Dienstag, 21. November 2006

Preserve the Heart of the Boreal Forest

For thousands of years, the Poplar River First Nation has relied on the trees, plants and wildlife of its traditional lands in the Canadian boreal forest for food, medicine and the survival of its cultural beliefs and traditions. Today, though, proposals for industrial development loom over this stretch of rugged granite cliffs, dense evergreen woods and tranquil marshlands on the eastern shore of Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba.

The Poplar River First Nation completed a land use plan in 2005 and formally asked for permanent protection of its territory last March. Yet despite repeated promises to protect Poplar River's lands -- an area nominated as a U.N. World Heritage site -- Manitoba officials have failed to act.

Demand that Manitoba's premier act immediately to protect this irreplaceable old-growth forest.

Petition the Prime Minister to acknowledge the many peer reviewed studies that show adverse health effects from exposure to microwave radiation


We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to acknowledge the many peer reviewed studies that show adverse health effects from exposure to microwave radiation from mobile phone handsets, base stations (masts) and wireless technology (WiFi, WIMAX, Tetra, DECT phones, etc.) through mechanisms independent of heating, and at levels much lower than currently considered safe by the government, and that there is no research or evidence which has proved their short or long term safety. We further call on the government to put safeguards in place, that acknowledge this evidence, to ensure that no person will be harmed due to exposure to this radiation, and to remove all mobile phone base stations (masts) that are within 500 metres of schools, homes and hospitals until these safeguards are in place.

Submitted by Simon Densley of Mast Sanity – Deadline to sign up by: 21 November 2007

Tell eBay to Stop Allowing the Sale of Dog Fur, Live Dogs and Cats, in China

Dogs and cats in China need your help. Stricter rules need to be put in place to protect them, and this is particularly true in the case of major companies, such as eBay, that are in a position to make a significant difference in the lives of these animals. Although eBay knows that cats and dogs have no laws protecting them in China, the company still allows people in China to sell animals through its Web site, though this is not allowed in any other country! Not only is eBay allowing the unregulated transport of animals, the company is also allowing anyone to buy cats and dogs, regardless of what they intend to do with the animals. In addition to the obvious risks of allowing cats and dogs to be sold over the Internet as if they were mere objects, the fear and suffering that animals go through in transport can be horrific.

Even in China, animal welfare groups have spoken out against eBay's practice. As you are someone who cares about the plight of dogs and cats in China, we knew that you would want to be alerted to eBay's callous attitude toward animals. Please take a moment to join PETA in demanding that eBay stop allowing the sale of live dogs and cats in China.

Click here to write to eBay and ask that the company enact a policy against allowing animals to be bought and sold over the Internet in China, where there are no laws in place to protect these animals from abuse.

Thank you again for your efforts to help animals around the world!



Talon program has been monitoring antiwar activity


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news


Climate: A Matter for Economists

Stephane Foucart argues that economists' attention to global warming can only have a salutary impact on discussions of the issue, as economic calculations make the dislocations associated with global warming tangible and real to those politicians who seem to have so much difficulty imagining their scope.


FBI Ordered to Disclose Details of 9/11 bin Laden Family Evacuation

Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, announced today that Judge Richard W. Roberts of the US District Court for the District of Columbia has ordered the FBI to submit "proper disclosures" to the court and Judicial Watch by December 15, 2006, concerning the US government's evacuation of Saudi royals and members of the bin Laden family from the United States immediately following the 9/11 terrorist attacks.


Janet Reno Files Challenge to Terror Law

Former attorney general Janet Reno and seven other former Justice Department officials filed court papers Monday arguing that the Bush administration is setting a dangerous precedent by trying a suspected terrorist outside the court system.



CACI: Torture in Iraq, Intimidation at Home

Joshua Holland writes, "Dogged by serious allegations of human rights abuses in Iraq, a leading profiteer from the Iraq war engages in intimidation campaigns against journalists in America who seek to expose its practices."


Spinning Science: Bush has systematically manipulated science to comply with ideology

William Fisher writes: "More than a decade ago, former president George H.W. Bush stated that 'now more than ever, on issues ranging from climate change to AIDS research ... government relies on the impartial perspective of science for guidance.' The problem is he never told his son. We know from a multi-year series of findings that the administration of President George W. Bush has systematically manipulated science to comply with ideology - and satisfy the political agenda of his right-wing base."


