Dienstag, 31. Oktober 2006

How to Stop the November Elections From Being Stolen

Progressive Democrats are saying "we need to get people to the polls in large numbers, win big, and protect the vote counting to make sure that the Congressional elections are not stolen on November 7th."


The Prescience of JFK

On September 12, 1960, John F. Kennedy delivered his now-famous speech to the Greater Houston Ministerial Association. William Fisher writes, "He told the group he believed in 'an America where the separation of church and state is absolute - where no Catholic prelate would tell the President (should he be Catholic) how to act ... For while this year it may be a Catholic against whom the finger of suspicion is pointed, in other years it has been, and may someday be again, a Jew - or a Quaker - or a Unitarian - or a Baptist ... Today I may be the victim - but tomorrow it may be you - until the whole fabric of our harmonious society is ripped at a time of great national peril.' I wonder if JFK realized how prescient he was."


Flu Vaccines Useless


Informant: Lew Rockwell

What the Neocons Plan: on the next war, and the next, and the next


Informant: Lew Rockwell

On the encirclement and destruction of US armies in Iraq


From 'Stay the Course' to 'Flexible Response'


Trick or Treat, Taxpayer


The Coming Technocratic Dark Age

by Nancy Levant

Imagine the entire world ruled by several thousand and mostly hidden aristocrat families who control all banks, science, mass communications, and technology. Then imagine their global chain of financial employees and dependents. Imagine that these elitist families are united together in mission to replace political and religious beliefs with laws of their invention. Then imagine that over time, the world’s people come to reject and/or forget Divine Laws, which are then replaced with authoritarian laws custom designed by such aristocrats......


The Growing National ID Trap

by Tom DeWeese

As technology develops, data banks of personal information are being collected on everything from medical records, to financial and employment histories, to school records, to buying habits at the super market. The government is building data banks on farm animals. Our cars have little black boxes, which record data on our driving habits. In addition, the uses of video cameras, computer chips and biometric screening to monitor our activities are growing rapidly......


Fewer Guns, More Talk

by Miriam Pemberton, TomPaine.com

The public not only rejects the war in Iraq but Bush's whole foreign policy approach.

Pentagon Memo Reveals Launch of New PR War

The Pentagon is buttressing its public relations staff and starting an operation akin to a political campaign war room as Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld faces intensifying criticism over the Iraq war.


All the President's Lies

Robert Parry writes, "Many Americans are cynical about what they hear from politicians - and often with good reason - but perhaps no US political leader in modern history has engaged in a pattern of lying and distortion more systematically than George W. Bush has."


Blair Risks Humiliating Defeat as Opponents Demand Iraq Inquiry

Tony Blair faces the risk of a humiliating Commons defeat today over his refusal to allow a wide-ranging inquiry into the crisis in Iraq. The Tories, Liberal Democrats and as many as 40 Labour rebels are threatening to support a nationalist demand for a parliamentary examination of the war and its aftermath.


Social Security Is on the Ballot Next Week

Dean Baker writes: "With the Congressional elections fast approaching, one issue that has received remarkably little attention is Social Security. While it is understandable that the public would attach a higher priority to ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Social Security has barely registered a blip in public opinion surveys on the list of issues on voters' minds."


Postcards of the Hanging


Pentagon Will "Catapult the Propaganda" Via U.S. Media


Deutschland betreibt Großmachtpolitik

"Gescheiterte" Außenpolitik: "Deutschland betreibt Großmachtpolitik" (31.10.06)

Anlässlich der aktuellen Debatte um die Auslandseinsätze der Bundeswehr zog der Linksfraktions-Abgeordnete Wolfgang Gehrcke ein drastisches Fazit: "Die deutsche Außenpolitik ist gescheitert". Die schwarz-rote Bundesregierung habe wie ihre rot-grüne Vorgängerregierung Deutschland mit weltweiten Militäreinsätzen "immer tiefer in gewaltsame Auseinandersetzungen hineingezogen". Deutschland sei "Kriegspartei" geworden. Die Kriege gegen den Terror in Afghanistan und im Irak seien militärisch nicht zu gewinnen. Vielmehr sei das Gegenteil eingetreten: "Die Gefahr von terroristischen Anschlägen, auch in Deutschland, ist nicht gesunken, sondern gestiegen", so Gehrcke, ohne diese Aussage allerdings zu belegen. "Die Weiterverbreitung von Massenvernichtungswaffen wurde nicht gestoppt, sondern vorangetrieben."

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet: http://www.ngo-online.de/ganze_nachricht.php?Nr=14633

After millions of words about Iraq, it all comes down to one word: Decades

After millions of words about Iraq, it all comes down to one word:


That's from the Washington Post's Baghdad reporter on 10/31/06:

The top U.S. military commander in Iraq, Gen. George W. Casey Jr., predicted last week that Iraqi security forces would be able to take control of the country in 12 to 18 months. But several days spent with American units training the Iraqi police illustrated why those soldiers on the ground believe it may take decades longer than Casey's assessment.

Decades. Why decades?

Seventy percent of the Iraqi police force has been infiltrated by militias, primarily the Mahdi Army, according to Shaw and other military police trainers. Police officers are too terrified to patrol enormous swaths of the capital. And while there are some good cops, many have been assassinated or are considering quitting the force. "None of the Iraqi police are working to make their country better," said Brig. Gen. Salah al-Ani, chief of police for the western half of Baghdad. "They're working for the militias or to put money in their pocket."

Decades - all to empower murderous sectarian militias, rob U.S. taxpayers blind, and kill or maim more U.S. soldiers.

Just this month we lost 103 brave young Americans, bringing the U.S. total to 2,816.

But George Bush insists U.S. troops absolutely will not leave Iraq until "victory" is achieved - however long that takes.


The children of U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq may grow up to fight and die in Iraq, just like their parents.

And between now and then, 100 American soldiers may die every single month.


Do you want to send today's high school seniors to fight and die in Iraq to train Iraqis who won't defend their country for Decades?

Do you want to send today's high school freshmen to fight and die in Iraq to train Iraqis who won't defend their country for Decades?

Do you want to send today's junior high freshmen to fight and die in Iraq to train Iraqis who won't defend their country for Decades?

Do you want to send today's first graders to fight and die in Iraq to train Iraqis who won't defend their country for Decades?

Do you want to send all of their children to fight and die in Iraq to train Iraqis who won't defend their country for Decades?

If your answer to this question is No, then please take one small action: send this email to everyone you know and implore them to vote a straight Democratic ticket next Tuesday November 7.

Our children - and their children - will thank you.

Share your thoughts here: http://democrats.com/decades

While every poll points to a Democratic victory on November 7, Karl Rove insists Republicans will win. Is he planning to steal another election, like he did in 2000 and 2004?

