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Government is subsidizing nuclear disaster

Informant: MoJo

People power wins mast row

By Chris Kearney

St Andrew's School pupil Oliver Rainbird, seven, with Andrew Smith MP, Peter Rainbird and Kati Jambor

A community is celebrating victory after a communications company decided not install a mobile phone mast - despite winning planning permission.


ACLU Calls for Release of Three Secret Torture Memos

Guantánamo Attorneys to Justices: Restore the Constitution

Amnesty International Urges the U.S. Supreme Court to Reject Administration's Arguments

Empire and Nuclear Weapons

US Intelligence Review Directly Contradicts Bush's Line On Iran


Iran Intelligence Report: Another Psychological Warfare?

By Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich

Under the current administration, it is increasingly difficult to know who the enemy is, but what is certain is that the latest National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) is a brilliantly executed psychological warfare by way of misinformation. This dastardly plan is so devious that even the anti-war groups are jubilant at its release, and they are naively sharing its contents. Perhaps non are as enthusiastic about the report as the most powerful lobby group in America hostile to Iran.

Villagers ask: 'mast you put it here 3G?'

By Jonny Muir

Deeping Gate residents will renew their battle against a 25-metre phone mast at a High Court hearing next week.

Mobile phone company 3G wants to erect the mast 800 metres from the front door of Deeping Gate resident Pam Harris, even though she is allergic to the electro-magnetic emissions given off by masts.

Pam Harris' condition is so severe she has to be hooked up to a machine for 17 hours every other day so essential nutrients can be pumped into her body.



09:00 - 05 December 2007

When T-Mobile erected a mobile phone mast 100 metres from his daughter's school, Rob Macklam felt he had no choice but to move her.

Although six-year-old Evie was happy at the highly rated Orston Primary School, Mr and Mrs Macklam were not prepared to run any risks.


Largest Civil Disobedience Movement in U.S. History Underway

Informant: David Swanson
From ufpj-news

Tribunal Rejected Intelligence on Detainee

Carol D. Leonnig, of The Washington Post, writes: "Just months after US Army troops whisked a German man from Pakistan to the military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in 2002, his American captors concluded that he was not a terrorist. 'USA considers Murat Kurnaz's innocence to be proven,' a German intelligence officer wrote that year in a memo to his colleagues. 'He is to be released in approximately six to eight weeks.' But the 19-year-old student was not freed."

Senate Judiciary Democrats Push Contempt Motion

Susan Crabtree, of The Hill, reports: "Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats are pushing forward with a resolution holding the White House in contempt of Congress for failing to comply with their subpoenas for information and testimony related to the firings of several US attorneys. Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) on Tuesday put the contempt resolutions on the committee's agenda for Thursday's meeting. The move comes after Leahy issued a ruling last week calling the White House's claims of executive privilege and immunity 'overbroad, unsubstantiated and not legally valid.'"


Leahy Plans Contempt of Congress Vote for Bush Officials

Democrats Seeking Answers About Report on Iran

Roxana Tiron, of The Hill, reports: "Congressional Democrats are capitalizing on the latest intelligence estimate on Iran's nuclear weapons development to question President Bush's credibility amid an angry stalemate with the White House over funding government operations and the war in Iraq. While many Democrats said they remain cautious about the National Intelligence Estimate's (NIE) conclusion that Iran halted its nuclear weapons development program in 2003, several said that Congress should investigate the discrepancy between the Bush administration's recent doomsday rhetoric on Iran and the NIE's judgments."

Enduring an Occupation for Oil

Ann Wright, for Truthout, writes: "Last week Iraq's Maliki government 'asked' President Bush for an 'enduring' strategic security relationship with the United States that will have 50,000 US military and probably 50,000-75,000 US contractors/mercenaries in Iraq for decades. Reportedly these 100,000-plus Americans will be primarily confined to the fourteen permanent bases built by the US. Their role, according to Bush's point person on Iraq, retired US Army Gen. Douglas Lute, will be to backstop, perhaps for the next 50 years, newly trained Iraqi military and police forces. Iraq's new strategic security relationship also contains an agreement for preferential treatment from the Iraqi government to American corporations."

