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Bush "Tools Up" To Fight Americans With Civil Suppression Bill

U.S. on The Road to Oblivion

by Jim Schwiesow

Soon newsboys will be shouting it from every corner. Extra! Extra! Read all about it! The biggest metamorphosis in history! The United States no longer a constitutional republic. Come and read about the decline and fall of a once great republic. Martial law proclaimed. The freedoms of millions swept away. The greatest democratic venture of the ages falls into the abyss. The dreams of the framers of the Constitution washed away in the rush to a socialist order….

America's Point of No Return

Robert Parry writes, "In many ways, Election 2006 not only marks the last chance to exact some accountability from those responsible for the disastrous Iraq War and other failures, but it also represents a point of no return for a nation hurtling toward a future of endless warfare abroad and a new-age totalitarianism at home."

Bechtel 's mission, to rebuild power, water and sewage plants, isn't accomplished

As Bechtel Goes

Paul Krugman writes: "Bechtel, the giant engineering company, is leaving Iraq. Its mission - to rebuild power, water and sewage plants - wasn't accomplished: Baghdad received less than six hours a day of electricity last month, and much of Iraq's population lives with untreated sewage and without clean water. But Bechtel, having received $2.3 billion of taxpayers' money and having lost the lives of 52 employees, has come to the end of its last government contract."

GOP Congress Closes Oversite Office After Scandals Exposed

Investigations led by a Republican lawyer, Stuart W. Bowen Jr., in Iraq have sent American occupation officials to jail on bribery and conspiracy charges, exposed disastrously poor construction work by well-connected companies like Halliburton and Parsons, and discovered that the military did not properly track hundreds of thousands of weapons it shipped to Iraqi security forces.

Bush Administration Published Nuclear Secrets in Arabic on Web

Last March, the federal government set up a web site to make public a vast archive of Iraqi documents captured during the war. The site has posted some documents that weapons experts say are a danger themselves: detailed accounts of Iraq's secret nuclear research before the 1991 Persian Gulf war. The documents, the experts say, constitute a basic guide to building an atom bomb.

Election Protection Coalition Launches Hotline to Protect, Educate & Assist Voters

Informant: Gary the Grouch

The Army Corps of Engineers’ Disinformation Campaign

Democrats Predict Voter ID Problems at Polls

Indiana will have the country's strictest voter identification law in effect on Election Day. The 2005 picture-ID law, however, puts it among a dozen states that have tightened requirements lately that voters display some form of identification at the polls. The laws have spawned partisan warring, lawsuits and confusion that election experts predict could influence the outcome of some close elections.

Political Amnesia?

"Unless you happen to live in Southern Louisiana, Mississippi, or Alabama, you're unlikely to have heard from office holders or their challengers the one word that was supposed to be a defining issue of the 2006 mid-term elections. The word is Katrina," writes William Fisher.

Rumsfeld's Lethal Denial

Jason Leopold writes: "Five days before the hotly contested midterm elections, Rumsfeld, President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, and senior members of the administration are crisscrossing the country, using far-right media outlets to send a distorted message to the American people about the reality on the ground in Iraq, where 103 US troops were killed in October - the fourth highest monthly figure since the start of the war more than three years ago."


Informant: NHNE

Mobilfunkantennen: Schule von Boykott bedroht

Besuch von Pro 7: Vodafone stellte Antenne ab


Die Mobilfunkantenne sendet noch nicht, aber die Anwohner klagen bereits über Beschwerden

Keep Wisconsin Death Penalty Free

U.S. Air Force prepares to fight in cyberspace

Informant: Kev Hall

Bis zum Jahr 2048 sind die Meere leer gefischt

"Wozu Fangquoten? - Bei uns zuhause kommt der Fisch aus der Dose!"


Fischfang: Politik, Wirtschaft und Verbraucher sollen Artensterben im Meer stoppen (03.11.06)

Der Umweltverband WWF zeigt sich besorgt über die Ergebnisse einer von kanadischen Wissenschaftlern im Magazin "Science" veröffentlichten Studie. Der Report sage den Kollaps aller wirtschaftlich genutzten Fischbestände bis 2048 voraus - wenn die Menschen die Ozeane weiter wie bisher plünderten. Als Gründe nennen die Autoren Überfischung, Verschmutzung, Zerstörung der Lebensräume und den Klimawandel. Die bislang umfassendste globale Studie zum Artensterben in den Meeren bestätige Untersuchungen des WWF. In ihrem jüngst veröffentlichten Living Planet Report hat die Naturschutzorganisation bei 1.112 Populationen von 274 Meeresarten zwischen 1970 und 2003 einen Rückgang der Bestände um über 25 Prozent ermittelt.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:

Schlechte Aussichten für Ärmere in besseren Wohngegenden

Nach einer amerikanischen Studie erhöht sich ihr Risiko, früher zu sterben.

Pentagon schmiedet Angriffspläne auf Nordkorea

Nach einem Zeitungsbericht könnte das Abrücken Chinas von Nordkorea die US-Regierung zu einer aggressiveren Politik gegen den Staat auf der "Achse des Bösen" bestärken.

Volunteer to help Democrats Get Out The Vote!

Sara Rich: A Letter to My Son and to My Nation

In a letter to her son, Sara Rich writes: "I want you to believe in our country and trust that a government official would not lie or manipulate you. I want you to grow old in a peaceful world where we value our children and make war-mongering extinct, instead of destroying our civilization. Along with your sister being free and healthy living a life full of love and laughter, I want you to be in college and playing basketball for the Tarheels in six years, not being drafted and fighting World War III."

Another GOP Lawmaker Resigns After Scandal

Republican representative Ralph Arza, under fire for leaving a message filled with obscenities and a racial slur on a colleague's voice mail, resigned Wednesday from the Florida Legislature. He had been urged to step down.

