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Stand with Lt. Ehren Watada against illegal & immoral war in Iraq

Merkel will liberale Märkte und Partnerschaft mit USA


Zur Beginn der deutschen EU-Ratspräsidentschaft setzen die Spitzen der großen Koalition unterschiedliche Akzente für die Arbeit im ersten Halbjahr 2007. Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel (CDU) betonte, dass sie eine engere wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit zwischen der Europäischen Union und den USA anstrebt. Außerdem wolle sie eine weitere Liberalisierung des Energie- und Telekommunikationsmarktes einfordern.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:

"Neue Handelsstrategie": Harte Kritik am Kurs der deutschen EU-Ratspräsidentschaft


Das globalisierungskritische Netzwerk Attac hat am Dienstag in Berlin das Programm der deutschen EU-Ratspräsidentschaft scharf kritisiert und "Alternativen für ein friedliches, demokratisches, soziales und ökologisches Europa" vorgestellt. Mit der Ankündigung der Bundesregierung, die europäische Energieversorgung notfalls auch militärisch zu sichern und die Reaktivierung der EU-Verfassung ins Zentrum ihres Vorsitzes zu stellen, sei ein weiterer Sozialabbau und eine Militarisierung in der EU zu befürchten, meint Sven Giegold von Attac. Die gebürtige US-Amerikanerin und Mitbegründerin von Attac Frankreich, Susan George, sagte, das europäische Sozialsystem sei es Wert, "bewahrt zu werden und dafür zu kämpfen".

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:

Help Stop the Next Wolf Massacre

Soon, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is expected to release a proposal to strip wolves of crucial Endangered Species Act protections across most of Wyoming and de-list wolves in Idaho, where the state is poised to kill up to 75% of the wolves living in the Lolo district of the Clearwater National Forest.

This proposal could allow the use of aerial gunning and other lethal control methods to kill as many as two-thirds of the wolves in Wyoming and as many as 54 of Idaho’s 65 wolf packs!

Help stop the massacre! Fill out the form below to urge the head of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Dale Hall, to maintain federal protections for gray wolves.

Help Stop the Next Wolf Massacre

The stage has been set for the largest massacre of wolves to occur in the lower 48 United States in decades. Unless we stop it, hundreds of wolves -- including mothers and pups -- could die.


Hunters Target Wolves in Idaho and Montana

Vogelgrippe und H5N1, Impfen und AIDS

Informant: Sibylle Gabriel

Doubling Down on the Imperial Mission in 2007

Tom Engelhardt writes: "Imagine! The Marine Corps is willing to pay young people to go to a uniformless summer camp to test their 'leadership potential,' with no commitment to the Corps necessary. Consider that; then consider what was certainly the president's only significant decision of the holiday season past - to permanently expand the US military by as many as 70,000 troops."

Death of Zarqawi Only Inflamed Violence

When US forces killed the leader of Al-Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Musab Zarqawi, six months ago in a village near here, they hoped security would improve in this strategic province just north of Baghdad. Instead, security has collapsed in Diyala province, which now ranks as one of Iraq's most troubled regions. Insurgent attacks have more than doubled in the last year.

Protecting Internet Democracy

The editors of the New York Times write: "One of the big winners in the last election may turn out to be the principle, known as net neutrality, that Internet service providers should not be able to favor some content over others. Democrats who are moving into the majority in Congress - led by Ron Wyden in the Senate and Edward Markey in the House - say they plan to fight hard to pass a net neutrality bill, and we hope that they do. It is vital to preserve the Internet's role in promoting entrepreneurship and free expression."

Torture, Lies, and Videotape

Arlen Parsa writes: "Not long before Christmas Day 2002, a young man was being held in a US facility known as the Bagram Collection Point, in Afghanistan. Like many other Afghan nationals, he had only one name: Dilawar. He led a simple, quiet life. He had a wife, a young daughter, and one friend. He was 22 years old, and weighed only 122 pounds. Most of his captors believed he was not guilty of anything and had 'simply driven his taxi past the American base at the wrong time.' He died on December 10th. The incident was covered up by the Pentagon."

