Mittwoch, 29. November 2006

Deleting Online Predators Act (DOPA)

Did you know that Congress is about to approve a bill blocking your social networking, blogging or chat room site?

This legislation is called the "Deleting Online Predators Act (DOPA)", but the name of the bill is misleading. If you take a close look at DOPA, you'll find that this legislation actually limits your rights to access and express yourself on the Internet instead of "deleting online predators". But before this legislation becomes law, it needs to get approved by the Senate and, ultimately, signed by President George W. Bush. The HR5319 bill would even ban websites that are used for positive, professional and social experiences.

HR5319 will censor the communication of our generation and tell us who we can talk to, when and how. Tell Congress that social networking is a movement that our generation has built and is something that we are going to fight for.

Visit take action, tell your friends and get creative about finding other positive solutions to Internet Censorship. -- giselle giselleb @

Informant: Scott Munson

We're All Prisoners, Now

Here's something else we need to change asap.

Informant: Scott Munson

October 26, 2006

Forget no-fly lists. If Uncle Sam gets its way, beginning on Jan. 14,
2007, we'll all be on no-fly lists, unless the government gives us permission to leave-or re-enter-the United States.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (HSA) has proposed that all airlines, cruise lines-even fishing boats-be required to obtain clearance for each passenger they propose taking into or out of the United States.

It doesn't matter if you have a U.S. passport-a "travel document" that now, absent a court order to the contrary, gives you a virtually unqualified right to enter or leave the United States, any time you want. When the DHS system comes into effect next January, if the agency says "no" to a clearance request, or doesn't answer the request at all, you won't be permitted to enter-or leave-the United States.

Consider what might happen if you're a U.S. passport holder on assignment in a country like Saudi Arabia. Your visa is about to expire, so you board your flight back to the United States. But wait! You can't get on, because you don't have permission from the HSA. Saudi immigration officials are on hand to escort you to a squalid detention center, where you and others who are now effectively "stateless persons" are detained, potentially indefinitely, until their immigration status is sorted out.

Why might the HSA deny you permission to leave-or enter-the United States? No one knows, because the entire clearance procedure would be an administrative determination made secretly, with no right of appeal. Naturally, the decision would be made without a warrant, without probable cause and without even any particular degree of suspicion. Basically, if the HSA decides it doesn't like you, you're a prisoner-either outside, or inside, the United States, whether or not you hold a U.S. passport.

The U.S. Supreme Court has long recognized there is a constitutional right to travel internationally. Indeed, it has declared that the right to travel is "a virtually unconditional personal right." The United States has also signed treaties guaranteeing "freedom of travel." So if these regulations do go into effect, you can expect a lengthy court battle, both nationally and internationally.

Think this can't happen? Think again¦it's ALREADY happening. Earlier this year, HSA forbade airlines from transporting an 18-year-old a native-born U.S. citizen, back to the United States. The prohibition lasted nearly six months until it was finally lifted a few weeks ago. Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union are two countries in recent history that didn't allow their citizens to travel abroad without permission. If these regulations go into effect, you can add the United States to this list.

For more information on this proposed regulation, see

Community is losing out to companies’ mobile phone masts

Today our neighbourhood woke up to find a massive 15-metre mobile phone mast had been put up by phone company O2 in front of the Five Bells, in East Finchley, despite planning permission being refused by Barnet Council. It dwarfs another phone mast just 50 feet away, while yet another operator is appealing to install a mast 200 yards along the same road, outside two care homes for the elderly. A school for children with special needs is further along the road.

It's an obvious targeting of the East End Road area by the phone companies, who have each application considered in isolation and on its own merits. But it is the community which has to bear the cumulative impact of all these installations, both the visual detraction and health hazards, for years to come.

O2 has erected the Five Bells mast by default, just like it did its one in Chesterfield Road, Barnet (Phone mast protestors block road', November 22), in the confidence that the council would not take it to court after some minor technical error by the council.

The telecommunications corporations have deep pockets and armies of lawyers to fight local residents and cash-strapped councils. It appears the planning process is all a game rigged to make the community the loser.

Gayle Goshorn Pulham Avenue, East Finchley

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'Give us £130k and we won't put up a mast'

Nov 29 2006

By Ben Clover

A PROPERTY firm has offered not to go ahead with a controver-sial mobile phone mast development - as long as residents hand over £130,000.

Protesters in and around Arthur Road, Wimbledon, have gathered a petition and written to their MP protesting at the plan but have been told they must pay up if they want to stop it.

An email received last week from the site owner, Towerstile, read: "It has been suggested Towerstile should forgo the potential income.

"We would be willing to withdraw consent to the mast on receipt of £130,000."

The email to campaign organiser DeNica Fairman continued: "If you and your fellow objectors feel strongly about the issues, I am sure you will have no problem in raising this money.

"I already have a contract for signature and I shall therefore need a very quick response if this offer is of interest.

"Incidentally, I would be interested to know how many of you use your mobile phones in the presence of children and/or in built-up areas."

The mast would be above a cafe in the street which is home to many young families. The height of the proposed mast means no planning permission is necessary.

MP for Wimbledon, Stephen Hammond told The Post: "This company is trying to hold the community to ransom. Just because we have more than 2,000 signatures on our petition doesn't mean we can suddenly go off and raise £130,000.

"I have met with Orange who want to put the mast up and suggested eight alternative sites that would serve the same area."

He said nearly every other property in the street had been approached by Orange, but their owners, most of which were based in the area, refused. Towerstile are based in Horsham, West Sussex.

Ms Fairman said delivering the petition to Parliament last night would not be the end of their campaign.

She warned Towerstile: "People will be getting in touch to say how unhappy they are about this."

The Post approached Towerstile for comment but as we went to press had received no reply.

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European Report Details Flights by CIA Aircraft - Polish, Romanian Facilities Cited

European report details the secret CIA flights to detention facilities in Poland and Romania. Airport directors were offered large sums of cash to land planes from faraway places like Afghanistan.

The Indictment

Elizabeth de la Vega constructs a fictional indictment of the Bush administration based on criminal facts. She writes: "We're here today in the case of United States v. George W. Bush et al. In addition to President Bush, the defendants are Vice President Richard B. Cheney, former National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice - who's now the Secretary of State, of course - Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and former Secretary of State Colin Powell. It's a one-count proposed indictment: Conspiracy to Defraud the United States in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 371."

