Montag, 15. Januar 2007

Detention Camp For American Citizens?

Nomads beware!

by Alexander Cockburn


A make-or-break speech by a beleagured American president is usually preceded by a demonstration of American might somewhere on the planet and the run-up to Bush’s address Wednesday night was no exception. The AC-130 U.S. gunship that massacred a convoy of fleeing Islamists on Somalia’s southwestern border, apparently along with dozens of nomads, their families and livestock, was deployed on its mission on Sunday, to make timely newspaper headlines indicative of Bush’s determination to strike at terror wherever it may lurk. Moral to nomads: when the US president schedules a speech, don’t herd, don’t go to wedding parties, head for the nearest cave...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Hillary’s war

The Weekly Standard
by Matthew Continetti

New York senator Hillary Rodham Clinton remains the most hawkish prospective candidate in the race for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination. Among the major Democrats who have announced or are about to announce their candidacies, only Sen. Clinton has not clearly repudiated her October 10, 2002, vote authorizing the use of force against Saddam Hussein. And although Clinton opposes Bush’s proposed increase of American combat troops deployed in Iraq, and has called for the ‘phased redeployment’ of some troops from Iraq in order to foster a political settlement that might end sectarian killing there, such positions still leave her to the right of the antiwar left and most other Democrats.” (for publication 01/22/07)

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

It’s all about Iran

by Justin Raimondo


So the official Democratic Party spokesman’s line on the crisis in the Middle East goes something like this: Gee, it’s too bad we’re stuck in a quagmire in Iraq, when the real imperative is to attack Iran. We’re in the wrong war — and, thanks to George W. Bush, the American people have ‘no stomach’ for attacking what amounts to a genuine threat. You’ll notice, if you follow the link and read the whole quote, how Dean wimped out in the end, only agreeing with the Bushies’ rush to war as far as imposing sanctions. However, you can bet Dean and his fellow Democrats, especially presidential wannabes and the congressional leadership, are not about to stand up to the War Party when the bombs begin to fall on Tehran...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Learning from the Amish

The Price of Liberty
by Paul Jacob


I don’t think I could do without certain modern conveniences, like the Amish do. I need my Blackberry. But we can still learn from the kind of self-sufficiency the Amish practice. Namely, their habit of doing entirely without government help of any kind. When somebody in the Amish community needs help, guess who helps them? That’s right, other Amish people. Voluntarily. But instead of applauding their independence, we seem to regard it as some kind of problem...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

You could be next!

Classically Liberal
by "CLS"


That your hard drive can so easily be hijacked, and that millions have been, seems to indicate that the laws on possession of illicit images turn innocent people into criminals without their knowledge. Instead of concentrating on possession, which is what law enforcement is doing — because it is easier — their emphasis ought to be on production. The criminals who produce the material ought to be the targets here. Possession on a hard drive indicates very little. Yet in many places, especially the United States where many Constitutional protections have been eroded, possession is flimsy evidence on which to hang a conviction especially when so many U.S. states send people to prison for such long terms. Remember Matthew Bandy was being charged with nine counts each worth a 10 years consecutive sentence. Had he been convicted he could be held in prison until he was 106 years old...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Back in the USSA again again

Unqualified Offerings
by Jim Henley


When otherwise smart liberals, who support withdrawal from Iraq and want to restore habeas corpus, aver that, sure, expanding the Army is a good idea, all they’re doing is making it easier to launch ‘wars of choice.’ Let’s be clear what that dainty phrase really means: Illegal, aggressive wars. If a war is optional, it is almost certainly unjust, and probably contravenes the UN Charter’s proscriptions. A country involved in a lot of wars is a country that will restrict a lot of civil liberties. Just as front-line troops require a logistical tail, a large military requires a massive bureaucratic, ‘legal’ and political tail.