Keith Olbermann: Senseless 'Sacrifice' in Iraq Must End

Special Comment About "Sacrifice"

Keith Olbermann states: "The former labor secretary, Robert Reich, says Senator John McCain told him that the 'surge' would help the 'morale' of the troops already in Iraq. If Mr. McCain truly said that, and truly believes it, he has either forgotten completely his own experience in Vietnam ... or he is unaware of the recent Military Times poll indicating only 38 percent of our active military want to see more troops sent ... or Mr. McCain has departed from reality."


Keith Olbermann: Senseless 'Sacrifice' in Iraq Must End,000

Health warning over safety of bottled water

Informant: binstock

US-Studie spricht von 2,2 Millionen Kreditnehmern, die ihr Eigenheim verlieren werden

Am amerikanischen Subprime-Hypothekenmarkt droht ein Desaster



Union of Concerned Scientists
January 3, 2007

WASHINGTON, DC - A new report from the Union of Concerned Scientists offers the most comprehensive documentation to date of how ExxonMobil has adopted the tobacco industry's disinformation tactics, as well as some of the same organizations and personnel, to cloud the scientific understanding of climate change and delay action on the issue. According to the report, ExxonMobil has funneled nearly $16 million between 1998 and 2005 to a network of 43 advocacy organizations that seek to confuse the public on global warming science.

"ExxonMobil has manufactured uncertainty about the human causes of global warming just as tobacco companies denied their product caused lung cancer," said Alden Meyer, the Union of Concerned Scientists' Director of Strategy & Policy. "A modest but effective investment has allowed the oil giant to fuel doubt about global warming to delay government action just as Big Tobacco did for over 40 years."

Smoke, Mirrors & Hot Air: How ExxonMobil Uses Big Tobacco's Tactics to "Manufacture Uncertainty" on Climate Change details how the oil company, like the tobacco industry in previous decades, has:

- Raised doubts about even the most indisputable scientific evidence

- Funded an array of front organizations to create the appearance of a broad platform for a tight-knit group of vocal climate change contrarians who misrepresent peer-reviewed scientific findings

- Attempted to portray its opposition to action as a positive quest for "sound science" rather than business self-interest

- Used its access to the Bush administration to block federal policies and shape government communications on global warming

ExxonMobil-funded organizations consist of an overlapping collection of individuals serving as staff, board members, and scientific advisors that publish and re-publish the works of a small group of climate change contrarians. The George C. Marshall Institute, for instance, which has received $630,000 from ExxonMobil, recently touted a book edited by Patrick Michaels, a long-time climate change contrarian who is affiliated with at least 11 organizations funded by ExxonMobil. Similarly, ExxonMobil funds a number of lesser-known groups such as the Annapolis Center for Science-Based Public Policy and Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow. Both groups promote the work of several climate change contrarians, including Sallie Baliunas, an astrophysicist who is affiliated with at least nine ExxonMobil-funded groups.

Baliunas is best known for a 2003 paper alleging the climate had not changed significantly in the past millennia that was rebutted by 13 scientists who stated she had misrepresented their work in her paper. This renunciation did not stop ExxonMobil-funded groups from continuing to promote the paper. Through methods such as these, ExxonMobil has been able to amplify and prop up work that has been discredited by reputable climate scientists.

"When one looks closely, ExxonMobil's underhanded strategy is as clear and indisputable as the scientific research it's meant to discredit," said Seth Shulman, an investigative journalist who wrote the UCS report. "The paper trail shows that, to serve its corporate interests, ExxonMobil has built a vast echo chamber of seemingly independent groups with the express purpose of spreading disinformation about global warming."