Anbar Picture Grows Clearer, and Bleaker

The US military is no longer able to defeat a bloody insurgency in western Iraq or counter al-Qaeda's rising popularity there, according to newly disclosed details from a classified Marine Corps intelligence report that set off debate in recent months about the military's mission in Anbar province.

US Still Manipulating Iraq Intelligence

Jason Leopold reports that the Justice Department's Inspector General announced Monday that it will immediately launch a probe into the agency's involvement with the National Security Agency's domestic surveillance program, raising suspicions among Democrats who believe the timing of the investigation is an attempt by the Bush administration to circumvent Congressional hearings into the issue when Democrats assume control of the House in January.

Warmer oceans storing climate change dangers

· Sea temperature rise will intensify global warming · Marine life may be badly hit, warns Lovelock

David Adam, environment correspondent
Wednesday November 29, 2006

The Guardian,,1959556,00.html

Global warming is creating a climate time bomb by storing enormous amounts of heat in the waters of the north Atlantic, UK scientists have discovered.

Marine researchers at Southampton and Plymouth universities have found that the upper 1,500 metres of the ocean from western Europe to the eastern US have warmed by 0.015C in seven years. The capacity of the oceans to store heat means that a water temperature rise of that size is enough to warm the atmosphere above by almost 9C.

Neil Wells, a scientist on the project at the National Oceanographic Centre in Southampton, said: "People might think it doesn't sound like a big temperature rise but it's very significant." The findings were announced in the journal Geophysical Research Letters as James Lovelock, the UK scientist who developed the gaia theory of life on Earth, warned that such ocean warming could stifle marine life and accelerate climate change.

Professor Lovelock said that thermal mixing of water and nutrients shuts down when the upper layer of ocean water reaches about 12C. "That's why the tropical waters are clear blue and the water in the Arctic looks like soup," he said. Such a change would affect marine life, which research suggests could help form clouds over the oceans. Warmer waters would receive less protection from sunlight, which would warm them further.

The Southampton and Plymouth study suggests heat stored in the oceans could be released into the atmosphere in future, tempering efforts to stabilise global temperatures with cuts in manmade greenhouse gas emissions.

The scientists used 200 floats spread across more than 9m square miles of the north Atlantic in 1999 to measure the water's temperature profile accurately for the first time. The floats, part of a worldwide network called Argo, sink to about 2,000 metres and return to the surface every 10 days to transmit their data.

Dr Wells said the floats revealed that Atlantic waters closer to the surface between the UK and the US had warmed much more than the average
0.015C figure.

Speaking before a lecture to the Institution of Chemical Engineers, Prof Lovelock repeated the prediction, made in his recent book The Revenge of Gaia, that global warming will kill billions of people this century. He said the Earth was undergoing a rapid transition that could boost temperatures by 8C, making large parts of the surface uninhabitable and food production impossible. A hotter planet might be able to support less than a tenth of its 6bn population.

"We are not all doomed," he said. "An awful lot of people will die, but I don't see the species dying out."

Scientists say global warming, due to unrestricted carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels, could boost average temperatures by up to 6C by the end of the century, causing famine and violent storms. But they also say that action now to cut greenhouse emissions could stop atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide reaching 450 parts per million - equivalent to a temperature rise of 2C from pre-industrial levels. But Prof Lovelock said temperature rises of up to 8C were built in. "Trying to take the job on of regulating the Earth is as crazy as you can get," he said. "We have to adapt."

Climate change already affecting UK's marine life

Informant: binstock

While Iraq Burns

Bob Herbert writes: "There is something terribly wrong with this juxtaposition of gleeful Americans with fistfuls of dollars storming the department store barricades and the slaughter by the thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians, including old people, children and babies. The war was started by the US, but most Americans feel absolutely no sense of personal responsibility for it."

Vote Disparity a Mystery in Florida Election For Congress

The race for Florida's 13th Congressional District has been surrounded by a contentious mystery: Why were there no votes for Congress recorded from more than 18,000 people who chose candidates in other races? The answer is central not only to the outcome of the election, which for now has been won by Republican Vern Buchanan by a mere 369 votes and is in litigation, but also to the ongoing debates over whether the electronic voting systems in use nationwide can yield reliable tallies and recounts.

Torture, the Geneva Conventions and the School of the Americas

"The reputation and stature of the United States has been incredibly damaged by the torture and abuses on the part of graduates of the School of the Americas over the past thirty years and by torture perpetrated by the US military and the CIA on behalf of the Bush administration," writes Ann Wright. "For the integrity of our country and the moral structure of our military, we, the citizens of the United States, must demand that the new Congress, as one of the first items of business, close the School of the Americas and repeal the torture and criminal free-pass provisions of the Military Commissions Act. We are complicit in the abuses if we do not get the SOA closed and the legalization of torture repealed."

As Iraq Deteriorates, Iraqis Get More Blame

"I'm tired of nit-picking over how we should bully the Iraqis into becoming better citizens of their own country," former CIA Middle East expert Ray Close wrote in an email. "The long-term effect of blaming Iraqis also could be poisonous," said Juan Cole, a University of Michigan specialist in Middle Eastern issues, who predicted that it will "infuriate the Iraqis and worsen further the future relationship of the two countries."

Not Flying While Muslim

William Fisher writes: "The paranoid wing of the blogosphere continues to go ballistic with joy about the six Muslim imams who were removed in handcuffs from a US Airways flight because one passenger thought it was 'suspicious' that they knelt on their prayer rugs and prayed in the airport waiting room before boarding their flight.... US Airways' knee-jerk reaction to the six imams simply adds another layer of mistrust to the deep suspicion that still lingers after the treatment of Muslims following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001."

Spezialfirma ersetzt Mobilfunk-Anlage im Kirchturm Sankt Anna



HNA 17-11-06

Mutprobe in luftiger Höhe

Spezialfirma ersetzt Mobilfunk-Anlage im Kirchturm Sankt Anna

Wolfhagen. Das sorgte gestern für Aufsehen: 55 Meter hoch, bis zur Turmspitze der Kirche Sankt Anna, beförderte ein Kran stundenlang Bauteile nach oben.

Gestern wurde die alte Anlage von E-Plus durch eine modernere ersetzt.

Unter dem Dach der evangelischen Wolfhager Kirche, noch über den Glocken, haben die drei Mobilfunkanbieter Vodafone, T-Mobile und E-Plus seit Jahren ihre Sender installiert.

