Another horrific State of the Union speech

A Speech Bordering On Criminal

Aside from hearing Bush utter the words "Madame Speaker," it was another horrific State of the Union speech.


The Union of the State


Senator Webb's Response to State of the Union Address

In response to the president's State of the Union address, Senator Jim Webb said, "There are two areas where our respective parties have largely stood in contradiction, and I want to take a few minutes to address them tonight. The first relates to how we see the health of our economy - how we measure it, and how we ensure that its benefits are properly shared among all Americans. The second regards our foreign policy - how we might bring the war in Iraq to a proper conclusion that will also allow us to continue to fight the war against international terrorism, and to address other strategic concerns that our country faces around the world."


Bush 'Detached' From Union, Anti-War Activists Say

Informant: Carlos Rovira

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Lame duck soup

by John Dickerson


Democrats can’t completely write off the president. He still has to sign the bills they pass, and there was nothing in Bush’s speech that suggested the tussle over Democratic issues will be any less contentious. Yes, Bush shares a few Democratic (or, as he said, ‘Democrat’) Party priorities — health care, education, and global warming — but this is late in the game, and he’s got to do more than just talk about them. Just because some unreconstructed conservatives might have been angry that Bush mentioned global warming is also not an act of bipartisanship...

The presidential tap dance

by Jacob Sullum


The skeptics who doubt that 21,000 more troops will be the difference between war and peace in Iraq may be underestimating the Bush administration, which recently demonstrated it can do the impossible. This month, after violating the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) by eavesdropping on Americans without warrants for five years because obtaining judicial approval would have endangered national security, the administration somehow found a way to obey the law without sacrificing our safety. By exposing the hollowness of President Bush’s national security justification, his tardy compliance with FISA demonstrates more contempt for the rule of law than continued defiance would have...

The state of the president’s leadership: Bought off

Mother Jones
by James Ridgeway


Reports that Bush would moderate his policies to take into account the new Democratic majority in Congress proved ill-founded yesterday when the nation heard George W. Bush’s 2007 State of the Union address. Stubborn as always, Bush stuck to his guns: Health insurance delivered through the private marketplace, with help for the poor in the form of tax deductions. More medical savings accounts. Tort reform to get rid of “‘unk lawsuits.’ In energy, talk about clean coal. Promises to reduce auto emissions — but no standards. What follows is a thumbnail of some of the reaction to Bush’s speech along with lobby figures prepared by the Center for Responsive Politics... [editor’s note: Bush did not propose to move health care to the private sector. Rather proposed to subsidize the insurance industry by offering a tax cut to anyone who buys its product. Effectively it’s “give your money to me … or, if you’d rather, to my campaign contributors” - TLK]

Bush’s whitewashed economic report

Tom Paine
by Jared Bernstein


When it comes to the economy, President Bush’s State of the Union speeches tend to stick to a pretty standard strategy. Any economic problems are a) due to things that occurred before his watch or outside of his control, b) the result of not enough tax cutting or c) not really happening. Any positive trends are evidence that the tax cuts are working. Tuesday night’s speech will surely contain a couple of paragraphs touting recent trends in job growth, unemployment and even real wages, which finally started to climb over the last few quarters. You’d be hard-pressed to find an economist without a rightward agenda who would link those outcomes to the Bush tax cuts, but in Bush’s defense, you’d be even more hard-pressed to find a president who doesn’t connect such dots on their watch...

Snooze of the Union

The American Prospect
by Harold Meyerson


The White House must have known that this wouldn’t be a rouser. The president had nothing new to say about Iraq, yet he had to discuss it — not the real Iraq, of course, but his own private Iraq that no one else can recognize — for half of the speech. Even his list of foiled terrorist plots was a collection of golden oldies from years gone by. As to his bold new domestic agenda, it was at once so piecemeal and complicated that it defied description, so when it came to the most important element — the president’s new health care proposal — he essentially declined to describe it. The utterly threadbare quality of the Republican domestic vision was encapsulated by the fact that the biggest Republican applause line on matters domestic came after the president vowed to reintroduce legislation limiting medical liability. No wonder these guys lost...

State of the Union: Reading between the soundbites

Fox News
by Susan Estrich


‘I ask you to support our troops in the field — and those on their way,’ President George Bush said in his State of the Union, making clear that he needed no one’s permission, Congress included, for the latest troop surge in Iraq. Now, no one’s against supporting the troops. Supporting the troops is the Holy Grail of politics. That’s why freshman Jim Webb, Vietnam veteran and father of a Marine in Iraq, was such a perfect choice for the Democratic response. … But just what does it mean to ’support our troops?’ Do you ’support’ them by demanding that more and more of them do jobs they were never trained for, trying to keep people intent on killing each other over their disagreements over who should have succeeded Mohammed as a prophet from actually doing so?,2933,246579,00.html

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


The Union of the State

A Consumer’s Guide to the 2007 State of the Union Address

Long on Rhetoric, Short on Sorrow

Bush’s Specious Arguments on Iraq in his State of the Union

Not a Single Word

Baby Einstein and the Bush Administration: There's More than Meets the Eye


Analyzing Bush's State-of-the-Union Speech

by Mary Starrett

The president’s SOTU request to renew his No Child Left Behind law should be flatly denied by Congress. According to the president, NCLB, would “prepare our children for jobs of the future.” Presumably, these are the same jobs that have been shipped offshore by this administration’s misguided trade policies......


More Deception

By Paul Craig Roberts

Bush’s state of the union address did not describe the deplorable state of the union. The speech’s importance consists of Bush’s plea to Congress to please let him fool them one more time in order that he can attack Iran and start a bigger war that Congress will have to support in order to support Israel.

Jim Webb's Barnburner

By Mike Whitney

Nothing scares the “powers that be” more than a straight-shooting populist who can rally people against government policy. And, yet, that’s exactly what happened on Tuesday night in the Democratic response to the State of the Union Speech (S.O.T.U.). In just 9 minutes, freshman Senator, Jim Webb took a sledgehammer to Bush’s policy in Iraq and left 45 million Americans cheering for more.


2007 USA State of the Union Address and KPFK post address analyses with Ralph Nader, Maxine Waters, Bob Barr, Lila Garrett, et al

Informant: sasha karlik


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