Plant trees, lots of them, you can never plant enough!

Plant trees, lots of them, we can never plant enough! First and foremost they will keep cool our environment! That is how we can control the global warming, replace the wood we consume with new trees, trees which need Co2 to live.

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A million trees? No, we need a billion

Informant: Scott Munson


IPCC Issues Second Report in Series on Climate Change.

Save the climate now!

The Global Marshall Plan: One Million Flyers in Germany for the Billion Tree Campaign. Students and teenagers invite all generations to plant one billion trees together.


You can not only plant trees for as little as .50 cents each but also save rainforest at the same time!:) Shop where it matters & only where it matters. Visit The Rainforest Site and do a search on Save Monarch Butterfly Habitat. In one year I have planted 1000 trees and so can you! You can help by funding the planting of tree seedlings in the butterflies' overwintering area in Michoacán, Mexico, through the work of The Michoacán Reforestation Fund, winner of the 2002 Smithsonian Magazine/USTOA Conservation Award. This fine organization has worked with its Mexican partners to plant over 2 million trees since its founding in 1997 and is committed to restoring protective forest cover. As the trees grow, they serve as a climatic buffer that protects butterflies from harsh weather. And when sustainably harvested, the trees provide a renewable source of income for local residents. Choose to plant 50 Trees ($25.00) or 100 Trees ($50.00).

Mari Enchanted


Trees Across America: Help the Urban Forest


Steve Nix

The good news is, millions of trees will be planted over the next year. The bad news is, many of those trees will not be planted correctly and then only given minimal care over time. I have prepared this eCourse so that you can prepare yourself for the best tree planting outcome possible. You are beginning a course that will broaden your understanding of a tree's needs a bit while giving you sound advice on how to select and plant the best one possible. Let's get started!


Why Are Trees Important?

Art Plotnik, urban tree expert and author, dedicates a portion of his book "The Urban Tree Book" to a tree's importance. Plotnik makes a great case-in-point for planting and maintaining trees in and around your home and explains why trees are also important to an urban community. Plotnik suggests eight reasons a tree is more than just beautiful and pleasing to the eye.


Where Do I Buy A Tree?

Buy Online!

High quality seedlings and saplings can be found at reasonable prices on the Internet. You just have to know where to look. Here are five of the best Internet sites available for purchasing trees.

A USFS Nursery Directory

The United States Forest Service's RNGR Team maintains a list of plant material providers for the United States. It includes many tree nurseries. You can search for plant materials by state, product, or any keyword. The directory is managed completely online.


Discussions on Planting and Maintaining Trees

The Forestry Forum

Remember that tree planting help is just a click away at About's Forestry Forum. We have a large number of foresters and nurserymen ready to answer any question you might have. You will feel welcome in our forums. Take a look as a Guest. When you want to post, choose a login name and then become an active member.


10 Best Trees You Should Plant

I've picked ten best trees readily available for planting in your yard. Although there are dozens of great trees from which to pick, I have taken some of the subjectivity out to give you reasonable choices. I am certain any one of these ten trees will earn itself a place of pride in your yard.


10 Trees You May Not Want to Plant

Planting the wrong tree in the wrong place is a guarantee for future tree removal. Tree removal is, at best, expensive to buy and can be very dangerous if you decide to do it yourself - plus it is back breaking work. A lot of trouble and anxiety can be avoided by planting the appropriate tree on your property to start with.


Plant Hardiness Zones

It is extremely important that you plant your tree in a place where it will survive. Planting a tree outside of it's hardiness zone can waste you time, money and effort. Most nurseries suggest planting trees using a USDA hardiness zone as your guide. Check your tree for zone requirements and check this map for your particular planting zone.


A Tree Planting Guide

This tree guide is probably my most visited site on tree planting. The guide is an overview on planting tree seedlings and saplings with guidelines on how they should be purchased, handled and planted. If you need to read just one thing listed on my eCourse, this is it.


Ten Commandments for Seedling Survival!

Dr. William Carey, Auburn University Forestry Professor, outlines a ten point system to help improve forest tree seedling survival. These "commandments" specifically apply to wildland reforestation but will generally apply as well for urban tree planting.


Seven Ps For Healthy Trees!

Here are seven helps designed to keep your trees healthy. Follow this step-by-step prescription for preventing or minimizing tree damage caused by decay. Remember - prepare yourself, make a plan of action, provide protection, prevent tree damage, prune every year, provide nutrients and seek professional help.


Causes and Cures for Storm Damage

Hundreds of thousands of shade and street trees in the United States are storm damaged by wind, ice and lightning each year. Estimates of property value loss from tree storm damage can approach one billion dollars annually depending on how severe the weather is. This is a feature designed to help you quickly understand and prevent costly storm damage to trees.


Tree Planting - Frequently Asked Quesions

Everyone has a question or two on planting tree. Here are those 10 basic questions asked by a new tree planter. I have done the research and found an answer to each one and include links for further review.


Deforestation Effects Depend On Location

The effects of deforestation on climate depend on three things - location, location and location. Environmentalists concerned about global warming have long encouraged preservation of forests because they absorb carbon dioxide, the most abundant greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.


Tree Planting a Practical, Effective Way to Remove CO2


Reforestation May Be Fastest Way to Reverse Global Warming

Informant: Dorothee Krien


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