Damit es in dieser Zeit für die Kunden keine Versorgungslücke gab, hätten in dieser Zeit andere Sender im Umkreis das Stadtgebiet versorgt, so Bernhard Alt, der für den Mobilfunk-Anbieter die Arbeiten überwachte.

Auch die neue Anlage sei von außen nicht zu erkennen: "Die Sender sind alle optisch getarnt", sagt Alt.

Arbeiten im Turm müssen vom Landeskirchenamt genehmigt werden. Auch diesmal hat Pfarrerin Brigitte Engelhardt-Lenz dort das Okay eingeholt. Die Mobilfunkanbieter zahlen an die Wolfhager Kirchengemeinde eine Nutzungsgebühr. "Dieses Geld kommt direkt dem baulichen Erhalt der Sankt Anna zugute", sagt Engehardt-Lenz.


HLV Kommentar:

Über den Fall St. Anna wurde vom HLV bereits ausführlich seit 2004 berichtet.

Das Wichtigste für den „Überwacher“ für E-Plus ist die Tatsache, dass auch die neue Anlage schön versteckt und unsichtbar ist....einfach toll!!!

Die dort lebenden Menschen werden seit Jahren mit gesundheitsgefährdenden Strahlen aus dem Kirchturm bestrahlt! Und die Kirche kassiert dafür Geld!


Kirche und Mobilfunk

Case: El-Masri v. Tenet: A Story We Should All Know


Victim of CIA Kidnapping and Abuse, Seeks Acknowledgement, Explanation and Apology

The ACLU today argued before the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals that its lawsuit on behalf of Khaled El-Masri, a victim of the CIA’s policy of “extraordinary rendition,” should proceed. Earlier this year a federal district court in Alexandria, VA dismissed El-Masri’s lawsuit based on the government's argument that allowing it to proceed would jeopardize state secrets.

From Information Clearing House

We are now aware that we are an empire

Uns ist mittlerweile bewusst, dass wir ein Imperium sind

Ein Blick auf die westliche Doppelmoral der Kriege im Namen der Menschenrechte

Recommendations for Federal Legislation to Ensure the Integrity of our Democracy

Original Content at

November 29, 2006

Recommendations for Federal Legislation to Ensure the Integrity of our Democracy

By Kathy Dopp

These recommendations are the result of detailed discussions with the foremost election integrity experts in the U.S., over a period of several months. They are complex and technical because counting votes is a complex process with many vulnerabilities. Protecting the vote count is not a simple matter.

In the interest of brevity, we have omitted many technical details. Below the list of recommendations are more detailed comments. A list of experts who can provide details and answer questions will be provided.


1. Manual Audits: Require manual audits of machine vote counts sufficiently statistically valid to ensure that electronically-counted election outcomes are correct.

2. Voter Service Reports: Require states to submit timely reports of detailed election data that can be used to measure voter disenfranchisement and voter service levels.

3. Auditable Voting Systems: Provide funds for upgrading voting systems for jurisdictions that have un-auditable voting systems, but fund only "fully-auditable" voting systems where all able-bodied voters can directly record votes on a paper ballot that is voter-verified.

4. Fund Manual Audits and Voter Service Reports: Provide funds for conducting sufficiently statistically valid manual audits of machine vote counts and producing voter service reports in federal elections.

5. Teeth: Provide certain and swift penalties whenever an election jurisdiction fails in a transparency, auditing, or reporting obligation.

6. Public Election Records: Require election officials to make publicly available in original paper and electronic form all election data and records that would reveal fraud or errors in elections or are necessary to verify voter service reports and manual audits, prior to certification of results.

7. Election Monitoring Website: Create a website containing a publicly accessible database for logging and tabulating voters' complaints in elections; and for publicly displaying the reports from the states.

8. Submission of Reports: Require state election officials to submit auditable, audit and voter service reports to the US GAO prior to state certification of election results.

9. Public Disclosure of Voting System Software: Require public disclosure of voting equipment as a condition of any further contracting to enable post-election voting machine integrity verification.

10. Prohibit Certain Network Connections: Outlaw Wide Area Network connections to, and wireless capability in, voting equipment and prohibit voting through any network.

11. Qualifications for Technical Guidelines Development Committee: Require that members of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission's Technical Guidelines Development Committee (TGDC) for voting systems have at least Masters-level academic credentials in a technical field.

12. Public Right to Observe: Require jurisdictions to allow citizens to observe all aspects of elections.

13. Vote Count Audit and Recount Committee: Create a U.S. Vote Count Audit and Recount Committee whose functions include approving state election audit and recount procedures and policies; and setting standards for state auditable, audit, and voter service reports.

14. Repository for Voting System Disclosure: Fund a repository for publicly disclosed voting system software or require "OVC Listed".

15. Prohibit Practices that Disenfranchise Voters: See a specific list in the "Detailed comments" section.

Please print a pdf copy of the proposals to submit to your US Congressional Representative and Senators including "Detailed comments" and a soon-to-be-released list of Experts here:

Authors Website:

Authors Bio: Founder and President of US Count Votes, dba The National Election Data Archive. Volunteer for honest, accurately counted elections since 2003. Masters degree in mathematics with emphasis on computer science. Has written numerous academic and scientific papers with computer scientists, statisticians, and mathematicians on election integrity topics, inluding how to calculate minimum manual audit amounts necessary to ensure election outcome integrity.

Olbermann: Habeus Corpus


Informant: Scott Munson

Nachträgliche Zulassung von Gen-Reis in den USA: „Blanker Zynismus gegenüber den Geschädigten“

Presse-Information vom 29. November 2006

Coordination gegen BAYER-Gefahren

Die Coordination gegen BAYER-Gefahren protestiert gegen die nachträgliche Zulassung der gentechnisch veränderten Reis-Sorte LL 601 in den USA. „So schnell kann aus einem Gen-GAU ein beschleunigtes Zulassungsverfahren werden“, urteilt Jan Pehrke, Vorstandsmitglied des Vereins. Pehrke fordert den BAYER-Konzern auf, alle gentechnisch veränderten Reis-Sorten vom Markt zu nehmen und die betroffenen Bauern, die ihre Ernte nicht mehr verkaufen können, zu entschädigen.