Waxman, Mukasey and Ten Million Missing Emails

Truthout's Matt Renner reports: "a government watchdog group now says that ten to twenty million White House emails which may contain information about the leak of Valerie Plame Wilson's covert CIA status, have been destroyed by the Bush administration. In a report from April, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) detailed a massive hole in the White House email records. The report, titled 'Without a Trace: The Missing White House Emails and the Violations of the Presidential Records Act,' accused the Bush administration of destroying 'more than 5 million' emails and failing to attempt to recover them."

Climate Change: The Looming Humanitarian Disaster

Why Bush’s troop surge won’t save Iraq

by Juan Cole


The current ‘good news’ campaign from the Bush administration regarding the troop surge is only the latest in a long history of whitewashing the war since the 2003 invasion. First, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld denied that there was massive looting following the fall of Baghdad. Then he denied that there was a rising guerrilla war. Then … the victory of Shiite fundamentalists close to Iran was obscured by the ‘purple thumb’ good news campaign. That is, the administration focused on the democratic process and relative success of the voting, diverting attention from the bad news that the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq had taken over. Later, it was good news when the Iraqi parliament produced a theocratic constitution …. The Bush administration has heralded any number of such ‘milestones’ reached, but not whether they led to worthwhile results. Obscured by these ‘milestones’ is that the orgy of violence in Iraq has displaced 2 million persons abroad and another 2 million internally, and left tens of thousands dead. But now the ‘good news’ is that the guerrillas appear not to have been able to keep up the pace of violence characteristic of 2006 and early 2007, even if the pace they maintain today is horrific...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


New Reports Undercut Claims that Surge Is Working

New reporting from Baghdad and Washington has called into question the frequently asserted claim that the military surge in Iraq is working.

From Information Clearing House

No Iran attack? Don’t be so sure …

by Justin Raimondo


The NIE seems to have unhinged the lesser neocons, who are reduced to the sort of noises a small mammal makes when cornered. Norman Podhoretz, however, is quite a different story: his contribution to the ‘debate’ is a perfect gem of the purest nihilism, a textbook example of Bizarro World logic. According to Podhoretz, since the last NIE was wrong, this one cannot be right. They were wrong then, he wails, so how can we trust them now? This principle, applied to, say, the realm of science, would ensure that no progress, no advance on the road to truth, no technological or theoretical innovation would ever be possible, because, after all, scientists have been wrong before. But truth is not Podhoretz’s concern: he’s already determined, a priori, that the truth is whatever he says it is...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The Democrats got it wrong

Liberty For All
by BetteRose Ryan


Here we go again. The Democrats are still feeling the glow of the new power they received after the vote last year. Great things were planned for the first hundred days. But you know, the agenda those powerful Democrats revealed proves one thing. The Democrats still have it wrong...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

It takes a Taser to raise a child

The Price of Liberty
by Doug Newman


Tasering is harsh and extremely painful. In each of the above cases, tasering constituted ‘cruel and unusual punishment.’ Tasering is a form of ‘pain compliance,’ which is just a euphemism for torture. Tasering has killed people. In each case, police claimed they tasered these kids for their own good. This is all too reminiscent of the army officer during Vietnam who claimed that it was necessary to destroy a village in order to save it...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Torture and the nation