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bush’s Iraq plan races against two clocks

Christian Science Monitor


For President Bush’s new plan for Iraq, the clock is already ticking. It appears to face time pressure on at least two fronts. On Capitol Hill, the patience of the Democratic-controlled Congress for the proposal to dispatch 21,500 more US troops to the country is clearly limited. It’s possible that the antipathy of many lawmakers towards the plan could foreshadow a resolution of disapproval — or even attempts to limit funds for the war. In Iraq, the government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is supposed to move new Iraqi forces into Baghdad within weeks. If these Iraqi units don’t materialize, the US may be forced to reevaluate its strategy, according to administration officials. Thus by early next month the political and military context for the US troop buildup could look very different than it does today...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Big Brother: what it really means in Britain today

Independent [UK]


Moves to share people’s personal details across Whitehall have provoked a civil liberties uproar and accusations that the Government has taken another step towards ‘a Big Brother state.’ Ministers say the scheme — which will be endorsed by Tony Blair today — is aimed at improving public service delivery. But it faced protests that it was dealing another blow to personal privacy by creating a ’snooper’s charter’ and enabling thousands of civil servants to access sensitive information with ease...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Cheney defends illegal Pentagon records searches



Vice President Dick Cheney said Sunday the Pentagon and CIA are not violating people’s rights by examining the banking and credit records of hundreds of Americans and others suspected of terrorism or espionage in the United States. Rep. Silvestre Reyes, D-Texas, the new chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said his panel will be the judge of that. National security letters permit the executive branch to seek records about people in terrorism and spy investigations without a judge’s approval or grand jury subpoena...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

White House: can’t rule out attack on Iran



The White House said Sunday it is not planning military action against Iran, but refused to rule out the possibility, bucking pressure from several senators who said the administration is not authorized to do so. Asked whether the United States is preparing for a potential military conflict with Iran, President Bush’s national security adviser Stephen Hadley told NBC’s ‘Meet the Press,’ ‘No, the president has said very clearly that the issues we have with Iran should be solved diplomatically’...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Mobile phone and the problem with the balances

Citizens' initiative for environmental/compatible portable radio
Briefly casting man 42553 Velbert - Neviges Anemonenweg 6
Tel. 02053 7700

Independently - critical - non-partisan

Serious telephone calls in the double sense of word .......
Mobile phone forbade on the weekly market? There in the periphery of 20 m mobile phone - discussions the balances substantial affect ......... losses for the customer! as per CR. of 15.1.2007

Mobile phones affect solid balances as per national enterprise measuring and calibration nature in six Lands of the Federal Republic.
Tare balance in Duesseldorf indicates 1.1 gram more than permitted ...... when is the deadly.

Dose exceeded????
40% of controls pointed irregularities out.
A vehicle scale shows 19 on instead of 39 tons…
With a fine food dealer… 60 gram. (Places it itself times the loss with safran, trueffel, gold, platinum, diamond, forwards?) as per Cologne weights and measures offices with a butcher 200 g… = a steak less!

If already the durable balance system moved play… which is then the human body against it to set?

Its physical communication system constantly around the clock 1000 subject by pulsed microwaves overlaid…. The body cells play moved and open over the brain barrier gate and doors for diseases….

The brain is exposed to microwaves continuously pulsed. 217 times in the second. Now researchers strike alarm: The jets damage brain cells.
Damages of humans by high-frequency transmitters are for decades
„Conditions knowledge “!

E-plus boss Michael Krammer steps after less than one year for personal reasons back… He cannot answer for no more with which daily the portable radio jets for a damage to humans and animal to cause…? Or is it already damaged portable radio? as per CR 13.1.2007

Professor Semm of the Telekom fired because it the daily developing damage not to any longer carry wanted….?

