Mittwoch, 22. November 2006

Uranium Mining Firms Again Eyeing Navajo Land

When mining companies started calling tribal offices last year, Navajo president Joe Shirley Jr. issued an edict to employees: Don't answer any questions. Report all contacts to the Navajo attorney general. Decades after the Cold War uranium boom ended, leaving a trail of poisonous waste across the Navajo Nation, the mining industry is back, seeking to tap the region's vast uranium deposits once again.

Democrats Unlikely to Block Gates Nomination for Pentagon

When Robert Gates testifies before a Senate panel in two weeks, Democrats will voice their opposition to administration war policies and gauge Gates's willingness to change them. But they probably won't stand in his way to becoming the next defense secretary.

US Could Bomb Iran Nuclear Sites in 2007

Political analysts in Washington agree that President George W. Bush could choose military action over diplomacy and bomb Iran's nuclear facilities next year. Iran insists that these nuclear facilities are for peaceful uses, but Washington insists they are really intended to make weapons of mass destruction.

All the Way on Lobbying Reform

William Rivers Pitt writes: "The ugly truth behind the criminal enterprise organized by Abramoff in the House of Representatives inspired the Democrats, in the run-up to the midterms, to call loudly and long for reforms to the lobbying processes within Congress."

Chertoff 's "Chilling Vision"

"Over time, Chertoff said, an aggressive assault against the arguments seeking to apply international law to the United States could turn the tide in Europe and elsewhere, much as the Federalist Society succeeded in creating a backlash to the Warren Court," writes Nat Parry. "But Chertoff may have overestimated the intellectual firepower of the Federalists or undervalued the growing worldwide commitment to the universal application of international law."


Chertoff's 'Chilling Vision'

Chertoff outlined his nightmare scenario in a Nov. 17 speech to the Federalist Society, an organization of right-wing lawyers who spearheaded the legal arguments for granting President George W. Bush authority unbound by any law, including the constitutional rights of Americans.

From Information Clearing House

Nager Looked to Abramoff for Judgeship

Openly campaigning for a judicial nomination is seen as unseemly. But behind the scenes, competition is intense. Potential nominees have been known to send four-inch-thick binders of information about themselves; and at least one applicant in recent years has sent the Justice Department a videotape. To increase his chances, in early 2001, Nager turned to Abramoff, then a lobbyist at Greenberg Traurig, for help with an enterprise Nager referred to as "The Project."

The Only Real Option: Leave Iraq Now

"Good lord, if even Henry Kissinger now says that military victory in Iraq is impossible, pretty soon George W. Bush really will be left with just Laura and Barney on his side," writes Eugene Robinson.

Watada: "It Was My Duty to Refuse to Go to Iraq"

Lt. Ehren Watada, the first American army officer to face court-martial for refusing to serve in Iraq, said yesterday that it was his duty to recognize and refuse "illegal" orders.

Say No to Caribbean Commercial Whaling

Please tell Caribbean governments not to commercially hunt whales

Despite a worldwide outcry against the hunting of whales and a ban on whaling in place since 1986, some Eastern Caribbean nations are shockingly calling for commercial whaling to be launched in the region.

At a recent meeting of Caribbean Fisheries Ministers, St. Kitts and Nevis Fisheries Minister Cedric Liburd called on Caribbean nations to follow Japan’s lead and engage in commercial whaling. But he didn’t stop here. He went on to suggest that tourists to the region should be fed whale meat, and that this would benefit the region’s tourism industry.

Send a letter to Tourism Ministers throughout the Caribbean urging them to tell their nation’s leaders not take up commercial whaling. Tell them to support the region’s thriving and growing whale watching industry – an industry worth more than U.S. $22 million annually.

A horrible idea for whales and people

The Caribbean draws millions and millions of tourists each year who visit the region to enjoy its unique natural environment – from rainforests to its stunning marine habitat where turtles, dolphins, whales and other marine creatures can be seen.

In recent years, IFAW has worked hard to support the Caribbean’s developing whale watching industry. Thousands of tourists now visit the region each year just to see whales in their natural habitat. In addition, Caribbean school children have the opportunity to take part in “floating classrooms,” an educational partnership with whale watching operators throughout the region. This irresponsible call for commercial whaling in the Caribbean puts all of this vital work at risk.

In recent years, Japan has pushed Caribbean nations to support their call for lifting the global ban on whaling. As part of their campaign to solicit support from the region, Japan has acknowledged providing millions of dollars to the region in fisheries industry development.

Please tell Caribbean leaders not to consider commercial whaling. Urge them not to follow Japan’s misguided call for a lifting of the whaling ban.

Your voice can have a significant impact on their action! Please send a message today to tell Caribbean leaders that whales are worth far more alive than dead.

Thanks for all you do,

Fred O’Regan
President and CEO

Ausländer in den USA können zu feindlichen Kämpfern erklärt werden

Während der ehemalige US-Verteidigungsminister Rumsfeld wegen der Folter von Gefangenen in Deutschland angezeigt wurde, versucht die US-Regierung ein kurz vor den Wahlen verabschiedetes Gesetz möglichst auszuweiten.

Phone mast protestors block road

By Marcus Dysch

Police moved angry campaigners who tried to block a road to stop a mobile phone mast being built near a Barnet road.

Residents tried to blockade the area, in Stanhope Road Open Space, Chesterfield Road, to stop telephone company O2 erecting the six-metre high mast on Friday.

Last month, workmen were first forced to leave the site after people came out of their homes and blocked access to the street.

Following that incident, Barnet Council held a meeting with O2 in an attempt to stop the company using Chesterfield Road, but planning permission was granted by default after the authority missed a deadline to respond to the company's application by one day.

On Friday, residents again blocked workers' way and police moved the protestors after a Barnet Council representative confirmed the company did have permission to carry out the work. No arrests were made.

Protestor Debra Barker said: "We should have been notified and given a letter. The council did not act on our behalf and has let us down.

"We will not obstruct it again physically, but we will go down the legal route.

"We will make a claim against the council and O2 to get the mast taken down, or compensation."

A council spokesman said alternate sites for the mast had been discussed but no agreement had been reached.

He said: "We are extremely disappointed that O2 has returned to Chesterfield Road.

"The company is aware of our opposition as well as the considerable public concern in the area. Alternatives included a site only 700 metres from Chesterfield Road where the same company already has valid permission. Another mast is in place at Partridge Close, off Mays Lane, which is even closer to the Chesterfield Road site."

James Stevenson, O2 community relation officer, said: "We put up fences around the site on Friday and laid some concrete.

"The planner from the council came along and told the police we did have planning permission.

"I met with council officers and they told me of the alternative sites.

"When I met them the second time they did not come up with any alternatives. If they had we would have looked at them."

Mr Stevenson confirmed the mast would be erected within the next week to 10 days.

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Company to dump radioactive waste into river

November 21, 2006

OTTAWA (CP) - An environmental group says a technology company could soon be dumping increased levels of radioactive waste into the Ottawa River at Pembroke, Ont. - with the blessing of federal regulators.

The Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility says the tritium waste SRB Technologies creates in making glow-in-the-dark products like exit signs has in the past exceeded that produced by all the country's nuclear plants combined.

The group wants SRB to modernize its practices, clean up pollutants in local groundwater and stop what it's calling "out-of-control" dumping.

The environmentalists say SRB is proposing to build a canopy around its stacks to protect the local environment and divert radioactive precipitation into the Ottawa River.

They say staff at the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission have approved the plan and are recommending regulators lift continuing restrictions on SRB operations after a licence renewal hearing next Monday.