In den USA ist praktisch die gesamte Langkornreis-Ernte mit LL 601 kontaminiert. Die gegen das von BAYER produzierte Herbizid Glufosinat resistente Sorte kam dadurch weltweit in den Handel. Erst nach Bekanntwerden des Skandals im August beantragte BAYER eine Zulassung - nicht, um LL 601 kommerziell anzubieten, sondern um Schadensersatz-Verfahren den Wind aus den Segeln zu nehmen. Jan Pehrke: „Die US-Behörden machen sich zu Handlangern von BAYER. Eine seriöse Sicherheitsprüfung ist in wenigen Monaten nicht durchführbar – ob von herbizidresistentem Reis langfristige Gesundheitsgefahren ausgehen, ist völlig unklar.“

Ende Oktober wurde in Lieferungen aus den USA auch noch die von BAYER hergestellte Genreis-Sorte LL 62 gefunden. Dieser Fund ist von besonderer Brisanz, da der Konzern eine EU-Importzulassung für LL 62 beantragt hat und die Gefahr einer unkontrollierten Ausbreitung stets bestritten hat. In beiden Fällen ist die Ursache der Kontamination unklar. Die Coordination gegen BAYER-Gefahren forderte die EU in den vergangenen zwei Jahren mehrmals auf, keine Importgenehmigung für genmodifizierten Reis von BAYER zu erteilen.

Auch Friedrich Wilhelm Graefe zu Baringdorf, stellvertretender Vorsitzender des Agrarausschusses des EU-Parlaments, kritisiert das Vorgehen von BAYER: „Ein Unternehmen, das sich aus der Verantwortung stiehlt, indem es im Nachhinein eine Vermarktungsgenehmigung für die USA erwirken will, zeigt blanken Zynismus gegenüber den Landwirten, die geschädigt wurden. Der Fall des Gentech Reises zeigt, dass entweder ein gezieltes Interesse vorliegt, den Bäuerinnen und Bauern Gentech-Getreide unterzumischen oder aber, dass die Gentech-Saatgutindustrie nicht in der Lage ist, zu kontrollieren, wo ihre Gen-Konstrukte auftauchen.“

In den Schadensersatz-Prozessen, die hunderte US-Farmer anstrengten, schaltet BAYER bislang auf stur. In einer 30-seitigen Antwort auf die Vorwürfe der Bauern und Bäuerinnen spricht der Konzern von einem „Akt Gottes“ und einer angeblichen „Nachlässigkeit“ der Farmer. „Es ist bedauernswert, dass BAYER, anstatt die Verantwortung zu übernehmen, versucht, den Reisbauern die Schuld zuzuschieben - den Menschen, die am meisten von der Unternehmenspolitik betroffen sind“, so Adam Levitt, Anwalt der Kläger.

Weitere Informationen:

* Brief an europäische Lebensmittelbehörde EFSA: Gen-Reis von Bayer nicht in der EU zulassen!

* Artikel zur Gen-Kontamination von Reis

* Briefing about the food safety and environmental risks of Bayer's GMO rice

* Washington Post: Firm Blames Farmers, 'Act of God' for Rice Contamination

Coordination gegen BAYER-Gefahren
Fon 0211-333 911,
Fax 0211-333 940

Beirat Prof. Dr. Jürgen Rochlitz, Chemiker, ehem. MdB, Burgwald Dr. Sigrid Müller, Pharmakologin, Bremen Prof. Dr. Anton Schneider, Baubiologe, Neubeuern Prof. Jürgen Junginger, Designer, Krefeld Dr. Erika Abczynski, Kinderärztin, Dormagen Eva Bulling-Schröter, MdB, Berlin Dr. Janis Schmelzer, Historiker, Berlin Wolfram Esche, Rechtsanwalt, Köln Dorothee Sölle,Theologin, Hamburg (gest. 2003)

Thousands of Wild Horses To be Rounded up in 2007

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

A message from Gwen

Tuesday, 8:45 PM
From: American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2006 20:07:27 -0800

The Bureau of Land Management has issued its 2007 Round-Up Schedule. Close to 7,000 horse and burros will be captured, further threatening the genetic viability of our wild herds. The absolute minimum estimated cost of these round-ups and annual containment of the captured horses exceeds 15 million of our tax-dollars.

Of immediate concern is the plan to zero out horses and burros from yet more Herd Management Areas (HMAs) in Southern Nevada, leaving less than 100 horses on over 1 million acres. After this latest round, BLM will have zeroed out horses from 6 out of 9 HMAs in the area. A total of 4 HMAs will also have lost their entire burro populations.

Cold Creek near Las Vegas is of particular interest, as it was the site of a mystery helicopter round-up last summer. About 200 horses are feared gone, yet BLM denies any horses were taken. Officials have failed to investigate the matter, despite repeated pleas by concerned residents who witnessed most of this beloved herd being hauled away to an uncertain fate.

Please protest this gross waste of tax-dollars and mismanagement of our natural resources by contacting the following: - Assistant Field Manager Bureau of Land Management Las Vegas Field Office 4701 N. Torrey Pines Drive Las Vegas, NV 89130-2301 Make sure to include your name and signature, and this reference number: 4700 (NV052)

- Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (NV), who should be urged to revise his position on wild horse management in his state. You can email him via this web contact form, or write him at 528 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20510-2803 - fax: 202.224.7327.

- Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne,, Department of the Interior, 1849 C Street, N.W., Washington DC 20240 - fax: 202.208.5048

- Please also alert Nevada to the fact that continued mismanagement of its wild horse herds will hurt tourism in the state. Contact the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority,, 3150 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109 – ph: 702.892.0711; fax: 702.892.2906, and the Nevada Commission on Tourism, 401 North Carson Street, Carson City, NV 89701 – ph: 800.638.2328.

- Our Nevada supporters should also contact their U.S. Representatives to protest this eradication plan (locate your Representative at

On behalf of the horses, thank you for your support,

The AWHPC Team American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

U.S. government supports legal case that would criminalize making any files available on the world wide web

RIAA Legal Ruling Could Shut Down The Internet


Web censorship 'bypass' unveiled

There is growing concern about web censorship

A tool has been created capable of circumventing government censorship of the web, according to researchers.

Informant: Kev Hall


PT. 1:
PT. 2:

Informant: Amy Sasser

From ufpj-news

Controversy over Pentagon's war-spending plan,0,2663211.story?track=tottext

If this request is granted, then war related spending will increase to around $200 billion or more for next year. That could purchase 10,000 new $20 million dollar schools.