The Soldiers Speak Out: Hundreds of US Soldiers Call for Iraq Withdrawal in Petition

"As a patriotic American proud to serve the nation in uniform, I respectfully urge my political leaders in Congress to support the prompt withdrawal of all American military forces and bases from Iraq. Staying in Iraq will not work and is not worth the price. It is time for US troops to come home." This statement - the Appeal for Redress - has been signed by over 600 active-duty soldiers.

Hundreds of US Soldiers Call for Iraq Withdrawal in Petition

Hundreds of US soldiers have signed a petition calling for a troop withdrawal from Iraq and the document is to be formally presented to Congress in January, organizers said.

From Information Clearing House

Bush's Brave New World of Torture

Jennifer Van Bergen writes: "The Military Commissions Act is an unprecedented power grab by the executive branch. Among the Act's worst features, it authorizes the president to detain, without charges, anyone whom he deems an unlawful enemy combatant. This includes US citizens."

The Oil Factor: Behind the War on Terror

Informant: BeFree

Electroshock Is a Crime Against Humanity, Stop Electroshock Before Electroshock Stops You

Seton Shoal Creek ECT protest rally summary 2
From: Gary Kohls
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2006 17:19:18 -0600

----- Original Message -----
From: John Breeding
Sent: Wednesday, November 01, 2006 3:22 PM
Subject: 11-1-06 CAESTSeton Shoal Creek ECT protest rally summary

Summary of CAEST Electroshock Protest Rally at Seton Shoal Creek Hospital


We held out third protest event in the last six months at Seton Shoal Creek Hospital this morning, sending another strong, clear message to this wayward facility that we mean business and are not going away. Though our numbers were smaller than at our June event, this was more than made up for by the moving testimony of three individuals whose lives had been hurt by electroshock.

We first stood on 38th street once again, transversing the bridge adjacent to Seton, and showed our signs ("Electroshock Is a Crime Against Humanity," and "Stop Electroshock Before Electroshock Stops You," "Shame on Seton Shoal Creek!" etc.) and our presence to the Austin community as citizens drove by on their way to work and school. We had a week of radio (special thanks to Jack Blood, and to Stuart Nelson and the other folks at Radio Free Austin) and a talk at Brave New Books. We have ongoing repeats of our previous rallies and interviews of shock survivors Dianna Loper and Mimi Greenberg on Austin Public Access television. It is clear that the community of Austin is becoming more aware that electroshock is going on in the heart of Austin, and that we are organizing to put a stop to it.

After gathering in a circle, we took a moment of silence to focus our loving on the hospital, and our intention that the shock program will be stopped. In keeping with the date of this rally on All Saints’ Day, and the previous "Day of the Dead," John Breeding spoke about ECT and death. He referred to Leonard Frank’s piece on electroshock and death (see ), citing the summary of studies showing death rates ranging from 1 in 4 for the infirm elderly, to the 1 in 10,000 APA task force estimate based on death within 24 hours in a California summary. The average is somewhere in between. John read the following USA TODAY excerpt from the Electroshock Quotationary, also on our website, to emphasize the fact that not only does ECT kill but that people have died as a result of ECT at Seton Shoal Creek.

1995 — [Doctors are expanding ECT’s] reach — to high-risk patients, to children, to the elderly — altering the profile of who gets shock therapy so much that the typical patient now is a fully insured, elderly woman treated for depression at a private hospital or medical school.

Someone like Ocie Shirk.

Shirk, a widow coping with recurring depression, already had one heart attack and suffered from atrial fibrillation, a condition that causes rapid heart quivers.

On a Monday at 9:34 am, Oct. 10, 1994, she received shock therapy at Shoal Creek Hospital [now known as Seton Shoal Creek Hospital], a for-profit psychiatric hospital in Austin. She had a heart attack in the recovery room. Four days later, she died of heart failure.

Yet shock therapy isn’t mentioned on Shirk’s death certificate, despite repeated instructions on the form to include every event that may have played a role in the death....

In addition to Shirk, state records show two other patients died after shock therapy at Shoal Creek. Asked about these deaths, [the hospital’s chief executive Gail] Oberta repeats "We could find no correlation between deaths of patients and receiving ECT at this facility."

DENNIS CAUCHON, "Shock Therapy," USA Today, 6 December 1995. ( )

Our movement has become exceedingly more powerful and real as the result of the presence in our group of two recent Seton shock survivors. As John emphasized in our press release, "Our Coalition considers it remarkable that recipients of a reportedly beneficial and benevolent medical ‘treatment,’ psychiatric electroshock, afterwards declare that treatment to be harmful and dangerous, and organize as activists determined to abolish the treatment." We have had shock survivors with us all along as the history of electroshock activism is long and intense (again see Leonard’s Electroshock Quotationary on our website, or his book on The History of Shock Treatment). One of these Coalition shock survivors, 79-year-old Mimi Greenberg, read her powerful poem, previously published in the Winter 2002 issue of Mind Freedom.

I Can’t Close That Door, Yet…

I can’t close that door, yet…

Before I grieve for me,

I can’t close that door yet…

Before I remember,

Standing in line,

Clasping hands with another,

In fear, always in fear.

I can’t close that door yet…

Before I remember—

That small room, that smelled of death.

I can’t close that door, yet…

Before I remember,

That narrow table,

Those reins holding me down.

I can’t close that door, yet…

Before I remember,

The backward count…

Lulling me to sleep.

I can’t close that door, yet…

Before I bury the one on that table.

But I will!

I will!


Very soon!

And then my soul

Will give birth to me,


After Mimi’s reading, John made the point that sensitive people, including musicians and artists, often seem to end up on the wrong end of psychiatric assault by electroshock. Two Austin music legends, Roky Erickson and Townes Van Zandt, are examples. As you may know from previous rallies, Roky and his family strongly support our effort to abolish ECT.

