Mittwoch, 8. November 2006

Bush Doesn't Know How to Make War or Peace

Le Monde commentator Dominique Dhombres recounts one French news junkie's response to American election night on television.

It's investigation and impeachment time

A Bulk Rate on Printing Subpoenas?

David Swanson writes: "Chairman John Conyers Jr., Chairman Henry Waxman. Those titles will prove to be the most important outcome of yesterday's elections, even if the Dems get the Senate too. It's investigation and impeachment time."

Outlaw Empire Meets the Wave: Five Questions for Our Future

Tom Engelhardt writes: "The wave - and make no mistake, it's a global one - has just crashed on our shores, soaking our imperial masters. It's a sight for sore eyes. It's been a long time since we've seen an election like midterm 2006."

Lawyers Fight for Habeas Rights

Lawyers like Goodman and Warren will continue to pursue justice for Guantanamo inmates. And what about regular people horrified at the trampling of law? Matthew W. Daloisio, a Catholic Worker, emphasizes the need for public education, moral challenge and widespread protest.

Hire & Fire: geringerer Kündigungsschutzes soll sich kaum auf Beschäftigung auswirken


Das Nürnberger Institut für Arbeitsmarkt- und Berufsforschung (IAB) widerspricht der Annahme, dass eine Lockerung des Kündigungsschutzes in Deutschland zu einer raschen und deutlichen Senkung der Arbeitslosigkeit führt. "Die Wirkung auf Beschäftigung und Arbeitslosigkeit würde sich im Großen und Ganzen in Grenzen halten", sagte der stellvertretende IAB-Direktor Ulrich Walwei der "Berliner Zeitung". Ein gelockerter Kündigungsschutz würde zwar die Einstellungen erleichtern, aber genau so auch die Entlassungen.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:

Mit ihren Schaukämpfen um die sozialere Politik versuchen Union und SPD davon abzulenken, dass beide Parteien für die zunehmende Spaltung der deutschen Gesellschaft verantwortlich sind

"Schaukämpfe" & "Populismus" : Diskussionen um die Verlängerung des Arbeitslosengeldes I (08.11.06)

In der derzeitigen Debatte unter den Parteien findet eine gefährliche Verschmischung von Profilierungsversuchen um eine "sozialere Politik", um die frustrierten Wähler wieder an sich zu binden, mit Diskussionen um Inhalte und Sachfragen statt. So vermutet SPD-Chef Kurt Beck hinter dem Vorstoß des nordrhein-westfälischen Ministerpräsidenten Jürgen Rüttgers (CDU) für einen längeren Bezug von Arbeitslosengeld I in erster Linie Parteitaktik. "Er geht auf Stimmenfang", sagte Beck, der möglicherweise wenig anderes im Sinn hat. Auch der stellvertretende Vorsitzende der Linksfraktion, Klaus Ernst, meint: "Mit ihren Schaukämpfen um die sozialere Politik versuchen Union und SPD davon abzulenken, dass beide Parteien für die zunehmende Spaltung der deutschen Gesellschaft verantwortlich sind." Zugleich kritisiert die Linke innerhalb der Linkspartei, dass man sich in Berlin mit der SPD erneut auf eine neoliberale Politik einlasse. Jenseits dieser Metaebene findet auch eine Sachauseina ndersetzung darüber statt, ob die Zahlung von Arbeitslosengeld I weiterhin nur 1 Jahr lang oder bis maximal 2 Jahre lang ausbezahlt werden soll.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:

Whatever this election accomplished, it did nothing to end the rancor and distrust that define current American politics

Post-Election Job Number One

The New York Times editorial staff write: "Whatever this election accomplished, it did nothing to end the rancor and distrust that define current American politics. Yet, as the campaign went on (and on) there was one issue on which people from both parties appeared to be finding common ground: Donald Rumsfeld has to go."

Pushing a Progressive Agenda for the Democrats

Dean Baker writes: "The Democrats have scored an important electoral gain for the first time in 14 years. It is now incumbent on progressives to ensure that this victory is not squandered. In addition to maintaining pressure for a hasty withdrawal from Iraq, there is a long list of economic items that we should be pushing the Democrats to support. At the top of the list must be the demand to carry through on one of the Democrats' key campaign promises: reforming the Medicare prescription drug benefit."

American Voters Just Say No

Robert Parry writes, "By a surprisingly decisive margin, American voters rejected George W. Bush's designs for transforming the United States into a one-party government run by an all-powerful executive waging endless war abroad and throttling Constitutional liberties at home."