SRB president Stephane Levesque says the company has been dumping acceptable levels of tritium into the Ottawa River "for a number of years" and the plan would only increase those concentrations by one-tenth of one per cent - still within the limits dictated by its current licence.

Informant: binstock

Leading Scientists Urge Japan to Stop Dolphin Slaughter - Dolphin Slaughter Petitions

Coalition seeks one million signatures for online petition.

Facts about Dolphin Drive Hunts in Japan

During drive hunts, migrating pods of dolphins and other small whales are first panicked and confused by loud banging, then herded, by the hundreds, into shallow coves and butchered, one by one, by fishermen. Every year, some 20,000 small cetaceans of several species, some of which are endangered, including bottlenose dolphins, striped dolphins, spotted dolphins, Risso’s dolphins, short-finned pilot whales, white-sided dolphins and false killer whales, are killed or taken in the drives, sometimes illegally.

This cruel and inhumane practice is sanctioned and controlled by the Government of Japan, which claims that these animals compete with the fishermen and slaughtering them is a means of pest control, but no evidence for this claim exists. The dolphins are processed and used as pet food or fertilizer, and the government is encouraging the consumption of dolphin meat. In fact, the hunts would be economically unviable without the sale of live dolphins captured during the drives to dolphinariums in Asia and elsewhere.

There is abundant scientific evidence that drive hunts inflict incredible pain and suffering on highly intelligent, self-aware, and socially complex animals. The hunts have been universally condemned on both welfare and conservation grounds, but repeated requests to end them, from the International Whaling Commission (IWC) and numerous other scientific and conservation organizations, have been ignored.

The World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA), the professional organization that represents over 1,200 zoos and aquariums around the world, and the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) in the United States, have also condemned these hunts. WAZA explicitly prohibits member organizations from procuring animals from drive hunts. Now, marine scientists, WAZA, and AZA have joined with other non-governmental organizations to bring an immediate end to drive hunting.

Join us in our efforts by signing the petition.


Stop the Japanese dolphin hunt!!!!

Please visit to sign a petition to stop the slaughter of 20,000 dolphins annually. It's done for sport and it's disgusting!! This matter really demands attention.

Thank you for your help!



Dolphin Slaughter in Japan

To those who havent signed the petition yet to end this horrendous dolphin slaughter in japan,


To take a few mintues to help stop these japanese traditional slaughters of dolphins. You can WATCH THE VIDEO to see what it is about, (and then i know you wouldnt wait one more second to react, it is just UNCONCEIVABLE to allow this to go on. or you can view it on my profile page.

From Linda H.


Dolphin Slaughter Petitions

Informant: Millennium Twain


New Online Video Documents Japanese Dolphin Slaughter

Save Japan Dolphins coalition spotlights both animal cruelty and health concerns.

Bad Reception: Cingular Supports Rodeos

Given the harm oil companies are doing to Africa, why does the World Bank insist on subsidizing them?

End Big Oil Aid To Africa

Conservatives attack international law as a tool of the terrorists

Waging 'Lawfare'

To find a way out of Iraq, George W. Bush must first admit he has a problem

Iraq's Reality Bandwagon

Three illusions to avoid in the search for answers to Iraq's intractable problems

Washington's Iraq Chimeras

Iraqi Civilian Deaths Reach New High

The United Nations said Wednesday that 3,709 Iraqi civilians were killed in October, the highest monthly toll since the March 2003 US invasion and another sign of the severity of Iraq's sectarian bloodbath.

Council admits defeat in phone mast stand-off

By Anna Youssef

ANGRY residents say Bolton Council has set a dangerous precedent by backing down in a legal battle over a phone mast.

The mast was put up last year by the telecommunications firm Hutchinson 3G at Holland's Nurseries, in Darwen Road, Bromley Cross, despite the council turning down a planning application.

Hutchinson 3G appealed and won its case.

The council then tried to enforce a historic covenant that stated nothing should be built on the land and it should only be used for agricultural purposes.

But a public inquiry in June ruled against the council.

Now, it has decided to allow the mast to remain rather than risk further legal action.

Campaigners, who have mounted a long running campaign against the mast, yesterday hit out at the council's decision.

Olive Kenyon, of Laburnum Park, Bradshaw, said: "It seems to me that in this particular instance the law does not equate to justice.

"H3G has bypassed local government planning regulations at every stage.

"I think this decision sets a very worrying precedent.

"If the mobile phone companies think they can get away with it once they're going to do it again and again.

"I think the planning process is flawed.

"These companies have deep pockets and the council only has limited resources."

Councillor Cliff Morris, the council leader, said he felt the council had taken a reasonable approach.

Applying for a judicial review of the matter would have put the covenant at risk, he believed.

Cllr Morris said: "We have virtually exhausted the legal and planning process, but by not pursuing the review we have preserved the covenant.

"We do not think the development is appropriate and we have been consistent in our arguments against it.

"But it is not going to have a major impact on the area and sits in a fairly small plot within the nurseries.

"The planning inspector made these points in the planning inquiry report.

"It has been a difficult decision, but we were left with only two options; a judicial review, which was not guaranteed to come down in our favour, or not take out a challenge against the Secretary of State's decision.

"By taking the decision we have, the covenant remains intact."

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On counter-recruiting

We've just posted a great 3 minute video clip of Aimee Allison, veteran, conscientious objector and counter-recruiter, speaking at the MOOS-Bay/Campus Antiwar Network conference on October 22, 2005.

We had her video as a download, but it can now be watched streaming via YouTube.

We've posted 14 videos that may interest you to our YouTube channel at

Two new videos cap our coverage of the Jan 27 march.

An 8 minute video covers the Unified Youth and Student Contingent, including the student rally - with chants and student speakers - and their march. The contingent was organized by the Campus Antiwar Network, World Can't Wait and the new SDS. The contingent drew hundreds of students. Campus Antiwar Network chapters came from as far away as the University of Wisconsin/Madison and the University of Northern Iowa.

The second video (3 minutes) joins clips from the march and gives a feel for what it was like to be on Constitution Ave. that day, on the way to the Capitol.

See both streaming videos for free at traprock_video/ where you can also download higher quality versions of the videos
(mp4 format) to your computer.

Or, you may see the videos at Traprock's YouTube channel at

These videos complete Traprock's march coverage, which includes over
200 photos at and coverage of the End the Occupation Now! event at Busboys and Poets, with Kelly Dougherty, co-founder and Executive Director of Iraq Veterans Against the War; Anthony Arnove, author of Iraq: the Logic of Withdrawal, and Son of Nun, poet/activist and hip hop artist.