Today, Austin musician Don Erickson spoke at our rally. Mr. Erickson received 10 ECT treatments in June and July of 2005 at Seton Shoal Creek. After the last outpatient session, Don’s records show that he was so disorganized and suicidally desperate that the hospital admitted him for 10 days. Don stated in our press release, "I was feeling confused and desperate for help. Now that I have some distance, I think of electroshock as rape of the soul, and I want this assault to stop!" Don told the crowd about his history of arteriovenous malformation, a life threatening congenital brain problem, and how he was so desperate he had hoped ECT might kill him. Fortunately for us all, Don lived. He gave moving personal testimony at the rally, and called wholeheartedly for the energy of love to replace ECT at Seton.

Our final speaker was Kathy Scogin. Kathy is an Austin nurse. Her sister was electroshocked at Seton Shoal Creek between 30 and 50 times between September 2005 and June 2006; as is common, Kathy’s sister cannot remember the number of times she received ECT. In our press release, Ms. Scogin said, "As a result of electroshock, my sister is now unable to work and is currently on disability. Seton Shoal Creek Hospital has stolen our lives. They have got to stop using electroshock on people." She read a written statement at the rally called, "Stolen Lives," and moved us to tears.

As a special treat Don Erickson played two of his own songs for the group. The first, "Beautiful," is a melodic declaration of loving care; the second, "Time for Change," is a soulful song of transformation. This last prepared us to commence marching. We loudly and boldly marched up and down Mills Avenue in from of Seton Shoal Creek, demanding, "No More Shock," and "STOP SHOCK NOW!

Ignoring history

Liberty For All
by Jessi Winchester


History buffs can see with crystal clarity how the past repeats itself. If only we would learn from those lessons. If we compare what's happening today to past events, the outcome is easy to predict. The current administration in Washington turns a deaf ear to public suffering. While oil companies reap obscene profits, the gas crisis has so affected the American worker that many have had to quit jobs because they can't afford the commute, plunging thousands into instant poverty. Others are forced to watch their children do without adequate food so they can put fuel in their vehicles just to earn a wage at all...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Truth in the booth: The Clint Curtis story

OpEd News
by Joan Brunwasser


Clint Curtis worked for Yang Enterprises (YEI), an engineering consulting firm that has contracts with NASA, among others. While working at Yang, he was contacted by Tom Feeney about vote-flipping software. Feeney was a member of the Florida legislature while he acted as the general counsel and the registered lobbyist for Yang, a clear conflict of interest. A lifelong Republican, Curtis assumed that Feeney and the party were trying to prevent Democrats from using this type of strategy to win the election. Feeney asked him if touch-screen machines could be programmed to flip votes invisibly, and Curtis answered that this was indeed possible. He was then told to create a system that would accomplish this task without leaving a trace were someone to examine the source code. His employer revealed to him that the purpose of this assignment was to control the vote in South Florida. Curtis testified about this under oath before Congress in December 2004, and later passed a polygraph test on every count. His claims have also borne the scrutiny of investigative journalist Brad 'BradBlog' Friedman, one of the only members of the press to be on top of this story from the get-go. Curtis decided to resign from Yang because he found them to be 'ethically challenged.' He moved on to a post at the Florida Department of Transportation, which, surprise, surprise, had contracts with Yang. He came across invoices over-billing for his own services at Yang, a practice that continued after he had left the company and was already employed by the Department of Transportation. Curtis has refused to shut up. He was fired from his job at the Department of Transportation at the same time as whistleblower Mavis Georgalis...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Turning the corner into madness

by Robert Scheer


Every time I hear President Bush railing against those who would 'cut and run' in Iraq instead of pursuing 'victory,' as he does almost daily, I think back to similar claims being made for the Vietnam debacle when I reported from Saigon in the mid-'60s. Back then, the U.S. troop presence was lower and casualties fewer than now in Iraq, but the carnage, on all sides, would escalate for the next decade, as we waited miserably for the corner to be turned. Then, as now, calls for setting a timetable for an orderly withdrawal were rejected as emboldening our enemy to attack America. Instead of a dignified withdrawal, we plunged ever deeper into the quagmire, leaving 59,000 U.S. troops and 3.4 million Indochinese dead as tribute to our stupidity...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

GOP loses staunch supporter

Dallas Morning News
by Frank Schaeffer


I should be supporting [George] Allen. Instead, I'm leaving the party. I'm a Christian, a writer, a military parent and a registered Republican. On all those counts, I was disgusted by an e-mail I just received that's being circulated by campaign supporters of Republican George Allen, who's trying to retain his Senate seat in Virginia. The message goes like this: 'First, it was the Catholic priests, then it was Mark Foley, and now Jim Webb, whose sleazy novels discuss sex between very young teenagers. ...' Hmmm, sounds like a perverted pedophile to me! ... Democrat James Webb is a war hero and former Marine, wounded in Vietnam and winner of the Navy Cross. He was writing about class and military issues long before me and has articulated the issue of how the elites have dropped the ball on military service in his classic novel Fields of Fire. ... Mr. Webb's son is a Marine in Iraq. That's an uncommon fact in this era in which most political leaders' children act as if it is only right and proper that it's someone else's war to fight...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Improving America's image

Tom Paine
by John Brown


The bankruptcy of America's public diplomacy -- the effort to improve the nation's image around the world -- was in full display during the recent opera buffa involving Alberto Fernandez, director of public diplomacy in the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs at the State Department. Interviewed on Al-Jazeera, where he has appeared frequently, Fernandez said in his fluent Arabic that the United States had been 'arrogant' and 'stupid' in Iraq -- a judgment with which a large number of ordinary Americans would agree. Fernandez's comment caused a firestorm at the State Department (and among right-wing circles). At first, the department said that its employee's remark had been mistranslated. After the media made it clear that this was not the case, Fernandez -- either as a loyal soldier or a pressured bureaucrat, or maybe both -- recanted his observations, announcing that he 'misspoke'...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The Bush Administration's global warming spin turns desperate

