Samstag, 25. November 2006

All Praises to the Pause

"During the pause is the ideal time to listen to stories," says Alice Walker. "There are stories coming to us now from every part of the earth; and they are capable of teaching us things we all used to know.... They tell us that in their society men and women are considered equal but very different. Man, they say, has a destructive nature: it is his job therefore to cut down trees when firewood or canoes are needed. His job also to hunt down and kill animals when there is need for more protein. His job to make war, when that becomes a necessity. The woman’s nature is thought to be nurturing and conserving. Therefore her role is to care for the home and garden, the domesticated animals and the children. She inspires the men. But perhaps her most important duty is to tell the men when to stop."

Whistleblowers Say US Government Ignored Their Warnings

He knew there were problems. He didn't think he was one of them. At the time, Coleen Rowley, the FBI agent who had raised concerns about how the pre-9/11 arrest of al-Qaeda conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui was handled, was being hailed as a national hero. FBI Special Agent Mike German says he had also just received a mass email from FBI Director Robert Mueller, urging other whistleblowers to come forward. "I was assuming he'd protect me," German says. Instead, German says his accusations were ignored, his reputation ruined and his career obliterated.

Gates Advocated Bombing Nicaragua

Robert M. Gates, President Bush's nominee to lead the Pentagon, advocated a bombing campaign against Nicaragua in 1984 in order to "bring down" the leftist government, according to a declassified memo released by a nonprofit research group. In the memo, Gates, who was deputy director of the CIA, argued that the Soviet Union was turning Nicaragua into an armed camp and that the country could become a second Cuba.

Despite a Year of Ire and Angst, Little Has Changed on Wiretaps

For all the sound and fury in the last year, the National Security Agency's wiretapping program continues uninterrupted, with no definitive action by either Congress or the courts on what, if anything, to do about it, and little chance of a breakthrough in the lame-duck Congress.

States Will Tell Supreme Court Feds Must Act on Warming

On Wednesday, a coalition of 12 states, led by California and Massachusetts, will try to persuade the Supreme Court that the nation's environmental regulators have the legal authority and responsibility to control greenhouse gas emissions linked to global warming - which many scientists describe as the biggest environmental threat to the planet.

Work-Life-Balance und Prekariat

Unterdrücktes Schluchzenär

Leben in der Hölle

Der Irak versinkt in Grausamkeit, die die Welt anstecken könnte: tägliche Anschläge, Foltern bis zum Tode, bei lebendigem Leib Verbrennen, ethnische Säuberungen.

Defend the Whales

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A message from Linda

Original Message

This year the Japanese fleet will kill already 1,000 whales off the coast of Antarctica, in what the whalers are calling a "feasibility study" for expanded "research" whaling. The International Whaling Commission (IWC) agreed to a moratorium on commercial whaling that came into effect in 1986. In 1987, Japan began its lethal "research" programme, and continues to sell the result of this "research" in shops and restaurants.

An opinion poll in Japan carried out in June 2006 by the Gallup affiliate, the Nippon Research Centre, showed that 95% of Japanese never or rarely eat whale meat and more than 70 percent of Japanese do NOT support whaling in the Southern Ocean.

Lack of support within Japan is mirrored by widespread condemnation from the world community.

GREENPEACE NEED YOUR HELP The new “Whales Campaign” needs you great idea. You just have to log in the web page: .

Then, we’ll choose the best idea to make it real at the next Greenpeace expedition to the Antarctica (coming soon). The videos and photographs of the whale’s campaign will turn all over the world, trying to get Japanese people more conscious about whaling. We just need your help to generate public discussion about whaling!!!! How to do??

1) Help us design a direct action to save the whales (without alienating the whalers, who are just trying to make a living).We need your help to create an amazing campaign that accomplishes the unexpected – and triggers a positive and productive public debate both in Japan and all over the world. It’s especially important to win the campaign in Japan, where most people are against whaling in Antarctica.Imagine you are designing the direct action:What would you do?Tell us here!Suggest your actions. Post some images or even a small video that tell your friends to look at all the suggestions and vote for the best one.

2) Register.Get on board and be part of the biggest crew Greenpeace has ever sailed with.Sign up now, chose a screen name and an avatar.

3) Post your idea.To create the best and most creative Greenpeace expedition ever we need your ideas and ideas from thousands of people around the world like you. Give your action a name, describe it, and add some images, photos, or a video. (And tell your friends to vote for your idea).

4) Surf, comment and vote on all the ideas.“Defend the whales” is a world-wide community of environmental activists. Join it. Rate the action ideas. Tell us how to make them better. IMPORTANT TIPSWe don't want to blame the Japanese people for whaling. Remember these facts:-77% of the Japanese population does not support whaling in Antarctica,-61% haven't eaten whale meat since childhood, and-ONLY 1% eat whale meat more than once a month ... and-Japan has more than 4.800 tones of FROZEN whale meat in storage.We need the whole world to stand up for the whales and against the Japanese government's policy of killing them.Our campaign goal is to win back a majority of votes at the International Whaling Commission meeting next May 2007 in Alaska, and clearly show the world that most countries are working for whale species recovery and conservation.