Bush Announces Rumsfeld Resignation: Robert Gates is the successor of Rumsfeld

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, architect of an unpopular war in Iraq, is resigning after six stormy years at the Pentagon.


Gates Has History of Manipulating Intelligence

Robert Gates, the former director of the CIA during the presidency of George H.W. Bush, and who was tapped Tuesday by the president to replace Donald Rumsfeld as Secretary of Defense, is part of Texas's good ol' boy network. He may be best known for playing a role in arming Iraq's former dictator Saddam Hussein with American made weapons in the country's war against Iran in the 1980s.


Iraq exit the No 1 priority for Rumsfeld successor

Robert Gates, the 63-year-old career intelligence officer chosen to replace Donald Rumsfeld at the Pentagon, takes over with the clearest of missions: get American troops out of Iraq as quickly and cleanly as possible.,,7374-2444140,00.html

Robert Gates: A New Perspective on Iran?:

Whatever else he may bring to his new job at the Pentagon, Robert Gates apparently holds a view on the highly sensitive subject of relations with Iran that hasn’t been embraced by all his new colleagues in the Bush administration.

From Information Clearing House


Robert Gates, the successor of Rumsfeld

Bob Gates not better than Rumsfeld


Gates Has History of Manipulating Intelligence

Robert Gates, the former director of the CIA during the presidency of George H.W. Bush, and who was tapped Tuesday by the president to replace Donald Rumsfeld as Secretary of Defense, is part of Texas's good ol' boy network. He may be best known for playing a role in arming Iraq's former dictator Saddam Hussein with American made weapons in the country's war against Iran in the 1980s.


Permission to excerpt or reprint granted, with link to

Rumsfield replacement (Robert Gates) was director of voting company
by Bev Harris

Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfield will resign, reportedly to be replaced by former CIA director Robert Gates.

Gates was on the board of directors of VoteHere, a strange little company that was the biggest elections industry lobbyist for the Help America Vote Act (HAVA). VoteHere spent more money than ES&S, Diebold, and Sequoia combined to help ram HAVA through. And HAVA, of course, was a bill sponsored by by convicted Abramoff pal Bob Ney and K-street lobbyist buddy Steny Hoyer. HAVA put electronic voting on steroids.

You can find copies of the VoteHere lobbying forms here:

I can't get them to save to pdf, perhaps you can. Enter search terms in both "registrant" and "client" fields and put in terms "Rhoads" "Livingston" and "Votehere" (one at a time.). Then look at the gravy train while it was in the process of derailing American democracy.

I first became acquainted with VoteHere when I met a source, Dan Spillane, who is the wonderful guy that identified the Diebold source code modules for me after I found the Diebold files. He is the person who introduced me, and subsequently everyone else, to the odd role of The Election Center and R. Doug Lewis in the elections industry.

Spillane also filled me in on The Livingston Group, VoteHere lobbyists, run by Bob Livingston -- the fellow that Hustler publisher Larry Flynt outed during the Bill Clinton blow job days. Larry Flynt offered a million dollars to anyone who could locate a Republican congressman committing adultery, and out popped peccadilloes by Livingston.

Livingston couldn't live that one down, so he resigned his post as House Speaker-Elect and became a lobbyist -- but that's not all! He also launched a group called "Center for Democracy" which was going to "monitor elections." This group also featured several good old boys from the tobacco industry and some mining companies.

Former VoteHere test engineer Dan Spillane was looking into all this because he had been fired after he questioned the certification process on a touch-screen system in which he had identified 250 flaws. It was way back in November 2002 that Spillane told me, "The voting machine industry is a house of cards. And the certification and testing process is the bottom card in the house of cards."


VoteHere was a company shilling cryptographic solutions and filled with NSA types (another director was Admiral Bill Owens, another crony of Rummy, Perle and Wolfowitz). For some reason this company claims it was unable to prevent itself from being hacked. In this alleged hack, VoteHere claims that someone stole their source code. Said source code was offered to me in October 2003, an obvious attempt at entrapment which I refused.

Nevertheless, VoteHere claimed to the media that its master security experts had supposedly "tracked" the hacker and had identified the hacker as an activist in the election reform community.

For some reason, it was decided that I should be investigated in connection with this "hack" of VoteHere -- nevermind that I can't remember how to change the password on my own laptop. Therefore I was interviewed by the Secret Service several times about this. Curiously, they never seemed to ask any questions about VoteHere, only my role in finding the Diebold files and publishing the Diebold memos.

