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America's Last "Long War" Offers Lessons for Iraq

President Bush has called Iraq a crucial battleground in a decades-long struggle against Islamic terrorism. "It's important for our fellow citizens to understand that failure in Iraq would be a disaster for our future," he told soldiers at Fort Benning, Georgia, last week. Historians and Middle East experts, however, say that America's last "long war," the four-decade Cold War against Soviet communism, offers some cautionary lessons as the nation debates its next moves in Iraq.

Lying Like It's 2003

"Those who forget history may be doomed to repeat it, but who could imagine we'd already be in danger of replaying that rotten year 2003?" asks Frank Rich.

Tiered Election Audits Paper

This four-tier election audit proposal is much more effective (higher probabilities) and efficient (fewer vote counts to audit when candidate margins are between 0.5% to 5%) than the 3-tier election audit proposal I sent you earlier.

I hope that the folks at the NYU Brennan Justice Center, whose Larry Norden first originated the idea of tiered audits, and others, will urge Holt to adopt something similar as part of his bill because this is a compromise that makes calculating audit amounts that would ensure election outcome integrity as easy as it could possibly be for election officials and auditors.

See the short word doc (perhaps soon a pdf) and play with the spreadsheet to see if you can find a better 4-tier audit plan. (You would need to adjust row 7 formulas.)

This is a great compromise proposal between last session's Holt audit proposal of a flat insufficient 2% and audits designed with a fixed high probability of detecting vote miscount.

The probabilities for detecting vote miscount that could alter an election are likely to be, in practice, higher than those calculated
(see chart #2 on page 2) because my calculations assume that vote miscount could always be targeted to the fewest number of vote counts necessary to swing an election outcome.

This would be a HUGE step forward towards ensuring election outcome integrity from where we are today, and would substantially ensure that correctly elected candidates were sworn into office if done correctly in an independent, verifiable, transparent way as advised in our earlier recommendations:

I hope that all the election integrity activists will support this HUGE increase in the number of vote counts that are 100% hand counted, over the hopelessly insufficient practices in place today.

Isn't it time that scientfic measures were adopted to ensure the integrity of US election outcomes? The well-being of our entire world depends on the integrity of U.S. elections.

We are down to the wire now with Holt's office about to publicly release their new election audit proposal this week! Please call, email, and fax Holt's office, your own representative's office, and any key players in the U.S. House now to ensure that we get a tiered election audit that would ensure the integrity of U.S. election outcomes rather than a fixed insufficient small audit rate.

Here is a link to find all US House representatives:

Thank you for your time and effort.

Kathy Dopp
National Election Data Archive
Dedicated to Accurately Counting Elections

"Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day," wrote Thomas Jefferson in 1816


Please use this updated PDF "Tiered Election Paper"

In response to some helpful comments by election integrity activists and after multiple readings, I have made a few important little corrections, updates, and additions to the "Tiered Election Audit" paper, including citing a paper by Cordero, Wagner, and Dill giving two methods of transparently selecting random vote counts.

Please use this newest version if you mail, fax, or email copies to decision-makers:

Thank you very much for all your efforts.

Kathy Dopp


Here is a newly revised "Tiered Election Audits" paper for the lay person.

Please Act Now to Protect U.S. Democracy and Ensure Election Outcome Integrity

If the goal of elections is to ensure the will of the voters, then the goal of election audits is to ensure that voters determine who represents them. It seems simple. However, the US Congress may be planning election audits that are not designed to ensure that voters always determine election outcomes!

According to analysis by Kathy Dopp, President of National Election Data Archive,

"If Congress specifies a fixed rate manual election audit of 2%, with a minimum audit of 6 vote counts, that would give only a 56% chance for detecting when election outcomes are inaccurate in races with 5% margins between leading candidates; and would give under a 50% chance of detecting when election outcomes were inaccurate in races with
4.2% or less margins between candidates."

We have a choice: To achieve fair elections now, or to put it off for another election cycle and hope that we have another opportunity to achieve fair elections.

To ensure that voters' will determines election outcomes, we need election audits that are designed to achieve that goal.

People may contact their US Senators and House Representative and Representative Rush Holt D-NJ at (put in your zip code)

to ask them to please read the "Tiered Election Audit", newly revised for the lay person:

To ensure the future of our democracy that so many Americans previously fought and died for, it is necessary to subject elections to mathematically sufficient independent manual audits - especially close elections.

Congressman Rush Holt D-NJ may be considering the same requirement for a 2% flat rate audit that was in his former HR550. Holt's new election integrity legislation is due to be released to the House floor this week after which it could become difficult to alter its audit provisions.

A "tiered" election audit specifies audit percentages in a small table along with minimum numbers of vote counts that must be manually audited to ensure correct outcomes, according to specific margins between candidates, as seen in the initial election results. The closer a race, the more vote counts must manually counted to find a small amount of miscount that could wrongly alter the outcome.