ExxonMobil has used the laudable goal of improving scientific understanding of global warming -- under the guise of "sound science" -- for the pernicious ends of delaying action to reduce heat-trapping emissions indefinitely. ExxonMobil also exerted unprecedented influence over U.S. policy on global warming, from successfully recommending the appointment of key personnel in the Bush administration to funding climate change deniers in Congress.

"As a scientist, I like to think that facts will prevail, and they do eventually," said Dr. James McCarthy, Alexander Agassiz Professor of Biological Oceanography at Harvard University and former chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's working group on climate change impacts. "It's shameful that ExxonMobil has sought to obscure the facts for so long when the future of our planet depends on the steps we take now and in the coming years."

The burning of oil and other fossil fuels results in additional atmospheric carbon dioxide that blankets the Earth and traps heat. The amount of CO2 in the atmosphere has increased greatly over the last century and global temperatures are rising as a result. Though solutions are available now that will cut global warming emissions while creating jobs, saving consumers money, and protecting our national security, ExxonMobil has manufactured confusion around climate change science, and these actions have helped to forestall meaningful action that could minimize the impacts of future climate change.

"ExxonMobil needs to be held accountable for its cynical disinformation campaign on global warming," said Meyer. "Consumers, shareholders and Congress should let the company know loud and clear that its behavior on this issue is unacceptable and must change."

Informant: NHNE


World Bank Chastised

An external audit concludes that the World Bank's research is too-frequently mediocre, politicized, and unreliable.

Exxon Mobil Cultivates Global Warming Doubt

Energy giant Exxon Mobil borrowed tactics from the tobacco industry to raise doubt about climate change, spending $16 million on groups that question global warming. "Exxon Mobil has manufactured uncertainty about the human causes of global warming just as tobacco companies denied their product caused lung cancer," said Alden Meyer of the Union of Concerned Scientists.


ExxonMobil Accused of Disinformation on Warming

Europe Must End Their "Deforestation Biofuel" Energy Policy

Please forward alerts widely!


Europe Must End Their "Deforestation Biofuel" Energy Policy

Rainforest Portal, a project of Ecological Internet, Inc.
January 3, 2007

TAKE ACTION Industrial biofuels threaten Rainforests and European land sustainability

There exist serious concerns regarding the production of plantation crops on lands cleared of ancient rainforests for production of biodiesel in Europe in particular. For example, remaining natural orangutan habitat and their rainforest ecosystems in Southeast Asia are threatened by the unsustainable harvesting of palm oil for the use of biofuels. The campaign to stop Europe's "Deforestation Biofuel" Energy Policy is now at an important decision point, as the European Commission is expected to finalize the "Biomass Action Plan" policy by January 10th for biofuels sourced from plantations cleared from ancient rainforests. Earlier the European Parliament voted for rapid market expansion before safeguards are put in place. Please tell the European Commission now that they must prevent biofuels from causing ever greater deforestation, biodiversity losses, and evictions and impoverishment of local communities both in tropical rainforests and Europe. Unrestrained industrial biofuel expansion will accelerate, not slow down, climate change; as peatlands, rainforests, forests and croplands across the world are converted to energy crop monocultures and release their carbon in the process.


Discuss this alert at:

While thundering about the need for U.N. reform, the U.S. has steadfastly refused to permit staff whistleblower protection

Stabbing U.N. Reform In The Back

This Congress will be inconsistent on digital rights, posing a challenge for activists

The Digital Give And Take

Are candidates like John McCain doomed by their lack of visible piety?

The GOP's Religious Litmus

Release the aged research chimps!

A message from Pam

Some of you may have already signed, but if so, please forward, and crosspost - whatever it takes!

50 YEARS in a laboratory is just unconscionable!

Monika V.

Petition to release aged research chimps December 08, 2006 12:13 PM

US petition to release aged research chimps

Please sign the petition asking for the release of aged research chimps. Thanks!

The United States is the biggest user of chimpanzees in research - an estimated 1,300. Many have been in research for decades. The oldest known is Wenka - she is 52. After nearly 50 years, it's time for her and the other elders to retire so they can spend their remaining days in peace and comfort.