*manatee*2 THANKS A LOT !!!!!!!

SPD entdeckt Sozialstaat neu

#Die Linkspartei.PDS: Pressemitteilungen

25. November 2006

Zum SPD-Papier über den "vorsorgenden Sozialstaat" erklärt der Bundesgeschäftsführer der Linkspartei.PDS Dietmar Bartsch:

Mit seiner Agenda 2010 hatte der Ex-Kanzler Gerhard Schröder starke Einschnitte in das soziale Netz vorgenommen. Jetzt entdeckt die SPD in ihrer Programmdiskussion den Sozialstaat wieder neu. Der zukünftige Sozialstaat soll vorsorgend sein. Dem kann man nur zustimmen. Es ist immer besser, wenn es erst gar nicht erst zu sozialen Notlagen kommt. Selbstverständlich hat der Sozialstaat die Aufgabe, nicht nur Fehlentwicklungen auszugleichen und den Schwächsten zu helfen. Dass er auch die Aufgabe hat, die Gesellschaft zu gestalten, war schon immer die Auffassung der Linkspartei. Die SPD meint jetzt, dass der Sozialstaat erfolgreich sei. Der Sozialstaat gewährleiste den Zusammenhalt, der unsere Gesellschaft stark mache. Wenn das so ist, dann stellt sich die Frage, warum die SPD eine treibende Kraft war, ihn abzubauen. Wer Hartz IV verteidigt, ist hier unglaubwürdig. Was die SPD in der Vergangenheit getan hat, war nicht Umbau, sondern Abbau des Sozialstaats. Wenn die SPD jetzt einen grundlegenden Richtungswechsel vornehmen würde, wäre das nur zu begrüßen. Die Linkspartei geht davon aus, dass Vorsorge durch mehr und bessere Bildung, durch eine solidarische Gestaltung und Finanzierung des Sozialstaats und mehr Gerechtigkeit in ihren verschiedenen Dimensionen eine richtige Antwort auf die neuen Herausforderungen ist. Allerdings wissen wir, dass es in einer kapitalistischen Ökonomie, in der das internationale Finanzkapital dominiert, eine Illusion ist, alles durch Vorsorge ausgleichen zu können. Deshalb darf es unter der Losung vom "vorbeugenden Sozialstaat" nicht dazu kommen, dass Sozialleistungen weiter gekürzt werden.

A Senate Mystery Keeps Torture Alive and Its Practitioners Free

Jeff Stein writes: "With all the lawsuits over kidnapping and torture marching toward the Bush administration, you might think the top officials running the global war on terror would be worried ... Alas, no. Thanks to the legerdemain of Bush administration lawyers, a provision quietly tucked into the Military Commissions Act just before it was passed by Congress and signed into law by President Bush on October 17, would ease any worries they might’ve had. It not only redefines torture upward, removing the harshest, most controversial techniques from the definition of war crimes, it also exempts the perpetrators - interrogators and their bosses - from punishment all the way back to November. 1997."

Dems Want Oversight on Pentagon Anti-War Protest Database

A year ago, an NBC News investigation revealed the existence of a secret Pentagon database that included information on antiwar protests and American peace activists. Now, newly disclosed documents reveal new details on who was targeted and which other government agencies may have helped monitor Americans. "I fully intend to ask what's in those databanks, because many of them go way beyond any legitimate needs for our security," says Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy.

After 15 Months, Katrina Victims Spend Thanksgiving in Trailers

Nearly 15 months after the hurricane struck, the number of Katrina victims who will be spending Thanksgiving in FEMA trailers this year will paradoxically be far higher - roughly three times greater - than it was last year. The reason: Many people who were living with family members or staying in hotels at government expense last year have since moved out or been evicted. But they have been unable to return to their homes because they are still waiting for their houses to be repaired, their insurance to come through, or the water and electricity to be turned back on.

Bush Visit Threatens to Fracture Iraqi Government

As the death toll from a series of devastating car bombs in a Shiite district here rose today to more than 200, a powerful legislative bloc loyal to firebrand Shiite cleric Moktada al-Sadr threatened to withdraw from the government if Iraq’s prime minister attends a scheduled meeting with President Bush in Jordan next week.

Next-up News n°132

Bosses to face bribe raps

An inquiry into alleged multi-million dollar bribes paid to export wheat to former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein is set to recommend criminal charges against several senior executives.

From Information Clearing House

Marine deployed despite request for conscientious objector discharge

A Marine from New Jersey was deployed to Iraq this month despite being recommended for a military discharge by a hearing officer who agreed that the man should receive conscientious objector status.

