Mittwoch, 24. Januar 2007

Obama-mania may backfire

Christian Science Monitor
by Dante Chinni


Unless you were stranded on a desert island last week, you probably know that Sen. Barack Obama (D) of Illinois announced he is officially considering possibly running for president in an election almost two years away. It wasn’t exactly a shocking development, but it made big headlines. Last Tuesday, the day Senator Obama posted the video on his website announcing that he had created an exploratory committee — his intention to consider his intentions — cable news spent much of the day discussing the announcement. In fact, there was so much coverage of the senator’s statement that between Tuesday and Sunday last week the word ‘Obama’ got 14,800 hits on a search of Google News. That was more than 10 times as many hits received over the same period for the terms ‘Iraq’ and ‘34,452′ — the UN’s estimate last week of the number of Iraqi civilian deaths since the war there began...

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Justice should swing both ways over Iraq war

by Saritha Prabhu


If you’re like me, you were a little tired of hearing the words ‘justice’ and ‘accountability’ in the aftermath of a dictator’s execution. Countless commentaries have opined — and rightly so — that justice had been served, that a dictator had been held accountable for his crimes against humanity. But you found yourself asking: Whither justice, whither accountability for those who had started the Iraq war monstrosity? As we approach the fourth anniversary of the war, there is in one some commentary-fatigue. After all, how many times can you trot out the same tired, old facts: that Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11, that he wasn’t a threat to the U.S., that he could have been contained, that the rationale for this war has been shifting like the desert sands of the Middle East? When you look at all that has happened, and all that has been said about the war, you see a situation that is surreal in some ways...

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There seems less understanding and appreciation of our enumerated rights today

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The torturers take over

The Power of Narrative
by Arthur Silber


Several days ago, I wrote about a new study from the Intelligence Science Board. The study confirms two points of overwhelming significance. Each point is sufficiently horrifying and jaw-dropping on its own; in combination, they illuminate a horror almost beyond comprehension. … The first point of importance is one I have maintained for several years, ever since I first began writing about torture. It is, very simply: ‘The new study finds that there may be no value to coercive techniques.’ Let the full meaning of that statement sink in for a moment. Our government has systematically employed the most brutal methods of interrogation, methods that are common to every totalitarian regime in history, for over five years — and during all this time, they have not had any idea what they are doing, or if it even ‘works.’ This confirms another point I have made repeatedly: for evil to succeed, it must purposefully shroud itself in ignorance...

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As Republicans we need to take back our party, thus denying the NeoCons a conduit to power and allowing us to begin the work of rebuilding what was

Nix on Bush

from Reason to Freedom
by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster


We Republicans are not alone. All Americans have been through the same process of belief, doubt, and concern. We have all been paralyzed by fear as all we thought was true turned upside down. But it is the legacy of honor, conserved in the Republican Party, that was used as a weapon against the freedom of all Americans. As Bush considers his legacy, one of deception, greed, and violence, it is our own legacy we must renew. As Republicans we need to take back our party, thus denying the NeoCons a conduit to power and allowing us to begin the work of rebuilding what was...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bush pleads case to skeptical Congress, nation

Sarasota Herald-Tribune


A politically weakened President Bush implored a skeptical Congress Tuesday night to embrace his unpopular plan to send more U.S. troops to Iraq, saying it represents the best hope in a war America must not lose. ‘Give it a chance to work,’ he said. Facing a political showdown with Democrats and Republicans alike, Bush was unyielding on Iraq in his annual State of the Union address. He also sought to revive his troubled presidency with proposals to expand health insurance coverage and to slash gasoline consumption by 20 percent in a decade...

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TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress to turn the oven off NOW

Rising seas, shrinking streams may leave state dying of thirst

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Iranians Oppose US "Pro-Democracy" Efforts

Arlen Parsa writes, "Dissidents claim America's policy is doing more harm than good, and Iranian people will pay the price."

US Continues Bombing of Somalia

A US Air Force AC-130 gunship staged an airstrike in southern Somalia on Monday, the second such attack this month, US officials said Tuesday. Word of the new attack came the same day as a long line of Ethiopian artillery, armored vehicles and trucks loaded with soldiers rolled toward the edges of Mogadishu, beginning a withdrawal from a fragile capital that many residents fear will now slip further into chaos.


Somalia: US launches new attacks
Guardian [UK]


The United States launched an airstrike in Somalia against suspected terrorist targets — the second such attack this month, defense officials said Wednesday. The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the action was carried out in secret, provided few details about the strike by an Air Force AC-130 gunship earlier this week and were uncertain whether the intended target was killed. One official suggested that early indications showed that no high-value target was killed or captured. At the Defense Department, spokesman Bryan Whitman declined to confirm any new strike but said in general that the United States is ‘going to go after al-Qaida in the global war on terrorism wherever it takes us’...,,-6368414,00.html

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Senators Eye Rejection of Bush War Plan

Democrats took the first step toward a wartime repudiation of President Bush on Wednesday, convening a Senate committee to endorse legislation declaring that the deployment of additional troops to Iraq is "not in the national interest."


Senate panel says no to “surge”

Malaysia Star [Malaysia]


A key U.S. Senate committee brushed aside U.S. President George W. Bush’s plea to give his new war strategy a chance and passed a resolution on Wednesday opposing the plan to send more troops to Iraq. The 12-9 vote by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee drew less Republican support than expected, given growing doubts in Congress about the wisdom of Bush’s decision to add 21,500 troops in Baghdad and Anbar province. Only one Republican, resolution co-author Sen. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, voted for it, after accusing the Bush administration of playing ‘ping-pong’ with American lives. The measure now goes to the Senate floor for a vote expected next week. But the panel’s chairman Sen. Joseph Biden, a Delaware Democrat, said it may be rewritten to attract more Republicans who have soured on the Iraq war...

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The Tiniest President

William Rivers Pitt writes: "There was, to be sure, keen public interest directed at Bush's audience for the speech, mostly focused on the woman sitting behind and above him. The mere presence of Nancy Pelosi in that high place, along with the majority crowd of Democrats arrayed across the floor below, at least partially explained the lemon-pucker grimace worn by Vice President Cheney throughout the evening."

