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Battle for Baghdad: City Braces Itself for US Surge

Lina Massufi, a 32-year-old Iraqi laboratory assistant with two children, is a widow - her husband was killed by US troops when he accidentally drove down a closed road in 2003. In the past three months she has seen her house raided and her furniture smashed twelve times. "Every time they raid my house, they break down the door," she told a UN official.

Rockefeller Says He May Subpoena Documents on Spying

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Jay Rockefeller said he may subpoena Bush administration documents on its controversial domestic surveillance program. Rockefeller (D-W.Va.), vowed he'll get details on a secret court's approvals of the program that targets suspected al-Qaeda members in the US. "I don't trust what they're doing," Rockefeller said.

On Iran, Bush Faces Haunting Echoes of Iraq

As President Bush and his aides calibrate how directly to confront Iran, they are discovering that both their words and their strategy are haunted by the echoes of four years ago - when their warnings of terrorist activity and nuclear ambitions were clearly a prelude to war. This time, they insist, it is different.

Pirates Stick by Whales

Every winter, the Japanese whaling fleet heads to the Southern Ocean surrounding Antarctica on a mission to kill a thousand whales. Ever since the International Whaling Commission banned commercial whaling in 1986, Japan has used a curious rationale for its whaling. It does not kill a thousand whales for commercial purposes. It kills them for scientific research.


Petition to Mr Didier Lombard, Chief Executive Officer of France Telecom, parent company of Orange

A plea for support from a very worthy campaign group. Please give them your support by signing their petition.

Cheers Sylvia


From: Jonathan Bond
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2007 00:49:55 +0000 (GMT)

Everyone on the Vanbrugh Park Estate in Greenwich has invested a lot of time and effort trying to get their voices heard by Greenwich Council. We're very close to victory, but we need as many people as possible to sign our online petition, as soon as possible (ie before 10 February).

Please visit:

If you agree, sign it, then send the link to everyone you think will support us, as soon as you can.

Best regards

Jonathan Bond, 37 Combe Avenue, Blackheath, London SE3 7PZ
Tel:+44 (0)20 8858 8367

Robert Redford exhorts US government to apologize

Informant: Walter Lippmann

The One World Order: Following the Filthy Lucre

by Deanna Spingola

Though the "powers of darkness prevail upon the earth," we "know not the hearts of the men in our own nation" particularly because many Americans suffer from a media-induced state of ignorance. We are over-run with secret societies, where power-seeking participants swear allegiance to each other through secret oaths. They are all working towards the same satanical objective and attempt to function and influence every aspect of society and culture.

Against Child Abuse: Petition to All Government Officials Concerned

Internet Force Against Child Abuse

A message from Adriana

Hundreds of Thousands of Protesters Converge on Capitol Hill

Hundreds of thousands of protesters converged on the National Mall on Saturday to oppose President Bush's plan for a troop increase in Iraq in what organizers hoped would be one of the largest shows of antiwar sentiment in the nation's capital since the war began.

10.000 US-Forscher protestieren gegen Einmischung der Politik

Manipulationen und Zensuren von Wissenschaftsergebnissen an der Tagesordnung

Wissenschaft im Belagerungszustand

Nachricht von Helmut Breunig

Alaska whales under 'considerable' EXTINCTION risk

From Pam F.

Phone mast fight begins

US-Regierung erwägt drastische Klimaschutz-Aktionen,1518,462636,00.html

Pledge to Boycott for the Wolves

I pledge to participate in an Inter-National Boycott of the products, services and tourism of the states of Idaho, Wyoming and Montana as part of a campaign to protect and prevent the slaughter of our Grey Wolf.

I will continue to Boycott until an acceptable plan of wolf management is present by these three states. I will also petition my family and friends to participate.

I further state that I disagree with the U.S Fish and Game ruling of Aug. 1, 2006, that the Gray Wolf should be removed from the Endangered Species Act as stated in Federal Register Vol. 71, No 147. I find that neither Montana nor Idaho have presented “management plan that demonstrate adequate regulatory mechanism exist.

In his statement of January 11, 2007 at a rally of hunters in Boise, Idaho “I'm prepared to bid for that first ticket to shoot a wolf myself”, Mr. Otter clearly states that his intention is to kill all the wolves in Idaho.