This nonsense eventually culminated in a gag order and a letter from the U.S. Attorney to appear in front of a federal grand jury with information on all the visitors to the Black Box Voting Web site. (As if they couldn't get that in less dramatic ways in post-Patriot Act America). Attorney Lowell Finley (now with ) went to bat for me on this. A reporter named George Howland from the Seattle Weekly also got wind of it. When it hit the press, and with Lowell Finley's help, their harassment of me stopped.

VoteHere never sold any voting machines that I can find, but apparently did set up some deals to embed its cryptography into some voting systems. We found memos in the Diebold trash about VoteHere's crypto-crap, and Maryland Director of Elections Linda Lamone shows up in VoteHere-related letters. Sequoia Voting Systems signed an agreement with VoteHere, but its not clear to me whether they ever did anything about it.

Robert Gates stepped away from VoteHere shortly before he showed up in Chapter 8 of my book, Black Box Voting, in a short bit about the VoteHere company history. You can read that here:

I don't know about you, but I'd rather use a paper, pencil, and count by hand at the polling place than have former CIA director Robert Gates fooling around with my vote.

But that's just me.

-- Bev Harris Founder, Black Box Voting

P.S. Since the HBO special, I have plenty of moral support, but even after the Secret Service interviews and all the rest of the nonsense my husband and I have had to put up with, there are others who have had it rougher.

Informant: David Diggins


The Cheney-Gates Cabal

by Ray McGovern,

If his career is any clue, Rumsfeld's replacement places loyalty above principle.


The Secret World of Robert Gates

Robert Parry writes, "Robert Gates, George W. Bush’s choice to replace Donald Rumsfeld as Defense Secretary, is a trusted figure within the Bush family’s inner circle, but there are lingering questions about whether Gates is a trustworthy public official."


What Rumsfeld’s dismissal means

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Contra Gates

The American Prospect
by Eric Alterman


The president announced his pick to replace Donald Rumsfeld as secretary of defense today: former CIA director Robert Gates. Bound to surface in the coming national scrutiny of Gates is his role in the Iran-Contra affair. One of the great misconceptions of the Iran-Contra scandal is the widely-held belief that when then-Attorney General Meese called a press conference on November 25, 1986, to announce his discovery of the famous 'diversion' of funds from the weapons sales to Iran to pay for weapons for the Nicaraguan contras, he was finally revealing the truth of what took place. As Oliver North pointed out in his memoir, the administration had much to gain by focusing on the diversion...

Rumsfeld's replacement: The Robert Gates file

Mother Jones
by James Ridgeway

While Donald Rumsfeld was Ronald Reagan’s errand boy to Saddam Hussein in the mid-1980s, Robert Gates, the man named yesterday to succeed him as Secretary of Defense, was at the very heart of the American intelligence apparatus, actively planning and carrying out covert operations in Central America and the Middle East. Gates, a 26-year CIA veteran and the agency's director between 1991 and 1993, has long been accused of undermining competent, unbiased intelligence analysis at the agency during his tenure, opening the way for its role in partisan politics, a reality brought to the fore again as the Bush administration made its flawed and phony case for war with Iraq...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Gates: Another Bush Constitution Betrayer In The Pentagon

Informant: ranger116

Wissenschaftler warnen vor einer "stillen Epidemie" durch industriell hergestellte Chemikalien

Gehirne in einer neurotoxischen Suppe

Wissenschaftler warnen vor einer "stillen Epidemie" durch industriell hergestellte Chemikalien, die vor allem die Gehirne von Kindern schädigen können.

Protestwahl gegen Bush und die Republikaner

Bei den "Midterm"-Wahlen haben die Demokraten die seit 12 Jahren herrschende Republikaner-Mehrheit im Kongress zum Einsturz gebracht.

Langsamer Spurwechsel zur Ausfahrt

Nach dem Wahl-Crash von Bush: Wie geht es weiter im Irak?

Bush and Cheney and Their Disdain for Democracy

Informant: Orval Osborne

The Iraq Mandate

by Robert Dreyfuss,

Now the Dems must thunder from the pulpit, threatening to rain down hellfire, hail and brimstone on Republicans who want to stay the course.


The Iraq Mandate

"For the first time in American history, Americans have gone to the polls in wartime and rejected that war," writes Robert Dreyfuss. "Not only that, but they've done so overwhelmingly. Just as the election of 1932 was a seismic repudiation of the failed economic policies of the Hoover Republicans, the election of 2006 was a landslide against the Bush Republicans and their criminally misguided war against Iraq."