A tiered election audit is a good compromise between audits which simply require that "large enough size samples of vote counts are manually counted to ensure 99% scientific certainty that the election outcomes are correct" but which must be calculated individually for each race; and audits which simply require that a flat rate of "2% of all vote counts are manually counted" but are insufficient to ensure the integrity of election outcomes in all cases.

A tiered audit requires that a minimum "amount" of vote counts be manually audited for any particular margin to prevent audits from being subverted by aggregating ballots into a small number of larger-size vote counts which could cause a flat percentage audit to be ineffective. These required minimums sometimes will result in 100% hand counts of 100% of vote counts whenever it is necessary to ensure election outcome integrity.

Today's utterly flawed electronic voting systems provide no means to determine who did what and when on a voting machine after an election, so any fraudster knows that he will never be caught. A flat 2% audit would announce to a vote fraudster exactly how and when fraud be most likely to succeed in rigging an election.

Dopp encourages all election officials, election integrity activists, and U.S. Senators and Representatives who are concerned about election integrity to read "Tiered Election Audits" and to implement its recommendations:

To achieve the necessary effective public oversight over manual audits of elections, audits must be independent, verifiable, transparent, scientific, and used to detect and correct any errors found in initial election results that might wrongly put a candidate into office that was not selected by voters.

The possible consequences could be dire if the US Congress leaves U.S. elections wide-open to vote fraud and innocent miscount in the upcoming 2008 elections by failing to require sufficient auditing elections.

Please help us ensure the future by taking action now.

Kathy Dopp

Irak: Entwurf zu einem neuen Ölgesetz



"URGENT: Urge Illinois Municipality to Pull Cruel Beaver Traps Immediately" petition at

"Tell Nestle "Stop Aiding Destruction of Tiger/Rhino Habitat!"" petition at

Stop NMFS from Implementing the Red Snapper Interim Rule
DEADLINE : 1-26-2007

"Don't Exempt Manatees from The Marine Mammal Protection Act!" petition at

"Ban Animal Acts Within the City of Buffalo" petition at

"Federally protect the Feral Pigeon aka the Dove" petition at

"Stop Breed Specific Legislation! Save the Pitbull!!" petition at

"Support the Brookhaven Town Animal Shelter" petition at

"BAN the Louisville KY Dog Ordinance" petition

"Stop the Dolphins Pain" petition at

"HB 4612" petition at

"2007 Animal Welfare Reform Initiatives" petition at


"Save Man's Best Friend from the Dog Meat Trade - Say YES to House Bill 2991" petition at

"good will ambassador of 63 countries" petition at

Support Michael Herring, Richmond VA, Commonwealth Attorneys Office to Prosecute Dog Fighter

From Rosemary R.

Take Action for the environment

From Rosemary R.

Petition to End Chimpanzee Research

From Pam F.

The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis

Moyers: The Secret Government ... The Constitution in Crisis

Informant: sasha karlik

New Energy, Paradigmen-Wechsel steht bevor

Der "STURM" hat es uns angezeigt, ein neuer Wind in der Energie-Technik ist angesagt! So geht´s nicht mehr weiter!

Zum Glück gibt´s da aber schon einiges ! Kein Grund zum Verzweifeln !

.... Strom nicht mehr kaufen, sondern selber machen. (Joe-Cell) Benzin nicht mehr kaufen sondern mit WaterfFuel fahren (Gas aus der Zerlegung von Wasser in HH und O) Siehe:

Macht man das, dann kann man, statt laute Stinker zu forcieren, auch auf Elektro-Fahrzeuge umsteigen. (Siehe: suchen nach: plugin.america)

Preiswerte E-Roller z.B. ab 50 Cent für 100 Kilomter siehe:

Oder E-Autos: Das derzeit schönste und schnellste der Tesla Roadster
siehe: schlägt Porsche, Ferrari und andere Schönlinge der 70-er Jahre bis heute um Längen!

Sogar dieser preiswerte Winzling:

Nicht alles, was die Werbung sagt oder die Medien bis jetzt verschweigen oder gut oder schlecht "machen" ist auch wahr !

Die Umwelt - nein die Welt ist schon in Gefahr! Und Waterfuel bringt statt CO2 Wasserdampf aus dem Auspuff!

Peter Schneider

Anger over phone mast application

18 January 2007

Mary Nokes delivered the protests to the town hall

FURIOUS residents are waging war on a mobile phone company that wants to install a mast close to their homes.

T-Mobile plan to relocate a mast from the roof of condemned tower block, Cadiz Court, to the busy Bull roundabout, in Rainham Road South, Dagenham.

They have applied to the council's Development Control Board to ascertain whether prior approval is needed for the structure, which will come complete with a base station.