You may watch video, download the audio (mp3) and video (mp4) files and see photos of this great event at Busboys and Poets at

Charles Jenks
Chair of Advisory Board Traprock Peace Center
103 Keets Road Deerfield, MA 01342

From ufpj-news

While our backs were turned

Liberty For All
by Ed Lewis


Our forefathers warned us that we must be always vigilant and protective of the freedom they gave us. They knew by the very nature of man that people put in positions of authority would abuse their authority. And, so it has been. Not only are we in illegal military actions around the world, including the well-publicized and illegal invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, but also are in dozens of countries illegally...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Look who's cutting and running now

by Christopher Hitchens


Taken together with the dismissal of Donald Rumsfeld, the nomination of Robert Gates, and the holy awe with which the findings of the Iraq Study Group are now expected, [Kissinger's statement] means that the Bush administration, or large parts of it, is now cutting if not actually running, and it is looking for partners in the process. (You have to admit that it was clever of the president to make it appear that Rumsfeld had been fired by the electorate rather than by him.) It seems that Kissinger has been giving his 'realist' advice even to the supposedly most hawkish member of the administration, namely the vice president, and at a dinner in honor of the president-elect of Mexico a few nights ago, I saw him mixing easily with such ISG elders as former Rep. Lee Hamilton...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Another doomsday may need to be postponed

Classically Liberal
by "CLS"


The Proceedings of the National Academy of Science has just published a new research on those 'disappearing' forests we are always hearing about. And what they found is very important regarding a host of issues from economic development to global warming. We have frequently heard it said that the rich nations of the world are plundering the planet leading to all sorts of bad things. For instance carbon in the atmosphere is believed to be a greenhouse gas. Trees absorb carbon and thus reduce the levels of greenhouse gases. So nations with decreasing forests contribute to global warming while nations with expanding forests reduce warming...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Listen in to the voters

Boston Globe
by staff


Stripping Americans of their Fourth Amendment protection against government intrusion into private communications will always be controversial, but never more so than when it is attempted by a lame-duck Congress after an election that has dislodged the party in power. It is unwise of President Bush to ask Congress to legalize the National Security Agency's warrantless interception of telephone calls between Americans and terrorism suspects overseas. It would be even worse folly for Republicans in Congress to attempt to push through such legislation in the few weeks before Democrats take over. After the election's stinging rebuke to his own leadership, Bush said he would respect the voters' call for bipartisanship. But he has done just the opposite in seeking lame-duck action on the nominations of several judicial candidates whom Democrats had previously rebuffed...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The rise and decline of the neo-cons

Asia Times
by Jim Lobe and Michael Flynn


Because their agenda is global in scale, US neo-conservatives remain important players -- albeit increasingly isolated -- within the US foreign policy elite. Understanding the neo-cons and how they achieved their power is critical in divining the course of the world's last remaining superpower...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

"Cutting and running" is preferable to "staying and praying"

Independent Institute

by Ivan Eland


General John Batiste, a retired Army major general who was a division commander in Iraq and called for Donald Rumsfeld's resignation, called the Democrats' proposal 'terribly naive.' Among other initiatives, Batiste argues that the United States has to make new efforts to secure Iraq's borders, weaken or eliminate the Iraqi militias, step up training of the country's security forces, reduce Iraqi unemployment, and solicit more cooperation from tribal leaders. To do all of these things, Batiste recommends increasing the number of U.S. forces in Iraq. General Anthony Zinni, one of Abizaid's predecessors as Middle East commander and another critic of administration policy, as well as Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC), agree that more U.S. troops should be sent. But if the Democratic plan is naive, this proposal is just plain crazy...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Selective Service: Ready for a draft



Although Congress is unlikely to follow calls from a top Democrat to bring back the military draft, the United States does have a plan, if necessary, aimed at inducting millions of young men for service. The Selective Service System, an agency independent of the Defense Department, says it's ready to respond quickly to any crisis that would threaten to overwhelm the current all-volunteer military...

Rangel: Daft on the draft

Free Market News Network

by Thomas L. Knapp


The Democrats have only just secured a new start at political ascendancy, and their resurgence is at least partially accounted for by America's rejection of perpetual military misadventurism accompanied by gross violations of civil liberties. Now, not even two weeks past the electoral recording of that sea change, we have ... a (black!) Democratic congressman agitating for the return and universalization of chattel slavery under government sponsorship! Odious and nauseating don't even begin to describe that -- and if the Democrats want their luck to hold, they need to nip this kind of thing in the bud immediately...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Gitmo prisoner says procedures botched

Gainesville Sun


A detainee at Guantanamo Bay who needs a medical procedure on his heart said Tuesday he doesn't want it performed there because operations on other detainees have been botched -- an accusation the base commander denied. Saifullah Paracha, a multimillionaire Pakistani businessman held at Guantanamo, 'believes that two prisoners have lost their vocal cords after routine tonsillectomies, that a prisoner lost part of his leg because of a surgical sponge left in him which became infected, and that a prisoner lost a testicle from similar neglect,' said Gaillard T. Hunt, his attorney...

US to require passports for nearly all

Lufkin Daily News


Nearly all air travelers entering the U.S. will be required to show passports beginning Jan. 23, including returning Americans and people from Canada and other nations in the Western Hemisphere. The date was disclosed Tuesday by Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff in an interview with The Associated Press. The Homeland Security Department plans to announce the change on Wednesday...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Sammelklage gegen Vorratsdatenspeicherung


Unter kann man sich für den Fall dass der Gesetzentwurf zur Vorratsdatenspeicherung angenommen wird, einer Varfassungsbeschwerde/Sammelklage anschliessen.


Medienkampagne zum "1. Todestag des Telekommunikationsgeheimnisses"

„Besorgte Bürger sollen Medienberichte über geplante Totalprotokollierung der Telekommunikation einfordern / Verhüllung von Webseiten zum "Trauertag um das Fernmeldegeheimnis". Ein Jahr nach dem Beschluss der Richtlinie zur Vorratsdatenspeicherung im Europäischen Parlament am 14.12.2005 fordert der Arbeitskreis Vorratsdatenspeicherung die Medien auf, die Menschen über die "geplante Totalprotokollierung der Telekommunikation" und ihre Folgen zu informieren…“ Pressemitteilung vom 11.12.2006

6.000 Klagen gegen geplante Vorratsdatenspeicherung

„Über 6.000 wollen in Karlsruhe gegen Protokollierung ihrer Kommunikation klagen, darunter Abgeordnete, Rechtsanwälte, Journalisten, Ärzte, Geistliche und Psychotherapeuten (…) Der Arbeitskreis Vorratsdatenspeicherung veröffentlichte am Donnerstag einen Bericht des Bundeskriminalamts vom November 2005, der die Erforderlichkeit der Vorratsdatenspeicherung belegen soll. Dem Bericht zufolge konnten in den letzten Jahren 381 Straftaten wegen fehlender Telekommunikationsdaten nicht aufgeklärt werden, vor allem in den Bereichen Internetbetrug, Austausch von Kinderpornografie und Diebstahl. "Die genannten 381 Fälle machen weniger als 0,001% der 6,4 Mio. jährlich begangenen Straftaten aus", kommentiert Patrick Breyer vom Arbeitskreis Vorratsdatenspeicherung….“ Pressemitteilung vom 30.11.2006

Siehe dazu:

Mindestspeicherungsfristen für Telekommunikationsverbindungsdaten. Rechtstatsachen zum Beleg der defizitären Rechtslage

BKA-Studie von Eva Mahnken, Stand: 15. November 2005 (pdf)

Aus: LabourNet, 12. Dezember 2006


Mitmachen! Verfassungsklage gegen Vorratsdatenspeicherung.

Die Regierung plant, ab Mitte 2007 zur "verbesserten Strafverfolgung" die Einfuehrung der Vorratsdatenspeicherung. Dann wird nachvollziehbar werden, wer mit wem in den letzten sechs Monaten kommuniziert hat. Per Telefon, Mobil oder via E-Mail. Bei Mobiltelefonaten und SMS soll auch der jeweilige Standort des Benutzers festgehalten werden. Anonyme Emailkonten und Anonymisierungsdienste sollen verboten werden.