Phone mast plans ditched

By Laura Thorpe

A PROPOSAL for a 50-foot mobile phone mast near a church on Wellington's Blackdown Trading Estate has been ditched.

Plans for the 'base station' with mast and antennae at the back of the King's Church centre were submitted to Taunton Deane Council by planning consultants White Young Green, on behalf of telecommunication giants 3G, and approved in principle by Wellington Town Council.

But by the time the application reached Wellington town councillors, plans to push ahead with the scheme had been ditched and the church pulled out after 3G failed to finalist a contract.

Wellington town and county councillor Andrew Govier, told the Gazette: "The application was agreed in principle by the town council, providing it was moved but the last I knew was that the phone company had pulled out of the agreement.

"The town council was happy with what was said but there was all sorts of confusion."

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Families in phone mast plea

Villagers are pleading with a mobile phone company to share an existing mast - rather than erect a new one near their homes and a school in the area.

Angry residents at Areley Kings, near Stourport, believe it would be possible for 02 to use an existing mast instead of erecting a 45ft high monopole on a verge in Pearl Lane.

They have already organised a protest meeting at the village hall at 8pm tonight to discuss the issue.

But today Chris Ashmore, one of the villagers, said: “There is a Vodafone mast already erected on Tudor Grange further down.

Read the full story in the Express & Star

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Stop Salvage Logging on the Grand Canyon's North Rim

Wer die Verbindungsdaten speichert (und das Gegenteil behauptet)

Theorie und Praxis bei 1&1, GMX und Versatel


Scharfe Kritik an Quasilegitimation der unrechtsmäßigen Speicherung von Nutzerdaten

STOP1984 ist gegen vorauseilende Pseudo-Legitimation der Speicherung von Benutzerdaten durch den Hamburger Datenschutzbeauftragten. Die geplante Vorratsdatenspeicherung rechtfertigt nicht, schon jetzt entsprechende Verfahrensweisen zu billigen. Pressemitteilung vom 24.01.2007,de/

Aus: LabourNet, 25. Januar 2007

Kein Klimawandel in den USA?

Während sich in den USA die Anzeichen für einen Wandel in der Klimapolitik mehren, steckt die Bush-Regierung weiter den Kopf in den Sand.

US-Bürger trauen ihrem Präsidenten immer weniger

Das Ansehen der Bush-Regierung ist in den USA und weltweit weiter gesunken.

Save Peruvian Jaguars and Other Rainforest Wildlife

Next-up News n°163

Prosecutor: Cheney 'Deeply Involved' In CIA Leak

Informant: Bob Banner

Bush's Health Care Conspiracy

by Marilyn Clement,

Under the guise of caring for the uninsured, Bush peddles more riches for insurers.

Demanding Truth From Power

by David Swanson,

Members of Congress should have been handing Bush subpoenas, not copies of his speech to autograph.

State Of Delusion: in every sense, Bush remains disconnected from our reality


State Of Delusion


ACLU: What Matters to You?

The Iraq War and Crony Democracy

Henry Pelifian asks: "Is it plausible for Americans to ask, Were the corporations that Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld had close relationships with a factor in the decision-making process to attack Iraq, since many of these companies secured multimillion or multibillion-dollar government contracts as a result of the Iraq War? Were government contracts directly relating to the Iraq War signed with companies with Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld connections prior to the attack on Iraq, and is this a conflict of interest?"

Educators Assail No Child Left Behind

Colorado teachers, principals and administrators overwhelmingly say the federal education law No Child Left Behind is unrealistic and underfunded, according to a survey conducted by Senator Ken Salazar's office.

Prosecutor Seeks Conspiracy Charge Against DeLay

The prosecution of former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay could be stalled for weeks or even months while Texas's highest criminal court decides whether a dismissed conspiracy charge against him should be reinstated.

Den angeblichen Terrorschutz vor Terroristen schützen

Another horrific State of the Union speech

A Speech Bordering On Criminal

Aside from hearing Bush utter the words "Madame Speaker," it was another horrific State of the Union speech.


The Union of the State


Senator Webb's Response to State of the Union Address

In response to the president's State of the Union address, Senator Jim Webb said, "There are two areas where our respective parties have largely stood in contradiction, and I want to take a few minutes to address them tonight. The first relates to how we see the health of our economy - how we measure it, and how we ensure that its benefits are properly shared among all Americans. The second regards our foreign policy - how we might bring the war in Iraq to a proper conclusion that will also allow us to continue to fight the war against international terrorism, and to address other strategic concerns that our country faces around the world."


Bush 'Detached' From Union, Anti-War Activists Say

Informant: Carlos Rovira

From ufpj-news


Lame duck soup

by John Dickerson


Democrats can’t completely write off the president. He still has to sign the bills they pass, and there was nothing in Bush’s speech that suggested the tussle over Democratic issues will be any less contentious. Yes, Bush shares a few Democratic (or, as he said, ‘Democrat’) Party priorities — health care, education, and global warming — but this is late in the game, and he’s got to do more than just talk about them. Just because some unreconstructed conservatives might have been angry that Bush mentioned global warming is also not an act of bipartisanship...

The presidential tap dance

by Jacob Sullum


The skeptics who doubt that 21,000 more troops will be the difference between war and peace in Iraq may be underestimating the Bush administration, which recently demonstrated it can do the impossible. This month, after violating the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) by eavesdropping on Americans without warrants for five years because obtaining judicial approval would have endangered national security, the administration somehow found a way to obey the law without sacrificing our safety. By exposing the hollowness of President Bush’s national security justification, his tardy compliance with FISA demonstrates more contempt for the rule of law than continued defiance would have...