More on this site:

Navy SEAL officer’s report on ‘remote viewing’ urges ‘transcendent’ intelligence

From Our bill of rights

Democrats Finalize New Ethics Rules

House Democrats hurried yesterday to put the finishing touches on ethics reforms that would ban lawmakers and staffers from accepting trips, gifts and meals from lobbyists and prevent the new majority from holding votes open in order to change the outcome.

Activists Seek Bolder Approach to War, Spying

Activists will greet the new Congressional leaders at the Capitol tomorrow demanding a ban on torture, an end to warrantless domestic spying, and a restoration of curbed civil liberties. The rally will be followed by an evening forum calling for the president's impeachment, led by the Center for Constitutional Rights, anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, and a pro-impeachment group called World Can't Wait.

Support Our Human Rights Campaigns

Support Our Human Rights Campaigns

1. Please help us expose the perpetrators of genocide against the native peoples of Canada and bring them to justice. Endorse our petition:

2. Support our Call to Boycott Westpac Banking Corporation until the bank and their major shareholders have compensated Maori, as well as other deprived New Zealanders.

CASF Human Rights Campaign Team

Stop Genocide against Native Peoples in Canada Summary Creating A Sustainable Future (CASF) is calling on United Nations General Assembly, International Criminal Court (ICC) and International Court of Justice (ICJ) to establish an International War Crimes Tribunal to investigate the complicity in genocide against native peoples in Canada, past and present, by Canadian government and its agencies, the multinational corporations, the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian and United Church of Canada and other forces. Full petition is available at URL:

A Call to World Citizens and Ethical Investors to Boycott Westpac Summary The Bank of New South Wales, later Westpac Banking Corporation, opened 7 branches in New Zealand in 1861, which facilitated and was enormously enriched by the theft of Maori land, gold and all other resources. MSRB is calling on world citizens and ethical investors to boycott Westpac New Zealand until such time the bank and their major shareholders have compensated Maori, as well as other deprived New Zealanders. Full petition is available at URL:

This Strategy Is New?

William Fisher writes: "Bush is taking a hard look at economic initiatives as he prepares to let the nation in on his new strategy for Iraq. But he faces two huge problems. The first is that he's been here before - and his Coalition Provisional Authority, under the aegis of Viceroy Jerry Bremer, botched this job, as he did most others back in 2003 and 2004. The second is that, whatever economic development projects Bush may try to put in place, it may just be too late for any of them to be effective."

Fremdgemachter Aufschwung selbstgemachter Abschwung

#Die Linkspartei.PDS: Pressemitteilungen

03. Januar 2007

Zur Situation auf dem Arbeitsmarkt im Monat Dezember erklärt der Bundesgeschäftsführer Dietmar Bartsch (MdB):