K. K. Gießmann

Handys und das Problem mit den Waagen

Als Anlage ein Bericht den bestimmt viele lesen werden. Handy und das Problem mit den Waagen!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
K. Gießmann
Anemonenweg 6
42553 Velbert

Das „Schwarzbuch Hartz IV: Sozialer Angriff und Widerstand

Das „Schwarzbuch Hartz IV. Sozialer Angriff und Widerstand – Eine Zwischenbilanz“ ist nun auch in der 2. Auflage vollkommen vergriffen! Um diesen Erfolg zu feiern, dokumentieren wir hieraus:

Unsere Agenda heißt Widerstand - eine Chronik

„Entgegen unserem Verständnis von sozialem Widerstand beschränken wir uns in der folgenden Revue auf die Beschreibung von Aktionen innerhalb Deutschlands und darin auf den engeren Kernbereich "sozialer Kämpfe". Wir glauben, mit dieser Chronik eine beachtliche Bandbreite sozialer Proteste und Widerstände wiedergeben zu können…“ Chronik sozialer Widerstandsaktionen zwischen Spätsommer 2002 und November 2005 (pdf)

Aus: LabourNet, 15. Januar 2007

Tod eines 1-Euro-Jobbers in Witten

Kreis bedauert Tod eines Ein-Euro-Jobbers

„44-jähriger Wittener bei Baumpflegearbeiten in Hiddinghausen verunglückt. "Er war beruflich früher als Gartenbauhelfer tätig." Polizei: Ermittlungen dauern an "Wir bedauern diesen tragischen Unfall." So reagierte Kreissprecher Ingo Niemann auf den Tod eines Wittener Ein-Euro-Jobbers bei Baumpflegearbeiten am Mittwoch in Hiddinghausen. Der 44-Jährige hatte mit der Naturschutzgruppe Witten, der er von der Jobagentur zugeteilt worden war, am Ostholt Weiden beschnitten. Er befand sich in der Baumkrone, als ein Ast brach und laut Polizei so unglücklich hochschnellte, dass er den Mann mit voller Wucht im Gesicht traf. Danach sei er gestürzt und in einer Astgabel eingeklemmt worden, aus der er nur tot geborgen werden konnte…“ Artikel in der WAZ Sprockhövel vom 12.1.07

Weitere Unfälle unbedingt verhindern

„Der Tod eines 44-jährigen Ein-Euro-Jobbers aus Witten, der bei Baumstutzarbeiten in Sprockhövel ums Leben kam, hat neben Bestürzung eine größere Debatte ausgelöst. Die Grüne Kreistagsfraktion reagierte darauf jetzt mit einer Anfrage an Landrat Dr. Arnim Brux hinsichtlich der Arbeitsschutzbestimmungen für Geringverdiener…“ Artikel in den Ruhr-Nachrichten vom 14. Januar 2007

Aus: LabourNet, 15. Januar 2007

VW-Affäre 2005

Peter Hartz vor Gericht: Geld, Macht, Sex

„Alle sollten Sieger sein. Die Gegensätze zwischen oben und unten sollten verschwinden. Win-Win-Situationen wollten sie schaffen. Den Klassenkampf alt und überholt aussehen lassen: Klaus Volkert, der Gewerkschafter und Co-Manager. Peter Hartz, der Manager und Gewerkschafter. IG-Metall-Mitglieder sind sie beide. Abends prosteten sie sich zu, am nächsten Morgen spielten sie Tarifkonflikt…“ Artikel von Rainer Hank und Georg Meck in der FAZ vom 15.01.2007

Gemauschel der Ermittler im VW-Skandal?

Im Hartz-Prozess kritisiert der Verteidiger des Ex-VW-Betriebsrats Klaus Volkert die Praktiken der Justiz - und sieht "verbotene Vernehmungsmethoden". Artikel von Hans Leyendecker in der Süddeutschen Zeitung vom 15.01.2007,tt4m2/deutschland/artikel/129/98031/

Hartz in Weimar. Verblüffende Parallelen: Schon vor 80 Jahren trat ein Sozialreformer für den Abbau des Wohlfahrtsstaates ein - sein Name ist heute jedem ein Begriff

„Peter Hartz, früher Personalvorstand des größten Automobilkonzerns in Europa und Miturheber der nach ihm benannten vier Gesetze, steht wegen seiner Verwicklung in den so genannten VW-Skandal um "Lustreisen" für Manager wie Betriebsräte ab kommender Woche vor Gericht. Hier geht es allerdings weder um ihn als Person noch um sein Konzept, sondern um einen Namensvetter, der bisher weitgehend unbekannt, aufgrund seiner Rolle als geistiger Vorläufer aktueller und Pionier während der Weimarer Republik entwickelter "Reformpläne" jedoch sehr interessant ist…“ Artikel von Christoph Butterwegge in Freitag vom 12.01.2007

