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Nazanin's appeal to Shahroudi, Khamenei, Ahmadinejad

A message from Pilvi

I just noted this story and signed the petition for this poor girl.. Please do the same ... This is so sad and wrong!

On January 3, 2006, 18-year-old Nazanin was sentenced to death for murder by court in Iran after she reportedly admitted fatally stabbing one of three men who attempted to rape her and her 16-year-old niece in a park in Karaj (a suburb of Tehran) in March 2005. She was seventeen at the time. Her sentence is subject to review by the Court of Appeal, and if upheld, to confirmation by the Supreme Court.......

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Bush Plan for Iraq Requests More Troops and More Jobs

President Bush's new Iraq strategy calls for a rapid influx of forces that could add as many as 20,000 American combat troops to Baghdad, supplemented with a jobs program costing as much as $1 billion intended to employ Iraqis in projects including painting schools and cleaning streets, according to American officials who are piecing together the last parts of the initiative.

US puts squeeze on Iran's oil fields,0,4572971.story

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Polar bears in poor condition

Icy hunting grounds diminishing: Report

Peter Gorrie
Toronto Star

Polar bears in Ontario's far north are in much worse shape than 20 years ago, likely because climate change is melting the ice from which they hunt, says a new report by a provincial government scientist.

The decline in their physical condition is almost certainly a first step toward a population reduction, says the report, headed by Martin Obbard of the Ministry of Natural Resources in Peterborough.

These are "pretty clear warning signals," Obbard said.

The connection to climate change isn't certain, but the problem appears to be that Hudson Bay is melting earlier in spring and freezing later in fall.

Polar bears spend the winter on the ice, hunting ring seals and putting on body fat. In summer, they travel up to 40 kilometres inland, eating little. That's when females give birth and nurse their young.

They run into trouble if they haven't been able to eat enough seal to provide energy for those lean months. With less ice, they have less time to hunt.

"At a personal level ... I don't think there's any doubt," that the lengthening ice-free season is the culprit, Obbard said.

Similar results have been reported for bears on the Manitoba shore of the bay: Obbard's report is the first to show an impact on the 1,000 or so along the 600-kilometre stretch of Ontario shoreline from north of the native community of Attawapiskat up to the Manitoba border.

From 2000 to 2005, the researchers measured the size and weight of polar bears they drugged using tranquilizer darts fired from a helicopter. Those results were used to determine the animals' body condition, then compared to findings from the early '80s.

The most dramatic decline was in pregnant females, followed by juvenile bears. Adult males were also in worse shape, but hadn't declined quite as badly.

The number of Manitoba bears has fallen from about 1,200 to 975 in the past 25 years. Obbard's results suggest Ontario bears will "follow the same trajectory," with poor condition followed by reproductive failure, then a drop in population.

"I can't say how imminent it is, but it's happening," he said.

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Bush Moves to Completely Revamp US Nuclear Arsenal

Skeptical Officials Say "Surge" Is More of Same

President Bush is putting the final touches on his new Iraq policy amid growing skepticism inside and outside the administration that the emerging package of extra troops, economic assistance and political benchmarks for the Baghdad government will make any more than a marginal difference in stabilizing the country.

Chancen verteilen, Vermögen behalten

Soziale Gerechtigkeit ist zum Dauerthema der deutschen Politik geworden. Doch die Geister scheiden sich nicht nur an der Umsetzung, sondern schon an der Definition des seltsamen Phänomens.

Dems to Hold 11 Separate Hearings on Iraq War

In this new era of divided government, the congressional hearing room is where the executive and legislative branches will clash. Over the next few weeks, Senate Democrats plan to hold at least 11 hearings just on Iraq. In the House, one of the Democrats' most dogged investigators is waiting to spring his committee on a different mission - suspected government fraud.

Start Preparing Now for the Coming "Cataclysmic Fight to the Death"

While the November elections provided the Democratic Party a public mandate to end the war in Iraq, President Bush has signaled his intent to use his institutional powers as Commander in Chief to maintain and even escalate the US commitment, public or Congressional opinion notwithstanding. The Democratic leadership has removed two obvious ways to stop him - impeachment and a cutoff of war funds - from the table.

Pelosi Hints at Denying Bush Iraq Funds

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said newly empowered Democrats will not give President Bush a blank check to wage war in Iraq, hinting they could deny funding if he seeks additional troops. "If the president chooses to escalate the war, in his budget request, we want to see a distinction between what is there to support the troops who are there now."

Videos for Peace and Impeachment

Videos from Thursday's Impeachment Forum at the National Press Club and Rally at the Capitol

John Nichols puts current movement for impeachment into historical context:

Cindy Sheehan:

Daniel Ellsberg on How Campaigns to Cut off War Funds and Impeach Criminal Presidents Help Each Other and Can Best Succeed in Tandem (Introduced by David Swanson):

Daniel Ellsberg on Bush and Hitler Seizing Right to Read Anyone's Mail:

Michael Ratner, President of the Center for Constitutional Rights:

David Swanson and Sunsara Taylor:

ImpeachMobile Video:

Cindy Sheehan at Opening of Congress 01-04-07:

Informant: David Swanson

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Save WHALES from extinction!!!

From Debs

Playing Russian Roulette With Pharmaceutical Drugs

by Greg Ciola

That’s right! Pharmaceutical drugs kill, perhaps not as fast as a bullet in many cases – but just as effectively. Stay on them long enough and you’re almost assured of the deadly consequences. Do you really think for one minute that the pharmaceutical industry cares if their gun goes off? They’re making an absurd amount of money selling you sickness. The combined profits of pharmaceutical companies annually are in the hundreds of billions of dollars......