Zugriff auf die Daten werden Polizei und Staatsanwaltschaft, aber auch auslaendische Staaten erhalten. Mit Hilfe der gespeicherten Daten koennen Bewegungsprofile und Kontaktnetze erstellt werden. Auch Rueckschluesse auf den Inhalt der Kommunikation werden moeglich. Ausnahmen fuer Journalisten wird es nicht geben.

Ob die Vorratsdatenspeicherung gestoppt werden kann, haengt wesentlich vom oeffentlichen Druck ab!

Nachdem die politische Intervention erfolglos blieb, ruft die Inititative "Stoppt die Vorratsdatenspeicherung" jetzt zu einer Sammel-Verfassungsbeschwerde gegen das Gesetz auf. Bislang haben sich ueber 6.000 Personen daran beteiligt. Die Beteiligung ist weiterhin moeglich, und Journalisten als Berufsgeheimnistraeger sollten dies tun.

Wer teilnehmen will, muss dazu ein Online-Formular ausfuellen und eine Prozessvollmacht (Ausdruck) erteilen. Mit der Beteiligung sind keine Kosten verbunden. Sollte das Gesetz ueber die Vorratsdatenspeicherung in Kraft treten, wird dann umgehend Klage eingereicht.

Mitmachen: Sammelklage gegen Vorratsdatenspeicherung

Intitative "Stoppt die Vorratsdatenspeicherung" .

Linksammlung inkl. der Gesetzentwuerfe .

Fragen und Fakten zur Vorratsspeicherung von Telefon- und Internetdaten . - 23.02.2006 .

Vorratsspeicherung von Verbindungsdaten in der Telekommunikation . - 01.12.2005 .

Aus: Newsletter Netzwerk Recherche, #39, 05.01.2007

A Proposal for Election REFORM by Coordinated State Ballot Initiatives

We all worked enormously hard this election for the most progressive candidates we could find, and we had a couple winners. In addition, Ciro Rodriguez is in an upcoming runoff in TX-23 with very excellent prospects. In truth we probably had even more winners but for the election shenanigans we knew would be a handicap and which certainly took place. But the good news is that in spite of them, and thanks to your valiant participation, the people have regained both the House and the Senate. This at least allows us the power and opportunity to fight another day, and it is critically important that we continue to speak out in ever increasing numbers now that we have majorities who are more likely to influenced.

In the meantime, we have put a lot of thought into the next major strategic move. There will be bills in Congress to attempt real election reform, but there is no assurance that anything of substantive impact can survive a veto, assuming we can even pressure its passage. Therefore, we propose opening up a collateral front by putting together as many state ballot initiative campaigns as possible where laws can be passed directly on to the books. What we have in mind are two separate propositions in each such state, with the idea that there is synergy in collecting signatures for two related initiatives at the same time.

1) A paper ballot initiative of some kind

2) A clean money campaign financing measure


Critical to the success of these initiatives will be to establish a consensus of what we should shoot for, and to get everyone on the same page up front, so to speak. We recognize that with the question of paper ballots there are two camps who so far have been working perhaps at cross purposes. Some support H.R. 550 as an attempt to add on some kind of afterthought accountability to the existing electronic voting machines. Some others strongly oppose any variation of that bill because it doesn't go far enough, and are pushing for total elimination of the infernal Accu-Hack machines with their secret proprietary software.

What we are asking you, our participants, to do is to weigh in on what direction you think we should go in. We have set up a special referendum page where we ask if there should be mandatory paper ballots in all elections. Especially if you are one of the movers and shakers in the election protection movement, please email us so we can engage you in the drafting of the actual proposed initiatives.


While it is true that such initiatives cannot be pursued in all states, among the many where they can are most of the key presidential swing states. And by passing parallel state propositions where we can, we would hope to build a de facto national standard, adding to the momentum for federal legislation, as in the recent spate of minimum wage increase intiatives, all of which succeeded.

With regards to clean money legislation, initiatives have been successful in AZ and ME already, although limited to state office candidates only. We think we would like to see some kind of help for federal candidates from state voters while we are working also to pass federal legislation. The recent measure in CA failed in large part because its supporters did not have the support of most of the unions for whatever reason, with the nurses association alone responsible for most of the votes it did get.

We are very interested in taking another shot at CA in particular with an initiative to public finance political campaigns for candidates, attempting to craft a measure that more people on our side can get behind, and as above to spark plug parallel initiatives in as many other states as possible where that can be done. So again, if you are an interested think tanker in the clean money movement, please email us so we can welcome you on to the team.

We would like to thank each and every one of you again and again for your magnificent and generous contributions, without which some of the candidates we were helping would have had no campaigns at all. And these same former and future candidates will be playing a key role in signature gathering for these upcoming state initiatives as they develop. We have moved the ball down the field and we are not going back.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours.

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The NWO Consumer Slave

by Nancy Levant

I think of American families. The middle classes who created the greatness of this nation with sweat, national loyalty, and blood spilled on battlefields that were supposed to guarantee our survival and our freedom. I think of the young men and women who suffer in the Mid-East, and for what? Democracy? No, people, not for democracy. We are fighting for global Communism......

Tell the Supreme Court to rule the U.S. must regulate carbon now

November 21st, 2006


With a decade at most to avert global warming catastrophe, let the U.S. Supreme Court know carbon dioxide is clearly a pollutant, causing climate change mayhem, and as such must be regulated by the U.S. EPA

In one of the most important environmental cases ever to come before the U.S. Supreme Court, climate change and the regulation of carbon dioxide emissions will be ruled upon by the nation's highest court for the first time. In essence, the case will put the evidence for climate change "on trial" to determine whether the available data are enough to say that CO2 emissions pose a threat to the public's wellbeing. The case is Massachusetts vs. EPA, 05-1120. Essentially two questions are at issue: can the U.S. government's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulate CO2, and if it can, is it required to. The court's decision which is expected in June 2007, with oral arguments scheduled as soon as late November or early December of this year, could hasten U.S. mitigation of greenhouse-gas emissions - or bring action to a disappointing halt. It is highly unusual to target the U.S. Supreme Court with an email protest campaign. But as with the Civil Rights movement of the past, the issue of human caused climate change is so important and fraught with political deadlock that we must call upon the Court to not only heed the strong science and law, but if necessary, to "legislate from the bench" and provide clear guidance on this life and Earth threatening measure. By participating in the campaign you will be both sending emails to the Supreme Court and all the signatures are being compiled as a petition to be mailed to the Supreme Court (thus the need for addresses for added legitimacy).

Tell the Supreme Court to rule the U.S. must regulate carbon now at:

The Other Face of Globalization

David Bacon writes: "In the US, unions don't have to be registered with the government, and anyone can form one. But there's no real legal protection for unions, and we have few rights. A company can legally break a strike."

Incestuous corporate boards regularly approve compensation packages for chief executives and others that are out of logic's range

Class Struggle

"Incestuous corporate boards regularly approve compensation packages for chief executives and others that are out of logic's range." writes Jim Webb, Democratic senator-elect from Virginia. "... the average CEO of a sizeable corporation makes more than $10 million a year, while the minimum wage for workers amounts to about $10,000 a year, and has not been raised in nearly a decade."

Help Save Idaho Wolves: Don't Let Idaho Kill Endangered Wolves

Hundreds of Idaho wolves are at risk in Idaho, where in 2001 legislators passed a measure calling for the elimination of wolves "by any means necessary."

Fill out the form below to urge the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to deny Idaho’s recent requests to kill wolves in the Clear Water Basin and in areas where they are still protected under the Endangered Species Act.

Remember, your comments will be most effective if they are personalized. Please tell federal officials why you think Idaho's gray wolves should be protected.