4,007 Millionen Menschen sind in Deutschland ohne Arbeit, viele von ihnen seit Jahren. Der konjunkturelle Aufschwung hält an, der Anstieg der Arbeitslosenzahlen ist weit weniger stark als im Dezember üblich. Die Freude über den nur geringen Zuwachs wird erheblich getrübt durch die Millionen Menschen ohne Chance. Im Osten des Landes ist die Arbeitslosenquote nach wie vor doppelt so hoch, wie in den westlichen Bundesländern. Wer eine Chance bekommt, bekommt diese oft nur im
1-Euro-Job-Bereich und hat keinen existenzsichernden Arbeitsplatz. Für die von ihr gefeierten, vermeintlichen Erfolge am Arbeitsmarkt hat die Bundesregierung wenig getan. Der Zuwachs an Beschäftigung insgesamt resultiert vielfach aus der guten Konjunktur, speziell im Export, und beschränkt sich zu großen Teilen auf den Niedriglohnbereich oder ist Ergebnis statistischer Veränderungen, sowie dem Wetter und dem Konsumverhalten vor der Erhöhung der Mehrwertsteuer geschuldet. Die Situation der Arbeitslosen verbessert sich auch nicht dadurch, dass die Überschüsse der Bundesagentur zweckentfremdet zum Stopfen von Haushaltslöchern genutzt werden, statt sie intensiv in die Förderung von Arbeitslosen zu investieren. Schädlicher als diese Unterlassung ist die Erhöhung der Mehrwertsteuer auf 19% - Studien sagen in Folge der Erhöhung eine Vernichtung von 190.000 Arbeitsplätzen in den nächsten Jahren voraus. So sorgt die Regierung Merkel dafür, dass dem Aufschwung die Luft ausgeht. Von Dauer wären hingegen Maßnahmen, die die Linkspartei vorschlägt. Beispielsweise die Überschüsse der Bundesagentur für eine verstärkte Investition in öffentliche Beschäftigung nutzen. Das
100.000-Jobs-Programm für Langzeitarbeitslose, das die Bundesregierung aufgelegt hat, reicht bei weitem nicht aus. Gut ist, dass damit ein Vorschlag der Linken aufgegriffen wird, was uns freut, aber mit ernsthaftem Willen sind hier bis zu 500.000 Arbeitsplätze bis 2009 möglich. Diesen Willen muss die Regierung noch beweisen.


Zeigt her eure Daten: der gläserne Internet-User

Ford, Cheney, checks and balances

The Nation
by John Nichols


There has been much discussion over the past several days about the many contributions former President Gerald Ford made to the American political experiment. Surely, his was a steady hand at the helm of a ship of state that Richard Nixon had steered into turbulent waters. And, surely, the grand old Republican's moderation was a necessary corrective against the sort of ideological abuses committed by too many of his fellow partisans. But Ford's greatest contribution involved the respect he showed for the system of checks and balances that the founders established in order to protect and maintain the Republic. A man of Congress who came to the Oval Office by the accident of appointment rather than the design of candidacy, Ford moved in the first months of his presidency to renew proper relations between the executive and legislative branches...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Harpy, hero, heretic: Hillary

Mother Jones
by Jack Hitt


Almost every American has an opinion about Hillary. Consider her poll numbers. Hillary Clinton has favorables in the high 40s right now and unfavorables running about even. Her 'no opinion' numbers are in the low single digits, approaching zero. Most politicians start with a huge swath of 'no opinion' voters whom they can then try to convert. If Hillary runs, she will need to invent a whole new form of campaign strategy: She will need to flip voters who pretty much hate her. Hillary-hating is such a national pastime, for both Democrats and Republicans, that it should be its own verb: 'Hillarating'...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

FBI report details possible detainee abuses

Amarillo Globe News


FBI agents documented more than two dozen incidents of possible mistreatment at the Guantanamo Bay military base, including one detainee whose head was wrapped in duct tape for chanting the Quran and another who pulled out his hair after hours in a sweltering room. Documents released Tuesday by the FBI offered new details about the harsh interrogation practices used by military officials and contractors when questioning so-called enemy combatants. The reports describe a female guard who detainees said handled their genitals and wiped menstrual blood on their face...

FBI Details Possible Detainee Torture

Documents released Tuesday by the FBI offered new details about torture and the harsh interrogation practices used by military officials and contractors when questioning so-called enemy combatants. The documents were released in response to a public records request by the American Civil Liberties Union, which is suing Rumsfeld and others on behalf of former military detainees who say they were abused.