Aus: LabourNet, 15. Januar 2007


Hartz vor Gericht, Uhl unter Anklage - Die VW-Affäre und der Niedergang gewerkschaftlicher und sozialdemokratischer Politik

„…Weitaus weniger Medienauftrieb hat Anfang Januar die Nachricht ausgelöst, dass dieselbe Braunschweiger Staatsanwaltschaft Anklage gegen den SPD-Bundestagsabgeordneten Hans-Jürgen Uhl erhoben hat. Uhl ist neben Volkert eine der Schlüsselfiguren in den dunklen Machenschaften und mafiösen Strukturen des VW-Betriebsrats. Die Staatsanwaltschaft legt ihm sieben Straftaten zur Last, darunter Untreue und falsche eidesstattliche Versicherung…“ Artikel von Ludwig Niethammer auf der World Socialist Web Site vom 20. Januar 2007

„Eigentlich-war-er-ein-guter-Mann-BlaBla“ des Tages

„…Aber es wäre nicht gerechtfertigt, darüber die beachtlichen Leistungen, die mit seinem Namen verbunden sind, zu vergessen. Die da sind? Zum Beispiel hat er 1993/94 die Vier-Tage-Woche bei VW eingeführt, die 30.000 Menschen vor der Arbeitslosigkeit bewahrte - und dies gegen den zum Teil beachtlichen Widerstand auch vieler nicht bedrohter Belegschaftsmitglieder, die dafür ja einige Einschränkungen in Kauf nehmen mussten. Wichtig ist auch das Projekt "Auto 5000". Es stellt den bisher erfolgreichsten Weg dar, in der deutschen Autoindustrie neue Jobs zu schaffen und sie mit bisher 3800 vorher Arbeitslosen zu besetzen. Es sind Arbeitsplätze in einer bei VW entwickelten zukunftsfähigen, innovativen Fabrikorganisation…“ Der Soziologie-Professor Michael Schumann in einem Interview mit der Frankfurter Rundschau "Betriebsrat dem VW-Management zuzurechnen, war falsch" vom 25.01.2007

Aus: LabourNet, 25. Januar 2007

Directive 86/609: Ban All Primate Tests

This is a critical time. The European Commission (EC) is currently revising the law – known as Directive 86/609 – that governs animal experiments across Europe. There is a real possibility that with enough support the EC will ban all primate tests as part of the revised law. But we need to make it see how much support there is for this.

Our colleagues at the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE) have put together a website that enables concerned citizens across Europe to send a very quick email to the Commission asking them to ban primate tests. It will take you just a few seconds to help us put pressure on the EC to ban these deeply immoral and scientifically flawed experiments.

Informant: Rosemary R.

Stop The Dog Meat Trade In The Philippines

The dog meat trade, once regarded as an infrequent religious practice, has become a commercialized industry that kills over 500,000 dogs a year! Although dog meat is not eaten by the majority of the Filipino citizens, it is considered a delicacy to certain areas of the country. The handling, treatment and act of violence to secure and sell dog meat is unimaginable and not for the faint of heart.

Once we obtain the necessary signatures, Luc and his mother will be coordinating with others in the Philippines to bring media attention to the petition and the dog meat trade before the elections on May 14, 2007.

It is our hope that the Dogster community can rally together and sign the petition. We ask everyone to sign the petition, post in groups, e-mail friends and create the international public awareness needed to stop this practice.

Stop Euthanizing Owner Surrenders

We are asking this agency to reconsider their practice of euthanizing owner surrenders as in the case of Satch, see story below, where the owner just couldn't take care of him. This puppy could have at least been given a chance to be adopted out. After all you keep strays for at least 72 hours.