TCS Daily
by Raphael C. Rosen


The US government naturally wants to do everything in its power to save its citizens’ lives. Whether, day-to-day, torture helps achieve this goal is beyond my expertise. What is certain, however, is that the willingness to employ any method transforms the nature of America’s struggle against Islamist terrorism from a solemn commitment into an obsession. And victory will not come from obsessively thwarting attacks (excellent though that is in the short-term) but from the successful discrediting of a poisonous, fascistic ideology that al-Qaeda and others seek to inject into the minds of Muslim youth across the globe. The relevant question is whether torture, despite its noxious nature, helps the long-term campaign against this ideology. It does not. A nation like America, whose lifeblood is its citizens’ enjoyment of broad Lockean ideals, dilutes its character when it commits inhuman acts for the sake of humanitarian ends. And America’s character, backed up by its armed forces, is the fountain of its strength...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bei Anruf Abzocke: Wallraff undercover im Call-Center,1872,1404038_idDispatch:7232185,00.html

Pläne der Arbeitsagentur durchkreuzt

„Mehr als 200 Menschen haben am vergangenen Samstag (01.12.2007) eine geplante Leiharbeitsmesse der Schweinfurter Arbeitsagentur verhindert. Verantwortliche Mitarbeiter der Behörde hatten für diesen Tag eine Veranstaltung angekündigt, bei der Leiharbeitsfirmen in den Räumen der Arbeitsagentur ähnlich wie bei antiken Tagelöhnermärkten Arbeiter für Leiharbeit rekrutieren wollten…“ Bericht von print vom 02.12.2007 bei indymedia

Die neue Waffe der Arbeitsagenturen: Sperren

Sanktionen auf den Grund gehen. Anti-Hartz-Kampagne befragt Erwerbslose nach ihren Erfahrungen in Jobcentern

„In der nächsten Zeit werden Erwerbslosen vor Berliner Jobcentern von freundlichen Frauen und Männern Fragebögen angeboten. Dabei handelt es sich allerdings nicht um einen neuen Service der Jobcenter, sondern um eine Initiative der „Berliner Kampagne gegen Hartz IV“…“ Langfassung des Artikels von Peter Nowak, der am 30.11. nur unwesentlich gekürzt im ND erschien

Die Fragebögen können u.a. bei der Berliner Mietergemeinschaft sowie in einem separaten Briefkasten im Haus der Demokratie sowie in verschiedenen Stadtteiläden abgegeben werden. Sie können im Internet herunterladen werden (pdf)

Entkoppelt euch!

„Kapitalismuskritik gibt es heute an jeder Ecke. Ein radikaler, emanzipatorischer Antikapitalismus muss sich vom Größenwahn revolutionärer Subjekte befreien und das System, das Menschen und ihre Bedürfnisse für überflüssig erklärt, selbst als überflüssig entlarven…“ Artikel von Ernst Lohoff in der Jungle World vom 29. November 2007

2. „Zahltag!“ an der ARGE Köln erfolgreich

„Heute fand zum zweiten Mal in Köln der Aktionstag „Zahltag!“ gegen ARGE-Schikanen der Intitiative „agenturschluss“ statt. Bereits um 7.00h in der Frühe fanden sich zahlreiche AgenturschließerInnen ein, um den systematischen schikanösen Praktiken der ARGE gegen BezieherInnen von ALGII mit dem Aktionstag entschlossen entgegenzutreten. Ein inhaltlicher Schwerpunkt lag auf den entwürdigenden Praktiken vor Ort, z.B. im Kölner Modellprojekt „DiMa“. Unter Rückgriff auf die Erfahrungen des letzten „Zahltags!“ im Oktober wurden durch gegenseitige und entschlossene Begleitungen von durch ARGE-Schikanen Betroffenen bislang vorenthaltene Rechte und Forderungen gegenüber der ARGE unmittelbar durchgesetzt…“ Pressemitteilung von "agenturschluss" vom 03.12.2007 bei indymedia

Neues zu den Aktionstagen Hartzboykott am 02.01.08 und dem Agenturschluss 3 in Hamburg am 03.01.08