From Information Clearing House

U.S. is ranked 17th in level of democracy

Sweden is the most democratic country, according to the research, with 9.88 average score. Ireland, 9.71 points, the Netherlands, 9.66, and Norway, 9.55 follow the Scandinavian kingdom. The US is ranked 17th while Japan is 20th and the United Kingdom 23rd.

From Information Clearing House

US involved for longer time in Iraq than in World War II

The US involvement in Iraq will pass another sad milestone on Sunday, when it overtakes the length of America's engagement in World War II.

From Information Clearing House

Iraqi coalition on brink of collapse as country descends towards civil war

The prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, was forced to choose between his US protectors and an essential pillar of his coalition, when Moqtada al-Sadr declared his intention to walk out, potentially bringing down the government, if Mr Maliki went ahead with a meeting with President George Bush in Jordan next week.,,1956567,00.html

From Information Clearing House

Iraq Quickly Heading Toward Full-Scale Civil War

Revenge-seeking Shiite militiamen seized six Sunnis as they left Friday prayers, drenched them with kerosene and burned them alive, and Iraqi soldiers did nothing to stop the attack, police and witnesses said. The fiery slayings in the mainly Sunni neighborhood of Hurriyah were a dramatic escalation of the brutality coursing through the Iraqi capital, coming a day after suspected Sunni insurgents killed 215 people in Baghdad's main Shiite district with a combination of bombs and mortars. The attacks culminated Baghdad's deadliest week of sectarian fighting since the war began more than three years ago.

Economic Empire building: The Centrality of Corruption

By James Petras

Globalization, so-called, is a euphemism for the increasing importance of competing empires intent on redividing the world. Corrupting overseas rulers is central to securing privileged access to lucrative resources, markets and enterprises.

George Bush and Tony Blair are not Christians

Each of the Iraqi children killed by the United States was our child, each of the prisoners tortured in Abu Ghraib was our comrade

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Each of the Iraqi children killed by the United States was our child. Each of the prisoners tortured in Abu Ghraib was our comrade. Each of their screams was ours. When they were humiliated, we were humiliated. The U.S. soldiers fighting in Iraq - mostly volunteers in a poverty draft from small towns and poor urban neighborhoods - are victims just as much as the Iraqis of the same horrendous process, which asks them to die for a victory that will never be theirs: Arundhati Roy - Source: Arundhati Roy, "Tide? Or Ivory Snow? Public Power in the Age of Empire," 8/24/04

There is no God behind this war other than the god of money

The powerful have invoked God at their side in this war, so that we will accept their power and our weakness as something that has been established by divine plan. But there is no god behind this war other than the god of money, nor any right other than the desire for death and destruction. Today there is a "NO" which shall weaken the powerful and strengthen the weak: the "NO" to war: Subcomandante Marcos - Source: No to war, 2/16/03

From Information Clearing House

The Democrats and the Slaughterhouse

Head for the Exits, Now!

By Alexander Cockburn

Imagine a steer in the stockyards hollering to his fellows, "We need a phased withdrawal from the slaughterhouse, starting in four to six months.

Humiliation As A Weapon Of War


U.S. Occupation Forces Bring Clean Water to The Children Of Iraq.

Click to view

The US Empire –Beginning of the End Game

By K Gajendra Singh

"We are the leading nation, the most moral, born with the redemptive mission to create what the Puritan preacher Jonathan Winthrop called the 'City on the Hill', the democracy 'of the people and by the people' that originated the modern world with our repudiation of monarchy and inherited privilege.

The Power and the Glory

Myths of American exceptionalism

By Howard Zinn

The notion of American exceptionalism—that the United States alone has the right, whether by divine sanction or moral obligation, to bring civilization, or democracy, or liberty to the rest of the world, by violence if necessary—is not new. It started as early as 1630 in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

The Current Crisis in the Middle East


Our Shameless Unseen War & Occupation Of Iraq

A mosque employee prepares the body of Lamiamh Ali, 6. Four siblings were playing outside their home in Baghdad when a U.S. cluster bomb exploded. Two of the children died that day and their brother died later as a result of his injuries.

US hawk judges ‘war on terror’ a mistake

Fred Iklé, a Nixon-era arms control veteran and mentor to the current generation of nuclear “hawks”, has an apocalyptic vision of the future.

From Information Clearing House

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Jeder dritte Jugendliche sah schon Gewalt oder Porno auf Handy

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impf-report Newsletter Nr. 41/2006


Informant: NHNE

US harasses companies doing business in Iran, Sudan, and Syria

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Sacramento anti-war leader accuses federal government of withholding surveillance information of his group

Informant: Steven L. Robinson

From ufpj-news

I Was Wrong To Support the Invasion

Informant: Lew Rockwell

Should Christians support the government-enforced, involuntary slavery of human beings?


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