Take Action!


Tragedy for wolves

A message from Linda

Original Message


Through our holidays season, a tragic decision has been made regarding the future of our wolves in Idaho. It was posted in the news, however, with the busy season, some of you may have missed this. Please note the news, VOTE "NO", and sign the ongoing petition below. And forward to friends. Thank you, have a Great New Year!

Linda H.

submitted by Karen

Wolves may be delisted and opened to hunting; a new plan to manage Idaho's roadless areas shocked environmentalists with its green leanings; massive snows led to one of the biggest winters on record (the wildlfire season was also impressive).

Murder is NOT the solution!

PET VACCINATION: An Institutionalised Crime

Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitsmedizin (BAuA): Forschungsprojekt Elektrosensibilität

Elektrosensibilität, ein rein psychologischer Effekt?

Belastung durch Handystrahlen nur Einbildung?

Forscherin Dr. Gerlinde Kaul: Elektrosensibilität nicht nachweisbar

"Elektrosensibilität": ein rein psychologischer Effekt?


Forschungsprojekt Elektrosensibilität BAuA-Stellungnahme

Lieber Herr Hartenstein,

in der Tat ist die Versuchsanordnung von Frau Dr. Kaul der BAUA wenig hilfreich, neue Erkenntnisse zu gewinnen. Aber das Projekt scheint ja so fest geschrieben zu sein, dass Änderungen offensichtlich nicht mehr akzeptiert werden. So wurde auch mein Einwand nicht berücksichtigt.

Was wollen wir denn erreichen? Dass die Grenzwerte ausreichen, wenn es um Kurzzeitexpositionen geht (konkret 6 Minuten nach DIN/VDE 0848)? Warum werden die Experimente nicht von einem gut ausgebildeten Biowissenschaftler durchgeführt, der das Fingerspitzengefühl für Biosysteme besitzt (oder zumindest während seines Berufslebens erworben hat)? Die derzeitige Maxime dieser der Politik unterstellten Institutionen geht doch nur in die Richtung, einem scheinbar zukunftsträchtigen Wirtschaftsfaktor zu hofieren. So muss dem Rest der vielleicht noch nicht elektrosensiblen Bevölkerung ins Gehirn gebrannt werden, dass die von Starkstrom -und HF-Ingenieuren an einem Phantom entwickelten Grenzwerte nach den Spielregeln der Energieeinkopplung und kritischen Temperaturerhöhung auch für ein hochsensibles biologisches Regulationssystem zu gelten haben. Dafür geben gerne einige Universitätsprofessoren ihren Namen hin, da sich so ja wieder Gelder (selbstverständlich nur für weitere Forschungen) akquirieren lassen. Das Ganze ist doch mittlerweile eine Farce, über die sich die zukünftigen Generationen keineswegs "kaputt lachen" werden, wenn die schon heute aus den vielfältigen Erfahrungen prognostizierten Erkrankungen für jeden Realität geworden sind.

Anstatt sich dem Problem heute ernsthaft zu widmen, wird der einfache Weg der drei Affen gewählt: die Augen vor der Realität verschließen, den Mund halten, dass nur nicht schon Bekanntes an die Öffentlichkeit dringt und die Ohren verschließen, um späterhin sagen zu können: wir wussten es nicht. Im übrigen: schon einmal geschehen bei der Holzschutzmittel-Problematik. Aber die Politiker haben es gelernt in der Hoffnung zu agieren, dass der Bürger ein kurzes Gedächtnis hat...

So traurig es klingen mag: reagiert werden wird erst, wenn es zu spät ist. Und dann heißt es wieder: nach dem seinerzeitigen Stand der wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnisse .....u.s.w. Nur sollte auch hinterfragt werden, wer diesen wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnisstand eingeholt hat. Und da schließt sich ganz harmonisch der Kreis.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Lebrecht von Klitzing

Dr.-Ing. Hans Schmidt
Gebhardtstr. 2d
82515 Wolfratshausen WOR, den 14.04.04

Auf Hinweis des Hese-Projektes habe ich mich bei Frau Dr. Kaul, Projektleiterin bei der Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitssicherheit für die Forschungsarbeit „Untersuchungen zur Wirkung eines niederfrequenten 50 Hz-Magnetfeldes und zur Wirkung eines gepulsten Hochfrequenzfeldes des GSM-Mobilfunkstandards“ gemeldet.

1) Zur Person

Ich selbst bin leicht elektrosensibel und reagiere mit stechenden Ohrenschmerzen (je nach Abstand) auf Handytelefonate die näher als ca. 50 cm an meinem Kopf stattfinden.

Außerdem reagiere ich mit Herzrhythmusstörungen und stechenden Ohrenschmerzen auf die Strahlung von Siemens Gigaset Basisstationen (DECT-Schnurlos-Telefone) wenn diese näher als ca. 1.5 m stehen. Wenn eine solche Basisstation im gleichen Raum ist, fühle ich mich unwohl und bekomme vor allem im Bereich des Hinterkopfes eine Art Gänsehaut.

Dieses Unwohlsein beginnt bei mir bei Strahlungsdichten von ca. 1-10 nW/cm², gemessen mit einem HF-Detektor II Profi der Firma Aaronia (Anm. Red.: Umrechnung auf W/m² ganz einfach mit dem izgmf-Einheitenumrechner).

2) Beschreibung der Strahlungsbelastung beim Hochfrequenzversuch

Zusammenfassung der Diskussion mit dem Messtechniker, Herr Golz:

Verwendet wird ein Handy (D1-Netz) mit 916 MHz, 217 Hz gepulst. Mit einem SAR-Messystem wurde am Kopf 0.875 W/kg gemessen, in 30 cm Entfernung (aktueller Versuch) noch 0.75 mW/kg, was ungefähr der Auflösung des verwendeten Messgerätes entspricht. In diesen 30 cm Entfernung weist das unmodulierte Feld eine Feldstärke von 13 V/m bzw. Strahlungsdichte von 44800 nW/cm² auf, für das gepulste Feld wurden noch 4.2 V/m bzw. 4680 nW/cm² gemessen (wohl Mittelwert).

Nebenbemerkung: Dies unterstreicht deutlich die Unzulänglichkeit des SAR-Wertes für die Kennzeichnung der Strahlenbelastung – wenn dieser praktisch nicht mehr messbar ist, ist die Strahlenbelastung noch um den Faktor 1000 (in nW/cm²) höher als mein individueller Schwellenwert, ab dem ich sensibel reagiere.

3) Zusammenfassung der Telefonate mit der Projektleiterin Frau Dr. Kaul

Frau Dr. Kaul formulierte sehr vorsichtig, weil sie ihre Aussagen immer als offizielle Stellungnahme der BAuA betrachtete. Sie revidierte ihre Äußerung, dass mit dem vorliegenden Versuchsaufbau „biologische Wirkungen ausgeschlossen seien“, jedoch erst nach meinem eindringlichen Hinweis, dass die geltenden Grenzwerte ja nur für thermische Wirkungen und eben nicht für biologische Wirkungen gelten würden.

Beim aktuellen Versuchsaufbau wird im Doppel-Blindversuch die oben angeführte Strahlung in ca. 10-Minuten-Intervallen ohne Wissen der Versuchsperson eingeschaltet, der Versuch findet in einem Faradaykäfig statt, also ohne Störstrahlung von außen.