Der Hartzboykott am 02.01.2008, lädt Erwerbslose in Arbeitsgelegenheiten herzlich dazu ein, an einer Informationsveranstaltung der ganz anderen Art teilzunehmen. Dazu findet eine Versammlung vor der HAB am Strohause 2, nähe Berliner Tor von 10:00 bis 16:00 Uhr statt. Themeninhalte dazu sind Probleme mit ALG II, Arbeitsgelegenheiten und Jobperspektiven. Anschließend ist eine Diskussionsrunde im Hause des Kreuzweg 7 geplant. Weitere Infos folgen noch und dieser Tag ist angelehnt an den Bundesweiten Aufruf von „Hartzboykott 2008!“

Einen Tag später folgt der Agenturschluss 3, an dem schon mehere Einzelaktivisten und Gruppen Interesse bekundet haben. Hierzu ist noch alles in Planung: Die zweite Vorbereitungsversammlung des Agenturschluss 3 findet am Sonntag den 09.12.2007 von 15:00 bis 18:00 Uhr im Butt-Club auf der Hafenstraße 126 statt.

Siehe dazu den Vorbereitungsflyer (pdf)

Weitere Infos in Kürze auf der Aktionspage

Aus: LabourNet, 5. Dezember 2007


Agenturschluss 3 in Hamburg: Dem ARGE-Terror das Handwerk legen! (3. Januar 2008)

Einladung zur Interessensversammlung von Teilnehmern an Arbeitsgelegenheiten am 2. Januar 2008

„Im Januar 2008 ist die Anwendung des "Vierten Gesetz zu modernen Dienstleistungen am Arbeitsmarkt", besser bekannt als Hartz 4 - Gesetz drei Jahre alt. Ab den Januar 2008 werden die Ein Euro Jobs in einer neuen Mogelpackung verpackt. Diese Schachtel heißt dann zynisch 3. Arbeitsmarkt. Damit werden neue Handlungsfreiräume für Arbeitgeber mit Ausbeuterischen Interessen von Erwerbslosen geschaffen. Viele Beschäftigungsträger von Ein Euro Jobs halten sich nicht an das Kriterium der Zusätzlichkeit. Diese Machenschaften werden ab 2008 ganz legal.. Erwerbslose machen dann einen öffentlich bezahlten Job, der nicht viel mehr als Hartz 4 Bezug und der Mehraufwandsentschädigung für Ein Euro JobberInnen einbringt und diese ArbeiterInnen sind weiter ohne Einschränkungen und Rechte auf dem ersten Arbeitsmarkt einsetzbar. SCHLUSS mit LUSTIG !! Folglich ist es richtig, sich mit dem Gedanken betraut zu machen, das nicht jedes Gesetz auch folglich richtig ist. Am 2. Januar findet eine Kundgebung mit Informationsveranstaltung der anderen Art statt. Themeninhalte sind Wege aus diesem Dilemma und der Abwehr von Maßnahmen, die in einem Hungerlohn und totaler Fremdbestimmung münden. Dazu laden wir am 02.01.2008 zur Kundgebung vor der HAB - Zentrale (hamburger arbeit) am Strohause 2, Nähe Berliner Tor von 10:00 bis 16:00 Uhr ein.“ Der Flyer zur Aktion (pdf)

Aus: LabourNet, 18. Dezember 2007

Aufstocker: bedürftig trotz Arbeit

„Viele Menschen beziehen gleichzeitig Erwerbseinkommen und Sozialleistungen, vor allem geringfügig Beschäftigte – Vollzeitbeschäftigte können ihre Bedürftigkeit meist schnell überwinden…“ IAB-Kurzbericht Nr. 22 vom 30.11.2007 (pdf)

Aus: LabourNet, 5. Dezember 2007

Reformen am Arbeitsmarkt bringen keine Arbeitsplätze: Wirtschaftsministerium verschweigt eigene Studie