This time we won't let him. On Election Night, we're organizing candlelight vigils outside County Election Offices across the country to make sure they count every vote. We're calling it the Blue Revolution: come, bring signs, and wear blue! http://bluerevolution.us

Be Prepared for Election Day Problems!

Make sure your voter registration has not been purged - "google" your registration at MyDem.com.

Prepare for other election-stealing strategies at ProtectYourVote.org and EP365.org . Read the latest election theft exposes at BradBlog.com . Volunteer to stop election fraud at http://electiondefensealliance.org/takeaction

Get Out the Vote!

Do More Than Vote

MoveOn's Call for Change

Nov. 8th Delivery of DontAttackIran Petition to White House

Join Cindy Sheehan and others on November 8th at 11 a.m. in front of the White House.

Please sign the petition and add a personal note to Bush and Cheney at http://www.dontattackiran.org

Then ask you friends to do the same.

Together we can stop a war.

Forward this message to everyone you know!

B L A C K O U T L O N D O N 4th November 2006

Starting at Sunset - 4.30 pm to 7.30 pm

You are invited to take part in the largest demonstration of People Power that London (and the UK?) has ever seen on Saturday 4th November 2006, by turning off all your lights, and switching off all your non-essential electrical equipment at Sunset.

REMEMBER, REMEMBER, THE FOURTH OF NOVEMBER ! For one day in November, we are asking everyone who receives this message to think about what they can turn off, switch off and unplug, to show support. We want the power demand in the United Kingdom to reduce so much that the newspapers are obliged to report it. >> We want the lights to go out in London, so that on the evening of 4th November 2006, the dimming effect will be visible from space.

To protect us from the Enemy of Climate Change, we need a War on Energy Abuse. Just like Britain during World War Two, we need to see a Blackout all over London.


If you are a security guard for an office block in London, please ask your employers when you should be turning the lights out. If you are a church warden, please check with your church council to see if they agree to switching off the floodlights. If you are working for your local Council, ask if you can help them implement an energy reduction plan to turn off lights, computers and fans at the weekend. If you are at home, switch off your set-top boxes, pull all the chargers out of the wall sockets, turn off lights in any room you are not using, switch off any machine with a digital clock in it, unplug the hi-fi and the TV and the games console, de-frost your freezer, switch off your fridge for a couple of hours. Turn the central heating thermostat down to 16 degrees and put a woolly sweater/jumper on if you're cold.


Blackout London is being called by the same group that organised the Power Cut on 31st August 2006, and is being promoted by workface.


We should probably try to suggest switching off the mobile networks - some time ago someone said 3G when live would raise the mast network to 4% (or something similar) of national grid energy consumption


American Statistical Association Speaks in Favor of Manual Audits & Recounts

The American Statistical Association released a paper on October 26, 2006 "Statistical Issues in Elections"


in which it states that:

"Only real recounts (cross-checking paper records against official tabulations), not just rereading machine totals, will resolve close elections."

This position of the American Statistical Association is in stark contrast to many U.S. state recount policies, including Utah's new recount policies that merely reread machine totals, along with a statistically insufficient audit, even in cases where margins between candidates are less than 1%!

For more about Utah's new audit and recount policies see http://utahcountvotes.org/ltgov/ElectionXPolicy.pdf and http://utahcountvotes.org/ltgov/Response2LtGov-Audit-Recount.pdf

Kathy Dopp
National Election Data Archive
Dedicated to Accurately Counting Elections

"Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day," wrote Thomas Jefferson in 1816

Hacking Democracy












Informant: ranger116


Please distribute this message widely

The important documentary film, "Hacking Democracy", will be broadcast on HBO beginning this Thursday, Nov 2, at 9 pm (in all time zones). "Hacking Democracy" exposes and chronicles the role computer based voting machines and vote tabulation equipment are playing in facilitating election fraud and vote rigging in US elections. See HBO's broadcast schedule below.

For more information, go to: http://www.hbo.com/docs/programs/hackingdemocracy/index.html http://www.hbo.com/docs/programs/hackingdemocracy/synopsis.html http://www.hbo.com/docs/programs/hackingdemocracy/interview_filmmakers.html http://www.hbo.com/docs/programs/hackingdemocracy/interview_producer.html

Broadcast schedule: http://www.hbo.com/apps/schedule/ScheduleServlet?ACTION_DETAIL=DETAIL&FOCUS_ID=633258

Informant: Jonathan Markowitz


ECONOMIC dangers of global warming

British just gave Democrats the best "November surprise"!

Following are links to the just released report by the British on the ECONOMIC dangers of global warming:

..."Earth faces a calamity on the scale of the Great Depression..."

If Neocons want to use "terror" to sway Americans to vote Republican, then now Democrats have a real terror issue that should SCARE THE S... and catch the attention of even the staunchest Republicans for, this one, will hit them where most seem to care most about... in THEIR POCKETS.

Unfortunately for Republicans, most of their Congressional Representatives have been nothing but a "rubber stamp" for the Bush administration's dire policies for environmental protections - aligning themselves with corporate interests - the very same interests which are now at stake according to this alarming report.




LONDON -- Britain issued a report yesterday warning the Earth faces a calamity on the scale of the world wars and the Great Depression unless action is taken. The report said unabated climate change would eventually cost the world the equivalent of between 5% and 20% of global GDP each year. Report author Sir Nicholas Stern, an economist, said acting now to cut greenhouse emissions would cost about 1% of global GDP each year. The report represents a huge contrast to the U.S. government's wait-and-see policies. U.S. President George W. Bush kept his country out of the Kyoto treaty, saying the pact would harm the U.S. economy. http://calsun.canoe.ca/News/World/2006/10/31/2186142-sun.html

Global warming could cost up to seven trillion dollars http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/britainenvironment

Global warming report calls for action ...eventual cost of damage caused by climate change could reach $3.68 trillion globally, The Times of London reported Monday. However, the report said the damage could be avoided at a cost equivalent to 1 percent of the country's gross domestic product. "That is manageable," said the report's author, Sir Nicholas Stern, former chief economist for the World Bank. "We can grow and be green." http://www.upi.com/NewsTrack/view.php?StoryID=20061030-043833-1977r

The Money Times Act now or face the worst of Global Warming: Report http://www.themoneytimes.com/articles/20061030/act_now_or_face_the_worst_of_global_warming_report-id-101985.html

Informant: Jack Topel

US-Großmanöver am Persischen Golf

Politisch soll vor allem Iran und Nordkorea eine deutliche Botschaft vermittelt werden.


Umweltschutz aus ökonomischen Gründen

Der renommierte Wirtschaftsfachmann Nicholas Stern rechnet mit der größten Rezession seit 1929, wenn es der Weltgemeinschaft nicht gelingt, den Klimawandel zu stoppen.