Democratic To-Do List

by David Corn,

Now the Dems must act quickly to secure public opinion.

Time running out to save bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean

US-Wahlen: Schwere Niederlage für Bush-Regierung

Time for Global Warming Action

Oppose Oil Production in Ecuador's Yasuní­ National Park


By Rainforest Portal, a project of Ecological Internet, Inc.
November 8, 2006


After an earlier successful campaign to halt oil road construction, the message must still be sent that oil extraction and protected areas do not mix .

Caption: Oil Production and Protected Areas Do Not Mix (link)

In two separate letters delivered to the Ecuadorian government, a group of over 40 Yasuni scientists (known as the Scientists Concerned for Yasuni) and 6 international NGOs have criticized Petrobras’ new Environmental Impact Study (EIS) of their new “roadless” plan to build oil production facilities in Ecuador’s world class Yasuní National Park. Although both letters praise Ecuador for stopping Petrobras from building an access road into Yasuni National Park, they emphasize that the new project design (construction and operation of 2 drilling platforms, flow lines, a processing facility and pipeline) will cause major impacts to the region’s biodiversity and indigenous peoples.

A massive new processing facility would be constructed on the alluvial plain of the world renowned Tiputini River. Sixteen hectares of mature, inundated forests along the Tiputini would have to be cleared and drained, completely destroying the habitat. And the rainforest surrounding the proposed sites for the two drilling platforms is home to large mammal species considered indicators of high quality rainforest, such as tapir, giant armadillo, giant anteater, and large monkey species.

Moreover, the processing facility would be built on an important hunting area for the Kichwa community of Chiru Isla, and the drilling platforms would be located within the prime hunting grounds of the Waorani community of Kawimeno. The Waorani representative organizations were never consulted about the project, nor did they grant consent for activities on their ancestral territory.

The Ecuadorian government must be urged to NOT approve the study and to cancel the project, as oil exploration and protected area status are simply incompatible.

Tell them by taking action now:

Notes: After sending this alert please choose to send a follow- up email regarding rainforest fires in Indonesia. When you do, it is likely you will receive many out of office messages which you can disregard. The emails targeted are the main contact points for the Kyoto meeting's representatives and they ARE being monitored while their government's focal points meet in Nairobi.

Historic Democratic Victory

Despite widespread problems with electronic voting machines, long lines that stretched several city blocks in some states, hours-long waiting at the polls, and GOP intimidation tactics aimed to drive away predominantly Democratic and minority voters, the public turned out en masse Tuesday and helped shift the balance of power in Washington, DC, to Democrats for the first time in 12 years.

Democrats Make Gains as President Suffers Backlash

Democrats took a clear advantage in early results from America's bitterly contested Congressional midterm elections, gaining two Senate seats and making strides in the House of Representatives, where the Bush White House was last night braced for a loss of the 12-year-old Republican majority.

Democrats Oust GOP in Governing Six States

Democrats won open governor's seats in five states Tuesday and knocked off the Republican incumbent in Maryland, tilting control of the majority of governorships to Democrats for the first time since the 1990s.

Democrats Take Control of the Senate

Democrats wrested control of the Senate from Republicans Wednesday with an upset victory in Virginia, giving the party complete domination of Capitol Hill for the first time since 1994.

Senate in balance as Bush battered

Americans delivered a sharp rebuke to President George Bush and the Republican leadership in Congress, sweeping Democrats into power in the House for the first time in a dozen years and dismantling most if not all of the Republican Senate majority.

From Information Clearing House


Democrats Sweep US Congress in Election Triumph

Democrats have completed their sweep of the US Congress by capturing control of the Senate, US media reported, handing President George W. Bush a stunning defeat that alters the political landscape for years to come.

Democrats to Usher in Change in Judicial Nominations, Investigations

Democrats have control of the House of Representatives after 12 years of Republican rule, setting the stage for a series of intensive investigations of the Bush administration by several different House committees. The Democratic Senate victory could also have profound implications for the next Supreme Court pick.