The state of the president’s leadership: Bought off

Mother Jones
by James Ridgeway


Reports that Bush would moderate his policies to take into account the new Democratic majority in Congress proved ill-founded yesterday when the nation heard George W. Bush’s 2007 State of the Union address. Stubborn as always, Bush stuck to his guns: Health insurance delivered through the private marketplace, with help for the poor in the form of tax deductions. More medical savings accounts. Tort reform to get rid of “‘unk lawsuits.’ In energy, talk about clean coal. Promises to reduce auto emissions — but no standards. What follows is a thumbnail of some of the reaction to Bush’s speech along with lobby figures prepared by the Center for Responsive Politics... [editor’s note: Bush did not propose to move health care to the private sector. Rather proposed to subsidize the insurance industry by offering a tax cut to anyone who buys its product. Effectively it’s “give your money to me … or, if you’d rather, to my campaign contributors” - TLK]

Bush’s whitewashed economic report

Tom Paine
by Jared Bernstein


When it comes to the economy, President Bush’s State of the Union speeches tend to stick to a pretty standard strategy. Any economic problems are a) due to things that occurred before his watch or outside of his control, b) the result of not enough tax cutting or c) not really happening. Any positive trends are evidence that the tax cuts are working. Tuesday night’s speech will surely contain a couple of paragraphs touting recent trends in job growth, unemployment and even real wages, which finally started to climb over the last few quarters. You’d be hard-pressed to find an economist without a rightward agenda who would link those outcomes to the Bush tax cuts, but in Bush’s defense, you’d be even more hard-pressed to find a president who doesn’t connect such dots on their watch...

Snooze of the Union

The American Prospect
by Harold Meyerson


The White House must have known that this wouldn’t be a rouser. The president had nothing new to say about Iraq, yet he had to discuss it — not the real Iraq, of course, but his own private Iraq that no one else can recognize — for half of the speech. Even his list of foiled terrorist plots was a collection of golden oldies from years gone by. As to his bold new domestic agenda, it was at once so piecemeal and complicated that it defied description, so when it came to the most important element — the president’s new health care proposal — he essentially declined to describe it. The utterly threadbare quality of the Republican domestic vision was encapsulated by the fact that the biggest Republican applause line on matters domestic came after the president vowed to reintroduce legislation limiting medical liability. No wonder these guys lost...

State of the Union: Reading between the soundbites

Fox News
by Susan Estrich


‘I ask you to support our troops in the field — and those on their way,’ President George Bush said in his State of the Union, making clear that he needed no one’s permission, Congress included, for the latest troop surge in Iraq. Now, no one’s against supporting the troops. Supporting the troops is the Holy Grail of politics. That’s why freshman Jim Webb, Vietnam veteran and father of a Marine in Iraq, was such a perfect choice for the Democratic response. … But just what does it mean to ’support our troops?’ Do you ’support’ them by demanding that more and more of them do jobs they were never trained for, trying to keep people intent on killing each other over their disagreements over who should have succeeded Mohammed as a prophet from actually doing so?,2933,246579,00.html

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


The Union of the State

A Consumer’s Guide to the 2007 State of the Union Address

Long on Rhetoric, Short on Sorrow

Bush’s Specious Arguments on Iraq in his State of the Union

Not a Single Word

Baby Einstein and the Bush Administration: There's More than Meets the Eye


Analyzing Bush's State-of-the-Union Speech

by Mary Starrett

The president’s SOTU request to renew his No Child Left Behind law should be flatly denied by Congress. According to the president, NCLB, would “prepare our children for jobs of the future.” Presumably, these are the same jobs that have been shipped offshore by this administration’s misguided trade policies......


More Deception

By Paul Craig Roberts

Bush’s state of the union address did not describe the deplorable state of the union. The speech’s importance consists of Bush’s plea to Congress to please let him fool them one more time in order that he can attack Iran and start a bigger war that Congress will have to support in order to support Israel.

Jim Webb's Barnburner

By Mike Whitney

Nothing scares the “powers that be” more than a straight-shooting populist who can rally people against government policy. And, yet, that’s exactly what happened on Tuesday night in the Democratic response to the State of the Union Speech (S.O.T.U.). In just 9 minutes, freshman Senator, Jim Webb took a sledgehammer to Bush’s policy in Iraq and left 45 million Americans cheering for more.


2007 USA State of the Union Address and KPFK post address analyses with Ralph Nader, Maxine Waters, Bob Barr, Lila Garrett, et al

Informant: sasha karlik

Bush Speech Terror Claim Debunked A Year Ago

Join the global peace march before Saturday 27 January

Congratulations! 45,000 of us from 169 countries signed the Iraq petition so far, and we got a great response to our ad in American newspapers last week. Dozens of Congresspeople are coming out against Bush's escalation in Iraq and demanding a real plan for peace.

Now we have a great new chance to make our voices heard. This Saturday the US peace movement is being reborn with a big march on Washington DC. We're joining them with our own global peace march via

Avaaz supporters in Washington have offered to carry banners and placards at the protest to represent all of us round the world who sign the petition. How many more people we know would want their voices heard at the march? Could we turn 45,000 into 75,000 or 100,000 virtual marchers by this Saturday? There will be a flag from each country that generates more than
500 internet marchers!

Time is short. Please take a moment right now to invite your friends and family to take action as well. You can just forward the sample letter below, or click on this link.

Spreading the word is critical, but please only pass this message along to those who know you -- spam hurts our campaign.

Thank you for taking action,

Ricken, Paul, Tom, Rachel, Galit, Lee-Sean and the rest of the Team

Dear friends,

I've joined a global virtual peace march demanding that the new US Congress stop President Bush's escalation in Iraq and demand a real peace plan, and I thought you might be interested. Please see the email below.

FW: Join the global peace march before Saturday 27 January

This Saturday, hundreds of thousands of Americans will march on Washington DC to demand peace and justice in Iraq and the Middle East. We can be there too, raising a global voice of solidarity -- through our own worldwide virtual march. Time is short, so add your voice and join the march today!

Avaaz supporters in Washington have offered to carry real banners and placards at the US demonstration - showing how many internet marchers from all round the world are joining in. We will carry the flag of each country that generates more than 500 internet marchers, so tell your friends!