Phone mast campaign - T-mobile and WHO statements


Global Love Day May 1, 2007: Love Begins With Me

A message from Pilvi

Original Message

Global Love Day

Love Begins With Me May 1, 2007


Join people around the world in Celebrating and Expanding


We are one humanity on this planet. All life is interconnected and interdependent. All share in the Universal bond of love. Love begins with self acceptance and forgiveness. With tolerance and compassion we embrace diversity. Together we make a difference through love.


globalloveday @thelovefoundation.com

The Love Foundation, Inc., P.O. Box 10114, Tampa, FL 33679-0114 USA
a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization

Roe vs Wade vs the Constitution

Liberty For All
by Roderick T. Beaman

It is very important that every American be well versed in The Constitution of the United States. Much of the political mess in which we find ourselves today, in my estimation, including Roe vs. Wade, stems from governmental power grabs at every level. I am not an attorney but I am a physician and I can read. So can you... (written 01/17/02; posted 10/30/06)


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Stopping the government's property grab

Los Angeles Times
by Roger Pilon


Next month, in 12 states, including California, voters will get a rare chance to talk back to the Supreme Court. Those are the states with measures on their ballots to protect property rights, sparked by the court's 2005 Kelo decision, which lets government condemn a person's property and give it to someone else who can make 'better use' of it. In an instant, Americans across the country woke up to the realization that, as Justice Sandra Day O'Connor wrote in dissent, 'The specter of condemnation hangs over all property.' To date, 30 states have enacted measures to restrain their power to condemn, and citizens have stepped in where legislatures have balked, placing initiatives on the ballots...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Hold, hamper, hinder

The American Prospect
by Robert Kuttner


Polls show Democrats picking up between 20 and 30 House seats, enough to take control of the House. But brace yourself for a very long evening -- that could go on for days. The Republicans' superior ground operation -- they spend more on targeting voters and getting out the vote -- has received some attention in the press. But far more ominous is the organized effort to suppress voter turnout, directed entirely against groups likely to vote for Democrats. An exhaustive report, 'Voting in 2006: Have We Solved the Problems of 2004?' by the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, the Century Foundation, and Common Cause, catalogs new, sickening assaults on our democracy...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

All in the name of 'Dumbocracy' and 'Freedumb'

Strike the Root
by Mike Wasdin


I had almost given up and thought the people will never 'get it,' but then I noticed that lately there has been a lot of talk in the media about the abuses of this administration, and in the mainstream media of all places! Maybe the sheep are finally beginning to wake up. I was amazed to see that MSNBC and CNN were actually telling the truth ... or at least as close to the truth as sheep that still believe in 'Democracy' could tell about the Bush regime. Finally mainstream commentators like Keith Olbermann and Jack Cafferty seem to finally be getting it. I nearly fell out of my chair when Olbermann exclaimed that the biggest enemy of freedom was George W. Bush or when Cafferty said it was his hope that all incumbents lose. Sure, I know he did not get the really big picture in that he hoped that other charlatans would replace them, but at least these people may be starting to see it. For six years now I have watched this N... and his cabal trash our freedoms and no one in the mainstream media seemed to notice. From the Patriot Act to the Military Commissions Act, we have all been lied to, spied on and abused, and all in the name of 'Dumbocracy' and 'Freedumb'...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Normalizing torture

by Bruce Jackson


The heart of Dershowitz's argument is that torture is good if it is done by the right people for the right reasons. But if you don't know what someone knows until you torture him, how can you know that torture will extract the information you assume exists? And if you are wrong, what then? What if the old woman or the little kid you tortured really knew nothing? What if the person you're torturing has only incorrect knowledge? What is the effect of torture on you? What are the consequences of coming to enjoy doing it, as so many torturers seem to do? Where does it stop? What are the tradeoffs? Dershowitz addresses none of these questions. He is doing something law school professors do all the time: set up an absurd 'what if' to get students to consider the implications of a law. But he isn't doing it to get students to consider the implications of a law; he is doing it to normalize the extreme in a real world situation. Once you normalize the extreme, then all else follows. If you can stick needles under the nails of the guy you think knows where the ticking bomb is, then you can stick needles under anybody's nails if you're thinking the right thoughts when you do it...



Limbaugh: Hammering final nail in GOP coffin?

Intellectual Conservative
by Aaron Goldstein


It has been argued that Rush Limbaugh is the individual most responsible for the 1994 Republican Revolution that brought the GOP control of the House and Senate for the first time in four decades. Apart from Newt Gingrich, no other individual was so able to mobilize conservatives on both the airwaves and at the ballot box. But if the GOP is to lose control of both the House and Senate next month, one certainly cannot pin its entire misfortune on the top-rated radio talk show host. The War in Iraq, the Abramoff scandal and the Mark Foley affair have taken their cumulative toll on the GOP in the polls. However, with his cheap shot towards actor Michael J. Fox, Limbaugh might have hammered the final nail into their coffin...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Money trails lead to Bush judges

by Will Evans


At least two dozen federal judges appointed by President Bush since 2001 made political contributions to key Republicans or to the president himself while under consideration for their judgeships, government records show. A four-month investigation of Bush-appointed judges by the Center for Investigative Reporting reveals that six appellate court judges and 18 district court judges contributed a total of more than $44,000 to politicians who were influential in their appointments. Some gave money directly to Bush after he officially nominated them. Other judges contributed to Republican campaign committees while they were under consideration for a judgeship...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Government school follies

Rebirth of Reason
by Tibor R. Machan


In a fully free country there would be innumerable types and kinds of educational institutions. Many would be similar, but quite a few would be unique, different from most. Some would admit children whose parents want them to get mainly religious instructions, others those whose parents would not want this but focus mostly on science; some would go to schools with extensive athletic programs, others to ones where the arts are emphasized. Some would be Roman Catholic, some Muslim, some Hindu, some completely secular -- you get the idea. The same would be the case with various other cultural institutions that have been conquered by government -- actually, that are relics of the supposedly obsolete monarchical system or modern tyrannies where the royal head's or dictator's entourage could call the shots about nearly everything...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Government financing of political campaigns

The Free Liberal
by Fred E. Foldvary


The corrupting influence of money in politics is widely deplored, and some reformers are seeking the superficial remedy, government financing of political campaigns. They call it 'clean money,' as it does not come from the special interests who seek and get privileges and subsidies in exchange for their funding. But how clean is it to force taxpayers to finance negative and misleading ads? The government financing of political campaigns benefits the establishment parties, the Democratic and Republican Parties, who obtain almost all the money. Candidates of the challenger parties have a more difficult time gathering signatures and raising the funds that qualify candidates for the governmental largess...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Trust, but no way to verify?