Very, very soon this petition needs to go to it's target. It is almost at it's target of 1,000 signatures, so I would appreciate it if you could also forward/cross post.

New Federal Anti Cruelty Law

The average person doesn't know that most people who commit
violent crimes against companion animals receive NO jail time. Most people don't realize that four legged victims of violence do not receive due
consideration in our justice system. How can someone admit to beating a puppy with a baseball bat and not be charged with a crime? It happens all the time. Together, we can change this! If you haven't already, please sign the petition for a new federal anti cruelty law:

J.C. Penney's Selling Fur

Please vote:

Informant: Rosemary R.

SAS hunts fleeing "Al-Qaeda" Africans

The suspects are trapped between invading Ethiopian troops — assisted by US special forces and American mercenaries — and the Kenyan army and SAS troops who are acting as “training advisers” but have been leading operations along the border, providing a “screen” to trap terrorists.,,2089-2546108,00.html

From Information Clearing House

Wesley Clark Says ‘N.Y. Money People’ Pushing War With Iran

Retired general Wesley Clark drew harsh criticism this week after reportedly saying that “New York money people” are pushing America into a war against Iran.

From Information Clearing House

After the surge what next?

President Bush, under fire for sending 20,000 extra troops into Iraq, is now ready to target Iran for the chaos in Baghdad and beyond.,,1989912,00.html

From Information Clearing House

US forces turn on Iranians

US accuses Iran over officials seized in Iraq

Mr Bush signed the clandestine directive after he was given new intelligence on the scale of Iranian operations to foment violence in Iraq.

US forces turn on Iranians

The United States accused five Iranians it arrested in Iraq of running arms and money to Iraqi militants as Iraq joined Iran in calling for the men's release. Washington also told Arab allies it would do more to contain Tehran.

From Information Clearing House

Baghdad: Morgue took 16,000 unidentified bodies in 2006

About 1,350 bodies were received in December, the source said, speaking on condition of anonymity because the Iraqi government has banned officials from releasing data on casualty rates.

Iraq's Lost Children

Sectarian warfare is reshaping Iraq in all sorts of malevolent ways day in and day out. But it is also forging the future by poisoning the next generation of Iraqis.

Iraqis get all-firing foretaste of Bush's final Baghdad gamble

The fighting has seen him trapped with two blind daughters in one room in the city centre since Wednesday morning, without water or electricity and with nothing to eat but beans. Hamed, a 55-year-old retired civil servant, is now growing desperate.,,2089-2546344,00.html

US diluting Iraq surge, general says

The military mastermind of President George W Bush's new troop "surge" strategy for Iraq has hit out at signs that the Pentagon is watering down the proposal for political reasons.

Attack on Sadr will widen war in Iraq

Now he holds the future of Iraq in his hands. He has far more popularity and legitimacy than many of the pro-American Iraqi leaders cowering in the Green Zone. He is seen by millions of Shia in Baghdad and across southern Iraq as their spiritual and national leader.

You owe us, Bush says

"(The) Iraqi people owe the American people a huge debt of gratitude."

From Information Clearing House

Holiday Hypocrisy

By Stephen Lendman

Borrowing the line from Gilbert & Sullivan's HMS Pinafore: "Things are seldom as they seem, Skim milk masquerades as cream." It's as true here in the US today as it was in 19th century England, and its message explains how to understand and view our affairs of state and why the title of this essay was chosen - to reflect on our national federal holidays that, in fact, represent something much different than the stated reasons we commemorate them for.

Absolute Power: the real reason the Bush administration won't back down on Guantanamo

By Dahlia Lithwick

Why is the United States poised to try Jose Padilla as a dangerous terrorist, long after it has become perfectly clear that he was just the wrong Muslim in the wrong airport on the wrong day?

US military strike on Iran seen by April ’07

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

The attack will be launched from the sea and Patriot missiles will guard all oil-producing countries in the region, they add. Recent statements emanating from the United States indicate the Bush administration’s new strategy for Iraq doesn’t include any proposal to make a compromise or negotiate with Syria or Iran.

Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


A Time to Break Silence

"A time comes when silence is betrayal."

By Rev. Martin Luther King

In his "Beyond Vietnam" speech delivered at New York's Riverside Church on April 4, 1967 -- a year to the day before he was murdered -- King called the United States "the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today." Audio and transcript.

Remember Segregation

Founded in the core belief that segregation is, was and has always been wrong, this campaign is intended to make people stop, think and perhaps get a little uncomfortable in the process of realizing the modern day importance of Dr. King's life.

From Information Clearing House


Free at last?

Kubby for President
by Steve Kubby


I wonder what Martin Luther King, Jr., would think of the America we live in — how he’d feel had he and his assassin not met on that fateful April morning and if instead he had awakened this morning to his 78th birthday. I wonder what he’d have to say about a country that treats one in thirty of its own citizens as criminals. I wonder how he’d characterize a country that imprisons more of its own people than any other nation on earth. I wander what he’d call a country that incarcerates one in four of its young black males. I wonder if he could tolerate a country that differentiates between ‘white people’s cocaine’ and ‘black people’s cocaine’ in its sentencing laws. I wonder if Dr. King would have the moral strength to stick to his philosophy of non-violence in this era of militarized police, ‘no-knock’ raids, death sentences for self-defense, and the cold-blooded murder of elderly black women by their alleged protectors. I wonder if Dr. King would even recognize the America we live in today...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


"The time has come for America to hear the truth about this tragic war. In international conflicts, the truth is hard to come by because most nations are deceived about themselves. Rationalizations and the incessant search for scapegoats are the psychological cataracts that blind us to our sins. But the day has passed for superficial patriotism. He who lives with untruth lives in spiritual slavery." - Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968), US civil rights leader.

"The means by which we live have outdistanced the ends for which we live. Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men." - Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968), US civil rights leader

"He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it" - Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968), US civil rights leader

"In no sense do I advocate evading or defying the law ... That would lead to anarchy. An individual who breaks a law that his conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for law."- Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968), US civil rights leader

From Information Clearing House


Martin Luther King, Jr.: "I Have a Dream"


Martin Luther King's Journey to Activism


Honoring Dr. King


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Negotiating Lower Drug Prices; Big Pharma Lobyying Congress

Below is a case example of the collision between Big Pharma and the American consumer. The New York Times editorial in support of legislation to require the government to negotiate lower drug costs: "Under current law, written to appease the pharmaceutical industry, the government is explicitly forbidden from using its huge purchasing power to negotiate lower drug prices for Medicare beneficiaries. That job is left to the private health plans that provide drug coverage under Medicare and compete for customers in part on the basis of cost. The Democrats' bill would end the prohibition and require - not just authorize - the secretary of health and human services to negotiate prices with the manufacturers." To gain insight into how a pharmaceutical giant is revving up itsr troops to lobby Congress against the legislation. See Pfizer CEO's directive to the entire staff exhorting them to mobilize and lobby Congress to vote against drug price controls.

Pfizer CEO claims price controls will reduce Pfizer's ability to bring "innovative" medicine's to patients. What innovative medicines? Is he referring to Pfizer drugs that increase the risk of suicide? e.g., Neurontin, Zoloft (sertraline) Or drugs that increase the QT interval putting patients at risk of cardiac arrest? e.g., Geodon (ziprasidone) Pfizer has an ignoble record of putting profits ahead of people by suppressing lethal risks of their drugs and by illegally marketing drugs for unapproved, off label uses. According to a report by the NJ, Public Interest Research Group, Pfizer has received the greatest number of warning letters from the FDA about its deceptive marketing practices. See: Turning Medicine into Snake Oil: How Pharmaceutical Marketers Put Patients At Risk, May 2006

Tell Congress not to be influenced by contemporary snake oil salesmen. Price controls are needed to stop bankrupting public healthcare budgets. Price controls will reduce Pfizer's obscene profit margins and perhaps rein in the $200 million parachutes for Pfizer CEOs.

