nears FISA Vote and More


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