With American opposition to this war mounting, 45,000 of us from over 100 countries have already joined the call to oppose Bush's military escalation and demand a real plan to end this war.

Can we get 75,000 - even 100,000 people from round the world to join the march before Saturday? Click here to join the march -

This could signal the rebirth of the US peace movement. We need to show them the world is on their side. Let's bring our call for peace to the streets of power in Washington. Join the global peace march and tell your friends today!

With hope,

Ricken, Paul, Tom, Rachel, Galit, Lee-Sean and the rest of the Ceasefire Campaign (now!) Team

Kicked into touch

Creating Green-Collar Jobs

Van Jones and Ben Wyskida write: "It's no longer enough to declare a war on warming. We're all missing the point, and Democrats are close to missing a real opportunity to propose visionary policy that steps outside of traditional issue silos. The solution is a green-jobs agenda that bridges economic and environmental development. It's an idea that could transform entire communities, and that has the potential to unite once-hostile factions of the progressive left for a generation."

Waterbirds Pay Price of Global Warming

Nearly half the world's waterbird species are in decline, mostly due to rapid economic development and the effects of climate change, according to a global survey released today.

World Is Running Out of Water

Says UN Adviser

The world is running out of water and needs a radical plan to tackle shortages that threaten the ability of humanity to feed itself, according to Jeffrey Sachs, director of the UN's Millennium Project.

Internal Rifts Cloud Democrats' Opportunity on Warming

The House Democrats had not quite finished their "100 hours" agenda when they met in the Capitol basement Thursday morning, but Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) was already looking ahead. As her colleagues ate bagels and turkey sausage, she warned that their next challenge would be a lot tougher than popular issues such as student loans and ethics reforms. For her next act, she planned to take on global warming.

Alps Glaciers Will Melt by 2050

Glaciers will all but disappear from the Alps by 2050, scientists warned Monday, basing their bleak outlook on mounting evidence of slow but steady melting of the continental ice sheets.

Petraeus Says "Tough Days" Ahead in Iraq

Lieutenant General David Petraeus, the Army general who would carry out President Bush's new war plan, urged a skeptical Congress and American public Tuesday to be patient, but acknowledged "the situation in Iraq is dire."

Libby: White House sacrificed him for Rove

Lawyers: Libby Blamed for Leak to Protect Rove

Top White House officials tried to blame vice presidential aide Scooter Libby for the 2003 leak of a CIA operative's identity to protect President Bush's political strategist, Karl Rove, Libby's defense attorney said Tuesday as his perjury trial began.


Libby: White House sacrificed him for Rove



Top White House officials tried to blame vice presidential aide ‘Scooter’ Libby for the 2003 leak of a CIA operative’s identity to protect President Bush’s political strategist, Karl Rove, Libby’s defense attorney said Tuesday as his perjury trial began and the first witness took the stand. I. Lewis Libby is accused of lying to FBI agents, who began investigating after syndicated columnist Robert Novak revealed that a chief Bush administration critic, Joseph Wilson, was married to CIA operative Valerie Plame...

Scooter’s tragic innocence

by Nick Bromell


To me, the puzzle of Scooter Libby is not that he’s a highly paid lawyer who likes to drink shots of tequila now and then. Nor is it the question of whether he was betrayed by his superiors. The deep mystery to me is that for years Scooter somehow managed to reconcile who he is with what his masters and mentors demanded of him. Easygoing, tolerant, humane, balanced, modest and witty, he is precisely everything that the Bush administration is not...

The trial of Dick Cheney

by Justin Raimondo


Libby’s defense is (1) Rove did it, and he, Libby, is a ’sacrificial lamb,’ the fall guy for the White House, and (2) he had no reason to lie about the Plame matter, that this was at the extreme periphery of his concerns, and, in ‘recalling’ how he came upon the information that Plame was in fact a CIA agent, he simply failed to remember with any degree of accuracy because of all the weighty matters that he had to deal with in his capacity as chief of staff at the OVP. Fitzgerald, for his part, will show that this is simply not the case, that the Plame matter was one of Libby’s central concerns, and that both he and Cheney could almost be said to be obsessed with Wilson’s accusations that the administration was cooking the intelligence to fit a preordained conclusion...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Verheugen bremst Öko-Autos in EU - Streit um Pkw-Emissionen

Grüne greifen Verheugen an,1

Autokonzerne drohen EU-Kommission mit Jobabbau

Merkel jetzt auch Auto-Kanzlerin

Angela Merkel wird zur Auto-Kanzlerin,1

Kommentar zum EU-Grenzwert

SPD-Kritik an Merkels Unterstützung für Autolobby

SPD kritisiert Merkel

Automobilindustrie muss Beitrag zum Klimaschutz leisten

Weiter Streit über CO2-Grenzwerte

SPD-Politiker als Anwälte der Autoindustrie,,OID6363036_REF1,00.html

Schön, schnell, klimafeindlich

Deutschland ist zum Bremser geworden,1518,464893,00.html


Streit um Pkw-Emissionen

Während EU-weit der Treibhausgas-Ausstoß des Straßenverkehrs weiter zunimmt, versucht die deutsche Automobilindustrie, Zeit zu schinden.


EU-Pläne: Merkel will "mit aller Härte" für die deutsche Automobilindustrie kämpfen


Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel (CDU) hat im Streit über neue Klimaschutzvorgaben für die Automobilindustrie klar Partei für die deutsche Auto-Lobby ergriffen. Merkel attackierte die EU-Kommission und erklärte am Dienstag in Berlin, sie werde "mit aller Härte" gegen die Pläne kämpfen, für alle Neuwagen bis 2012 nur noch höchstens 120 Gramm CO2-Ausstoß zuzulassen. Auf dem so genannten Europatag der deutschen Wirtschaft warf sie damit Brüssel den Fehdehandschuh hin.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:


Campact-News 01/07
Freitag, 2. Februar 2007
Es schreibt: Christoph Bautz

In Brüssel tobt gerade eine Schlacht um den Klimaschutz: EU-Umweltkommissar Dimas will die europäischen Autobauer zwingen, den Spritverbrauch von Neuwagen bis 2012 um ein Viertel zu senken. Die Vertreter der deutschen Autoindustrie laufen dagegen Sturm – unterstützt von Angela Merkel, Wirtschaftsminister Glos und EU-Industriekommissar Verheugen.