TCS Daily
by Glenn Harlan Reynolds


Trust in the government has been declining for years, but it's nothing compared to what we'll see if a majority, or even a sizable plurality, of Americans conclude that the entire process is rigged. And I think we're closer to that point than the political class realizes...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Liberty and the atomistic welfare state

by William L. Anderson


In modern politics, rhetoric seems to be the substitute for reality, but at some point reality must break through. The rhetoric about creating 'democracy' in Iraq has been overshadowed by the reality that Iraq today is a pure hellhole of violence, murder, and brutish occupation by U.S. and British forces. Likewise, the fact that President George W. Bush cloaks his speeches in the language of liberty still cannot hide the sad reality that the Bush Administration has done more to erase our liberties than any presidency in the modern age -- including that of Richard Nixon. The rhetoric used to support the welfare state is that of 'creating and sustaining community,' but in reality what it has done is to create and sustain a hellish reservation system that not only encompasses the Native Americans, but also is the major factors in turning inner cities into war zones that completely are bereft of those very things we hold to be nature of real community...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Filling the spin vacuum

Independent Institute
by Ivan Eland


President Bush and Karl Rove realize they are losing the pre-election public relations battle with the Democrats over the war in Iraq. Rove, the president's political ace, didn't think the American people could intellectually process more than three words. So he cleverly tried to define the president's position on the war as 'stay the course' and paint the Democrats as advocating a policy of 'cut and run.' Unfortunately, Iraqis don't follow Washington's rules of spin. In fact, lately they haven't been following many rules at all...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Congresswoman has no-fly list troubles

Miami Herald


A California congresswoman said she was briefly denied access to a United Airlines flight last week because her name appeared on a 'no fly list' set up after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Rep. Loretta Sanchez, a Democrat who has been a critic of the no-fly list, said her staff had booked her a one-way ticket from Boise, Idaho, to Cincinnati through Denver. But they were prevented from printing her boarding pass online and at an airport kiosk...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Nein zur elektronischen Gesundheitskarte

„Das Komitee für Grundrechte und Demokratie startet eine Unterschriftenkampagne gegen die elektronische Gesundheitskarte. Diese soll in den nächsten Monaten in Modellregionen erprobt werden, um danach flächendeckend eingeführt zu werden. Diese neue eGK soll - in Kombination mit einem "Heilberufsausweis" - den Zugriff auf ein Computernetzwerk ermöglichen, in welchem die Daten der BürgerInnen (PatientInnen) zentral gespeichert werden. (…) Die BürgerInnen können mit ihrer Unterschrift vorbeugend erklären, dass sie ihre persönlichen Gesundheitsdaten nicht in einem zentralen Netz speichern lassen werden und die Freiwilligkeit der Speicherung zu ihrem "NEIN!" nutzen werden. Das Grundrechtekomitee sammelt die Unterschriften und wird sie dem Bundesgesundheitsministerium übergeben…“ Die Pressemitteilung vom 31.10.06 http://www.grundrechtekomitee.de/ub_showarticle.php?articleID=214

Aufruf samt Unterschriftenliste (pdf) http://www.grundrechtekomitee.de/files/articles/aufruf-nein.pdf

Aus: LabourNet, 31. Oktober 2006


Bush Moves Toward Martial Law


Informant: Jack Topel

Hospitals:"They're talking about selling space to phone companies to put up masts on the roof"

This article about a Gwent hospital is a bit worrying - it could start a trend since it goes on to say "They're talking about selling space to phone companies to put up masts on the roof." See http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/wales/6098718.stm for the full story.


The main hospital near me has already got numerous masts on top. The only agreement that was reached after months of protest was to move them back from the edge of the building for 'siting and appearance' sake. Perhaps hospitals should be added to the list of BT Exchanges, Colleges and Churches, who seem to have lost all rights as to what is erected on their roof spaces, and deny all responsibility for, well, anything. Or maybe I'm just being an old cynic (although I think not).


When the War Comes Home

Alone and in clusters, collars up to block the rain, thousands of people lined the streets on a gray October day in 2005 to welcome their warriors home. For 13 miles, they rose to wave, a few to salute, as the buses rolled slowly past. More than one tough Marine, homeward bound after a brutal tour in Iraq, shed a tear. When they reached solid ground, still wearing their desert camouflage, the Marines embraced their families and embarked on the most jarring of transitions. They would discover in the following year that seven months in Iraq had changed them more than they could have imagined, guiding and afflicting them in ways they are still struggling to understand.


Alleged Assault by GOP Congressman Caught on Tape

Videotapes from cameras in the parking garage where Congressman Jim Gibbons is alleged to have tried to sexually assault a cocktail waitress are now in the hands of Las Vegas police.


Citizens Instructed They 'May Not Be A Homosexual' and 'Grandfather Must Have Voted' in Order To Vote in 2006


Informant: ranger116

Diebold Continues to Lie About 'Grave National Security Risk' of E-Voting

Diebold Continues to Lie About 'Grave National Security Risk' of E-Voting as Democratic Party Keeps Head in Sand


Informant: ranger116


Glitches cited in early voting


Informant: ranger116

WP: Vote may define Rove's legacy

(Don't let these predictions keep you from voting ! - Every Vote Counts !!) washingtonpost.com Highlights - MSNBC.com http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/15477451/

Informant: ranger116

The White House Scandal


Informant: ranger116

Hunger is a Question of Justice: Women Lack Access to Land and Resources


Bush The Cheerleader


Election Tick-Tock Tension


UK Signs Gore to Sell Climate Case in US


Blair Accused of Trying to 'Privatize' War in Iraq


US Weapons to Iraqis Can't be Accounted for


Why are Republican conservatives calling for an end to One Party GOP Rule?

William Frey, a founder of "Republicans for Humility," explains why he and other conservative Republicans are upset with the direction of the Bush administration and the GOP-controlled Congress.


From Information Clearing House

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. believes the 2004 election was stolen

I believe that any intelligent person who reads the evidence will come to the same conclusion. But one will never be able to prove it to an absolute certainty because the votes were never counted in Ohio as the result of an illegal effort by public officials to derail the recount.


From Information Clearing House


Top accountant says U.S. faces financial ruin

"This is about the future of our country, our kids and grandkids," the comptroller general of the United States warns a packed hall at Austin's historic Driskill Hotel. "We the people have to rise up to make sure things get changed."


From Information Clearing House

Climate change fight 'can't wait'

The UK prime minister urges swift action as a report warns climate change could shrink the global economy by 20%.


From Information Clearing House

£3.68 trillion: the price of failing to act on climate change

Landmark report reveals apocalyptic cost of global warming

From Information Clearing House

African apocalypse: the continent burning into a desert

Nowhere is the effect of global warming more dangerous than in Somalia, where the worst drought in 40 years is affecting the lives of 1.8 million people.


From Information Clearing House

We in Iran don't need this quarrel

The controversy over Iran's peaceful nuclear program has obscured one point in particular: There need not be a crisis. A solution to the situation is possible and eminently within reach.


From Information Clearing House

U.S. Predator drone killed 80 In Pakistan Attack

Despite earlier reports that the missiles had been launched by Pakistani military helicopters, Pakistani intelligence sources now tell ABC News that the missiles were fired from a U.S. Predator drone plane.