Let them eat CO2

Mother Jones
by Clara Jeffery


Evidently, the political implications of global warming have finally pierced the White House bubble. Yesterday, in response to U.K Prime Minister Tony Blair's statement that global warming poses a dire threat not only to the global environment, but to the global economy, White House spokesman Tony Snow told reporters that President Bush 'has, in fact, contrary to stereotype, been actively engaged in trying to fight climate change and will continue to do so.' This is demonstrably false...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Stealing elections Texas-style

from Reason to Freedom
by "The Melinda"


Mrs. Blankenship went into the familiar interior of the Library and picked up her ballot. A long time Republican this time she was determined to vote for change. Taking her ballot she went into the voting booth and inserted her card into the Diebold Voting Machine. Diebold is a local company in Texas; one of their facilities was just down the street. When she voted for the first couple of candidates the 'X' showed up just where she wanted it. This time she had decided not to vote for any Republicans, even those she had supported in the past. She came to the list of judges. Judges are a partisan position in Texas. Mrs. Blankenship looked at her notes. She had decided that this time her vote would go to the Libertarian candidates and one or two Democrats of whom she approved. One by one she tried to vote for her choice. Each time the machine moved the vote to the Republican candidate...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The NAFTA superhighway

The Free Liberal
by US Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX)


By now many Texans have heard about the proposed 'NAFTA Superhighway,' which is also referred to as the trans-Texas corridor. What you may not know is the extent to which plans for such a superhighway are moving forward without congressional oversight or media attention. This superhighway would connect Mexico, the United States, and Canada, cutting a wide swath through the middle of Texas and up through Kansas City. Offshoots would connect the main artery to the west coast, Florida, and northeast. Proponents envision a ten-lane colossus the width of several football fields, with freight and rail lines, fiber-optic cable lines, and oil and natural gas pipelines running alongside. This will require coordinated federal and state eminent domain actions on an unprecedented scale, as literally millions of people and businesses could be displaced. The loss of whole communities is almost certain, as planners cannot wind the highway around every quaint town, historic building, or senior citizen apartment for thousands of miles...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Parties gird for recounts

Raw Story


Republican and Democratic Party lawyers, consultants and strategists are girding up for possible post-election recount battles, according to an article in Roll Call. 'The fact that many states will be using increasingly controversial electronic voting machines -- in some cases, for the first time -- increases the likelihood that some results will be in dispute,' Matthew Murray writes for the Capitol Hill newspaper. Although multiple sources tell Roll Call that it's 'too early to tell,' the paper reports that 'troop movements by both parties appear to hint that something big is in the works, including a recent appeal to the Federal Election Commission on recount financing and enlistment of thousands of paid and volunteer poll watchers and lawyers'...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Padilla alleges torture in brig

Chicago Tribune


Alleged Al Qaeda operative Jose Padilla claims he was tortured during his 3 1/2 years in U.S. custody as an enemy combatant, including threats of execution and being forced to stand for long periods. Padilla's lawyers are asking a federal judge to dismiss the terror support charges against him because he suffered from 'outrageous government conduct' during more than 1,300 days in military custody...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Der Kampf gegen die Masten

Nachricht von Christine Kind

Mobile mast row

03 November 2006

FURIOUS residents have barred access to the roof to their block of flats after workers tried to install mobile phone masts that Hackney Council had already rejected.

Mobile phone giants O2 were refused permission to put up six antennae at Union Wharf in Wenlock Road, Hoxton, but their sub-contractors were caught red-handed trying to start building work a few weeks ago.

Residents are outraged, claiming that O2 are behaving disgracefully, and have padlocked access to the roof to make sure workers cannot sneak back in.

Ann Major-Stevenson, 45, who owns a flat in the block, slammed the company, saying: "I find the underhanded way big businesses have of going about railroading communities for the sake of profit to be immoral and unethical."

The mobile phone company hit back, saying that the council had failed to notify its refusal on time.

Spokesman James Stevenson said: "The council did refuse, but after the permitted 56 days had ended.

A council spokeswoman rejected his claims. "Hackney Council considers that the application was refused within the correct time frame," she said.

"Complaints have been lodged and the planning enforcement team is investigating."


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Getting people to translate their concern about the planet into everyday action takes a lot of creativity

Bright Green Marketing Challenge

Corporate interests are spending big to get both parties to work for them, not working families

Who's Buying Congress Now

Civil rights groups ‘outraged’ by absentee voting problems

Civil rights groups say they are distressed that officials will not be able to supply absentee ballots for all residents who want them.

From Information Clearing House

How to hack the vote

Professor Avi Rubin demonstrates how electronic vote machines can be hacked.

From Information Clearing House

There is something terribly wrong with this country

U.S. Near The Bottom In Privacy Study

U.S. privacy protections rank among the worst in the democratic world, a London-based privacy organization said Wednesday.

From Information Clearing House

Swiss Find Evidence of CIA Spy Attempt

Swiss authorities have found enough evidence to seek a full investigation into allegations the CIA was trying to obtain personal details of about 500 labor union members, most of them Arabs, officials said Friday.

From Information Clearing House

Bush's Record on Anti-Terrorism

From Information Clearing House

Why Bush lies about Iraq

US President George Bush's plans to invade Iraq have nothing to do eliminating “weapons of mass destruction”, preventing terrorism or ending human rights abuses. An attack on Iraq will be the first phase of a pre-existing strategy to increase US control of the world's oil supplies.

The Spoils of Corruption

The Occupation of the United States

Howard Zinn: "We Live In An Occupied Country"


Historian Howard Zinn spoke on "The Occupation of the United States" at Northwestern University, Evanston Illinois.

Click to listen

Are the neo-conservatives losing their influence?

Stephen Sackur talks to a leading neo-conservative, Norman Podhoretz.
Must watch BBC Interview

Podhoretz, provides insights into the racism, and fascists ideology that fuels Neo-Conservatives.