On the issues of declining Elk populations I pledge to Petition the Department of Agriculture to end all grazing of cattle and sheep in our National Forest. The damage large domestic herd of do to the eco-system is the reason for wild grazing animals decline. Secondly if would greatly reduce contact between wolves and domestic cows and sheep.

I pledge to withdraw all economical support from Idaho, Wyoming and Montana Corporations, Companies, products, frozen French fries, lumber, agriculture, tourists. I agree to Boycott targeted Companies as this campaign moves forward.

Name____________________ State____________________ Zip Code

______________ Signature_________________

Go to fullsize image SAVE THE WOLF BOYCOTT IDAHO

E-mail signed Pledge copy to

Then E-mail Copy of Pledge to

easy cut and paste into send to...

From Adriana R.

Stop gassing Virginia Pets! Support House Bill No. 3004

From Adriana R.

Next-up News n°166

Appeal for Redress nullifies 'support the troops' rhetoric

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Gesundheitssystem: In der Fortschrittsfalle

11. Der Wettbewerb zwingt zur Erschließung neuer Märkte. Das Ziel muss die Umwandlung aller Gesunden in Kranke sein, also in Menschen, die sich möglichst lebenslang sowohl chemisch-physikalisch als auch psychisch für von Experten therapeutisch, rehabilitativ und präventiv manipulierungsbedürftig halten, um „gesund leben“ zu können. Das gelingt im Bereich der körperlichen Erkrankungen schon recht gut, im Bereich der psychischen Störungen aber noch besser, zumal es keinen Mangel an Theorien gibt, nach denen fast alle Menschen nicht gesund sind. Fragwürdig ist die analoge Übertragung des Krankheitsbegriffs vom Körperlichen auf das Psychische.

MCS Team Schweiz

Informant: Sibylle Gabriel

Scott Ritter warns: 'We are on the edge of the abyss'

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

EU-Energiekommissar Andris Piebalgs: "Es geht auch ohne Kernkraft"

In einem Interview mit dem „Münchner Merkur“ sprach EU-Kommissar Andris Piebalgs über die zunehmende Abhängigkeit Europas von russischen Öl- und Gaslieferungen.

Fluchtweg aus dem Treibhaus: die Energiewende ist möglich

Die 10 wärmsten Jahre seit 1880 waren nach 1988. 2007 wird wohl ein weiteres Rekordjahr werden. Kaum noch ein Klimaforscher bezweifelt, dass es immer heißer wird auf unserem Planeten.

Greenpeace und EREC stellen "Masterplan" zur Rettung des Klimas vor

Noch kann der drohende Klimakollaps mit einem sofortigen und umfassenden Umbau der weltweiten Energieversorgung aufgehalten werden.

Wird die Weltwirtschaft grün?

Bei George W. Bush ging es in dieser Woche gleich in zwei Reden um den Klimaschutz. Angela Merkel nannte die Erderwärmung "die Überlebensfrage der Menschheit" und in Davos diskutierte die politische und ökonomische Weltelite eine Woche lang über das Thema Nummer eins.

Lernen Politiker nur durch Katastrophen?

Bisher war Australiens Ministerpräsident John Howard ein Klima-Ignorant. Zusammen mit seinem Freund George W. Bush verweigerte er sogar dem viel zu harmlosen Kyoto-Protokoll seine Unterschrift.

Weltsozialforum: Für eine bessere Welt

Mit einem Konzert für Straßenkinder wurde in Nairobi das Weltsozialforum eröffnet. Dem Dalai Lama wurde die Einreise nach Nairobi zum Weltsozialforum verweigert.

Die Zukunft ist ethisch – oder gar nicht

Die Ethik als Basis von Gesellschaft, Politik und Wirtschaft führt zu einer besseren Lebensqualität für jeden. Nur ein schöner Traum? Nein, kein Traum, sondern der einzig passende Schlüssel zur Lösung globaler Krisen, so die Schweizer Autoren Hans Ruh und Thomas Gröbly in ihrem Buch „Die Zukunft ist ethisch – oder gar nicht“. Buchrezension von Dr. Thomas Wardenbach.

Immigrants’ skin tone affects earnings

Informant: ranger116

The Controversy over Curtailing Habeas Corpus Rights

Why It Is a Bad Day For The Constitution Whenever Attorney General Alberto Gonzales Testifies.