German Muslim held, denied US entry

Lima News


A German businessman of Syrian descent who wanted to surprise his daughter with a holiday visit was detained for four days in a Las Vegas holding cell before being sent back home without explanation. A civil rights group called authorities' treatment of Majed Shehadeh a case of anti-Muslim discrimination. Shehadeh, 62, flew from Frankfurt to Las Vegas last Thursday, hoping to meet with his wife and drive to Bakersfield, Calif., where his American-born daughter had just gotten news she'd passed the California bar exam. Instead, he wound up shivering in a holding cell without ever being told why he couldn't enter the country, he said...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Democrats pressed to show progress in first 100 hours

USA Today


Democratic leaders will be pressed in coming weeks to move their legislative agenda and show voters they made the right choice in November to shift control of Congress. 'Democrats have an urgent need to show they can make a difference,' said Hugh Price, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, adding that Democrats have to 'demonstrate to voters that by putting them in charge of Congress that's not a continuation of business as usual'...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Protesters already mobilizing against Democrats' timidity

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Endangered Wildlife


Beautiful video, Stacey! Thanks for using your talent as a voice for the voiceless. Be Forever Blessed.

Linda H.


I have just read and signed the petition: "STOP LIVE DOG BURNING TESTS IN CHINA"

Please take a moment to read about this important issue, and join me in signing the petition. It takes just 30 seconds, but can truly make a difference. Please sign here:


Pam F.

Compounds From Household Products Found in Human Blood

Since 2000, the federal government, environmental groups, and private citizens have been steadily turning up the heat on DuPont with a series of lawsuits and proposed regulatory actions in states across the nation.

Concern for Rainforest Forces RWE to Scrap Palm Oil Project

A leading German utility has abandoned plans to convert a British power station to run on palm oil, in a blow to the promotion of biofuels in Europe. The company halted production because it was unable to secure sufficient supplies without risking damage to tropical rainforests.

India's Forgotten Tribes Gain Rights Over Forests

Over 40 million of India's most impoverished and marginalized people live in the country's forests. A new law will for the first time enshrine their right to live there, but conservationists are worried about endangered wildlife.

Bush May Oust Top Commander for Backing Troop Withdrawal

General Casey's strategy in Iraq was to transfer responsibility for security to the Iraqis and begin a gradual withdrawal of troops from Iraq. Bush seems all but certain not only to reverse the strategy that General Casey championed, but also to accelerate the general's departure from Iraq.

Security Firms Granted Full Police Power

Private firms with outright police powers have been proliferating in some places - and trying to expand their terrain. The trend is triggering debate over whether the privatization of public safety is wise.

Global Warming & Omnivore Man

"Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet." -- Albert Einstein

Informant: NHNE

January 1, 2007

Joseph Dillard Writes:

While I am happy to see the rising number of articles on Global Warming at many news sites that are awakening people to the reality of imminent catastrophic change that is upon us, too few articles are making the connection between diet and global warming. Gore doesn't address it in "An Inconvenient Truth." I just read a great call to energy self-sufficiency on Kos and it has nothing on the impact of nutritional decisions on global warming. This is surprising, since the consumption of cows, lambs, chickens, pigs, fish, shrimp, and shellfish is the largest personal contributor to global warming and the one easiest to change, since diet is totally a matter of personal choice.

I think the lack of emphasis on diet has to do with how deeply entrenched eating habits are culturally, socially, and personally, in terms of personal sense of well-being and self-worth. Nevertheless, this is probably going to be the Next Big Awakening. People pretty much are buying the need to change to florescent bulbs and make their next car purchase the most fuel efficient one they can find. They are not yet ready to embrace the idea that they can do without meat and not only do well, but do better than they are doing right now.

Consequently, there needs to be a major educational push addressing this correlation. PETA has some excellent materials to this end to help people envision a happy, healthy vegetarian life:

We are going to witness a revolution in consciousness away from eating animals well before we see man abandon warfare, looking at it in the same way that we presently view those who advocated slavery.

The Freedoms We're Fighting for But Not Allowed to Have

What My Brother Is Fighting for

3,000 troops dead: 3,000 precious lives, so unnecessarily lost

The Freedoms We're Fighting for But Not Allowed to Have

Wrapped around a Bullet


Wrapped Around a Bullet

Kathy Kelly writes: "Although we have paltry financial means compared to the weapons makers who wield so much influence on Capitol Hill, we do have resources. We have our bodies. We have our determination. We have our compassion for Iraqi people and for US soldiers. We have our concern for future generations, who will not only have to live with the consequences of this violence, but who will also live on a planet spoiled by global warming, in no small part because we spent our resources on war instead of on developing clean energy sources. These are the grains of sand that will stop the cogs of war from turning. Now is the time for seriously strategizing about the best ways, in our hometowns, to engage in sustained civil disobedience at the offices of elected representatives, demanding that they vote against the supplemental spending bill."