Meine Frage, ob diese 10 Minuten ausreichend seien, damit der Organismus wieder in sein Ruhepotential komme, konnte sie nicht beantworten (ich weiß von mir, dass die Körperreaktion erst nach dem Einsetzen der Bestrahlung beginnt, also verzögert, aber dann längere Zeit nach dem Absetzen der Bestrahlung fortdauert).

Nachdem ich die hohe Strahlungsdichte beim aktuellen Versuch bestimmt hatte, schlug ich ihr eine alternative Vorgehensweise vor, um zu verhindern, dass ich gleich massiv reagiere: stufenweises Hochfahren der Strahlungsbelastung (natürlich ohne dass ich es weiß) von 0.1 nW/cm² über 1 / 10 / 100 / 1000 auf die eigentliche Belastung von 4680 nW/cm².

Nachdem sie sich nicht darauf einließ, habe ich eine Teilnahme an dem Versuch abgelehnt, da ich mich nicht bewusst einem starken Feld aussetzen will – meine Elektrosensibilität nimmt sowieso von Jahr zu Jahr zu, und ich möchte dies nicht beschleunigen.

4) persönliche Schlussfolgerung und Alternativvorschlag für Versuchsdurchführung

Mit dem festen Versuchsaufbau, nur mit einer Strahlenbelastung von 4680 nW/cm² (zum Vergleich: der revidierte Salzburger Grenzwert liegt bei 0.1 nW/cm²) ist nicht auszuschließen, dass Elektrosensible massiv geschädigt werden. Als alternatives Versuchsszenario wird deshalb vorgeschlagen, die Strahlenbelastung stufenweise im Doppelblindversuch solange hochzufahren, bis die Versuchsperson anspricht. Selbstverständlich sollen die geltenden Grenzwerte als Maximalwerte nicht überschritten werden.

Diese Versuchsdurchführung würde die individuellen Schwellenwerte für die Reaktion der einzelnen Versuchspersonen ergeben und wäre damit mindestens genauso aufschlussreich wie die jetzige Versuchsserie, jedoch ohne potentielle Schädigung der Versuchsperson.



"Elektrosensible" Versuchspersonen gesucht (PM 152/03 der BAuA) Pressemitteilung der Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitsmedizin

Versuchspersonen gesucht


Forschung: BAuA findet keine Elektrosensiblen

Elektrosensibilität im Versuchätät

Village loses mast battle

By Pat Smith

THE villagers of Wythall have lost their fight against T-Mobile's plans to erect a 12m high phone mast in their midst.

The plans for the mast at Trueman's Heath Lane were given the go-ahead by Bromsgrove District Council in October but due to village opposition, the firm agreed to look at alternative sites.

But now T-Mobile has announced it is going ahead with its plans after all.

Spokesman John Shaunnassy said: "We have looked at alternatives but the plans we have permission for were the best in the light of the coverage we wanted, therefore we will be going ahead."

He could not confirm precisely when the metal pole would be erected but said it would look like a regular telegraph pole.

"It will sit as naturally as possible in its surroundings.

"We do not set out to upset villagers but people are using more mobile phones and they need an efficient network to use them," added Mr Shaunnassy.

Bromsgrove MP Julie Kirkbride said: "I have implored T-Mobile to site the mast elsewhere and am sorry they are not responsive to local views.

"Sadly, however, national planning law allows them to put mobile phones masts wherever they want."

Worcestershire county councillor for the area, Wally Stewart, said: "I am disgusted.

"Knowing the extent of public opposition, I would have hoped common decency would have led them to reconsider the siting.

"There is nobody in the village that wants the mast in Trueman's Heath Lane."

9:50am today

© Copyright 2001-2006 Newsquest Media Group

Hard US lessons, harder landings

The US is beginning to unwind the largest housing bubble in modern history. There will be upswings and local exceptions and wide regional and price variations. This changes nothing. Hundreds of billions of dollars in household access to cash and debt from refinancing, equity extraction, home equity lines of credit and house flipping will dry up.

From Information Clearing House

Military Documents Hold Tips on Antiwar Activities

An antiterrorist database used by the Defense Department in an effort to prevent attacks against military installations included intelligence tips about antiwar planning meetings held at churches, libraries, college campuses and other locations, newly disclosed documents show.

6 Imams removed from flight at US airport, questioned

They were removed Monday evening after three of them recited their evening prayers in the airport terminal before boarding the plane, a leader of the group said.

From Information Clearing House

FBI Intimidation and Mistreatmen

From Information Clearing House

The world saw itself through a largely American camera lens: no more

America's media bubble

There used to be a time when the US media wrote the global narrative. The world saw itself through a largely American camera lens. No more.

From Information Clearing House

The Next Act: Will the Republicans’ Mid-Term Loss Hurt Chances of a War on Iran?

In a new article for the New Yorker, investigative journalist Seymour Hersh reports Vice President Dick Cheney told a White House meeting one month before the mid-term elections that a Democratic victory would have little effect on the administration’s decision to go to war.

America is a failed state

An interview with Prof. Noam Chomsky.

The Story Behind The Iraq Study Group

"We were up in Tikrit and went to a hospital, and it was guarded with guns and security to the point they were pushing weapons into women's faces," Wolf said. "I saw we can't be successful if we're going into an operating room with pistols and weapons."

From Information Clearing House

Iraqis Want a Speedy U.S. Exit and Back Attacks on Our Forces

A new poll in Iraq makes it more stark than ever: the Iraqi people want the U.S. to exit their country. And most Iraqis now approve of attacks on U.S. forces, even though 94% express disapproval of al-Qaeda.

A Prescription for Peace

Teaching Tommy During an Era of Fascism

By Doug Soderstrom

In looking back at that of my own education, I have come to the conclusion that much of what I learned was a matter of propaganda. And I am sorry to say that it wasn’t until “that sorrowful day in September” that I decided to take a serious look at the history of our country, and it was that which has made all the difference, that which no doubt changed my life.

Killing Without Conscience: Iraq The Hidden War

How our news is sanitized to prevent the destruction and suffering created by the U.S. occupation of Iraq from entering our reality.

Channel 4 Investigates

- Warning -

This video contains images that should only be viewed by a mature audience.

Iraq: The Hidden Story shows the footage used by TV news broadcasts, and compares it with the devastatingly powerful uncensored footage of the aftermath of the carnage that is becoming a part of the fabric of life in Iraq.

Video - Click to play

World Has Under Decade to Act on Climate Crisis

The world has less than a decade to take decisive action in the battle to beat global warming or risk irreversible change that will tip the planet toward catastrophe, a leading US climate scientist said. And the United States, the world's biggest polluter and major climate laggard, has a vital role to play in leading that fight.


Power Companies Order Up Texas Toast

Kelpie Wilson writes: "On Tuesday, climate scientist James Hansen said that the world has less than a decade to take decisive action on global warming or risk tipping the planet towards catastrophe. 'The biggest problem is that the United States is not taking an active leadership role - quite the reverse.' The world can't get its act together without the United States, and the US can't do it without Texas. The world may have ten years, but Texas only has six months to stop TXU from turning our climate to toast."

Global Warming Killing Some Species

Animal and plant species have begun dying off or changing sooner than predicted because of global warming, a review of hundreds of research studies contends. These fast-moving adaptations come as a surprise even to biologists and ecologists because they are occurring so rapidly.

Justice Department Quashes Wiretapping Inquiries

Though Maine resident Doug Cowie just celebrated his 75th birthday in October, it was only this past January that he retired from the Maine Public Utility Commission (PUC) where he worked for 18 years. It would be easy to think of Cowie as an innocuous grandfatherly type - particularly after his response when I told him some of his emails ended up in my spam folder: "Your what folder?" But he is one of a growing number of Americans who are acting, in lieu of Congress, as the only check and balance on the Bush administration's domestic spying program.