Click to view

Bush: U.S. Must Stay In Iraq To Control Oil

By Raw Story

During an interview with conservative pundit Rush Limbaugh, US President George Bush expressed deep concerns about the possibility of the United States leaving the Middle East, raising fears that extremists could topple governments to "control oil resources."

Changing How America Works

SEIU leader Andy Stern says: "Something's wrong when only the rich are getting richer, and average folks are feeling the squeeze. The answer isn't more education, or simply electing better leaders. We need widespread change."

Environmentalists Want Bush's Forest Rules Overturned

Environmentalists asked a federal judge Wednesday to overturn the Bush administration's rules for managing the country's 155 national forests, arguing that the regulations illegally weaken protections for wilderness and wildlife.

The War's Effect on Elections

With less than a week to go before the election, it's clear no single issue will have more impact than the war in Iraq. NOW goes to one of the most pro-war districts in the country - the Texas 31st - to see how townsfolk deeply affected by our presence in Iraq are expressing their feelings at the ballot box.

GOP Senator George Allen to Be Interrogated by Police in Blogger Brawl

Charlottesville investigators are looking into possible charges as a result of Tuesday's physical confrontation at an Allen campaign stop.

Jumble of State Laws Could Disenfranchise Voters

A maze of state voting policies has public-interest advocates concerned that mass confusion will erupt next week at the polls, potentially resulting in actual and "de facto" disenfranchisement of voters.

Human Rights Watch: UK: A Dangerous Policy on Torture

How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live?

For One California Profiteer, Iraq is Going Great

This election is about honor, dignity and comity in this country

Dear World Please Know that we are Intent on Changing the Direction of our Country

Buchanzeige zur Publikation "Mobilfunk, Mensch und Recht"

Ich darf Ihnen anbei unsere Buchanzeige zur Publikation "Mobilfunk, Mensch und Recht" übermitteln. Am einfachsten, zeitsparendsten und kostengünstigsten ist es, wenn Interessierte das Buch direkt bei uns bestellen. Es erspart den Weg zum Buchhändler, der das Exemplar ohnehin wieder bei uns bestellen muss.

Der Preis beträgt 14,90 EURO inklusive Versandkosten für In- und Ausland.

Ab einer Bestellung von 10 Büchern wird Rabatt gewährt!

Ich möchte Sie herzlich um entsprechende Bewerbung im e-mail-Verteiler, durch Mundpropaganda, etc. bitten.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen und bestem Danke für die Mühe,

Dr. Eduard Christian Schöpfer
Österreichisches Institut für Menschenrechte





Einer Buchankündigung des Österreichischen Instituts für Menschenrechte möchte ich einige Hinweise aus eigener Perspektive hinzufügen.

Es handelt sich um den von Prof. Wolfram Karl und Dr. Eduard Christian Schöpfer herausgegebenen Band

Mobilfunk, Mensch und Recht,

mit dem das Institut seine neue Schriftenreihe "Menschenrechte konkret" eröffnet.

Normalerweise werbe ich nicht für Publikationen, an denen ich selbst mitgewirkt habe. Hier darf ich es tun, weil es primär um ein Projekt österreichischer Kollegen geht, dem m. E. über alles Persönliche hinaus internationale Beachtung gebührt:

1. Meines Wissens ist es das erste Buch, das die Frage 'Mobilfunk und Menschenrecht' uneingeschränkt zu seinem Thema macht.

2. Der Band bestätigt die zukunftsweisende Rolle Österreichs auf dem Gebiet der Mobilfunkkritik und dem Weg zu einem menschen- und umweltverträglicheren Mobilfunk. Von Dr. med. Gerd Oberfeld, der an dem Band beteiligt ist, und der Österreichischen Ärztekammer war das bekannt. Dass sich mit den Kollegen Karl und Schöpfer vom Österreichischen Institut für Menchenrechte ein mutiges Universitätsinstitut des brisanten Themas annimmt, scheint mir ein wichtiges Zeichen der Hoffnung.

3. Es geht dabei auch um einen Beitrag von höchst aktueller und 'praktischer' Bedeutsamkeit. Das Institut unterstützt ein Pilotprojekt, mit dem Salzburger Bürger eine Sammelklage vor dem Straßburger Gerichtshof für Menschenrechte einreichen wollen. Das Buch, der Kontakt zum Österreichischen Institut für Menschenrechte und zur Initiative Salzburger Bürger könnten dabei helfen, weitere Sammelklagen dieser Art aus den verschiedensten europäischen Regionen folgen zu lassen.

Nähere Informationen über die Publikation sind dem Anhang oder der Homepage des Instituts zu entnehmen: .

Bestellungen können bereits jetzt unter office aufgegeben werden.

Ich bitte darum, die Information per Mail-Verteiler oder im persönlichen Umfeld weiterzuverbreiten.

Karl Richter

Prof. Dr. Karl Richter
Preußenstr. 11
66386 St. Ingbert
Tel. 06894/87469, Fax 06894/889946


Mobilfunk, Mensch und Recht

Ärztekammern und Mobilfunköpfer

Elektrosmog und Feinstaub: Umweltmedizinische Tagung am 23. November

Mobile mast protester who will not be silenced

Friday, November 03, 2006

RIGHT now there are over 50million mobile phones in use in this country — that’s coming close to one per head in our 59million population. Over the years our love affair with this new technology has ensured that the mobile phone manufacturers release ever more sophisticated models every couple of months.

At first there was the brick phone with a non-colour screen which literally weighed the same as a house brick.

Nowadays they come with vivid screens, cameras, music players and radios.

They’re a way of life. But then again so was smoking not so long ago. And like cigarettes there’s an increasing number of people who are pin-pointing mobile phones as a health hazard. It’s not just the phone itself — but the masts that are needed to carry the signals.