„Die Studie des Wirtschaftsforschungsinstituts Prognos hat es in sich: Deregulierungen am Arbeitsmarkt zeigen im internationalen Vergleich von 20 OECD-Ländern keinen Effekt hinsichtlich der Beschäftigung. Ein hoher gewerkschaftlicher Organisationsgrad dagegen schon. Und eine antizyklische Fiskalpolitik haben Großbritannien und den USA geholfen, ihre Wirtschaftsprobleme zu meistern. Kurz: Diese Ergebnisse der Studie widersprechen massiv der Wirtschaftspolitik der deutschen Bundesregierungen in den vergangenen zehn Jahren. Vielleicht mit ein Grund, warum das Bundeswirtschaftsministerium als Auftraggeber der Studie diese bislang nicht an die Öffentlichkeit gebracht hat. Dort heißt es, eine Veröffentlichung durch das Ministerium hänge von der politischen Aktualität der Studie ab. Was aber könnte aktueller sein, als Hinweise, dass Hartz IV und die Agenda 2010 beschäftigungspolitisch nur Humbug sind?..“ Artikel von Rudolf Stumberger in telepolis vom 04.12.2007

Aus: LabourNet, 5. Dezember 2007

Gründung eines EU-weiten Verbandes zur Stärkung der Kriegsbereitschaft

„Deutsch-französische Militärkreise leiten in diesen Tagen die Gründung eines EU-weiten Verbandes zur Stärkung der Kriegsbereitschaft in der Bevölkerung ein. Grundlage ist eine Übereinkunft zwischen der deutschen Gesellschaft für Wehr- und Sicherheitspolitik (GfW) und der französischen Organisation CiDAN (Civisme Défense Armée Nation). Beide sind bislang in nationalem Rahmen mit der Werbung für militärpolitische Anliegen in der Öffentlichkeit befasst. Die aktuellen Planungen sehen vor, besonders Journalisten und Lehrer ("Multiplikatoren") in ganz Europa "von der Notwendigkeit" zu überzeugen, "die Anstrengungen auf dem Gebiet der Sicherheit und der Verteidigung zu bündeln". Ziel sei "die Behauptung des Ranges" der EU "in der Welt" mit Hilfe einer EU-Armee…“ Bericht von und bei vom 04.12.2007

Aus: LabourNet, 5. Dezember 2007

Guildwood residents angry about proposed tower on church property

Dec 05, 2007 04:30 AM

Jack Lakey
Staff Reporter

An information meeting about a Bell Canada cellphone tower to be built on church property in Guildwood left area residents with as many questions as answers about health concerns and how the deal was made.


Next-up news n°400

US Human Rights Activists To Be Deported Pakistan

Our Serious Foreign Policy Geniuses Strike Again

Win Without War

Cheney Tried to Stifle Dissent in Iran NIE

'Possible Abuse of Power' Cited As House Panel Calls Out FCC

White House Signals That It Might Veto Energy Bill

The Washington Post's Steven Mufson reports: "Efforts by members of Congress to pass an energy bill hit another bump yesterday when the White House suggested that President Bush might veto the bill, but Democratic leaders said they would not alter the package assembled last week after intense negotiating over fuel efficiency standards."

Peace Group Barred From Florida Schools

Mark Weisenmiller, Inter Press Service, reports, "Public school districts in two Florida counties are refusing to allow members of a peace organization to counter the presence of military recruiters by talking with high school students about options other than joining the service, according to a spokesperson for the group."

Manual Details Abuses of Guantanamo Detainees

The Washington Post's Josh White reports: "As the Supreme Court prepares to hear arguments this week on the rights of enemy combatants at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the public is getting another peek at how detainees have been treated there."

Cimetière profané, Eglise défigurée

France 3 (4 Décembre 2007) "Cimetière profané, Eglise défigurée " : Mobile apparent. (vidéo)

The dollar's perfect storm worsens

Europe's inflation is likely to prompt its central bank to raise interest rates -- five days before the Fed is expected to lower them here. That's bad news for the buck.

The making of a mess

How bad is it? Well, I've never seen financial insiders this spooked - not even during the Asian crisis of 1997-98, when economic dominoes seemed to be falling all around the world.