Could have, would have, should have

The Weekly Standard
by Fred Barnes


For sure, the war in Iraq was always going to be a drag on Republicans. And an election in the sixth year of a presidency is often perilous for the president's party, a pattern that's held true in year six of the Bush era. But Republicans have made matters worse by abandoning the reform agenda that animated their capture of Congress in 1994 and helped George W. Bush win the White House in 2000 and keep it in 2004. With scarcely a fight, Republicans gave up on Social Security reform in 2005, immigration reform in 2006, and never really got started on tax reform. Bush also cast aside the overarching theme for his domestic policy -- the Ownership Society -- without an explanation. The consequences have been dire...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Renewing the contract

The American Spectator
by Philip Klein


In assessing last night's results it is important to note that it was not a defeat for conservatism; it was a defeat for Republicanism, or at least, what Republicanism has come to represent. In the past 12 years, Republicans went from the party that promised 'the end of government that is too big, too intrusive, and too easy with the public's money' to the party of the Bridge to Nowhere; it took control of Congress on a pledge to 'end its cycle of scandal and disgrace' and went down in defeat as the party of Tom DeLay and Mark Foley. Having abandoned its core principles, the Republican Party had nothing to run on this year, so its campaign strategy centered on attacking Nancy Pelosi -- a questionable tactic...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Corruption named as key issue by voters in exit polls



By a wide margin, Americans who voted Tuesday in the midterm election say they disapprove of the war in Iraq. But when asked which issue was extremely important to their vote, more voters said corruption and ethics in government than any other issue, including the war, according to national exit polls. A large majority of voters also disapproved of how Congress and President Bush are doing their jobs...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Rachel's News #879

Bird death disaster could spread

James Randerson Wednesday
November 8, 2006
The Guardian,,1941739,00.html

The "most significant conservation disaster ever" may be about to repeat itself around the world, according to research by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

Conservationists, already dismayed by the death of millions of vultures in India, Nepal and Pakistan, caused by the birds consuming a cattle drug, have found other bird species are also susceptible.

The anti-inflammatory drug diclofenac is toxic to three species of Asian vulture - the oriental white-backed, long-billed and slender-billed. They die from kidney failure if they eat the carcasses of cattle treated with it. Conservationists estimate that 10-14 million birds have died; populations are still declining at 30% to 50% a year. "It's probably the most significant conservation disaster ever in terms of the number of birds lost," said Jemima Parry-Jones at the US National Aviary in Pittsburgh.

Dr Parry-Jones and the RSPB research team set out to discover whether diclofenac and related drugs are toxic to other birds. They asked zoo vets around the world for reports of unintentional bird deaths after treatment with the drugs. Of the 79 scavenging birds they received information on, the drugs were deadly for 30%, including the African white-backed vulture, saw-whet owl from North America, harris hawk, spoonbill, Eurasian gryphon vulture and African maribu stork. The researchers reported their results in the journal Biology Letters.

The manufacture and import of diclofenac was banned in India in August, although it is not illegal to sell off stockpiles. It is banned in the US and Europe, but is still used in parts of Africa and South America.

Informant: binstock

A silent pandemic: Industrial chemicals are impairing the brain development of children worldwide

Informant: binstock

Ein-Euro-Jobber fordert von der Uni Hamburg Entschädigung für Zwangsarbeit

Protest in Hamburg

„Der Soziologe Thomas Meese beginnt ab 6. November 2006 seinen Protest mit der Forderung auf Entschädigung für geleistete Zwangsarbeit bei der Universität Hamburg. Seine Forderung auf Entschädigung für Zwangsarbeit stützt sich auf das Übereinkommen 29 über Zwangs- und Pflichtarbeit der International Labour Organization (ILO). Die BRD hat dieses Übereinkommen am 13. Juni 1956 ratifiziert…“ Meldung mit weiterführenden Informationen bei Tacheles vom 06. November 2006

Aus: LabourNet, 8. November 2006


»Ich unterschrieb nur aufgrund der Drohung«

Ein-Euro-Jobber beklagt Zwangsarbeit und fordert Entschädigung von Hamburger Uni. Ein Gespräch mit Thomas Meese von Sebastian Wessels in der jungen Welt vom 27.11.2006

Aus: LabourNet, 27. November 2006

Das marktwirtschaftliche Märchen vom Gewinn, der Arbeitsplätze schafft

Entlassungen trotz Gewinn! - Was heißt da "trotz"?