No Al-Qaeda and Taliban militants among the 80 dead: Sultan

Director General Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major General Shaukat Sultan has said that local people and foreigners were among the 80 dead in Bajaur agency operation however no Al-Qaeda and Taliban militants were among the dead.


Over 80 people victims of possible extrajudicial execution in Pakistan

Amnesty International is concerned that at least 82 people in a madrassa (religious school) may have been extrajudicially executed in an aerial attack at dawn of 30 October in Bajaur. No attempt appears to have been made to arrest the victims who were described by army spokesman Major-General Shaukat Sultan as some 70 to 80 “militants”


Residents linking U.S. to deadly attack in Pakistan

A day after Pakistan's deadliest attack of the "global war on terror," residents say that U.S. surveillance drones fired at least some of the missiles that killed an estimated 80 people in a religious school near the Afghan border.


Inquiry urged into Pakistan raid

Human Rights Watch has urged Pakistan to allow an independent inquiry into Monday's bombing of an Islamic school in which 80 people were killed.


In pictures: Madrassa air strike

An eyewitness said told the BBC the madrassa school was filled with local students who had resumed studies after the Muslim Eid holidays.


Thousands protest over school airstrike

Thousands of angry tribesmen and Islamists protested today across Pakistan against an airstrike that killed 80 people at a religious school near the Afghan border this week.


From Information Clearing House

Pakistan airs bombed madrasa video

Pakistan has broadcast a government surveillance footage, taken a week before the military raided a madrasa which was believed to have links with al Qaeda.


Weapons of Mass Delusion

Scott Ritter gives his analysis of the real reasons for the invasion and occupation of Iraq.


Iraqi leader critical of U.S. envoy

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki told President Bush that America's ambassador in Baghdad acts like a viceroy instead of a diplomat.


From Information Clearing House


Security firms 'abusing Iraqis'

Private security firms operating in Iraq are committing human rights abuses, a charity has claimed.


From Information Clearing House

U.S. failed to track weapons

The American military has not properly tracked hundreds of thousands of weapons intended for Iraqi security forces and has failed to provide spare parts, maintenance personnel or even repair manuals for most of the weapons given to the Iraqis, a federal report released Sunday has concluded.


From Information Clearing House

A Recipe for the Greater War - The U.S. fear of losing power which it doesn't have

By Abid Ullah Jan

The Bush administration has been fully successful in what it wanted to achieve in Iraq. The country is occupied. Oil resources are under full control. The military threat that Iraq could pose has been fully neutralized. The country is divided. Iraqis are pitted against each other. The civil war is on and the co-opted media still limits its description to fear of a looming civil war.


Dying to Save the G.O.P. Congress

By Frank Rich

The ultimate chutzpah is that Mr. Bush, the man who sold us Saddam’s imminent mushroom clouds and “Mission Accomplished,” is trivializing the chaos in Iraq as propaganda. The enemy’s “sophisticated” strategy, he said in last weekend’s radio address, is to distribute “images of violence” to television networks, Web sites and journalists to “demoralize our country.”


The Dollar's Full-System Meltdown

By Mike Whitney

Everyone in Washington already knew that doomsday was approaching. That’s the way the system was designed from the very beginning. It’s all part of the madcap scheme to “starve the beast” and transfer the nation’s wealth to a handful of western plutocrats.


Battle against Thorpe phone mast begins - New threat from Thorpe phone mast

31 October 2006 09:18

More than a hundred people attended a public meeting to object to plans for a mobile phone mast near homes on the outskirts of Norwich.

People living in Thorpe St Andrew crammed into Dussindale Community Centre on Monday night to voice their concerns over the 22.5 metre mast on land near to the Fitzmaurice Pavilion off Pound Lane.

Telecommunications giant 3, formerly Hutchison 3G, has applied to Broadland District Council for approval for the mast, but families are worried about the potential health risks from living in the shadow of the equipment as well as it ruining the surrounding environment.

The meeting, held by Thorpe St Andrew Parish Council, indicated a total lack of support for the mast with many people claiming it should be placed on a more industrial site rather than near people's gardens.

Michelle Borman, 26, who lives off Pound Lane, said: No one wants this mast here. We have not been consulted fairly over this. It is going to be ugly and will ruin the look of the place. It will affect the sale of homes here and there are possible harmful effects that are not worth thinking about.

“Many of my friends and neighbours have children and grandchildren and many are constantly worried about the risks to their health. Some people are talking about moving away.”

Thorpe St Andrew parish councillors agreed to take the objections, including a petition, to Broadland District Council.

Chairman Dennis Eley said: “These plans are not set in stone. This is not a done deal and we are listening to people's views. We will take these comments to Broadland Council who are dealing with the application.”

The Evening News has fought against the installation of mobile phone masts near homes and schools until it is proved they are safe through our Put Masts on Hold campaign.

Are you battling a mobile phone mast application where you live? Telephone Evening News reporter Peter Walsh on (01603) 772439 or email peter.walsh@archant.co.uk

Copyright © 2006 Archant Regional. All rights reserved.



New threat from Thorpe phone mast

The 120ft mast in Furze Road, Thorpe St Andrew.

01 November 2006 09:45

Families and schoolchildren living in the shadow of a 120ft mast could soon have to contend with even more antennae being added to the tower.

The NTL owned mast in Furze Road, which towers over Thorpe St Andrew, is already covered in more than a dozen mobile phone antennae and is close to St Williams Primary School and a sheltered housing complex.

But in the past few days the St Williams Loke school has been notified by Arqiva Ltd, formerly the broadcast arm of NTL Group, that Vodafone has requested to install additional dish antenna on the tower.

The proposal is part of a plan to “enhance the coverage and the quality of the signal of their existing second generation cellular telephone service for Thorpe St Andrew and the surrounding area”.

But Peter Harwood, a governor at St Williams Primary school, said he would be opposed to any extra antennae being put on the mast. He said: “We've lived here for more than 30 years and it's totally inappropriate for a residential area. In terms of the school I certainly do have concerns with children being exposed to what are unquantified risks - we simply don't know what the long-term health effects of these masts might be.”

Mr Harwood, also a county councillor for Woodside division, said the application would be raised again with the governors who were likely to be opposed to the scheme because it was so near the school and homes.

The Evening News - through our Put Masts on Hold campaign - has fought for years against the installation of mobile phone masts near homes and schools until it is proved safe.

Dr Ian Gibson, a long-time supporter of our campaign, said he was amazed there could be yet more antenna added to the towering St William's Way mast.

“I shouldn't think there's any more room on that mast,” he said. “I didn't know there was a problem (with coverage), but here we go again - their arrogance is boundless. I guess they will get away with it, but the majority of people are against masts on their own doorstep.”