Mobile phones at present have short transmission ranges — so in order to ensure a signal, masts have to be erected at fairly frequent locations. Today there are 35,000 of these masts across Britain and the number is growing.

But increasing numbers of individuals and groups are doing battle with both the government and mobile phone operators over the siting of new masts and the possible radiation damage being emitted from them.

The quiet community of Wishaw in Sutton Coldfield in the West Midlands just near the Warwickshire border may at first seem an unlikely setting for what was a long-term battle with one mobile phone giant — but it was here that one woman’s campaign against the industry was won with the help of some Irish courage.

It is not just in this country or Ireland that the name of Eileen O’Connor is now well-known in the campaign. Her ongoing objections to the siting of these masts have encouraged other protests across the globe.

The story starts at Eileen’s home in Wishaw when a 74-foot high TMobile mast was erected 12 years ago on a patch of land some 300 yards at the rear of the house she shares with husband Paul and their teenage children George and Grace.

That mast is no more — but it took one of the most vigorous campaigns in this country before it came down one November night.

At first the presence of a mobile phone mast at the rear of their new home did not seem too important — Paul and Eileen were too busy renovating their home and bringing up their two children to take much notice of the multi-finned 22-metre high structure.

But a few years later Eileen began to feel unwell with constant headaches, loss of sleep and unexplained rashes all over her body. Also of concern to her was the fact that George began to have unexplained nose bleeds and Grace suffered nightmares.

Friends and neighbours in and around Wishaw also began to notice health problems.

The house too seemed full of electrostatic which could be felt in the bedroom when touching the metal bed frames.

In 2001 Eileen discovered a lump in one of her breasts. A visit to her GP resulted in an assurance that the lump was only a small cyst.

But a few weeks later the lump had doubled in size and was soon diagnosed as cancer. There followed six months of both chemo and radiotherapy before a major operation.

Today Eileen is still receiving treatment although the prognosis is that for the moment the cancer is in remission.

But Eileen is convinced the cause of her illness as well as the unexplained medical conditions suffered by her family and neighbours related to the siting of the mobile phone mast.

She began to research all the known facts relating to mobile phone mast radiation transmissions — and despite all the assurances issued by the mobile phone operators and government Eileen was still convinced the mast was to blame.

With the help and support of her friend and neighbour Lynn Insley Eileen began to document the various illnesses in and around Wishaw.

Among those living in 18 houses within a 500 yard radius of the mast there were 20 cases of serious illness including cancers of the breast, prostrate, bladder and lung.

One man had Motor Neurone disease and many of the people affected were only in their 30s and 40s.

With so many of her neighbours attending hospital for treatment at the same time as she was Eileen decided to set up SCRAM — Sutton Coldfield Residents Against Masts.

Calls to T-Mobile resulted in Eileen being told emissions from the mast were well below government guidelines.

But their answer failed to convince the campaigners — who enlisted national media and lobbied MPs Mike O’Brien, Patricia Hewitt, David Davies and John Ryan to take up their case.

The move worked. In November 2003 something or somebody pulled the mast from its base and left it lying on its side.

Eileen said: “When I went to see what had happened I cried with delight.

“Even to this day nobody in Wishaw seems to know how the mast came down.”

Naturally the phone company wanted their broken mast back — but they hadn’t bargained with the Siege of Wishaw.

Residents surrounded the downed mast with a posse of volunteers and camped on the site 24 hours a day determined there would be no mast replacement.

The stand-off lasted for almost 18 months until finally the mast owners admitted defeat.

But with victory secured Eileen and her friends refused to let the matter rest.

Today Eileen’s time is spent dealing with similar worldwide protests.

Her most recent involvement was when she was invited to speak at the Health Protection Agency in London where she presented her case for the health issues surrounding mobile phone masts.

Most pressing to her is trying to stop the siting of the masts near schools.

She said: “We will not stop the huge increase in mobile phone use but what we are all about is where these masts are sited. They should not be near schools.

“Wales has taken the lead with a recent vote at the National Assembly to the principle of full planning consent for mobile masts.

“This leaves England very much isolated as the only part of Britain where full planning consent for phone masts is not required.” Eileen is also turning her attention to Ireland — one of the heaviest users of mobile phones.

There Dubliner Con Colbert is waging his own battle over mobile phone masts — claiming he is suffering ill-health from transmissions from a transmitter on top of a garda station.

Mr Colbert also claims other people are suffering from a wide range of symptoms including burning of the skin and sleep disorders. He is just one of an increasing number of people now lobbying the Dáil for more data on mobile phone mast emissions.

In Ballygawley in Co. Tyrone villagers still talk about the 150-foot high phone mast which was cut down some years back. It was thought that the death of a local man in his early 50s from cancer precipitated the revolt against the mast.

At the time local SDLP councillor Anthony McGonnell was quoted as saying: “There have been a number of other people in that area who have cancer and obviously local people are very concerned that this epidemic is being caused by the presence of the mast.”

For Eileen this is an international issue — and she points to research in Germany and Russia which has backed her case. But she believes the amount of money the British Government receives from the mobile industry in taxes and levies means there is a reluctance to tackle the issue.

She said: “Right now the British Government receives some £10billion a year in revenue from the mobile phone industry.

“Emergency government funds should be released — starting with at least £50million in order to deal with translation of German and Russian research, an education programme, media campaign and funding to independent scientists to carry out further research.”

Despite all the statistics on safety handed out by the government and mobile phone operators Eileen still remains convinced long term exposure to phone mast emissions can cause serious health issues — and so the campaign will go on.

Eileen said: “There’s an election coming up and if politicians do not take note then the campaign we have had here in Wishaw will be a drop in the ocean compared with what we will plan.”

And does Eileen really know who pulled the mast down in Wishaw? “Do you believe in Leprachauns?” she smiles.

© Irish Post, 2006.