Text der Sendung GegenStandpunkt – Kein Kommentar! im Freien Radio für Stuttgart vom 18. Okt. 2006

Volle Taschen für Bonzen

„Ungefähr dann, wenn die letzten Mitarbeiter der von Siemens und BenQ in den Bankrott gefahrenen Handy-Werke beim Arbeitsamt vorstellig werden, kassiert die Spitze des Münchener Konzerns ab. Siemens-Chef Klaus Kleinfeld und seine Vorstandskollegen müßten nur noch knapp fünf Monate warten, daß sich ihr Gehalt um 30 Prozent erhöhe, berichtete das Nachrichtenmagazin Focus am Dienstag in seiner Online-Ausgabe. Die Bezüge würden zum 1. April erhöht, bestätigte ein Siemens-Sprecher dem Magazin, sechs Monate früher, als bislang angenommen worden war. Das zuständige Gremium im Aufsichtsrat hatte laut Focus beschlossen, die Gehälter schon zum 1. April dieses Jahres anzuheben. Folglich ende der einjährige Verzicht, über den Siemens Anfang Oktober informiert habe, bereits im April des folgenden Jahres…“ Artikel von Arnold Schölzel in der Jungen Welt vom 08.11.2006

Aus: LabourNet, 8. November 2006

Bundessozialgericht: Hartz-IV-Empfänger können auf mehr Geld hoffen

„In einer Reihe von Entscheidungen hat das Bundessozialgericht am Dienstag erstmals die Ansprüche von Hartz-IV-Empfängern präzisiert. Dabei hat das höchste deutsche Sozialgericht den Behörden aufgegeben, bei der Erstattung von Unterkunftskosten weniger pauschal als bisher vorzugehen, sondern die Einzelfälle individuell zu prüfen. Im Ergebnis könnten Langzeitarbeitslose dadurch mehr Unterstützung als bisher erhalten. Zudem stellten die Kasseler Richter fest, daß in "atypischen Fällen" der feste Regelsatz von 345 Euro zwar nicht erhöht werden dürfe, aber außerordentliche Belastungen durch den Sozialhilfeträger ausgeglichen werden könnten…“ Artikel von Corinna Budras in der FAZ vom 08. November 2006

Gericht kritisiert Teile von Hartz IV

Seit Einführung von Hartz IV wird über die Unterkunftskosten gestritten. Das Sozialgericht hat nun festgestellt, dass Mietkosten an den Verhältnissen der betroffenen Städte gemessen werden müssen. Video der heute-journal-Sendung vom 7.11.06,4070,3998392-6-wm_dsl,00.html

Siehe dazu:

Grundsätzlich keine neue Übergangsfrist für Suche nach einer angemessenen Wohnung bei Arbeitslosengeld II-Empfängern

Pressemitteilung des Bundessozialgerichtes Nr. 34/06 vom 7.11.2006

Anspruch auf Arbeitslosengeld II trotz vorhandener Eigentumswohnung

Pressemitteilung des Bundessozialgerichtes Nr. 33/06 vom 7.11.2006

Aus: LabourNet, 8. November 2006

Dollar poised for a dip

We believe we have just seen the beginning of a more pronounced slowdown that will likely push us into recession. The reason we are more negative than many economists is that high levels of consumer debt make the economy much more interest-rate-sensitive than in past economic cycles.

From Information Clearing House

U.S. loses business travelers to Europe

The United States is losing substantial numbers of business travelers to Europe because of the stringent security measures it imposes on international visitors, according to a report by a tourism industry group that was released Monday.

From Information Clearing House

Analysts outraged over U.S. adjustments of employment data

'Massive revisions' make report 'nonsense'

From Information Clearing House

Swift justice, then Swift booted: Navy attorney is ousted after victory for Gitmo inmate

From Information Clearing House

Give Us The Word

Never in its 230-year history has America been in such peril. It is up to us to keep George Bush from further ransacking of this great nation. We must not wake up the day after the elections and realize -- too late -- that we failed to vote when "Democracy" was the single most important issue on the ballot.

From Information Clearing House

The Secret Wars Of The CIA: How 6 Million People Were killed in CIA Secret Wars

John Stockwell, former CIA Station Chief in Angola. He is a very compelling speaker and the highest level CIA officer to testify to the Congress about his actions. He estimates that over 6 million people have died in CIA covert actions, and this was in the late 1980's.

Keeping the oil pumping

Washington and Tehran are preparing for a fight to see whether Iran can block the Straits of Hormuz, source of a quarter of the world's oil.

From Information Clearing House

New audit hunts Iraq's lost millions

A new audit examining 15 contracts signed in Iraq has found new evidence of massive corruption and mismanagement by the US government.

From Information Clearing House

Why Hussein ultimately wins, and dies a martyr

He is the victim of a state-sponsored lynching, and so, for many people, he will die a martyr.

Move to reinstate Saddam supporters

Iraq's Shia-dominated government has announced a major concession for the Sunni Muslim backers of Saddam Hussein, a day after the former president was sentenced to hang.