A spokesman for Vodafone said: “This is about improving the robustness of our network, part of a national programme looking at the way base stations link together.” The additional dishes would not “increase the exposure at ground level”.

Last year, the Evening News reported how families in the area were worried about proposals by O2 to put an extra three antennae on the mast. It came just three months after Sir William Stewart, chairman of the National Radiological Protection Board, published an independent report calling for a precautionary approach to masts near homes and schools.

The mast, which has been at the site since the 1950s, is now owned by communications company NTL. It leases space to O2 Orange and T mobile. NTL has said its sites are professionally managed and comply with international safety standards. Families had blamed the structure for causing their loved ones to develop cancers, although the company has denied the allegations.

Are you fighting a mobile phone application near where you live? Call Peter Walsh on 01603 772439 or e-mail peter.walsh@archant.co.uk

Copyright © 2006 Archant Regional. All rights reserved.





Bush: ‘We’ve Never Been Stay The Course’


Karl Rove Announces Plans to Steal Election


"Give Peace A Vote" Pledge

With an election looming, and always seeking to foster more cooperation among activist groups, the Peace Team at http://www.peaceteam.net brings you this message from CodePink, to join in signing their "Give Peace A Vote" Pledge.

http://www.givepeaceavote.org http://www.codepinkalert.org

A CODEPINK Message from Willie Nelson

I was at a concert this weekend in California to raise money for the National Veterans Foundation. I'm an Air Force veteran, and I have great respect for the military. I like to support the soldiers whenever I can. But I don't support this war in Iraq.

I was against the war before it started. I always thought it was a terrible decision, badly thought out, badly planned, and then horribly executed.

I want to see our troops come home right away, and so do most Americans. Unfortunately, too many politicians in both parties refuse to listen.

So when will the troops come home? When we won't put up with it anymore --- when we change our government. And how will we do that? By voting the b... out! On November 7, you should vote for anyone who's against the war and vote against anyone who's for the war. It's that simple.

When I wrote the song "Whatever Happened to Peace on Earth" at Christmastime in 2003, a lot of people were for the war, a lot of people didn't know the facts or the truth. But people are waking up now. They're learning that they were lied to about the war. They're feeling lied to about this Mark Foley scandal in terms of who knew what and when. They're questioning the leadership in this country.

And that gives us new possibilities for November 7th. If we all go out and vote for peace candidates and get our friends to vote, and if our votes are really counted, it's no contest. There'll be a change in the Congress, and then we'll just have to keep building so we can get a president who won't send our soldiers to fight a war based on lies.

We should have thrown the b... out years ago. Let's do it now! Please Give Peace A Vote and sign CODEPINK's petition by clicking on

http://www.givepeaceavote.org http://www.codepinkalert.org

Willie Nelson

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours.

Powered by The People's Email Network Copyright 2006, Patent pending, All rights reserved

A plea for help from the British Channel Island of Jersey

Can any of YOU help Jo, in Jersey, with information?

Jo called the Mast-Sanity helpline and asked for assistance, so All, worldwide please help

Mast Sanity’s Gary says:


Jersey is due to have 200 masts rolled out all over it - it's only 40 sq miles.

The Chief Minister has announced that if he receives concrete evidence of harm caused by masts within the next 2 weeks, he will not allow the rollout.

My caller has been constantly quoted ICNIRP/WHO by the industry and now by the CM, so wants reputable debunking:

End of Quote

This is at stake: Quote: Our (Jersey’s) chief minister of planning has said if we, the people of Jersey, can prove that there are health risks then there will be no more masts.

As we all know the evidence of harm is abundant, So if you are in the possession of scientific evidence that has been validated or replicarted please let me know and I will forward it to Gary at Mast-Sanity.

Jo´s plea for help is here:


Best regards.



Dear Agnes:

Please find attached two articles written by friend and colleague the late Neil Cherry.


Reading these articles wiIl bring the message to Jersey, about the risks from radio frequency radiation (RFR).


Zamir Shalita



The best proof I have found is Doctor Neil Cherry's document on his scientific tests carried out in Schwarzenburg, Switzerland -'EMR reduces Melatonin in Animals and people. The fact that

A) Insomnia is one of the main symptoms found in association with microwave (EMR - Electromagnetic Radiofrequency) emissions and:-

B) The hormone Melatonin should take over from Serotonin (hormone which keeps us awake during the day) in order for us to sleep properly is a strong pointer to the causative effect of EMR in relation to insomnia and disturbed sleep.

This is only a part of his findings, and as the Swiss government then did away with the very important transmitter which had made people ill for years and that now their permitted levels of emissions are hundreds of microwats/Volts per metre (or whatever) lower than the ICNIRP's levels adopted by our 'protective' agency in 2004 (I think?) there is another pointer to the proof that emissions do damage our health! Our permitted levels are amonget, if not the highest in the world.

All the invetigations undertaked by the Radiation Protection Board (NRPB) seem to be laboratory tests, where it is impossible to replicate the terrain; alignment of homes to the mast; differences between individual physiological strengths or weaknesses etcetc. They are ignoring the epidemiological evidence which would be staring them in the face if they bothered to look!

It's all on the web!

Good luck,



Dear Agnes,

I think the article by Neil Cherry "Cell phone radiation poses a serious biological and health risk" http://www.buergerwelle.de/pdf/cell_phone_radiation_poses_a_serious_biological_and_health_risk.pdf can be of some help if the people responible for the environment on Jersey understand English. (Usually they don´t when the question is about mobile phones and microwaves.)

Kind regards

Torbjorn Lindblom


With regard to:

A) "My caller has been constantly quoted ICNIRP/WHO by the industry and now by the CM, so wants reputable debunking"

B) "Experts" from the mobile phone forum say none of the scientific evidence showing adverse health effects has been validated or replicated. I therefore need to find scientific evidence that has been validated or replicarted."

Dear Agnes,

A) It is important to send her Don Maisch's paper about the WHO/ ICNIRP's corruption and to tell her that this is a part of doctorat work (so it is difficult to ignore and refute it, it is a document that can be used in court). It is important to take a strong position, that Nothing the WHO says is related to health in any way as a result of this corruption. So all the quotes about the "WHO's/ICNIRP's strictest standards" don't hold water.

B) It is important that Jo will be careful and not try to play by the rules "they" try to dictate. first, DNA effects are replicated, and apart from the industry's 3G study, all mast studies are in the same direction. But anyway it is important to say that like every drug's study stands on its own, also EMF works stand by their own, and one "failure" to replicate does not cancell other positive result. And to stress that the "failures" to replicate are mostly the industry funded studies so when the industry demands replication it's a double standard.

Best regards

Iris Atzmon.