More dispatches from how bad things are getting

Meanwhile, On "As The World Burns..."

Bush wants to clamp down on five decades of school desegregation efforts

Leaving Integration Behind

Testimony and a leaked memo suggest "stay the course" is alive and well

Gates, Hadley: More Of The Same

The Incredible Shrinking GOP

by Paul Waldman,

Democrats can gain from the gutting of the Republican moderate wing if they make the right moves.

Bill Moyers: Message To West Point

by Bill Moyers,

Before heading to Iraq, graduates are asked to consider the kind of country they are serving.


Bill Moyers: Message to West Point

"Many of you will be heading for Iraq," said Bill Moyers in his address to West Point. "I have never been a soldier myself, never been tested under fire, never faced hard choices between duty and feeling, or duty and conscience, under deadly circumstances. I will never know if I have the courage to be shot at, or to shoot back, or the discipline to do my duty knowing the people who dispatched me to kill - or be killed - had no idea of the moral abyss into which they were plunging me. I have tried to learn about war from those who know it best: veterans, the real experts."


Informant: C. Clark Kissinger

From ufpj-news



Von der Verpflichtung eines jeden Lehrers, hier tätig zu werden!

Seit der Einführung eines Handynutzungsverbots an allen bayerischen Schulen, wird an unseren Bildungseinrichtungen vermehrt über das Thema Mobilfunk diskutiert. Einerseits geht es dabei zunächst vor allem um die sinnvolle Umsetzung des Handynutzungsverbots, andererseits aber auch um die Problematiken der Handynutzung bzw. der Mobilfunktechniken insgesamt. Vielfach werden dabei durch Unkenntnis, oder gar durch politische Einstellungen verursacht, Fehlinformationen weitergegeben. Es sind sogar schon Fälle bekannt geworden, wo für Umweltschutz, Gesundheits- und Medienerziehung engagierte Lehrerinnen und Lehrer wegen der Thematisierung der gesundheitlichen Auswirkungen der derzeit verwendeten Mobilfunktechnik von ihren Vorgesetzten gemaßregelt wurden. Als Argumentationshilfe darum hier einige entscheidende Belege für das Aufgreifen dieser Thematik im Unterricht:


Antrag der Abgeordneten Kreidl, Steinmaßl CSU

Handy-Gebrauch durch Kinder und Jugendliche: Informationen an den Schulen

„Die Staatsregierung wird aufgefordert, im Sinne eines vorbeugenden Gesundheitsschutzes darauf hinzuwirken, dass an den bayerischen Schulen Kinder und Jugendliche in geeigneter Weise über einen verantwortungsvollen Gebrauch von Mobiltelefonen (Handys) informiert werden. Dabei sollten sie, um die Exposition gegenüber elektromagnetischer Strahlung zu minimieren, angehalten werden, „Dauertelefonate“ mit Handys zu vermeiden sowie nach Möglichkeit Freisprecheinrichtungen zu benutzen.“

2. Artikel 56 Absatz 5 Bayerisches Erziehungs- und Unterrichtsgesetz:

„Im Schulgebäude und auf dem Schulgelände sind Mobilfunktelefone und sonstige digitale Speichermedien, die nicht zu Unterrichtszwecken verwendet werden, auszuschalten. Die unterrichtende oder die außerhalb des Unterrichts Aufsicht führende Lehrkraft kann Ausnahmen gestatten. Bei Zuwiderhandlungen kann ein Mobilfunktelefon oder ein sonstiges digitales Speichermedium vorübergehend einbehalten werden.“

3. Beschluss des Bayerischen Landtags (15. 2. 2001)

„Die Staatsregierung wird aufgefordert, das freiwillige Engagement von Lehrkräften im Bereich der Umwelterziehung im Sinne der Bayern-Agenda 21 zusammen mit bereits bestehenden Kriterien bei der dienstlichen Beurteilung zu werten.“

Weitere Informationen zum Thema Mobilfunk und Schule unter:

Hans Schütz
Füssener Str. 52
86971 Peiting


Handy-Verbot an Schulen

Schule und Mobilfunk

Fragmented Rainforests' Species and Carbon Much Diminished

Federal government launches marketing campaign for psychiatric industry

Informant: Andrea Ball

Please sign for our horses

Judge strikes down Bush on terror groups

Orangeburg Times and Democrat


A federal judge struck down President Bush's authority to designate groups as terrorists, saying his post-Sept. 11 executive order was unconstitutionally vague, according to a ruling released Tuesday. The Humanitarian Law Project had challenged Bush's order, which blocked all the assets of groups or individuals he named as 'specially designated global terrorists' after the 2001 terrorist attacks...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Judge Strikes Bush's Terror List

A federal judge struck down President Bush's authority to designate groups as terrorists, saying his post-September 11 executive order was unconstitutional and vague, according to a ruling released Tuesday.

Sturm auf die Antennen

Kernaussagen gestrichen

Aussagen von Dr. Wetzig, Leiter vom Gesundheitsamt Calw, die so nicht stehen bleiben dürfen

Anbei sende ich Ihnen die Aussagen von Dr. Wetzig, Leiter vom staatlichen Gesundheitsamt Calw.

Wenn jemand zu diesem Vortrag von Dr. Wetzig einen Stellungnahme abgeben möchte bitte an das

Landratsamt Calw
Landrat Hans-Werner Köblitz
Postfach 1263
75363 Calw

Die Aussagen wurden bei einem Vortrag auf der Bürgerversammlung am 16.11.06 zum Thema Mobilfunk in 76332 Bad Herrenalb-Neusatz gemacht. Bei dem Vortrag sollten die Bürger, Gemeinderäte und vor allem unser Bürgermeister Herr Mai aus Bad Herrenalb informiert werden. Bürgermeister Mai hat einen Vertrag für eine Mobilfunkantenne im Wohngebiet auf dem Feuerwehrgerätehaus in Neusatz unterzeichnet.

Nachricht von Frau Keppler-Merkle


Hallo zusammen,

ein kurzer Hinweis:

Herr Dr. Wetzig ist mit seinem Gelaber auf dem Stand von 2002 stehen geblieben, siehe

Er sollte sich besser um seine Gelbfieber-Impfungen kümmern.
(Unter 75365 Calw)

So jemand als Referent zu bestellen ist schon echt lachhaft.