GOP Dumps Unfinished Spending Bills on Democrats

Republicans vacating the Capitol are dumping a big spring cleaning job on Democrats moving in. GOP leaders have opted to leave behind almost a half-trillion-dollar clutter of unfinished spending bills.

Loophole allows phone mast near school

Have you ever heard of such hypocrites as Birmingham City Council!

On the one hand they want closed a loophole that allows the industry to install masts near shools and homes.

On the other hand they brag over that they are going to contaminate the whole of the City Centre with WiFi.

Where do these people (Councilors) come from?

Certainly not the same globe as us!

At the bottom of the first story (pls use the link to go to Birmingham post) there are links to e-mail/web-mail and message board for comments on this story. Please write.

Best regards.


P.S. I have written, and I have put a link to the petition on there.

I just hope they read it and put it up, and if they do that they put the link in as well.


Loophole allows phone mast near school

The Government is being urged to close a legal loophole which allowed a mobile phone mast to be sited 50 yards yards from a Birmingham infants school without planning permission being sought.

Phone company O2 won the right to attach telecommunications antennae to a CCTV mast overlooking St Nicholas Junior and Infants School at Sutton Coldfield, despite the opposition of Birmingham City Council.

The company's victory flies in the face of council planning policy, which seeks to resist the siting of phone masts in sensitive locations near to schools and houses.

Council officials admitted defeat after a two-year battle, which began in January 2004 when planning permission was granted to place three 13 metre CCTV camera support columns in the grounds of Concorde House, at Boldmere.

Concorde House is owned by Arden Acquisition and Planning Ltd - telecommunications consultants acting on behalf of mobile phone companies.

Shortly after being installed, one of the columns was replaced by a wider column and an O2 mobile phone mast was attached underneath the CCTV camera. Planning permission was not applied for.

The mast was removed after the council threatened legal action.

In the summer of 2005, O2 invoked emergency powers under the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order, which allows a telecommunications operator to install a mobile phone mast for a period of six months where the equipment has become unserviceable. O2 installed a trailer-based mast at the rear of Concorde House.

The council again threatened legal action, claiming that the new mast could not have had consent since it was replacing an unauthorised installation. The matter went to planning appeal, where the council lost.

The council, having sought legal advice, decided to take no further action.

The advice of counsel was that the installation was permitted development because the column fell within the definition of a structure and that mobile phone companies are allowed to install antennae without gaining planning permission.

Clive Dutton, director of planning and regeneration at the council, is urging the Government to change the law.

"This installation clearly circumvents the policy guideline which discourages mobile phone installations being sited adjacent to educational institutions."


Should companies be allowed to site phone masts next to schools or should the loophole be closed? Let us know your opinion by email, messageboard or send a web letter to the editor

By Paul Dale
Chief Reporter
Nov 21 2006

Wireless on the streets of Brum

Birmingham has confirmed that it is at the forefront of exploiting digital technology by signing an agreement with BT for the creation of a street-based wireless city communications network.

The agreement forms part of the Digital Birmingham initiative, a partnership between Birmingham City Council, and other public, private and voluntary sector organisations who share the ambition to establish Birmingham as the leading European digital city by 2010.

The Wireless Birmingham Wi-Fi network will cover a square mile area of the city centre. The formal agreement is part of BT’s Wireless Cities initiative, which will see Birmingham leading the way in early 2007, followed by other major UK cities in the first phase of an ongoing programme.

Birmingham’s plans are the most advanced of the cities that signed up for the programme in May.

Coun Paul Tilsley, deputy leader of the City Council, said: "The Wireless Birmingham agreement is a clear demonstration of how well we have worked in partnership with BT – who are making a significant financial investment to establish this network.

"It shows the commitment both sides of the partnership have to ensuring Birmingham is recognised as at the leading edge of digital developments and that the city becomes the first truly sustainable wireless city in conjunction with a private sector partner.

"The project offers endless opportunities and possibilities – not least of which is to enable us to deliver our services in a creative and innovative way. Many cities have plans to implement such wireless networks, but this agreement shows we are serious about competing on a national and international stage when it comes to establishing the technological facilities that today’s world requires."

BT will fund the city centre network, with the city council providing access to its street lamp posts in order to create the essential infrastructure.

In a groundbreaking innovation, people with laptops, mobile phones, hand-held computers and gaming devices using Wi-Fi (the industry standard for connecting devices wirelessly to the web) will be able to access information and services from the city council free of charge through an internet portal.

The portal will give free access over the network to Birmingham-specific information relating to topics such as health, transport, events, and schools while people are out and about in the city centre.

It will also enable the council to provide free wireless access to educational information anywhere within the city centre, including the city’s 50,000 higher education students, using the same technology they are familiar with as it is already installed in many schools and colleges.

As well as the free services, people will be able to buy vouchers or subscribe to innovative services such as BT Openzone and Fusion, and a range of new applications and services for consumers and businesses, allowing them to remain contactable, access broadband wirelessly and surf the web whilst on the move.

The city council will also use the BT Wireless Cities network to pilot a range of pioneering initiatives which will improve the delivery of a range of public services, from the spring. These could include: mobile office devices for Birmingham street wardens, who provide face-to-face assistance and security for the people, visitors and business owners of Birmingham; and Wireless CCTV, which will be used for city centre management, security and parking services.

On successful completion of a pilot, it is the intention of both parties to formalise an agreement for the future running of the service.

The partners say that the initial coverage area will maximise citizen and business benefit by including the professional district, the ICC, NIA and Brindleyplace, Broad Street, the Jewellery Quarter, Eastside, Digbeth, and the main retail areas. Aston Science Park and Millennium Point are also to have coverage from day one.

The development and operational costs of the network will be borne entirely by BT – there is no cost burden on the taxpayer for the provision and management of the network.

Frank Mills, BT’s West Midlands regional director, said: "It is a real testament to how forward-thinking and ambitious Birmingham City Council is in wanting to reap the benefits that a BT Wireless Cities network can bring. This is one of the first of many licensing and applications agreements BT is planning with local authorities around the UK.

"Key to the success of this agreement has been that BT and Birmingham City Council have worked closely together to ensure we’re not just rolling out a network of hotspots, but guaranteeing that the council has the right applications in place to make wireless public services work for every resident, every council worker, every business owner and every tourist.

"We believe that partnering with local authorities is the most successful model for creating a true Wireless City and the people of Birmingham will notice a significant difference in the way they can use the network on a range of devices for entertainment, education and communication, even when they’re on the move."

Birmingham City Council and BT are founder members of the Digital Birmingham partnership, which aims to establish Birmingham as the leading European Digital City by 2010.

By Steve Pain
Technology Editor
Nov 21 2006


Health fears lead schools to dismantle wireless networks

May I Quote You, Mr. President?

Informant: Jack Topel

How to remove antennas: a quick course on what really works

The residents in Yokneam received a quick course on how to remove the antenna near their houses. The leader of the Haifa's Neve Shanan fight against antennas was invited to guide them. Very quickly they understood from him that all the authorities are a waste of time, and started working: they attacked the person who put the antenna on his roof, they blocked his way to go to work- he couldn't go to work. They drew Grafiti on the wall that protects his vila, and they sang songs loudly near his window - all night. When he went to the synagogue they hit him, and warned him - either he removes the antenna or he is out of the neighbourhood. In the evening he threw a grenade on them from his house. The police and ambulance came to the place and people were evacuated to the hospital, including the vila owner because he was injured from the hits by the neighbours. The end: he removed the antenna. Because he didn't like his new life style. The story was sent to me by the person who guided Yokneam residents, Dar Nahum from Haifa.