Mehr im 5-Minuten-Info:

Schon nächste Woche, am 7. Februar, entscheidet sich, wer sich durchsetzt. Jetzt müssen wir Druck machen!

Schicken Sie Merkel, Glos und Verheugen eine Protest-Mail:

Wer sich am 7. Februar in Brüssel durchsetzt, hängt auch davon ab, wie viele Menschen mit dieser Aktion ein Zeichen für konsequenten Klimaschutz setzen.

Informieren Sie per E-Mail Freunde und Bekannte über die Aktion:

Neueste Presseinformationen deuten darauf hin, dass Umweltkommissar Dimas in Brüssel gegen die Autoindustrie das Ziel verteidigen kann, den CO2-Ausstoß von Neuwagen auf 120 g/km in 2012 zu senken. Diesen Fortschritt konnte Verheugen demnach nicht verhindern. Allerdings soll die Beimischung von Pflanzenkraftstoffen eingerechnet werden können, wodurch die Pflicht zur Reduktion des Spritverbrauchs verringert würde. Doch noch ist nichts beschlossen und wir müssen jetzt weiter Druck machen.

Übrigens: Besitzer von gmx-Adressen (und einige andere) bekommen Ihre Protest-Mail an Verheugen vom Server der EU-Kommission zurückgeschickt. Bitte senden Sie in diesem Fall die Protestmail direkt über Ihr Mailprogramm an

Campact-News 03/07 Donnerstag, 8. Februar 2007

Weit über 12.000 Menschen haben innerhalb der letzten 5 Tagen mit E-Mails an Merkel, Glos und Verheugen gegen Spritfresser und die Lobbymacht der Autoindustrie protestiert. Wir sind überwältigt: Noch nie haben sich so viele Menschen in so kurzer Zeit an einer Campact-Kampagne beteiligt. Dies war ein wichtiges Zeichen gegen die Lobbymacht der Autoindustrie und für mehr Klimaschutz!

Entscheidung mit Licht und Schatten

Mit der gestrigen Entscheidung will die EU-Kommission die Autoindustrie jetzt mit einer gesetzlichen Regelung zwingen, den CO2-Ausstoß von Neuwagen zu senken. Dies wollte die Autoindustrie verhindern – ein großer Erfolg für uns.

Die Kommission verlangt von der Autoindustrie, den Spritverbrauch bis 2012 auf 130g/km CO2-Ausstoß zu verringern. Weitere 10 Gramm sollen durch ein Set von Maßnahmen wie Leichtlaufreifen und sparsame Klimaanlagen eingespart werden. Teil dieses Sets sind aber leider auch Pflanzenkraftstoffe. Der Konflikt, ob und wie viel Pflanzenkraftstoffe anstelle der Spriteinsparung angerechnet werden können, steht also noch bevor.

In den nächsten Monaten wird es darum gehen, ob die gestrige Einigung auch im EU-Ministerrat und Parlament Bestand hat und wie die Reduktionsziele konkret und sicher erreicht werden. Wir müssen uns auf eine lange Auseinandersetzung einstellen und setzen dabei auf Ihre Unterstützung.

Eine genauere Analyse finden Sie im Logbuch:

Gewerkschaft Ver.di setzt auf klimapolitischen Amoklauf

Gestern lud Ver.di in Berlin zu einer Demonstration gegen die Energiepolitik der EU-Kommission ein. Diese will klimaschädliche Braunkohle zurückdrängen und eine Entflechtung der Stromkonzerne erreichen. Ver.di-Chef Frank Bsirske kämpft gemeinsam mit den Stromkonzernen dagegen. Wir sind entsetzt! Wir brauchen starke Gewerkschaften, aber solche, die sich für zukunftsfähige, ökologisch verträgliche Arbeitsplätze einsetzen.

Schreiben Sie dem Kollegen Bsirske Ihre Meinung:

Weitere Infos:,1

Christoph Bautz


Lug und Trug der deutschen Autohersteller


Deutsche Autos ohne Zukunft

Die deutsche automobile Kraftmeierei nervt - nicht nur die EU-Kommission.


Merkel und Verheugen geben Gas für die deutsche Autolobby

Im Streit um die Vorschläge von EU-Umweltkommissar Stavros Dimas für niedrige Abgaswerte scheint sich die deutsche Autolobby durchzusetzen - mit tatkräftiger Hilfe von Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel und EU-Kommissar Günter Verheugen, aber auch der Gewerkschaften. Kommissionspräsident Barroso scheint nun die Pläne von Dimas entschärfen zu wollen. Unter dem Druck der Autolobby droht Europa in der Klimapolitik zurückzufallen. Mehr

Ergänzung: Das Onlinenetzwerk Campact hat eine Kampagne gestartet "Spritfresser stoppen", die sich für niedrige Abgaswerte einsetzt und der Autolobby entgegenwirken soll. Beteiligen kann man sich unter
die letzten 24 Stunden vor der Brüsseler Entscheidung sind angebrochen. Noch wissen wir nicht, ob die europäische Autoindustrie den Spritverbrauch von Neuwagen bis 2012 um 25 Prozent senken muss. Aber schon jetzt steht fest: Ihre Teilnahme ist überwältigend! In 4 Tagen haben über 8.000 Menschen die Protest-Mail an Merkel, Glos und Verheugen verschickt. Bis morgen zur Entscheidung wollen wir 10.000 werden – mit Ihrer Unterstützung!

Informieren Sie jetzt möglichst viele Freunde:

Haben Sie noch keine Protest-Mail abgeschickt?