Middle-Class French Join Sleep-In Over Homelessness

Officers Won't Let Protesters Cross Bridge; Traffic Snarled as 10 CodePink Members Are Arrested During Vigil for Slain GIs


Arrested on the Golden Gate bridge

Common Dreams
by Col. Ann Wright (USA, Ret.)


On New Year's Day, sixty peace activists organized by Codepink Women for Peace gathered on both sides of the Golden Gate Bridge to walk across one of America's great landmarks in vigil for the 3,000 US servicemen and women killed in Iraq and for the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who have died since the US invasion and occupation. ... In October 2005, several of us were arrested in front of the White House when the US death toll hit 2,000. Now on January 1, 2006, we were arrested to commemorate 3,000 US deaths.It was ironic that I, as a retired US Army Colonel, was arrested on the Golden Gate Bridge in sight of the Presidio of San Francisco, a former US Army base. The Presidio was my first assignment in the Army almost forty years ago...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp,000

Grandmothers Hold Manhattan Vigil to Spotlight Iraq War Deaths

Deutschland ist nun auch im All militärisch präsent

Bush's 'strategy for victory' in 2006 was anything but

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

A nation held hostage: the final phase

by Devvy Kidd

The first thing that can be done is disassociate yourself with any group or organization whose only goal seems to be membership building which translates into money. Take a stand. We must unite, target our battles, stay focused and become a force. Turn off the boob tube. Stop feeding our enemies your hard earned dollars. Stop funding America's economic destruction. Stop supporting individuals (radio/tv talk show hosts, politicians and church leaders) who are promoting one world totalitarian government......

On the Imperial Path in 2007

Life Is Not an Embassy Party

Falling Into the PIT

Another Crime, Another Disaster

Informant: Lew Rockwell

The Foolish Bush/McCain Iraq Escalation

US Hypocrisy Reaches All Time High

A Lament for Lost Freedom

Fear During a Recession

Major Interests of the State

Der Tod, mit dem Handy gefilmt,1

Saddams Hinrichtungs-Video wird zum Handy-Hit im Irak

Saddam: Suche nach dem Handy-Filmer läuft

Hinrichtungs-Video sorgt für Empörung
Handy-Aufnahme als "Renner" im Internet

Henker mit Handy

Handy-Clip von Saddam-Exekution

U.S. cities, states linking intelligence 'fusion' sites

The new "fusion centers" are now operating in 37 states and another covers the Washington area, according to the Department of Homeland Security. The centers, which have received $380 million in federal support since the 2001 terrorist attacks, pool and analyze information from local, state and federal law enforcement officials.

From Information Clearing House

US unit works quietly to counter Iran's sway

For nearly a year, a select group of US officials has been quietly coordinating actions to counter the looming threat of a nuclear-armed Iran, including increasing the military capabilities of Arab allies such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain.

From Information Clearing House

An all-consuming 'war on terror'

The official mantra is that we fight in Iraq because it is the "central front in the War on Terror." The exact opposite is the case.

From Information Clearing House

Chaos Overran Iraq Plan in ’06, Bush Team Says

President Bush began 2006 assuring the country that he had a “strategy for victory in Iraq.” He ended the year closeted with his war cabinet on his ranch trying to devise a new strategy, because the existing one had collapsed.

From Information Clearing House

Bush 'to reveal Iraq troop boost'

The speech will reveal a plan to send more US troops to Iraq to focus on ways of bringing greater security, rather than training Iraqi forces.

From Information Clearing House


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