Things are getting even more crazy now, when is was reported in the newspapers two days ago that the 3 israeli companies are going to invest 10 million shekels in builiding a visitor center which is part of the campaign of explaining to the public that - the more antennas, the less radiation. AND today it is published that the companies cooperate with the ministry of environment and the ministry of education in a new campaign: "antenna on every school" - to put antenna on/ near every school, in the attempt to recude radiation (who buys that?!) from the mobile phones of the children. This is TOTALLY CRAZY. This is also part of the campaign of the ministry of environment to bring closer the antennas to children, as the Env. minister promised recently. There is no doubt that things are going lunatic. With Iran threats in the background it is a recipe for disaster.

Iris Atzmon


Health fears lead schools to dismantle wireless networks

Supreme Court to Hear Landmark Global Warming Case

The big cash cows of the corporate food industry return less income to local farmers and communities

Rangel and Jefferson Agree on a National Service Program

The question is: a global U.S. empire, where “regime change” policies are common, or do we re-join the international community?

Jesse Jackson: War Supporters Must Face the Music

United States 'Trapped' in Iraq

Pace of Global Warming Causes Alarm

US: Climate Change Climate Changing

US Considers Raising Troop Levels in Iraq

Scheme designed to strip everyone of their liberties, resources and property

It's the Wrong Target, Folks

by Deanna Spingola

Obviously, if the government passes questionable laws that arouse the citizen's moral outrage, it produces groups of activists who respond and act quite predictably. It is human nature for good, well-intentioned people to take action against moral injustice and problematic behavior. Believe it or not, this has all been orchestrated according to a very deliberate, satanical scheme designed to strip everyone of their liberties, resources and property!.....

A cohesive global community without borders, ruled by commerce

Leaving the Dance Without the Woman you Brought

by Jon Christian Ryter

When the political pundits finally figure it out, they will decide that there were several reasons why the voters turned on the Republicans. First and foremost, the voters became disillusioned with the party's leader George W. Bush who squandered his covenant relationship with the American people. When he was inaugurated on January 20, 2001, Bush said he intended to be "...the president of all the people." It took the American people five years to realize Bush apparently intended to include all of the Mexican and Canadian people in his catch-all "all the people" phrase......

Under the guise of protecting customers from "spam," Internet services may be blocking important and wanted e-mails from customers without their knowledge

Is Comcast Blocking Conservative e-mail's?


If your e-mail service provider is blocking your conservative newsletters, you may not be alone. Under the guise of protecting customers from "spam," Internet services may be blocking important and wanted e-mails from customers without their knowledge.....

Religion in the Service of the State

Informant: Lew Rockwell

The Democrats have some choices to make

Bush has won his war on the civil liberties of the American people


Bush's lone victory: Defeating the Bill of Rights

by Paul Craig Roberts


If anyone had predicted that the election of George W. Bush to the presidency would result in an American police state and illegal wars of aggression, he would have been dismissed as a lunatic. What American ever would have thought that any US president and attorney general would defend torture or that a Republican Congress would pass a bill legalizing torture by the executive branch and exempting the executive branch from the Geneva Conventions? What American ever would have expected the US Congress to accept the president's claim that he is above the law? ... When these points are made to fellow citizens, the reply is usually that 'I'm doing nothing wrong. I have nothing to fear.' Why, then, did the Founding Fathers write the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Death by Government: The Missing Chapter

Das 1,5-Liter-Auto ist möglich

Ökologisch-Demokratische Partei (ödp) Stadtverband München


Bericht vom ödp-Vortrag:

„Das 1,5-Liter-Auto ist möglich“

München, 22.11.06.

Wie jeden 2. Donnerstag im Monat hat die ödp München auch in diesem November einen Vortrag veranstaltet, diesmal zum Thema 1,5-Liter-Auto. Referent war der Projektentwickler und Dipl.-Ingenieur Uli Sommer, der das Publikum zunächst darüber aufklärte, dass fossile Energiequellen wie Erdöl schon in wenigen Jahren massiv teurer werden: Die Förderung geht aufgrund abnehmender Vorräte zurück, gleichzeitig steigt jedoch die Nachfrage weiter rasant an. Gleiches gelte für andere fossile Energieträger wie Gas und Uran, dem Brennstoff für Atomkraftwerke. Informationen hierzu finden sich unter und Eine wirtschaftliche und soziale Katastrophe lasse sich nur vermeiden - oder zumindest abmildern, wenn die Welt schnellstmöglich die bislang ungenutzten und bekannten Potenziale höherer Energieeffizienz umsetzt. Der Bedarf an fossilen Energieträgern könne alleine durch Einsparung um etwa 75% reduziert werden.

Um kurz- und mittelfristig weniger auf die fossilen (und nuklearen) Energieträger angewiesen zu sein, sei – so der Referent – neben der Nutzung regenerativer Energien die Steigerung der Energieeffizienz aller Energieverbraucher ein wichtiger Baustein. Der drastisch verminderte Energieverbrauch sei notwendige Grundlage dafür, mit regenerativen Energien echte Unabhängigkeit zu erlangen. Der entscheidende Vorteil sämtlicher Energieeinspar-Maßnahmen bestehe darin, schon sehr früh kostendeckend bzw. profitabel zu sein. Sommer ging sogar soweit, die eingesparte Energie als eine eigenständige Energieform zu bezeichnen, die allerdings mit dem Problem zu kämpfen habe, nicht von einer Lobby vertreten zu werden.

Im zweiten Teil seines Vortrages ging Uli Sommer auf das sogenannte 1,5-Liter-Auto der Loremo AG ein, das dort unter dem Produktnamen „Loremo LS“ geführt wird. Neben grundlegenden Informationen zu Design, Sicherheit, Innenausstattung und Motorisierung des Fahrzeuges erläuterte der Referent das Konzept, das hinter dem Fahrzeug steht. Ziel der Loremo AG sei es, eine hohe Gesamteffizienz ihrer Produkte zu gewährleisten und trotzdem ein Auto zu schaffen, das durch sein Design, seine Fahreigenschaften und seine Praxistauglichkeit begeistert. Mit preiswerten Rohstoffen, optimal organisierten und deshalb kostengünstigen Produktionsmethoden sowie einem innovativen Vertriebskonzept sollen Autos angeboten werden, die für den breiten Markt erschwinglich sind und durch ihre Sparsamkeit trotzdem einen Beitrag zur Reduzierung des Gesamtenergieverbrauches leisten. Obwohl der Loremo LS nur 1,5 Liter auf 100 Kilometer verbraucht, erzielt er eine Höchstgeschwindigkeit von 160 km/h und kostet unter 11 000 Euro.

Die Praxistests des Prototypen werden in Kürze beginnen, der Verkaufsstart des „Loremo LS“ solle im Winter 2009 sein. Das Auto könne man über das Internet, über Handelsketten und über Händler erwerben. Weitere Informationen:


Druckfähige Bilder (jeweils unter 400 KB):

(Alle drei Bilder zeigen das 1,5-Liter-Auto „Loremo LS“, Copyright Loremo AG)
(Dipl.-Ingenieur Uli Sommer, Chefentwickler der Loremo AG, beim Vortrag bei der ödp München, Copyright ödp)


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