Gentle Mrs.Agnes,

I think that hoping Jersey, it’s enough to send to the Minister the sentence of HIGH COURT of City PAOLA-ITALY, which says NO to BTS (Base Transmitting Station) of antenna for mobile telephone, according my studies and survey about EMF, which have demonstrate high biological and sanitary damages to people. The original sentence can be found in “google” by clicking “spadanuda and giancarlo” [ http://tinyurl.com/ymp7pw ] in web: http://www.ambientediritto.it ; http://www.lexambiente.it .

Best regards,

Prof. Ing. Dr. Giancarlo

From Mast Sanity/Mast Network


Thank you for this wonderful group of articles. Could you please get this information to Jo in Jersey? This link is Dr. Henry Lai's ( University of Washington) impressive list of studies that confirm disastrous health effects to people living close to cell base stations. Thanks, as I am not sure how to contact Jo directly.





Look at the attachment "effected area".

Judging from that 300 m is not near enough by half. At 300 m you are still in the red zone. At 500 m you are in the yellow zone. So, a mast every 300 m will mean an overlap that makes sure Everyone is in the red zone.

I pinched the graph from (either emf solutionsUK or Powerwatch, I think, this is going back some time) but it was made (I understood) by monitoring from the centre to the edge of the radiation effect) Scary is´nt it.

Best regards.


From Mast Sanity/Mast Network


More help needed for Jersey!

First I want to thank you for your invaluable contribution to help for the Jersey citizens when I wrote to you late last year.

All the material and letters were delivered to the Minister of planning Frank Cohen, in an attempt to influence

His approval of 200 masts on the Island. (Yes I am perfectly aware how much cash that would give to his governments coiffeurs) Our efforts have resulted in that a scrutiny committee has been formed who are to inform themselves of possible health hazard from mobile radiation (the first 26 masts have already been approved, before the committee has a chance of doing anything). But here is a link to the scrutiny committee’s website, and they do also have a notice board there. http://www.scrutiny.gov.je/

Here are contact details:

Scrutiny Office Morier House Halkett Place St Helier JE1 1DD Tel: 441080 Fax: 441077 Email: scrutiny@gov.je

So, can I please ask you all to go to the rescue of the Island of Jersey one more time.

There is a debate on-going, by Jersey citizens, in my Forum about the situation there.


The citizens of Jersey have formed a action group and opened a website.

E-mail: jmmcg @hotmail.co.uk

What I am asking you all to do is: to write objections and send material on health consequences that you consider important to their case, Send to the new scrutiny committee at scrutiny@gov.je with cc. to Jersey Mast Concern jmmcg @hotmail.co.uk in a try to stop Jersey being over-run by mobile masts and their polluting radiation emission, after all Jersey is just a small Island with 90000 citizens and they want to clutter them with 200 extra masts.

I trust you will help this time as well,

Best regards.

Agnes Ingvarsdottir.
Glen lea. Upper Colwall.
Nr. Malvern WR13 6DH Herefordshire. UK
Phone/Fax: 01684 540 138
E-mails: a.ingvarsdottir @agnesingvars.plus.com
agnes @mast-victims.org
Website : http://www.mast-victims.org


Dr. Carlo´s evidence for Jersey mast review

The HIGH COURT of Paola (ITALY) says NO to BTS-Base Transceiver Station for telephone


EMR Reduces Melatonin in Animals and People

Sleep Disturbances in the Vicinity of the Short-Wave Broadcast Transmitter Schwarzenburg - The Schwarzenburg shut-down study

The Scandal of Schwarzenburg


Base Stations, operating within strict national and international Guidelines, do not present a Health Risk?" under:

European countries have lower guidelines
Review of ICNIRP EMF exposure guidelines

The Inadequacy of the ICNIRP Guidelines

Emissions from Cell Sites below International Guidelines

All radiation exposure carries the risk of cancer

ICNIRP Guidelines are not safe

Conflict of Interest and Bias in Health Advisory Committees: A case study of the WHO’s EMF Task Group

Greece: prohibition for mobile telephone masts, radar and high voltage lines to be within 500 meters of any school

EURELECTRIC Report on EMF Exposure Standards Applicable in Europe and Elsewhere http://www.eurelectric.org/Download/Download.aspx?DocumentFileID=22874

Congressional inquiry concerning the corruption in family court & children services

A message from Sheldon

Original Message

My family desperately needs your help! Please read our story and sign the petitions at the bottom of the page to free Geneva & force an investigation into this tragic matter. If you signed this Petition already please forward it to your friends on the care2 network.

Thank you in advance for your prayers and your help.

*The kidnapping of Geneva Johnson*Must Read*

An order of removal was signed to remove my niece Geneva Johnson from the premises of her grandmother Annie Lackey on 2/2/05 base on a lie by an ACS case worker (Angelica Reyes). It was determined that an emergency removal was necessary because the case worker claimed that her grandmother exhibits bizarre behavior; and the absence of furniture in her home with the exception of a dresser and a few chairs.

Supervising Judge Susan Knipps of family court (60 Lafayette st) signed the emergency removal order for Geneva Johnson with insufficient proof and no professional testimony, no legal representation or examination of the alleged victim who was 13 at the time. In fact on 2/3/05 the next day the Judge did not allow Geneva to speak in court, and her Law guardian (Natalie Albert) did not represent Geneva’s best interest in court concerning the innocence of her grandmother. Instead they plotted to place her into a DRC facility and have her mentally evaluated and medicated. The Judge violated Family court act 1028 by directing Ms. Lackey’s newly appointed attorney Ms. Baronoff not to have the 72 hour hearing that she is entitled to get Geneva back home.

In fact no family resource was contacted nor were any services offered as required by the NYS family court act to avoid removal of Geneva or placement into foster care. Ms. Lackey and Geneva are both dedicated Christians of Jehovah witnesses and neither has any history of mental illness, abuse or criminal activity. On 2/17/05 I went to family court with the hopes to get Geneva placed into my care until this tragedy passed over. I was informed by Angelica Reyes and Natalie Albert: “that the only way I can get Geneva placed into my custody is to go thru an ICPC which can take upwards from anywhere to 3 to 6 months and until then she will have to remain in foster care.”

I knew what they were telling me did not make any sense; we’re living in America, and the law cannot possibly be that screwed up, I remembered reasoning to my self. I next challenged the allegations against my mother and asked for an explanation. I was informed that my mother was believed to be mentally ill and my niece was removed for imminent risk to life and health. I immediately asked for their proof to this ridiculous allegation and they replied it was confidential and that I’m not a party to this case (docket no: N-1301/05 NYS family court 60 Lafayette st.).

The Judge informed my mother that she and Geneva will have to see the court psychiatrist to determine her mental status if she wants her granddaughter back. Ms. Lackey never has been to a clinical psychiatrist, thus without professional diagnosis what is the basis for the Judge to account for an assessment? Ms. Lackey will not comply with the Judge’s wishes because it’s obvious that the courts doctors will find an unfavorable diagnosis to support the courts claims especially since the removable was done on very deliberate and questionable grounds. The burden of proof should fall on the accuser not the accused.