Contact: Vera Hassner Sharav
Vera Hassner Sharav


Negotiating Lower Drug Prices

Published: January 12, 2007

From all the ruckus raised by the administration and its patrons in the pharmaceutical industry, you would think that Congressional Democrats were out to destroy the free market system when they call for the government to negotiate the prices of prescription drugs for Medicare beneficiaries. Yet a bill scheduled for a vote in the House of Representatives today is sufficiently flexible to allow older Americans to benefit from the best efforts of both the government and the private drug plans.

The secretary of health and human services should be able to exert his bargaining power with drug companies in those cases in which the private plans have failed to rein in unduly high prices - leaving the rest to the drug plans. The result could be lower costs for consumers and savings for the taxpayers who support Medicare.

Under current law, written to appease the pharmaceutical industry, the government is explicitly forbidden from using its huge purchasing power to negotiate lower drug prices for Medicare beneficiaries. That job is left to the private health plans that provide drug coverage under Medicare and compete for customers in part on the basis of cost.

The Democrats' bill would end the prohibition and require - not just authorize - the secretary of health and human services to negotiate prices with the manufacturers. That language is important since the current secretary, Michael Leavitt, has said he does not want the power to negotiate.

No data is publicly available to indicate what prices the private health plans actually pay the manufacturers. But judging from what they charge their beneficiaries, it looks like they pay significantly more for many drugs than do the Department of Veterans Affairs - which by law gets big discounts - the Medicaid programs for the poor, or foreign countries.

The administration argues, correctly, that the private plans have held costs down and that there is no guarantee the government will do any better. The bill, for example, prohibits the secretary from limiting which drugs are covered by Medicare, thus depriving him of a tool used by private plans and the V.A. to win big discounts from companies eager to get their drugs on the list. The secretary does have the bully pulpit, which he can use to try to bring down the cost of overpriced drugs.

The bill also does not require the secretary to negotiate prices for all
4,400 drugs used by beneficiaries. A smart secretary could simply determine which prices paid by the plans seemed most out of line with the prices paid by other purchasers and then negotiate only on those drugs. The private plans are explicitly allowed to negotiate even lower prices if they can. This sort of flexibility should pose no threat to the free market. It is time for the Medicare drug program to work harder for its beneficiaries without worrying so much about the pharmaceutical companies.

ALLIANCE FOR HUMAN RESEARCH PROTECTION (AHRP) Promoting Openness, Full Disclosure, and Accountability

Informant: rafeswhiterose

Congressman Ron Paul warns of a new "Gulf of Tonkin"

Informant: shane_digital


Presidential Candidate Fears "Gulf Of Tonkin" To Provoke Iran War

How it all began: make it "anti-terrorism"

Escalation in the Middle East

Will Bush Be Called a 'Great President'?

Get Your War On: Bush Plays Casus Belli Card Against Iran

The Collapse of the Bush Presidency Poses Risks

Making Sense of the Bush Doctrine

What Are we Doing in Iraq?

by Dennis Cuddy, Ph.D

So if a surge of 20,000 troops will not bring "victory" in Iraq, what are we doing there? Remember that one of the goals of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) is a "permanent military presence" in the region. Despite our claims that we are not "occupiers," most Iraqis see our construction of huge military bases and a huge Embassy there as representing exactly that......

What are we Doing in Iraq?, Part 2

by Dennis Cuddy, Ph.D

A national army, like the U.S. Army, is trained for and tasked with defending our nation against external aggressors. For over a century, posse comitatus laws have prohibited the army from being used in civilian law enforcement. Yet, that is exactly what the U.S. is asking the Iraqi National Army to do. They aren't being trained to resist an invasion from the Syrian Army, for example, but to provide security WITHIN Iraq. That means Sunnis having to kill their fellow Sunnis and Shiites killing fellow Shiites......

Why no Mideast state is speaking up against Bush's 'surge'

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Bush: Congress can't stop troop increase

Informant: Bob Banner


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https://www.commondreams.o rg/views/2022/02/07/now-ev ery-day-january-6-trump-ta rgets-vote-counters
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Januar 2007


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