Umweltverbände kritisieren abgeschwächte CO2-Grenzwerte für Pkw in Europa

Der Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland (BUND) lehnt das am Mittwoch von der EU-Kommission in Brüssel vorgestellte Konzept zur Minderung der Klimagase von Pkw strikt ab. Mit der Einberechnung unverbindlicher so genannter "weicher Maßnahmen" werde der Autoindustrie eine Hintertür geöffnet, durch die sie sich aus ihrer Selbstverpflichtung zum Klimaschutz davonschleichen könne. Das von der Europäischen Union anvisierte Ziel, bis 2012 die CO2-Emissionen neuer Pkw im Flottendurchschnitt motorseitig auf 120 Gramm pro Kilometer zu senken, sei dem Druck deutscher Autohersteller zum Opfer gefallen.


Reduzierung der Auto-Emissionen: "Weichgespülter Kompromiss"

Ursprünglich hatte EU-Umweltkommissar Stavros Dimas in Übereinstimmung mit einem bereits 1995 formulierten Ziel der Union einen Grenzwert von 120 gCO 2 /km ...


Bundespräsident Köhler kritisiert Automobilindustrie

In der Debatte über die Entwicklung umweltfreundlicherer Autos hat Bundespräsident Horst Köhler die deutsche Automobilindustrie und die Politik scharf kritisiert. Die Auto-Konzerne hätten "mit Blick auf die ökologische Entwicklung dieser Erde kein Ruhmesblatt geschrieben", bemängelte Köhler in einem am Mittwoch vorab veröffentlichten Interview mit der "Zeit". Die Situation sei ähnlich wie bei der Einführung des Katalysators: Die Industrie gehe Selbstverpflichtungen ein, halte sich aber nicht daran.


Next-up News n°162

Verkehrte Welt

#Die Linkspartei.PDS: Pressemitteilungen

24. Januar 2007

Wie die Bundesregierung auf Anfrage bestätigte, führt das Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz eine Sachakte über die Linksfraktion im Bundestag. Dazu erklärt der Bundesgeschäftsführer Dietmar Bartsch:

Das ist ein inakzeptabler Vorgang, auch wenn es sich dabei nur um öffentlich zugängliche Publikationen und Veröffentlichungen handeln soll. Die Abgeordneten sind dazu da, die Geheimdienste zu kontrollieren und nicht umgekehrt. Offenbar haben die Herren vom Bundesverfassungsschutz noch nicht realisiert, dass der kalte Krieg vorbei ist. Ich fordere die Bundesregierung auf, umgehend entsprechende Maßnahmen zu ergreifen, um dieses Missverhältnis zu beseitigen.

U.N. climate panel to project wrenching change

A U.N. climate panel will project wrenching disruptions to nature by 2100 in a report next week blaming human use of fossil fuels more clearly than ever for global warming, scientific sources said.

From Information Clearing House

The EPA Closes Its Libraries, Destroys Documents

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has begun closing its nationwide network of scientific libraries, effectively preventing EPA scientists and the public from accessing vast amounts of data and information on issues from toxicology to pollution.

From Information Clearing House

Prisoners continue hunger strike at Canada’s Guantanamo

Mohammad Mahjoub, Mahmoud Jaballah and Hassan Almrei—who have been imprisoned indefinitely without charge or trial under a Canadian government “national security certificate”—are continuing a hunger strike to protest their inhumane conditions of detention.

From Information Clearing House

Former "enemy combatant" Padilla insists he's sane

Jose Padilla rocked back and forth during the meetings with a psychologist, his chained hands sweating and facial muscles twitching, and insisted repeatedly in a voice devoid of emotion that he was not crazy.

From Information Clearing House

Compared to the enormity of the war, this is a paltry scandal

Cash for honours is a trifle when set against Iraq. But our leaders can get away with anything if the economy holds up.,,1996485,00.html

From Information Clearing House

Rep. Ron Paul: Can We Achieve Peace in the Middle East?

Practically speaking, our meddling in the Middle East has only intensified strife and conflict. American tax dollars have militarized the entire region. We give Israel about $3 billion each year, but we also give Egypt $2 billion.

Billionaire Saban biggest donor to US politicians

Communications tycoon has donated at least USD 13 million to American politicians. As a close friend of the Clintons he contributed to the Democrats, but President Bush has not been deprived either.,7340,L-3355786,00.html

From Information Clearing House

Brzezinski: Bush Iran Policy ’Stupid’

He stressed that it is utterly absurd to adopt a position that the US has the right to dictate what happens in Iraq, as if Iran has nothing to say.

From Information Clearing House

Are Saudis waging an oil-price war on Iran?

Falling fuel costs probably not a coincidence, oil traders say.

From Information Clearing House

U.S. warns Iran to back off in Persian Gulf

A U.S. State Department official ruled out talks with Iran and said Tuesday that a second U.S. aircraft carrier strike group now steaming toward the Middle East is Washington's way of warning Tehran not to challenge America.

From Information Clearing House

Richard Perle: Bush would approve Iran attack

Richard Perle says, ‘If strike on Iran required US participation for success, president would agree'.,7340,L-3355234,00.html

From Information Clearing House

U.S. generals: Iraq hurt ability to fight elsewhere

The United States' ability to take on a new fight has been hurt by its wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the top military officials for the U.S. Army and Marine Corps told Congress on Tuesday.

From Information Clearing House

US general sees $70 billion bill to expand Army

The Bush administration's plan to permanently increase the size of the U.S. Army, strained by wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, will cost $70 billion over five years, a U.S. Army general said on Tuesday.

From Information Clearing House

McCain Bashes Cheney Over Iraq Policy

With his presidential hopes tied to an administration whose Iraq policy he supports but cannot control, John McCain for the first time blamed Vice President Cheney for what McCain calls the "witch's brew" of a "terribly mishandled" war in which U.S. forces are on the verge of defeat.