Herzlichen Gruß

Klaus Böckner


Offener Brief an den Landrat von Calw, Hans-Werner Köblitz

The US and all occupying forces are legally and morally responsible for protecting all Iraqi civilians

Informant: Jennifer Van Bergen

From ufpj-news

Global Warming Goes to Court

The New York Times writes: "The Bush administration has been on a six-year campaign to expand its powers, often beyond what the Constitution allows. So it is odd to hear it claim that it lacks the power to slow global warming by limiting the emission of harmful gases. But that is just what it will argue to the Supreme Court tomorrow, in what may be the most important environmental case in many years."

Democrats Win Control of Pennsylvania House After 12 Years in Minority

Democrats won control of the state House of Representatives for the first time in 12 years Tuesday, as Chester County officials settled a pair of hotly contested House races three weeks after the election.

EU Nations "Knew About CIA Jails"

A new report says several EU governments were aware of the CIA's secret detention and transfer of terror suspects. It further accuses governments and top EU officials of failing to cooperate fully with the European parliament's investigation.

Council sites up for rent phone masts welcome


29 November 2006

HARINGEY Council hopes to raise £10,000 a year from allowing mobile phone masts to be placed across the borough.

Bosses could start marketing its land and buildings as prime sites for mobile phone masts in a bid to raise the cash.

The proposals are contained in next year's budget proposals and have been met with anger from residents.

Sarah Purdy, who lives close to Fortismere School, Muswell Hill, has been involved in numerous protests against mobile phone masts.

She said: "It's absolutely appalling. Other councils have banned putting masts on their own land, let alone promoting it.

"What does it mean - that council tenants are going to get fried?"

A council spokeswoman also confirmed that it charges business rates for every phone mast in the borough, regardless of whether it is on council or private land. It can also earn rent for those masts sited on their own land, "in line with Government policy".

She added: "Central government guidance is to encourage public bodies to make sites available for telecommunications installations.

"In visual terms it can be better to place antennae on a roof, such as at River Park House, than have a mast of 50ft to 100ft in height."

Liberal Democrat councillor Matt Davies, of Fortis Green ward, said: "I am concerned that we are actively promoting more mobile phone mast sites when there are so many residents who have concerns about the possible health risks involved."

An updated and comprehensive list of the 125 mobile phone mast locations in Haringey, plus a further 27 locations within 250 metres of the borough border, will be available this week on our web site,

Copyright © 2006 Archant Regional. All rights reserved.

Time to talk on mast plan

A MOBILE phone giant is hoping to erect a mast in the grounds of a cricket club.

Hartlepool Cricket Club, in Park Drive, has been offered a cash sum by T-Mobile to house the telecommunications mast in the form of a flag pole. The company has yet to formally lodge a planning application, but a meeting to discuss the proposal with Hartlepool Borough Council and the club committee has been arranged. The club has so far got no objections to the plan, as the money would allow it to buy an all-weather pitch. However, members would refuse it if a danger to health could be proved. Councillor Pauline Laffey, Conservative representative for the Park ward, is convinced there would be detrimental affects to health. She said: “I object very strongly to the erection of this mast on health grounds, but particularly the health of our children. “Nothing is certain about these masts but many people believe or are convinced that there is a danger to humans. “We have a park nearby and hundreds of homes, and I just don’t think it’s safe.” She added: “It’s our children’s health for sale, that’s what it amounts to.” Bill Shurmer, chairman of Hartlepool Cricket Club, said: “My vision of a mobile phone mast was probably like that of many people, an unattractive hi-tech piece of equipment, that would have absolutely no place in the beautiful Park Drive area. “However, they are proposing a flag pole, which will simply replace the existing one and be sighted at the rear of the club, away from the public areas. “This, we felt, was acceptable from an aesthetic viewpoint and therefore we have, at this stage, allowed them to proceed with a planning application. “The money on offer would be used to create an all-weather practice facility at the ground, which is something that we are urgently in need of. “We have tried to obtain grants and sponsorship, but at this stage we have not been successful and therefore feel that this is an alternative option that we should explore to the full. “I repeat, at this stage no decision has been made and be assured that we will do nothing that the experts consider a danger to health. “Indeed, any decision may be out of our hands, subject to the result of the planning application.” A council spokesman confirmed that planning chiefs have been invited to “enter into pre-application discussions” about the mast. A T-Mobile spokesman said its interest was “due to the demand of services”. A meeting for club members to discuss the issue with experts will be held on Wednesday, December 6, at 6pm, in the club.

29 November 2006

All rights reserved © 2006 Johnston Press Digital Publishing.

Gaia scientist Lovelock predicts planetary wipeout

Informant: NHNE

Gingrich raises alarm at event honoring those who stand up for freedom of speech

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich yesterday said the country will be forced to reexamine freedom of speech to meet the threat of terrorism.

From Information Clearing House


Gingrich Against Free Speech

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann smashes Newt Gingrich
"When you talk about closing down internet sites, who is the one who is going to decide which those are?

It could be the Daily Kos, it could be Citizens For Legitimate Government - if he doesn't like any one of them in particular."

Full Length Version

Informant: Amy Sasser

From ufpj-news

The liberation of the burka-shrouded women

'We are just watching things get worse':

When Britain and America went into Afghanistan in 2001, they claimed that the liberation of the country's burka-shrouded women was one of their top priorities. So did they deliver? Five years on, Natasha Walter visits Kabul - and is shocked by what she discovers.,,1958707,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=1

From Information Clearing House

Only paranoia can justify the world's second biggest military budget

Britain's level of defence spending isn't related to real threats we face, but the needs of our military-industrial complex.

Gesundheitsgefährdung und Ausbeutung in Handy-Fabriken

Nachricht von:
Wolfgang Welzel
Baubiologie und Umweltmesstechnik

"Grüne Gentechnik" eines der gefährlichsten Dinge unserer Zeit

Senators pledge to end war supplementals

"We've been funding this war dishonestly," wrote Sen. Chuck Hagel, R-Neb., in a Sunday op-ed piece.

From Information Clearing House

Anatomy of a Civil War

Ripping away the veil that hides Iraq’s descent into chaos .

Italy completes Iraq pull-out

Italy is to complete the pull-out of its troops from Iraq by the end of this week, Prime Minister Romano Prodi said Monday.