From Information Clearing House

Rove, White House Spokesman Get Subpoenas

Trial watchers said the subpoenas make it clearer than ever that Libby's defense team will seek to put the Bush administration and its policies on trial.

Will Rove Testify?

The president's political guru—and counselor Dan Bartlett—have been subpoenaed by Scooter Libby's lawyers. What it means for the most-watched trial in Washington—and who's next on the witness stand.

Libby trial witness leaves White House reeling

President Bush's administration was today preparing for damaging repercussions from testimony by one of its own officials in the perjury trial of Lewis 'Scooter' Libby, the former chief of staff to the US vice-president Dick Cheney.,,1999552,00.html

Fitzgerald reveals immunity gamble in CIA leak case

As Fitzgerald's inquiry was heating up into who revealed CIA operative Valerie Plame's name to reporters, Fleischer stepped forward with an offer: Give me immunity from prosecution and I'll give you information that might help your case.

From Information Clearing House

Arar gratefully accepts apology, still on U.S. list

Maher Arar says Ottawa's formal apology and offer of $11.5 million in compensation "means the world." But he remains on a U.S. watch list because of his travel history and personal associations, according to a top official.

From Information Clearing House

Hicks in 'nightmare isolation'

DAVID Hicks is spending 22 hours a day in "nightmarish" isolation in conditions described by Guantanamo Bay inmates as "a dungeon above the ground", court documents suggest.,23599,21129532-401,00.html

From Information Clearing House

Ahmadinejad’s Achilles Heel

Iran with its tremendous natural resources and a young educated population has the potential to become an economic power house for the whole region. It has the potential to grow at 8 to 10 percent per year for the next two decades.

From Information Clearing House

Saudi warns 'interfering' Iran

In an interview published in Kuwait's al-Seyassah newspaper on Saturday, King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud said attempts by Iran to spread Shia beliefs in Sunni communities would fail.

From Information Clearing House

Voters are responsible for Bush's Iraq fiasco

From Information Clearing House

11th-hour bid to halt Iraq war revelations

The foreign office has made a last-ditch attempt to stop one of its former senior diplomats from publishing a book claiming that the government knew that Iraq did not represent a significant threat to the West in the run-up to the Iraq war.,,2000448,00.html

From Information Clearing House

Impeachment: The Case in Favor

His impeachable offenses include using lies and deceptions to drive the country into war in Iraq, deliberately and repeatedly violating the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) on wiretapping in the United States, and facilitating the mistreatment of US detainees in violation of the Geneva Conventions and the War Crimes Act of 1996.

From Information Clearing House

Gates: Democrats 'embolden enemy'

Roberts Gates, the US defence secretary, has said a Democrat proposal to pass a congressional resolution opposing a planned buildup of US troops in Iraq "emboldens the enemy".

From Information Clearing House

Interview With George Galloway MP


Both of Britain's main political parties supported the war in Iraq; neither advocates an immediate withdrawal of coalition forces. As a result much of the anger generated by the war has been harnessed by George Galloway.

George Galloway's speech to the UK Parliament on Iraq


A powerful speech highlighting the appalling situation in Iraq, and the pathetic handling of it by the British government: Ill-equipped troops, brutal treatment of civilians, and support for death squads: Welcome to democracy, Bush & Blair style!

Why We Must Have Impeachment

By Dave Lindorff

When impeachment hearings began for President Richard Nixon, a scant one in four Americans thought he should be impeached. During the Clinton impeachment farce, support for the president"s removal from office never topped 36 percent. Yet a Newsweek poll taken last fall found that a remarkable 51 percent of the American public felt this president should face impeachment.

A National Intelligence Estimate on the United States

By Chalmers Johnson

The imperial project is expensive. The flow of the nation’s wealth – from taxpayers and (increasingly) foreign lenders through the government to military contractors and (decreasingly) back to the taxpayers – has created a form of “military Keynesianism,” in which the domestic economy requires sustained military ambition in order to avoid recession or collapse.

Bush Throws The Dice

By John Damien

By funding the Iraq war and supporting Israel, Egypt and Jordan, the US pays an oil security tax running at least $100 billion per year. China doesn’t pay billions per year to secure their oil supplies. The Europeans collectively spend a fraction of the US amount on oil security.

Rep. John Conyers: “Congress Can Fire Bush”

Informant: Bob Banner


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