From Information Clearing House

GOP Opposition to Troop Increase Grows

President Bush's decision to send more troops to Iraq evoked increasing Republican opposition as a Democratic-led Senate panel prepared tough questioning for the man who would carry out the plan as the new war commander.,,-6365051,00.html

4 More US senators disagree with Bush's Iraq plan

Opposition to President George W. Bush's plan to increase troop strength in Iraq broadened on Capitol Hill on Monday as a new bipartisan group of four senators announced their disagreement with the strategy.

U.N. warns Iraq sliding to abyss

A U.N. envoy said on Tuesday Iraq was sliding "into the abyss of sectarianism" and urged Iraqi political and religious leaders to halt the violence after two car bombs in a Baghdad market killed 88 people.

From Information Clearing House

Bush by the Numbers

By Frank J. Ranelli

As Americans grow wearier of Bush and his obsession with Iraq by the moment, his approval rating continues a grave and precipitous drop. Now, nearly three-fourths of the nation is in staunch disagreement with President Bush. Virtually in uncharted territory in terms of unpopularity, the only legacy Bush appears to have ensured for himself is unreserved failure.

Is it high treason or just a simple case of dereliction of duty?

By Maher Osseiran

The Bush administration was the closest ever to Bin Laden and could have captured him on September 26, 2001, intelligence operatives were feet from him.

No Way In - No Way Out

By Sheila Samples

Americans who cherish freedom would do well to stop stumbling around in the trees and forests of the illegal immigration debate and see that the Bush administration is well on its way to closing the borders of the entire nation, not only to people trying to get in, but to citizens trying to get out.

Obama: The Democratic Messiah?

By Joel S. Hischhorn

Is Obama just another example of how our corrupt political system ingeniously creates candidates to keep hope alive? Is the self-professed progressive Obama the real thing? Is he something other than a conventional politician?

Abhängigkeit der Kinder von Computer und Handy im Visier

Progressive Democrats of America Join Antiwar March and Lobby Day in DC

Bush Has Little to Fear at Press Corps Roast

When Will We Know That Enough Americans Have Died?

If Tesco and Wal-Mart are Friends of the Earth, Are There Any Enemies Left?

Iraqi Millstone Round Bush's Neck

A Victim's Response to 9/11's Aftermath

Bush's Iraq "Surge": The Fraud Exposed

Tuna Stocks Close to Exhaustion, Says WWF

Bush Continues to Unite the World Against Him


Bush Continues to Unite the World... Against Him

By Jim Lobe

Despite two years of a concentrated effort by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and her public diplomacy major- doma Karen Hughes to boost Washington's global image, more people around the world have an unfavourable opinion of U.S. policies than at any time in recent memory, according to a new BBC poll.

Much of the business community and many political leaders are way ahead the President on global warming

Change is in the air.

President Bush said the words "climate change" tonight, marking the first time that he has mentioned this urgent environmental threat in a State of the Union speech.

Obviously we need more - and there is more.

His prescription for action – calling on America to produce upwards of 35 billion gallons of biofuels by 2017 and to improve auto fuel efficiency – is significant.

If channeled in the right directions, it would result in nearly a five-fold increase in biofuel production, help spur capital investments in low carbon fuels and reduce America's gasoline consumption.

That would be a good start.

However, President Bush is missing a huge opportunity to support an economy-wide national cap on America's global warming pollution. Without a cap, his proposal falls well short of comprehensive and effective global warming action.

As this list of recent events makes clear, there has never been more energy behind our global warming campaign. Taken together, these events represent unprecedented momentum in our fight for meaningful global warming action:

* Yesterday, Environmental Defense joined 10 major U.S. businesses and 3 other environmental groups to urge swift national action to cut America's global warming pollution;

* As many as 7 global warming bills have been or are expected to be introduced in the Senate in the coming weeks;

* Congressional Committee and Subcommittee Chairs in both the House and Senate are scheduling dozens of hearings on global warming solutions in the next several weeks;

* House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced last week that she is creating a special select committee on global warming solutions;

* The House of Representatives voted last week to reallocate energy subsidies from oil and natural gas industries to invest in renewable energy technologies;

* California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced a low carbon fuel standard to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 10% in all fuels sold in California by 2020;

* All leading major party presidential candidates are on record supporting strong national global warming action;

* According to news accounts, the upcoming report from the International Panel on Climate Change is expected to use the strongest language yet linking global warming pollution to rising temperatures;

* At least 8 governors have mentioned global warming in their State of the States, including Gov. Mark Sanford (R-SC), who called for a state level climate change stakeholders' conference.

These developments suggest that the people, much of the business community and many political leaders are way ahead the President on global warming. We need to capitalize on this progress, and build on this momentum to make 2007 the year when we finally turn the corner.

We must keep up constant support for an economy-wide cap on global warming pollution. And with your continued support, we will.

That's our end game for 2007.

Stay tuned, and thanks for everything,

Steve Cochran
Campaign Director
Global Warming

Accept Lt. Watada's Resignation

New evidence emerged pointing toward a criminal conspiracy at the highest levels of George W. Bush’s White House

Libby: “I Will Not Be Sacrificed So Karl Rove Can Be Protected”

Informant: Bob Banner

The Moral Compass of the Nation

by Bill Barnstead

Political cronyism. Lack of integrity. Graft. Bribery. Deceit. Lack of trustworthiness. And most of all, greed and the lust for power. These men (and women) have no moral compass because the nation itself no longer has a moral compass. Let me cite a couple of examples.....

Sovereign Humanity Is In Mortal Danger

from Garry Davis

WorldCitizen 2007 New Year's Message

"We stand at the brink of a second nuclear age. Not since the first atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki has the world faced such perilous choices... (t)he failure to adequately secure nuclear materials, and the continued presence of some 26,000 nuclear weapons in the United States and Russia are symptomatic of a larger failure to solve the problems posed by the most destructive technology on Earth." --Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

On January 18, 2007, the "Doomsday Clock" of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists was reset from 7 minutes to 5 minutes from the fatal hour of midnight: humanity's untimely extinction.

Eight heads of state possess nuclear weaponry as an alleged "defensive deterrent" in a politically anarchic world.