From Information Clearing House

Slaughter in Iraq soon seems to be part of normal life

Iraq is rending itself apart. The signs of collapse are everywhere. In Baghdad, the police often pick up more than 100 tortured and mutilated bodies in a single day. Government ministries make war on each other.

From Information Clearing House

US soldiers kill five girls and child in Iraq

US Marines fought with suspected insurgents in Ramadi, killing six Iraqis - one man and five females, including an infant – the US military said.

From Information Clearing House

Effects of ill-advised CIA plot in Iran still haunts U.S.

By John M. Crisp

Now that Iran looms on our horizon, here's a story that every American should know.

It Could Happen Here

By Gregory Meyerson and Michael Joseph Roberto

Daniel Ellsberg ’s warning that another 9-11 event “or a major war in the Middle East involving a U.S. attack on Iran …will be an equivalent of a Reichstag fire decree,” involving massive detention of both Middle Easterners and critics of the policy, the latter deemed terrorist sympathizers.

9/11 and American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out

David Ray Griffin, Peter Dale Scott, Peter Phillips, Kevin Ryan, Ray McGovern


Editors and contributors to the book, "9/11 and American Empire" assess the Bush administration's responsibility for the attacks on 9/11, arguing that key administration officials either purposefully ignored the threats leading up to the attacks or were complicit in the planning them.

I have never been more ashamed of the US government

By Cindy Sheehan

The villagers who walk the narrow streets of Daechuri, bowed by lifetimes of carrying heavy burdens and children on their backs, are now carrying burdens placed there by American imperial gluttony, and I, as an American, want to help them carry this burden, as many kind people all over the world have tried to help me carry mine.


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

There are millions of Americans who still care about the health of the planet and the rights of other people

Clueless in America

Feeding the Tape Worms of Desire

By Charles Sullivan

There are millions of Americans who still care about the health of the planet and the rights of other people, and they struggle to be heard above the din of excessive commercialism that overwhelms the senses and causes us to behave like caged rats in a laboratory.

We are responsible for what’s happening in Iraq today

"There is no solution."

Writer Nir Rosen on Iraq's Descent Into Chaos

We’ve destroyed Iraq and we’ve destroyed the region, and Americans need to know this. - There was no civil war in Iraq until we got there. And there was no civil war in Iraq, until we took certain steps to pit Sunnis against Shias. And now it is just too late. But, we need to know we are responsible for what’s happening in Iraq today.

This is a must watch. Video and transcript

Bury my heart in the Green Zone

By Pepe Escobar

Everyone is guilty in the ongoing Iraq tragedy. The US-trained new Iraqi army is infiltrated by militias, by death squads and even by al-Qaeda in Iraq. The SCIRI, Da'wa and the Kurds are only worried about their own interests, not the interests of Iraq as a nation. And the US - always hiding under the dubious mantra of "Iraqi democracy" - totally evades its responsibility in provoking the appalling chaos in the first place.

Death On The Streets of Iraq

Warning - This video should only be watch by a mature audience. Click to view

Paying The Price: Killing The Children Of Iraq

A documentary film by John Pilger

Sanctions enforced by the UN on Iraq since the Gulf War have killed more people than the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan in 1945, including over half a million children - many of whom weren't even born when the Gulf War began.

Click to view

Das Signal ist eindeutig: Die Kleinen hängt man, die Großen lässt man laufen

#Die Linkspartei.PDS: Pressemitteilungen

29. November 2006

Zur Einstellung des Mannesmann-Verfahrens erklärt der Bundesgeschäftsführer Dietmar Bartsch:

Es ist ein Skandal: Ohne Skrupel und mit der Begründung, es gäbe kein öffentliches Interesse an einer Fortsetzung des Verfahrens, wurde die Gleichheit vor dem Gesetz ad absurdum geführt. Viktory-Ackermann kann sich freikaufen. Das Signal ist eindeutig: Die Kleinen hängt man, die Großen lässt man laufen. Die Sitten verlottern auch oder vor allem an der Spitze der Gesellschaft. Das führt zu zunehmender Politikverdrossenheit und schadet der Demokratie. Bei Ackermann & Co. ging es um 57 Millionen Euro Prämien, die sich die Manager selbst zugeschanzt hatten - zu Lasten des Unternehmens und nach Gutsherrenart. 3,2 Millionen Euro Strafe sind für Herrn Ackermann Peanuts. Er hat sich freigekauft, gilt fortan als unbescholtener Bürger und kann weiterhin seinen Geschäften nachgehen.

Quarter of a Million People Urge Novartis To Drop Case Against India

Abstimmen über die Worst EU Lobby

Awards 2006 - bis 4. Dezember

Find cell towers in your neghbourhood

----- Original Message -----
From: Maria Rudnick
Sent: Friday, November 24, 2006 9:47 AM
Subject: find cell towers in your neghbourhood

You might have seen this b4. You can put in your address anywhere in the US and they will tell you where all the cell towers are within an 8 mile radius as well as future towers.

Informant: Martin Weatherall

Why Trust Robert Gates on Iraq

Informant: Alan Dicey

Mast goes up after long protest is foiled

TIGHT security was in place as campaigners finally lost their battle to stop a mobile phone mast being erected in a Sheffield suburb.

Residents had fought against the development at the junction of Slayleigh Lane and Hallamshire Road, Fulwood, by operator Hutchinson 3G, trading as 3, for two years ago.

Hundreds of protestors took to the streets in opposition in June 2004, and kept a 24-hour watch to turn back any workmen trying to erect the mast.

Hutchinson suspended proposals to consider alternative sites, but none were found.

Yesterday police and security guards were on watch with fences round the site as workmen put up the mast.

Tom Barker, of Hallam Grange Rise, a member of protest group Sheffield Hallam Against Masts, said: "There were about 15 police officers and eight security guards. Very few residents were about because they turned up at about 9.30am when people had set out for work.

"There was no major protest because we had no advance warning, and only about 15 of us gathered to watch what was going on. It was a complete shock. There was little anyone could do. The mast is an eyesore."

Fulwood Lib Dem councillor John Knight said: "The fact they have done this work very sneakily without warning will only encourage further protests if they try to put any other masts in the area."

Hutchinson 3G said it looked at alternative sites but none were acceptable.

It asked to use the Sheffield NHS build in Old Fulwood Road but the health service refused. A proposal to site the mast at Hallam Grange tennis club, Slayleigh Lane, was refused planning permission.