U.S. debt: $30,000 per American

Like a ticking time bomb, the national debt is an explosion waiting to happen. It's expanding by about $1.4 billion a day - or nearly $1 million a minute.

The world's ever-increasing grocery bill

The world's grocery bill has jumped by 21% this year; Russian bread prices have doubled; and three people have been killed in a cooking-oil stampede in China.

From Information Clearing House

The Lies at the End of the American Dream

The Shortage Myth

By Paul Craig Roberts

Integrity is so lacking in America that the shortage myth serves the interests of universities, funding agencies, employers, and immigration attorneys at the expense of American students who naively pursue professions in which their prospects are dim. Initially it was blue-collar factory workers who were abandoned by US corporations and politicians. Now it is white-collar employees and Americans trained in science and technology.

America Is Going Fascist

By Michael Nenonen

The signs are all there for anyone to see, and time is getting short for action.

Annapolis: "The Tumult And The Shouting Dies..."

By Uri Avnery

King George departed even before the tumult had died. His helicopter carried him away over the horizon, just as his trusty steed carries the cowboy into the sunset at the end of the movie. At that moment, the speeches in the assembly hall were still going ahead at full blast. This summed up the whole event.

A Miracle: Honest Intel on Iran Nukes

By Ray McGovern

For those who have doubts about miracles, a double one occurred today. An honest National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iran's nuclear program has been issued, and its "Key Judgments" were made public.

Despite Knowledge That Iran Halted Nuke Program:
White House Continued To Warn Of False Threat

By Think Progress

The White House isn't yet ready to give up its spin. National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley will be speaking to the press at 3:15 PM EST today, and has already claimed that the NIE "confirms that we were right to be worried about Iran seeking to develop nuclear weapons."

Bush Calls for Continued Pressure on Iran

President Bush says there will be no change in U.S. policy on Iran following the release of a new U.S. intelligence assessment of Tehran's nuclear capabilities and ambitions.

China Questions New UN Sanctions Against Iran After US Report

China's U.N. ambassador said Tuesday that a new U.S. intelligence finding that Iran halted development of a nuclear bomb four years ago raises questions about new U.N. sanctions against Tehran. But the U.S. and its European allies said they are still pushing for new punitive measures.

Iran welcomes U.S. move to 'correct' nuke claim

A U.S. intelligence assessment released Monday reversed earlier claims that Iran had restarted its weapons program in 2005 after suspending it in 2003 because of international pressure.

IAEA says US report on Iran 'consistent' with its own findings

The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency says the U.S. report on Iran's nuclear weapons program is consistent with the findings of his agency.

World reaction to Iran nuclear report

A report by US intelligence agencies has contradicted Washington's claims that Iran is actively pursuing a nuclear weapons programme, concluding instead that such work stopped four years ago.,,2221754,00.html

How Did a 2005 Estimate on Iran Go Awry?

In the summer of 2005, senior American intelligence officials began traveling the world with a secret slide show drawn from thousands of pages that they said were downloaded from a stolen Iranian laptop computer, trying to prove that Iran was lying when it said it had no interest in building a nuclear weapon.

Iran demands compensation for U.S. nuclear program 'lies'

Washington should compensate Iran for the damage caused by years of lies about its nuclear weapons program, a senior government official in Tehran said on Tuesday.

'The Iran Agenda'

Top Democratic and Republican leaders absolutely believe that Iran is planning to develop nuclear weapons. And one of their seemingly strongest arguments involves a process of deduction. Since Iran has so much oil, they argue, why develop nuclear power?

Lavrov: 'No proof Iran had nuke program'

Russia's foreign minister said Wednesday there was no proof that Iran has ever run a nuclear weapons program, and praised Teheran for its readiness to cooperate with the United Nations nuclear watchdog.

From Information Clearing House

What Will We Eat as the Oil Runs Out?

Informant: Scott Munson

Cyborg Soldier Technology

Victims of Electromagnetic Radiation around the World

Google Groups
Victims of Electromagnetic Radiation around the World
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