On 3/24/05 Elvis Liburd and Robert Griffith of the dept. of social services petitioned the Supreme Court ex parte motion part (index 400985/05) for an order to gain access into Ms. Lackey’s home. They claimed that she was mentally impaired and exhibits psychotic, paranoid, schizophrenic behavior and that she has auditory hallucinations amongst other things. On 3/30/05 Mr. Griffith and 6 NYPD officers and a psychiatrist showed up at Ms. Lackey’s residence in a failed attempt to force my mother into psychiatric care. I immediately went down to confront Mr. Griffith about the fictitious claim he bought against my mother and threatened the dept. of Social Services with a lawsuit. They later dropped their case against my mother (foajm.2645851). I later discovered that I can apply for legal guardianship for Geneva; a right that was deliberately withheld from me by ACS, family court and Geneva’s law guardian.

On 6/13/05 I was denied the right to file for legal guardianship for my niece Geneva by family court clerk Thomas O’Connor who I immediately reported to the inspector general office with no satisfaction till this date in writing. During Geneva’s stay in foster care, ACS has failed to enroll her into school or provide home schooling for her. In fact Geneva has been neglected and abused in most of the foster homes they placed her in; all her cries for help fell upon deaf ears when those crimes were properly reported to ACS officials, her law guardian, and the mayor’s office. I have even written to the Governor’s office, John Mattingly (ACS), the Mayor, various politicians and all law enforcement agencies on her behalf and explained in full detail about the seriousness of the crimes and the abuse that she is suffering each day; nobody did anything.

Geneva grew tired of the educational neglect and the lack of help she was receiving from those who were supposed to be protecting her. It really bothered her that she has been to court more than 18 times and was not allowed to have a voice in court from the Judge even though she is now 14 years old. She was concerned as to why her fact finding hearing did not start as of yet and she grew weary of the psychological conditioning that they were subjecting on her each day. Geneva decided to leave ACS custody after a failed rape attempt at one of their facilities. She returned back to the safety of her family late in the summer of 2005 to escape the many abuses she endured during her tenure in ACS care.

On 12/19/05 ACS workers Sophia Nunez, Michael Navas and 6 officers from NYPD came to Ms. Lackey’s residents and forcibly removed Geneva, painfully handcuffing her in the process while refusing to present or leave the court order they claim they had to justify their actions. Geneva knew she had to get away from this callous agency that did nothing but abuse her and try to force medication on her. She returned home to her Grandmother the next day and went to the hospital for her sore wrist and shortness of breath and filed a complaint against the police officers. A little over a week later on the 28th ACS worker Charles Emanuel along with officers from NYPD Came to Ms. Lackeys home to remove Geneva.

This time Ms. Lackey refuse to open the door until they show their court order, instead they chose to break down the door and swarm into her apartment. P.O. Pitts (shield # 2457) threatened to shoot Ms. Lackey on the spot if she moved and ordered her to shut up and get off the phone. Ms. Lackey refused because she was calling for help. The officers began to push her around and then P.O. Cano (shield # 8153) pulled the phone wire out of the wall then pushed Ms. Lackey who is 64 years old out into her hallway barefoot.

Geneva was in the bathroom taking a bath when this entire ruckus started. She was frozen and very scared and did not want to leave her grandmother. Geneva was ordered out the bathroom by the responding officers and she informed them that she was in the bathtub. Next, under Sgt. Caruso command, a Swat team from the 19th precinct with laser guided weapons and full body armor bust down the door and pulled Geneva NAKED out of the tub in full view of the 20 or more police officer’s and the ACS worker, all who were MEN. The officers then painfully handcuffed Geneva and wrapped some sheets around her out of the linen closets and marched her away barefoot in the dead of winter crying like she’s a savage animal or some crazed killer.

Next, they took her to Metropolitan Hospital where they put her in a straight jacket and injected her with some type of medication while she is still handcuffed with her hands behind her back. Next, they placed her into a psych ward at a DRC facility on 17th street & 2nd avenue, so she can be mentally evaluated. The cowardly, thuggish and terrorizing actions of the police officers were reported to the civilian complaint review board (case # 200515422), Internal Affairs, the Mayors office, the Governors office, Don Mattingly (ACS), Robert Morgenthau-District Attorney, FBI, Rep. Carolyn Maloney and a host of others. Nobody did anything but just let the case die down.

Geneva continued to stand firm and returned home to her grandmother on the 30th of December, 2 days after her tragic ordeal. She wrote letters to the Mayor pleading for help, and got nothing, no satisfaction, not even a reply. On 5/7/06 they came back again and took her upstate and locked her up in some type of mental institution. Why is New York City government protecting ACS and Family Court for the obvious crimes they have committed? How many innocent children and parents are subjected to psychiatric evaluation; and are unnecessarily administered mood- stabilizing drugs as a condition to retain the rights of their children?

ACS and Family court is being run like a plantation. It’s a profit-driven industry, a subtle continuation of institutionalized slavery which violates the 13th amendment against slavery and involuntary servitude. Family court has been used to “legalize” this racketeering scheme to rubber stamp ACS state sponsored child & family abuse/neglect cases, and terrorize & subdue underprivileged mothers and their children; mostly Afro-American and Latino. What do they want with Geneva so badly? She did not commit a crime so why do they treat her so? Why are they not educating her? Is this some type of behavior modification experimentation? Why are these individuals being allowed to operate like a secret cult with total impunity within our government?

Constituents of New York & America, please VOICE your OUTRAGE. Today they are targeting parent’s that are considered underprivileged, tomorrow it may be your kids. Please stand up and make the guilty party accountable for their crimes. This is CHILD ABUSE of the worst kind. Please sign my petition to free Geneva Johnson and force an investigation concerning this matter. There are so many horror stories out there, suggesting that this problem may very well be national. I ask you all to join me, and become ONE voice, let’s ask congress together, to probe into the vast corruption within our children services and family courts, on a national level. Please sign my 2nd petition for this important inquiry. Their strength relies on their concealment from the public, therefore this story is worthy of public scrutiny. My niece is being used as a sacrificial lamb for their sadistic experiments; and she needs your help. Please help make this case public!



The Honorable Susan K. Knipps Supervising Judge
60 Lafayette st. 4th fl N.Y, N.Y 10013 Re: NYS family court case docket no: N-1301/05

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg City Hall New York, N.Y 10007

Commissioner John B. Mattingly Administration for Children Services
150 Williams St. -18th fl. New York, N.Y 10038

Robert M. Morgenthau N.Y. County District Attorneys Office
1 Hogan place, N.Y, N.Y 10013

Honorable Hillary Clinton United States Senate
780 Third Avenue Suite 2601 New york, N.Y. 10017

Governor George E Pataki State Capitol Albany, New York 12224

contact me: realdealoneal(at)hotmail.com




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