Einstein in 1945 warned us that the nuclear device is not a war weapon because, unlike a missile or bullet, its destructive power is "indiscriminate." In short, it is a killer of society itself, the very physical and temporal environment of human life. Only a world government, he concluded, could outlaw it and save humanity. Einstein also reminded us that "Imagination is more important than intelligence."

On November 22, 1948, 3 years after the end of WWII, we World Citizens interrupted a United Nations' General Assembly session in Paris "in the name of the people not represented here." We told the delegates "the sovereign states you represent divide us and lead us to the abyss of total war." And that "our common need for world law and order can no longer be disregarded." If the UN failed us in this critical task, we said, "Stand aside, for a People's World Assembly, will arise from our own ranks to create such a government."

History is replete with the concept of a governed world and world citizenship. But today we live in the first age when humanity itself is threatened.

What do we mean by "humanity"? Is it a conscious being? Can it think? Does it feel?

Would you or I die for it as national soldiers willingly die for their "nation" and as national presidents and supreme court judges pledge to defend their national constitutions "against all enemies, foreign and domestic"?

Can humanity, by itself, appeal to its constituent parts. . .us, as individuals, for its survival?

Or must each one of us, conscious of our dynamic relationship to it, speak AND act for humanity in our waking life? Finally are not we as individuals expendable whereas humanity obviously is not?

So the ultimate question comes down to: Is humanity our "collective human consciousness?"

Indeed, if consciousness is already global, then simply being human is to be global from birth. An actual "citizen of the world."

Humanity then must be a conscious global "government"! The so- called "brains" of Gaia, the living Earth to which we, as humans, already owe our primal allegiance.

Indeed Einstein's very last words were: "We appeal as human beings to human beings; Remember your humanity, and forget the rest."

Horace Mann, the great educator asked: "What have you done for humanity today?"

Abolitionist Charles Sumner stated that "The age of chivalry has gone; the age of humanity has come."

Transcendentalist Theodore Parker went further: "Humanity is the Son of God."

While Teilhard de Chardin wrote that "The 'noosphere,' was "a global net of self-awareness, instantaneous feedback, and planetary communication..."

And Nataraja Guru, in his epic Memorandum on World Government claimed : "Humanity is one."

That's the mental quantum leap and activist command for 2007! That in fact--and this is the crucial point--humanity is already a biological and conceptual "World Government."

Primal human allegiance to a conscious humanity then is the absolute wisdom criterion for human survival. Not "democracy" or "success" in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, the "Middle East" or whatever aggression and militarism by any nation-state anywhere on the planet.

But "Success" by, for and of the people of the world for whom planet Earth is home.

Faithful to our 1948 pledge to the UN General Assembly, and the world's people, as citizenship and government are corollaries, -- Emery Reves claimed in 1945: "There is no first step to world government; world government is the first step."(1) --we World Citizens declared our global government in 1953 which has been operating for over half a century. The World Government of World Citizens then is the institutional down-to-earth verification of humanity's "world government."(2)

"Because we can be served by nothing less."(3)

(1) Anatomy of Peace, Harper & Brothers, 1945

(2) Its 4th Edition World Passport is now available with information on a CD-Rom disc distributed to all Member-States of the United Nations (See the Catalogue at .)

(3) The Oran Declaration (See My Country Is the World, )

Note: The World Coordinator has addressed a complete documentation on the World Government of World Citizens to the following heads of state:

1. Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki, Iraq 12/5/06

2. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Israel 12/5/06 Acknowledged

3. President George W. Bush, USA 12/5/06

4. President Hu Jintao, China 12/4/06 Acknowledged

5. President Jacques Chirac, France 12/4/06 Acknowledged

6. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran 12/4/06

7. King Abdullah II, Jordan 12/5/06

8. President Emile Lahoud, Lebanon 12/5/06 Acknowledged

9. President Vladimir Putin, Russia 12/5/06

10. King Abdullah, Saudi Arabia 12/5/06

11. President Bashar al-Assad, Syria 12/4/06

12. Queen Elizabeth II, United Kingdom 12/4/06

13. President Hosni Mubarrak, Egypt 12/5/06

14. President Roh Moo-hyun, South Korea 12/4/06 Acknowledged

The rest will follow.

US-Zeitungsmarkt: Berufswunsch Pressebaron

Wie die Stasi die westdeutsche Atomindustrie abschöpfte

übermittle Ihnen einen Hinweis auf eine Sendung im Deutschlandfunk am 22.01.07.

Helmut Breunig

Herr Koppe klärt auf
Wie die Stasi die westdeutsche Atomindustrie abschöpfte
Von Rainer Link

Der Atomphysiker Johannes Koppe plante ab den 1960er Jahren die ersten Atomkraftwerke in Norddeutschland. Der wortgewandte Wissenschaftler galt als der Chefideologe der deutschen Atomindustrie und er war einer der kämpferischsten Gegner der Anti-AKW-Gruppen: Sein Buch "66 Fragen, 66 Antworten zur Kernenergie" galt als Bibel der Kernkraftindustrie.

Koppe glaubte felsenfest an die absolute Sicherheit der Atomtechnik. Zweifler hielt er für unseriös oder unkundig oder beides.

1979 verschwand Johannes Koppe plötzlich von der Bildfläche. Wochen später tauchte er in der DDR wieder auf und entpuppte sich als Top-Agent der HVA, der Ostberlin mit allen wichtigen Dokumenten und Plänen der westdeutschen Atomindustrie versorgt hatte.

In der DDR setzte Koppe sein atomares Wirken fort. Im AKW Greifswald/Lubmin war er erneut mit Planungsaufgaben beschäftigt. Bis 1990- da wurden seine Reaktoren aus Sicherheitsgründen stillgelegt.

Koppes Credo: trotz Harrisburg und Tschernobyl sei die Atomkraft absolut sicher. Wer anderes sage, habe keine Ahnung.

Produktion: Deutschlandfunk 2007

Das Manuskript der Sendung finden Sie unter "Downloads".

St. Pete To Homeless: Screw You


Informant: David Diggins


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