How one Irish woman took on the mobile phone giants

Vom Grundrecht auf Bildung zur Elitezüchtung: wie Bertelsmanns Think-tank CHE privilegierten Sprößlingen zu Diensten ist

Next-up News n°121

SCENIHR opinion on "Possible effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) on Human Health"

Please find the attached file with our opinion about EMF effects.

Very Truly Yours.

Philippe Hug


EC-SCENIHR-report-Teslabel comments

Veuillez trouver ci-joints nos commentaires sur le rapport du SCENIHR:

Pour TESLABEL asbl
Jean Delcoigne
Tél/fax: +32-(0)2-673.12.01


EC-SCENIHR-report-Teslabel comments

Merci pour les commentaires. Nous faisons tous le même constat concernant les scientifiques officiels, nous devons donc continuer à informer la population et les politiques par tous les moyens qui sont nôtres, avec nos spécificités.



EMF Workshop 20-21 November 2006 - Consultation Response Form JEAN-LUC GUILMOT

For your information

Best regards

Jean-Luc Guilmot

-----Message d'origine-----
De : 001.focus
Envoyé : vendredi 3 novembre 2006 22:42
À :
Objet : EMF Workshop 20-21 November 2006 - Consultation Response From JEAN-LUC GUILMOT
Importance : Haute

Dear Mr Eardley

Please find enclosed my Consultation Response Form on the SCENIHR opinion on "Possible effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) on Human Health".

Deadline was Nov 3, 2006 but for some reason the form was no longer available today on

Could you please transfer this information to whom it may concern.

Thank you.

Best regards

Jean-Luc Guilmot

-----Message d'origine-----
De :
Envoyé : jeudi 26 octobre 2006 15:46
Objet : EMF Workshop 20-21 November 2006

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am pleased to confirm receipt of your registration for the above event, I look forward to seeing you there.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,
David Eardley
Tel: 00 322 296 5446


Örjan Hallberg: response to the EU-draft EMF report for 2006


Consultation Response Form SCENIHR opinion on "Possible effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) on Human Health"
Igor Belyaev, Igor Y. Belyaev, Ph.D., D.Sc. Associate Professor

Consultation Response Form SCENIHR opinion on "Possible effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) on Human Health"
Mats Dämvik

Informant: Iris Atzmon


EU draft on EMF on Human Health

Nervous Defense Contractors Watching Elections

Microcredit Campaigners Claim Success in Helping World's Poorest

Scientists Say White House Muzzled Climate Research

SPD von Lebenswirklichkeit der Arbeitnehmer weit entfernt

#Die Linkspartei.PDS: Pressemitteilungen

03. November 2006

Zur aktuellen Debatte um Steuermehreinnahmen und Überschüsse der Sozialkassen sowie die von Rüttgers angestoßenen Überlegungen, die Bezugszeiten für das Arbeitslosengeld zu verlängern, erklärt der Bundesgeschäftsführer Dietmar Bartsch:

Die aktuelle Debatte zeigt, wie weit sich die heutige SPD von den sozialdemokratischen Gedanken ihrer Gründungsväter entfernt hat. Nicht sie, sondern einzelne CDU-Ministerpräsidenten sind es, die derzeit für die Arbeitslosenversicherung lautstark den von Rot-Grün abgeschafften Grundsatz Wer länger einzahlt, bekommt auch länger Leistungen einfordern. Dabei verschweigen diese zwar geflissentlich, dass sie selbst die Abschaffung unterstützt hatten, zeigen aber, Umdenken und besseres Handeln sind auch in der Politik möglich. Wenn sich Rüttgers nun zum Arbeiterführer aufschwingt, so ist das politische Kalkül durchschaubar. Aber das ändert nichts daran, dass er in der Sache Recht hat. Die strikte Ablehnung des SPD-Vorsitzenden zeigt, dass die SPD sich nicht wieder der Lebenswirklichkeit von Arbeitnehmern nähern will. Bleibt nur die Frage, welchen Erlös die Partei für den Verkauf des Etiketts sozialdemokratisch erzielen will. Die avisierten Steuermehreinnahmen und die Überschüsse der Sozialkassen dürfen nicht in Haushaltslöchern versenkt werden. Wenn die Bundesregierung etwas für die Konjunktur tun will, dann muss sie als erstes die geplante Mehrwertsteuererhöhung zurücknehmen. Denn nur der derzeitige wirtschaftliche Aufschwung lässt die Steuerkassen sprudeln. Die bei der Bundesagentur erwirtschafteten Überschüsse wurden nur zum Teil durch eine effektivere Verwaltung erreicht. Ein relevanter Teil der Mittel wurde auch zu Lasten der sozial Schwachen erwirtschaftet Deshalb müssen auch diese Mittel zum Stopfen der Haushaltslöcher Tabu sein und stattdessen für arbeitsmarktpolitische Maßnahmen und für öffentliche Beschäftigung und Beitragssenkung eingesetzt werden.

Finger Lakes National Forest Need Your Help

Urgent Message to All Conservationists

The Finger Lakes National Forest is preparing to put out to bid a timber sale (the Cotton-Mill sale) which includes cutting all of the last OLD GROWTH white pine on the Finger Lakes National Forest, despite the fact that they gave their word that they wouldn't do it!

Call or email the Finger Lakes National Forest and demand that none of the white pine be cut for this or any future timber sale. Act on this now!

Call: Finger Lakes National Forest, Hector, N.Y. Phone: 607-546-4470.
Contact Mike DeMunn at 607-546-4902 for further information.

Those who care about the environment need to be alerted to the pending deplorable action of the U.S. Forest Service in the Finger Lakes National Forest.

Within a planned timber sale, there are old growth white pine trees marked for cutting! These trees are very large and awesome to behold and are likely over 200 years old. They are by far the largest and oldest of their species on the entire 17,000 acres of the Finger Lakes National Forest and perhaps in all of western Schuyler County and beyond.