From Information Clearing House

Bush Has Gone Unchecked For Too Long

By Keith Olbermann

Having frightened us, having bullied us, having lied to us, having ignored and rewritten the Constitution under our noses, having stayed the course, having denied you’ve stayed the course, having belittled us about "timelines" but instead extolled "benchmarks," you’ve now resorted, sir, to this?

Video and transcript

Health Care Industries Fill Candidates' Coffers

As the cost of health care continues to rise, health care-related industries stand to influence key races in Tuesday's election by pouring millions of dollars behind Republican and Democratic candidates.

Maryland GOP Recruits Homeless to Distribute Misleading Flyers on Dems

Inaccurate sample ballots describing Republican governor Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. and Senate candidate Michael S. Steele as Democrats were handed out to voters in at least four polling sites in Prince George's County this morning. The ballots were distributed by people who said they arrived by buses this morning from Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Nationwide Problems With E-Voting Machines

Volunteers Report

Programming errors and inexperience dealing with electronic voting machines frustrated poll workers in hundreds of precincts Tuesday, delaying voters in several states and leaving some with little choice but to use paper ballots instead.


CHAOS: Problems worsen, Dems seek voting extension

On a day already rife with computer glitches, long lines, and legal appeals to extend voting in Denver, provisional ballots are now running out at some Denver voting centers.

Long Lines, Voting Machine Problems Reported Across State

James W. Marquart of Cleveland said he left an elementary school polling place without voting because election workers told him his name wasn't on the rolls even though he had with him a postcard from the elections board showing that's where they told him to vote.

Virginia Voters Report Getting Suspicious Calls

The FBI is looking into allegations from Jim Webb's campaign that Virginia Democrats are getting suspicious telephone calls from so-called volunteers threatening voters with arrest if they go to the polls.

From Information Clearing House

The impossible has happened: a majority of Americans have soundly and forcefully removed Bush's party from control of the House of Representatives

November 8th, 2006

You did it! We did it! The impossible has happened: A majority of Americans have soundly and forcefully removed Bush's party from control of the House of Representatives. And, sometime today perhaps, we may learn that the same miracle has happened in the Senate. Whatever the outcome, the American people have made two things crystal clear: End this war, and stop Mr. Bush from doing any more damage to this country we love. That is what this election was about. Nothing else. Just that. And it's a message that has sent shock waves throughout Washington -- and a note of hope around this troubled world.

Now the real work begins. Unless we stay on top of these Democrats to do the right thing, they will do what they've always done: Screw it up. Big Time. They helped Bush start this war, and now they should make amends.

But let's take a day to rejoice and revel in a rare victory for our side -- the side that doesn't believe in unprovoked invasions of other countries. This is your day, my friends. You have worked hard for it. I can't tell you how proud I am to count all of you as part of the greater American mainstream we now occupy. Thank you for all the time you gave this week to get out the vote. Some of you have been at this since the large demonstrations of February 2003 when we tried to stop the war before it started. Only 10-20% of the country agreed with us at that time. Remember how lonely that was? Some people were even booed! Now, 60% of the country agrees with our position. They are us and we are them. What a nice, strange, hopeful feeling.

A woman, for the first time in our history, will be Speaker of the House. The attempt to ban all abortion in the conservative state of South Dakota was defeated. Laws to raise the minimum wage were passed. Democrats were elected to fill Tom DeLay's and Mark Foley's seats. Detroit's John Conyers, Jr. is going to be the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. The Democratic governor of Michigan beat the CEO from Amway. The little township next to where I live in Michigan voted Democratic for the first time since... ever. And on and on and on. The good news will continue throughout today. Let's enjoy it. Savor it. And use it to get Congress to finally listen to the majority.

If you want to do one thing today, send an email or a letter to both of your senators and your member of Congress and tell them, in no uncertain terms, what this election means: End the war -- and don't let George W. Bush get away with any more of his bright ideas.

Congratulations, again! Now let's go find a spine for the Dems to do the job we've sent them there to do.

Yours in victory (for once!),

Michael Moore

P.S. Thanks for all those photos you sent me of you with your brooms at your polling places. They're still coming in and we're posting them here throughout the day. And for those of you who asked how "Sicko" is coming along, the answer is: better than we ever expected! We're hard at work in the edit room and it will be in theaters in June. Thanks again, everyone, for your support.