Twenty-two residents received letters from the council outlining the application, and each replied with a letter of objection - all of which have been hand delivered to the town hall, in Barking.

Mary Nokes, of Rainham Road South, said: "I went on behalf of my neighbours to deliver the letters to the town hall so I could be sure they were received before the deadline for objections.

"We are ready to fight to the end to keep this mast away from our homes and our children."

The residents are worried about the perceived health implications of the 11.7 metres high installation, and possible effect on road safety.

Another resident said: "The location of the site, close to the roundabout, is going to create an eyesore.

"Such a prominent structure could prove a distraction to motorists negotiating the roundabout, leading to the possibility of crashes.

"There is already a similar mast erected by Three Mobile on the Bull pub, one per area is one too many.

A spokesperson for T-Mobile confirmed the application was for a site move from Cadiz Court, saying: "We need to provide a continuous telephone service for people who live and work in the area."

The residents vow to continue their fight against the mast at all stages of the application.

Representations must be made in writing to the council before January 25, and should include the application number: 06/01275/PRIOR

Send to Development Control, Spatial Regeneration Division, Ground Floor, Barking Town Hall, 1G11 7LU.

Copyright © 2007 Archant Regional. All rights reserved.

Eine armutsfeste Rente für alle ist das Gebot der Zeit

#Die Linkspartei.PDS: Pressemitteilungen

21. Januar 2007

Zum 50. Geburtstag des heutigen Rentensystems erklärt die stellvertretende Parteivorsitzende Katja Kipping:

Für heutige und künftige Rentnerinnen und Rentner ist der 50. Geburtstag des heutigen Rentensystems kein Grund zum Feiern. Der viel gerühmte Generationenvertrag ist längst gekündigt. Die Bundesregierung hat außer Rente mit 67, Nullrunden für Rentner und private Eigenvorsorge der Arbeitnehmerinnen und Arbeitnehmer keine Idee, wie die Rentenversicherung zukunftsfähig gestaltet werden kann. Der 50. Geburtstag sollte zum Anlass genommen werden, eine armutsfeste Grundrente für alle auf den Weg zu bringen, unabhängig vom individuellen Erwerbsleben. Die Brüche in den Erwerbsbiografien nehmen zu. Infolgedessen sind immer mehr Menschen nicht in der Lage, mit Lohnarbeit ausreichende Ansprüche für ein Leben ohne Armut zu erwerben. Und so werden in Zeiten der Massenarbeitslosigkeit und des Prekariats aus den Zugangsvoraussetzungen der Sozialsysteme für viele unüberwindbare Zugangsbarrieren. Die Linkspartei bleibt bei ihrer Forderung nach einem armutsfesten gesetzlichen Mindestlohn sowie einer armutsfesten Grundsicherung auch im Alter. Rente mit 67 ist staatlich verordnete Altersarmut. Deshalb streitet die Linkspartei für einen neuen Gesellschaftsvertrag, der sich am Leitbild des demokratischen Sozialstaates orientieren soll. Die gegenwärtigen Sozialsysteme sind auf Erwerbspersonen ausgerichtet. Ein demokratischer Sozialstaat muss seinen Adressatenkreis umfassender definieren: Der neue Gesellschaftsvertrag soll nicht mehr nur zwischen Arbeitnehmern sondern zwischen allen Bürgern abgeschlossen werden. Soziale Sicherheit für alle ist eine wichtige Vorraussetzung, um allen eine Teilhabe an Demokratie zu ermöglichen.


War, Media, and Impeachment


With Amy Goodman, John Nichols, David Swanson, Larry Everest, Mark Manning, Robin Andersen, Sam Husseini, Norman Solomon, Jeff Cohen, Peter Hart, Russ Baker, Sunsara Taylor, Peter Phillips

By David Swanson

At the National Conference for Media Reform in Memphis, Tenn., on January 13, 2007, a bunch of us got together and organized a couple of ad-hoc panels about the war and impeachment. On a day's notice, we packed the rooms and drew crowds that wanted to discuss these issues as long as the speakers would stay. If you didn't make it to Memphis, you missed a great conference. You can find videos of Bill Moyers, Jesse Jackson and other speakers here.

Here are the videos and audio of our war and impeachment events: Enjoy!

From ufpj-news

Beyond Kafka: Full text of Lt. Col. Head’s two Jan. 16 rulings

From ufpj-news

Informant: Charles Jenks

The Future of Food


The Future of Food offers an in-depth investigation into the disturbing truth behind the unlabeled, patented, genetically engineered foods that have quietly filled grocery store shelves for the past decade.

Future Of Food


There is a revolution happening in the farm fields and on the dinner tables of America -- a revolution that is transforming the very nature of the food we eat.THE FUTURE OF FOOD offers an in-depth investigation into the disturbing truth behind the unlabeled, patented, genetically engineered foods that have quietly filled U.S. grocery store shelves for the past decade.