The One World Order: Separation of Church and Hate

by Deanna Spingola

The Constitution established our federal government. That document is a two way agreement; it is every citizen’s social contract with their government. Accordingly, all of our rights are protected – except the ones we willingly give up......

Angriff auf den Iran?

Israel soll Nuklearschlag gegen Iran planen,1518,458170,00.html


Angriff auf den Iran?

Während die Demokraten über den Irak-Konflikt mit dem Weißen Haus streiten, scheint es im Hinblick auf den Iran Einigkeit zu geben.

'Wehrhafter Westen'

Phone mast ruled ‘alien’ but still gets go ahead

America's new puppet

By its ill-judged invasion of Somalia, Ethiopia has become an accomplice in Bush's war on terror.,,1983296,00.html

From Information Clearing House

Cheney's last stand

Contrary to the recommendations of the Baker-Hamilton report, Dick Cheney believes that sending extra troops to Iraq will deliver success.

From Information Clearing House

They have made a killing

By Terry Jones

The US has spent a million dollars for every dead Iraqi - is that what they mean by value for money?

Murder in Haditha

By Josh White

Staff Sgt. Frank D. Wuterich, the squad's leader, shot the men one by one after Marines ordered them out of a white taxi in the moments following the explosion, which killed one Marine and injured two others, witnesses told investigators. Another Marine fired rounds into their bodies as they lay on the ground.

Iraqi Girl tells of US Attack in Haditha


Ten-year-old Iman Walid witnessed the killing of seven members of her family in an attack by American marines last November. The interview with Iman was filmed exclusively for ITV News by Ali Hamdani,our Iraqi video diarist.

Bush won't end Iraq war on his own

By Molly Ivins

The president of the United States does not have the sense God gave a duck--so it's up to us. You and me.

The Surge: Political Cover or Escalation?

Paul Craig Roberts

Western domination of the Muslim world succeeded by not picking a fight with all of the disunited Arabs at the same time.

Israel plans nuclear strike on Iran,,2089-2535310,00.html

Informant: ranger116


Sunday Times of London reports Israel training for nuclear strike on

Informant: jensenmk

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Israel, Lobby Pushing Iran War

Flood of stories on Israeli plans for tactical nuclear strikes against Iran

Informant: rafeswhiterose


Explosion of nuclear 'bunker buster' weapons cannot be 'contained'

'Forward' reviews Scott Ritter's 'Target Iran'

Informant: jensenmk

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Revealed: Israel Plans Nuclear Strike on Iran

Israel has drawn up secret plans to destroy Iran's uranium enrichment facilities with tactical nuclear weapons. Two Israeli air force squadrons are training to blow up an Iranian facility using low-yield nuclear "bunker-busters," according to several Israeli military sources. The attack would be the first with nuclear weapons since 1945, when the United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Israeli weapons would each have a force equivalent to one-fifteenth of the Hiroshima bomb.


Nuclear War: U.S. or Israeli Attack on Iran could contaminate Middle East

Informant: Kev Hall


Israel plans a tactical nuclear strike on Iran

By Uzi Mahnaimi in New York and Sarah Baxter in Washington report

Israel will not tolerate Iran going nuclear and military sources say it will use tactical strikes unless Iran abandons its programme. Is Israel bluffing or might it really push the button? - Two fast assault squadrons based in the Negev desert and in Tel Nof, south of Tel Aviv, are already training for the attack.

2007: Decisive Year for the Israeli-Neocon Attack Iran Plan

Israel ON the Brink

By Dr. Meir Stieglitz

As before the Iraq invasion, Israel is pushing for an all-or-nothing endgame by presenting any compromise (involving Iranian nuclear activity) with Teheran as a Munich-like capitulation.

Iran promises quick response to any attack

"Anyone who attacks will regret their actions very quickly," Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Muhammad Ali Husseini said.

From Information Clearing House

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Energy Autonomy

Hermann Scheer

"Scheer's book is a political and programmatic statement backed by sound science. It meticulously calculates the feasibility of shifting to renewable energy.... Achieving energy autonomy is, not least of all, a matter of waging peace." Die Zeit

How the West will make a killing on Iraqi oil riches

Informant: jeff

Manipulation durch gekaufte Wissenschaft - Klimawandel: Wie Konzerne lügen

Erinnern Sie sich an die zermürbenden Diskussionen, ob Rauchen nun Lungenkrebs auslöst oder nicht? Über Jahrzehnte zogen sich die Debatten hin, weil - wie man heute weiß - den Abstreitern dank Finanzspritzen aus der Tabakindustrie nicht die Luft ausging. Der Verband kritischer Wissenschaftler (UCS) aus den USA hat nun eine Studie vorgelegt, wie ExxonMobil (Esso) mit der Szene der Klimawandel-Skeptiker verbandelt ist. Das Fazit: In der Absicht die Öffentlichkeit über den Klimawandel zu täuschen, hat ExxonMobil eine der durchdachtesten und erfolgreichsten Fehlinformationskampagnen gestartet, seit die Tabakindustrie versucht hat, die Menschen über den Zusammenhang von Rauchen und Lungenkrebs sowie Herzerkrankungen hinters Licht zu führen.

Quelle: Greenpeace

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Nachricht von Helmut Breunig

US heading for 'mother of all constitutional crises'

Informant: jensenmk

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