VACCINES: NEW PLAGUE FOR A NEW ERA, Vaccination Dangers Can Kill You or Ruin Your Life

There have been many coments in the past years on Spanish flu here are some links one of which relates directly to this not that the 1st virus was identified by a brit scientific team in 1933 please read on..... best anyone can do is look after their immune system which of course means avoiding junk food & drinks ....... leave the comfort zone.


What They Don’t Tell You About Vaccination Dangers Can Kill You or Ruin Your Life


In 1985 Dr. Scheibner, a former principle research scientist for the government of Australia, and her husband electrochemical engineer Leif Karlsson invented the CotWatch breathing monitor for babies who are diagnosed “at risk” for SIDS, or “Cot Death” as it is known in Australia. Over the next three years, the couple monitored hundreds of babies and studied the event reports that their CotWatch produced. “By 1988 we knew that vaccines are killing babies,” said Dr. Scheibner. Vaccinations, Not Virus, Responsible for Spanish Flu

It took a British science team to identify the first virus in man in 1933, yet propaganda says that the virus of Spanish flu killed millions of civilians and soldiers during the pandemic from 1918 to 1920.

Many would have us believe that all those American soldiers who died from non-combatant causes died from Spanish flu. However, U.S. Army records show that seven men died after being vaccinated.


The vaccine debate maintains a long and sordid history, although too few people are aware of this fact. Due to the controlling interests of government agencies and their puppeteer, the pharmaceutical industry, public awareness has been manipulated, via the media, to its present state of indifference. Why does no one question the authority of injecting agents of unknown toxicity into their body? The general public is apparently satisfied with the information (or more accurately, the lack of information) provided by the government, unless presented with a specific reason not to be. Unfortunately, now is the wrong time for apathy. We are on the verge of vaccine mania, and by the time our wake up call comes, it just may be too late

It would seem reasonable to suggest that introducing a toxic vaccine directly into the bloodstream is a dangerous intervention. Surely, if a child gets a naturally-occurring illness such as measles, (not generally a serious condition), the body reacts to that condition in its own natural way. But when you inject a vaccine into the body, you're actually performing an unnatural act because you are injecting a toxic substance directly into the bloodstream. In the case of measles and smallpox, or any disease for that matter, this is not the natural port of entry. In fact, the whole immune system in our body is geared to prevent this from happening. The body has several defence mechanisms to prevent the entry of poisonous and toxic material and takes a lot of care to ensure the purity of the bloodstream. A toxin will smell or taste bad and the nose and mouth should reject them. If it is nevertheless swallowed and not vomited out, the liver and stomach will do their best to neutralise it and the kidneys eliminate it.

From Mast Sanity/Mast Network

Mobile phone giant's new mast plan

People are preparing to go back into battle with a mobile phone giant which wants to build a giant mast near their homes.

Vodafone has resubmitted plans to put a 20 metre-high mast on land close to the RSPCA animal shelter on Longridge Road in Ribbleton, Preston.

Council planners threw out Vodafone's original plans earlier this year. But the company claims it has changed the proposals from those dismissed in May because of the visual impact it would have had on nearby Grange Park.

However, people living close to the RSPCA shelter say they see very little different with the application and have the same concerns they raised seven months ago.

Martin Teeling, 46, who lives on nearby Acer Road in Ribbleton, said he would have concerns about the impact on the health of his daughters, Niamh, six, and Roisin, four.

He has now drafted an objection letter which he intends to deliver to local people and lobby members of the council's planning committee to vote against the plans.

Coun Brian Rollo, who represents the Ribbleton ward, sat on the planning committee which rejected Vodafone's last application after a wave of protest, including a 225 signature petition.

He said: "The feeling back then was that it would spoil the view of people looking over Grange Park, which is a nationally-recognised green space, and having looked at these new plans, I do not see anything particularly different about them."

A spokesman for Vodafone said it had worked with planners at Preston Council following the previous rejected application and agreed to replace the solid monopole with a more slim-line model in this application.

Do you think mobile phone masts are a health danger? Vote now in the poll on our homepage.

08 November 2006

All rights reserved © 2006 Johnston Press Digital Publishing.

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The conclusion is that the Bush Administration was totally inadequately prepared to cope with what was involved. His boneheadidness created what can only be termed an unholy mess which in all probability will require withdrawing from the region despite the unimaginable consequences of Iraq being dissolved and becoming a part of Iran.....

2006 no-confidence vote on Bush’s Iraq policies is ‘veritable

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Election '06: Animals Win in Arizona and Michigan

Voting Expert: Widespread Election Fraud Again


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