Brian Spooner, of 3, said: "We have made efforts to help it blend in with the surroundings."

29 November 2006

All rights reserved © 2006 Johnston Press Digital Publishing.

Sea Shepherd Calls for Worldwide Commercial Fishing Ban

Dear Mr President: Thanksgiving Mea Culpas

America's Troubles in Iraq a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

A Fraud Worse than Enron

Dismal Dream for Middle East

Allies Not Waiting for New Strategy to Announce Iraq Withdrawals

Former Prosecutor Imagines Bush's Judgment Day

Carbon Emissions Show Sharp Rise

Bucking White House, NBC Says Iraq in 'Civil War'

EPA OKs Spraying Pesticides over Waters

One year later, president continues to break FISA law on daily basis

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Renewing the faith in the US will be hard

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Our nauseatingly immoral invasion and occupation of Iraq

Rich rulers: a nation of chumps and suckers

Request an immediate Senate Vote on S. 1915: The Ban on Horse Slaughter for Human Consumption

A message from Gwen

Original Message

Request an immediate Senate Vote on S. 1915 - The Ban on Horse Slaughter for Human Consumption

Thank you all! We need as many signatures as we can get in one week!

Marjorie :)

Country Singer Troy Lee Gentry Admits Killing Penned-in Bear

A message from Kim

Original Message from Catman P.


OK Jennie, signed & now forwarding...


Original Message

Please sign my new Petition "Boycott Troy Lee Gentry for Killing Cubby the Black Bear." Most of you have read the unfortunate story of Cubby, the domesticated black bear, who lived in a penned-in 3 acre area next to a wilderness hunting area in MN. Troy Lee Gentry, country singer of the Montgomery Gentry duo, in a pre-arranged "canned" Killing, shot Cubby in his pen, had his head mounted. Please read the whole story on the petition and sign it. I am asking for you to boycott Troy Gentry's concerts and products - let's let him know that people do not approve of dishonorable "canned" killing, nor do we find him a good role model for our children. Rich, successful "stars" often do not understand anything but their fans disapproval of their behavior. A BOYCOTT is a way to get our message across LOUD and CLEAR! Please sign and pass the word around to your friends and friends of friends. Thank you for Cubby's sake! It's the only justice he will get. Even if you like his music, Remember Cubby! Peace, love, and kindness, Jennie B.


A message from Pam

Original Message

For those of you who are outraged by Troy Gentry's recent canned killing of a domesticated bear, here are links to four of the top rated country music stations where you can voice your opinion. The link below them is a radio locator to target any station in the USA. Please forward to all your friends.

KCYY 100.3 FM San Antonio, TX

KAGG 96.1 FM Madisonville, TX

KPLX 99.5 FM Fort Worth, TX

WSM 650 AM Nashville, TN

Radio Locator:

Dialing 9-1-1 May Ruin Your Life


Canadian Mounties smashed down the door of a North Vancouver, British Columbia, woman's home and injured her guest when she accidentally dialed the 9-1-1 emergency number instead of 4-1-1 for telephone information. When Marget Lieder of North Vancouver accidentally dialed 9-1-1, she says she just simply hung up and dialed 4-1-1. What followed was something out of a Stephen King's horror novel.....

Aktions- und Strategiekonferenz gegen Sozial- und Lohnabbau

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

hiermit laden wir Euch zu der bundesweiten

„Aktions- und Strategiekonferenz gegen Sozial- und Lohnabbau“ in Frankfurt am 2. und 3. Dezember 2006 ein.

Unter dem Titel „Wie weiter mit dem Widerstand gegen Sozial- und Lohnabbau?“ wollen wir mit Euch und dem gesamten übrigen Spektrum des Widerstands diskutieren, wie wir zu einem breitestmöglichen Bündnis und zu Aktionen gegen Sozial- und Lohnabbau kommen.

Wir wollen dabei anknüpfen an der bisher breitesten Plattform der Widerstandsbewegung, dem “Frankfurter Appell” und wollen diesen weiterentwickeln - jenseits von ideologischen, organisations- oder parteitaktischen Interessen.

Wir erwarten von der Konferenz gemeinsame Absprachen zu Widerstandsaktionen.

Den Konferenzaufruf und die Details zum Ablauf entnehmt bitte dem beigefügten Flyer.

Wir würden uns sehr freuen, wenn ihr diese Einladung (inkl. Flyer) an Eure Untergliederungen und Einzelmitglieder weiterleiten würdet.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen

Martin Behrsing
(für das „Bündnis dritter Juni“)

Erwerbslosen Forum Deutschland
Martin Behrsing
Schickgasse 3
53117 Bonn
Tel.: 0228 2495594
Fax: 0180 5039000 3946

Stand Against Female Genital Cutting

Petition: "Stand Against Female Genital Cutting"

The male (USA) one is at

Informant: Scott Munson

END Bush's Authorization To Use Military Force



The history of the last four years has proven that the Bush administration cooked intelligence and lied to obtain the original Authorization for Use of Military Force ("AUMF"), which was then immediately abused to launch an unprovoked and unwarranted invasion and indefinite occupation of Iraq. Yet, even as the strategic disaster in Iraq lurches further out of control day by day, the Bush administration is still talking about even more irrational plans to light a bigger powder keg in Iran. As reported by Seymour Hersh, Cheney arrogantly stated just before the elections that even were the Democrats to take back the Congress they would find some way around any legislative restrictions to pursue their insanity option in Iran.

Well we DID take back Congress. And the first thing Congress must do to reassert adult control over the petulant White House is to cancel the 2001 AUMF. Not only was it used to justify preemptive imperialism in Iraq, it has been trotted out incessantly since to excuse the illegal domestic wiretaps, the program of torture and secret detentions in violation of the Geneva convention, and every other manner of defiance of Congress and the federal courts since. It was NOT an authorization to unilaterally violate the Constitution, but it has been taken as such, and accordingly it MUST go.

A simple majority of Congress is all that is required to restore the appropriate and just balance of powers, to at least require the executive to have the express consent of Congress before any ill-advised new military misadventure. Only withdrawing the AUMF can send a message that foreign policy run amok will no longer be the order of the day.

The one click form below will send your personal message to all your government representatives selected below, with the subject "Terminate the Authorization for Use of Military Force." At the same time you can send your personal comments only as a letter to the editor of your nearest local daily newspaper if you like.


Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours.

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