Bush Vs. War Powers Act

The Iraq resolution invoked the War Powers Clause, therefore requiring the President of the United States to gain congressional approval for all troop deployment, as stated in Section 2(b) of the War Powers Act, which points to the Necessary and Proper Clause of the Constitution as the basis for legislation on the war powers.

From Information Clearing House

The Central Question

By Charley Reese

Government routinely lies, and so do many corporations. That mysterious commitment to the public good, which once joined Americans from many different classes and positions, seems to have dissolved. Integrity, which simply means being true regardless of consequences to one's own beliefs, seems to have no market value in America today.

Bush’s War on Perception

The bombing of the Golden Mosque

By Mike Whitney

We’ve heard a lot about the bombing of Samarra’s Golden Mosque lately. Bush has brought it up twice in the last week alone. It’s a critical part of the administration’s rationale for the occupation of Iraq, so we can expect to be reminded of it nearly as often as 9-11.

How Congress Can Stop the Iran Attack

Or be complicit in nuclear war crimes

By Jorge Hirsch

President Bush is invoking his "commander in chief" authority to escalate the war in Iraq, and he will likely also invoke it to launch an aerial attack against Iran. Congress has long ago abdicated and delegated to the President its constitutional responsibility to initiate wars. Yet Congress still has one surefire way to influence events: it has the constitutional authority to make the "nuclear option" against Iran illegal. In so doing, it would stop the relentless drive to war against Iran dead in its tracks.

From Information Clearing House

Global warming: the final verdict,,1995348,00.html

Informant: binstock

Erneuerbare Energien schaffen Atomausstieg und Klimaschutz spielend

"Die erneuerbaren Energien können ohne Probleme Atomausstieg und Klimaschutz leisten," so Hans-Josef Fell, Sprecher für Energie- und Technologiepolitik der Bundestagsfraktion Bündnis 90/ Die Grünen.

Klimawandel zeigt mit Winterstürmen sein hässliches Gesicht

Die aktuellen Winterstürme liefern nach Einschätzung des WWF einen Vorgeschmack auf das Klima der Zukunft.

Klimaveränderung und Fische

Eine Ursache für die Abnahme der Fischbestände ist Sauerstoffmangel infolge höherer Wassertemperaturen.


WWF sieht aktuelle Winterstürme als Vorboten des Klimawandels


New Energy, Paradigmen-Wechsel steht bevor

Wissenschaftler rücken Atomkriegsuhr auf fünf vor zwölf

Die Welt ist der Gefahr eines Atomkriegs nach Einschätzung einer renommierten Expertenrunde wieder ein Stück näher gerückt.

Umweltskandal: Schweröl auf allen Weltmeeren

Die Internationalen Seefahrtorganisation (IMO) geht davon aus, dass 40 Prozent aller Ölverschmutzung von den zehntausenden Schiffen stammt, die täglich auf dem Weltmeeren unterwegs sind.

Ist Einkaufen wirklich nur ein Privatvergnügen?

Oder ist es, aller Werbung und Imagepflege zum Trotz, eine Entscheidung so wichtig wie jede Kanzlerwahl? Tanja Busse deckt Skandale der modernen Produktion und Preispolitik auf und zeigt, wie der Konsument als gesellschaftliche Macht der Zukunft Einfluss nehmen kann. Im praktischen Teil gibt sie konkrete Tipps, wo und wie verantwortungsvoller Konsum möglich ist.

Das Wachstum steigt, die Armut bleibt

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Tsunami-Hilfe in Indien

SWR Fernsehen | 24.01.07 | 22:30 Uhr - Ein Film von Franz Alt
Die Tsunami-Katastrophe Weihnachten 2004 löste in Europa eine beispiellose Solidaritätswelle aus. Die Menschen hier spendeten viele Millionen. Doch häufig kam die Unterstützung nicht bei allen Betroffenen an. In Indien zum Beispiel hat die Regierung für die Kastenlosen, die sogenannten Unberührbaren, wenig getan. Vor allem direkte Hilfe aus dem Ausland kam den vom Tsunami geschädigten Kastenlosen zugute.


Unser täglich Brot ist ein Bildermahl im Breitwandformat, das nicht immer leicht verdaulich ist - und an dem wir alle Anteil haben. Eine pure, detailgenaue Filmerfahrung, die dem Publikum Raum für eigene Erkenntnisse lässt. Ab 18. Januar 2007 im Kino.

Big Bucks, Big Pharma

Documentary Video


Big Bucks Big Pharma


Big Bucks, Big Pharma pulls back the curtain on the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry to expose the insidious ways that illness is used, manipulated, and in some instances created, for capital gain.

From Information Clearing House




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