The trees are located on the top of Burnt Hill Road in Hector-Logan, N.Y. They can be seen from miles away towering above the rest of the forest on the Hector ridge and give the viewer a glimpse of what the ancient virgin forest looked like centuries ago. These white pines are beyond question the crown jewels of this national forest and it is unthinkable that ALL of them would be marked for logging!

The white pine is the sacred tree and symbol of the Iroquois Indian nations. These trees are survivors from the time the Indians inhabited this area. Old growth white pine is the rarest of the rare because it was so sought after for building purposes since settlement times. From a forest management perspective, there is not a single reason to cut these ancient trees, except they are big, old, and have at best some minor economic value.

These old white pine trees do not belong to the U.S. Forest Service. They belong to the American people, to natural history. They are every bit as rare and important to ecology and human society as any endangered species would be. The people of the future have a right to see these living trees, and not just the stumps of where they once stood for centuries.

The U.S. Forest Service was asked to NOT cut these old white pines and they gave their word that they would leave them alone. Time is now of the essence and all conservationists must act quickly by contacting the U.S. Forest Service at 607-546-4470 (Finger Lakes National Forest) and expressing your outrage at this senseless act. Let us hope there has been "miscommunication" on their part instead of deliberately breaking their word. ACT NOW on this matter. Contact Mike DeMunn at 607-546-4902 for further information.

[Mike is a native of the Finger Lakes area. He has worked in various parts of the country for both the US Forest Service and the National Park Service, and he is an expert on old growth forest. He works as a private forestry consultant, helping landowners manage their woods with sustainable forestry practices. He is a leader in land conservation in the Finger Lakes area, and he is an author. He lives in Burdett, N.Y. near the Finger Lakes National Forest. I hope to get some photos of these trees soon. Tony Ingraham.]

Michael Burns

Informant: Anthony J. Nocella II

Air America on ABC Ad Blacklist?

Informant: Bob Banner


Air America’s ABC Blacklist: The Real Story

Invitation to an Impeachment

We're organizing a new campaign for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney and need your input and participation.

We've planned a conference call for 9 p.m. ET on Monday, November 13th. Conference Dial-in Number: (402) 756-9100 Participant Access Code: 462356# RSVP to david

For those who can make it, we'll also have a face-to-face strategy meeting on Saturday, November 11th, in Philadelphia, Penn., from 3:00 - 4:00 p.m. ET. The meeting will follow a forum at the National Constitution Center entitled: "Organizing for Impeachment: Announcing a Movement". In the first hour (1:00 - 2:00 p.m.) speakers will include: Elizabeth Holtzman, former Congress Member; David Swanson, Co-Founder of, Washington Director of; Tim Carpenter, Co-Founder of, Director of Progressive Democrats of America; Jodie Evans, Co-Founder of CODE PINK Women for Peace; Bill Perry, Delaware Valley Veterans For America; Cindy Sheehan, Co-Founder of Gold Star Families for Peace; and moderator Bob Fertik, President of Representatives of other participating organizations will attend. From 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. We will lead a Blogger Panel to discuss the issues we raise in the first hour. If you can attend, please sign up and get a ticket here:

Why are we moving so quickly on impeachment?

GOP scaremongering persuaded Nancy Pelosi to declare impeachment "off the table." She even pledged there would be no impeachment on "60 Minutes." But after Election Day - assuming a Democratic takeover of the House - we are determined to put Impeachment back "on the table" over the objections of the Republican Party, the GOP-controlled corporate media, and cowardly Democrats. Pelosi has a 100-day plan to pass "positive" legislation, but she will get a rude shock when Bush nullifies her bills with unconstitutional signing statements. With 51 percent of Americans supporting impeachment (according to Newsweek) and an election just behind us, the moment seems ideal to create the public pressure needed to allow those Members of Congress who favor impeachment to act.

Grounds for impeachment are detailed in our petition:

We are looking for suggestions and proposals for changes and additions to the following tentative plan:

1. Declare a mandate for Impeachment based on election results, exit polls, and local impeachment referenda in CA, IL, WI, and VT.

2. Start a grassroots petition drive to collect 1 million signatures. (Each group keeps the names and contact info it collects, as well as Emailing it to us to add to the petition, and we pay $0.25 per valid Email address.)

3. Form Impeachment Committees in 435 Congressional Districts to lobby every Member of Congress:

4. Hold Town Hall Meetings and rallies on impeachment around the country on December 10th (Human Rights Day):

5. Pass Impeachment resolutions in state legislatures, cities, towns, unions, political parties:

6. Expand our Citizens Impeachment Commission to add prominent citizens, celebrities and bloggers:

If you would like to be listed on the Citizens Impeachment Commission or want to recommend someone else to include, please send that information to david

If you are available to speak at an event on December 10th, please let us know and tell us what contact info for you can be posted publicly and what area of the country you can speak in.

From ufpj-news

Faulty radar dome behind car chaos

Faulty radar dome behind car chaos

American Prison Planet: on the Bush regime as global jailor


American Prison Planet

Nick Turse writes: "Today, the United States presides over a burgeoning empire - not only the 'empire of bases' first described by Chalmers Johnson, but a far-flung new network of maximum security penitentiaries, detention centers, jail cells, cages, and razor wire-topped pens. From supermax-type isolation prisons in 40 of the 50 states to shadowy ghost jails at remote sites across the globe, this new network of detention facilities is quite unlike the gulags, concentration-camps, or prison nations of the past."


New 24 Season Showcases Mass Terror, Concentration Camps

There's something happening here: on the military revolt against the war

Informant: Lew Rockwell

The people in Washington DC, who do they represent? It certainly isn’t the people

To Stay the Wrong Course: Republicans can blame Karl Rove,,1937167,00.html

Informant: Lew Rockwell

What is admirable for the US and UK is a crime for others


Independent Media Source

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