Wissenschaftler fordern ein Ende beim grausamen jährlichen Abschlachten von Zehntausenden von Delfinen und kleinen Walen in Japan

"Das ist ein Teil unserer Kultur"

Freedom's just another word for nothing left to hide


From Our bill of rights


Hersh reports attack on Iran still on Bush administration agenda


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news


Jäger zielt auf Tierschützer und überlässt angeschossenen Hasen langem Todeskampf


Burberry: Wo die Tiere Opfer der Mode sind


Mobile phone mast plans thrown out

OPPONENTS of a mobile phone mast were celebrating today after the city council threw out the controversial application.

When mobile giant O2 submitted plans for a 12.5m tower in Stanground, Peterborough, it was met by a furious response from residents.

They presented a 300-name petition to the council and put pen to paper to write dozens of letters.

Now council planners have turned down O2's plans to build the mast near Havelock Farm, off Whittlesey Road – even though local authorities are encouraged to grant permission for masts smaller than 15m.

Councils tend to approve such plans in case the authority incurs costs if the mobile phone company wins an appeal.

Houghton Avenue resident Phil Gaunt, who lives 50m from the proposed site, said it was a victory for people power.

He said: "We believe it was refused because, as a community, we pulled together, wrote letters and collected a petition.

"It showed the council that we did not want the mast here, and it has sat up and taken note. We made such a fuss that it had no choice."

The application was turned down on the grounds that it would create an eyesore.

After turning down the proposal, the council sent a letter to the petitioners, which read: "The telecommunication column, due to its siting, height and relationship with the surrounding area, would result in an unacceptable visual impact, which is not in keeping with the character or appearance of the area."

But Mr Gaunt believes that residents would not have won their battle if it had not been for a website set up by people living in Park Farm, Stanground.

Mr Gaunt advertises the website by a yellow banner across his house.

He said: "The website is a way of telling people what is going on in the community, and the banner advertises the website.

"I believe that if it were not for the website, we would not have had the same response to the mast, meaning it might not have been turned down."

However, the council is insisting that Mr Gaunt take the banner down.

A council spokesman said an application for the banner was rejected on November 15 on the grounds that it was damaging to the "visual amenity and highway safety" of the area.

He added that Mr Gaunt had a right of appeal to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government.

Last month The ET revealed that 255 mobile phone mast sites had been earmarked across the city since 1992.

More have sprung up in recent years after mobile phone ownership in the UK rose to 65 million.

21 November 2006

All rights reserved © 2006 Johnston Press Digital Publishing.


Health fears over plans for phone masts in your home


Controversial plans to install mini mobile phone masts in homes and offices in return for cheap phone calls were unveiled by O2 today.

The phone network hopes to use the masts, called picocells, to allow customers to make calls over the internet using their mobile phone.

Mobile calls made within range of the customer's mast will be converted into internet calls and sent via a broadband connection, allowing a saving on mobile bills.

"We can put the (mobile phone mast) radio into the home or office," said Dave Williams, chief technology officer for Telefonica-O2 Europe. Critics say the plans will simply add to the health risk surrounding mobile phone masts.

However, an O2 spokesman said: "The picocell will work at a lower power than normal base stations.

"There is no scientific evidence linking mobile phones with health problems and we will continue to fund independent research into this area."

The Health Protection Agency has previously advised that the radiation exposure from picocells was safe but advised caution on the question of all mobile phone masts.

It also called for more research into the area.

The agency's report said exposures in proximity to picocells have been found to be well within safe levels for the public.

However, it also called for tough new rules to be brought in governing the mini-masts.

"There is a need for clarity in terms of legal responsibilities and regulations in relation to the installation of microcells and picocells and the availability of information about their deployment," it said.

But Karen Barrett of the campaign group Mast Sanity said: "People should not buy these picocells.

"Even if on their own they do not pose a problem, having one in every living room and office means all the radiation adds up.

"People already have wi-fi connections in their homes - this is just making the problems worse."

O2 has already revealed a prototype picocell box that combines a domestic broadband internet router and a GSM mobile phone base station which O2 said could cost less than £70 when it goes on sale next year.

O2 is looking for customers to take part in trials.

Rival firms require customers to buy a separate internet phone which uses wi-fi signals to communicate with their wireless broadband network.

Experts say the fact the system does not require customers to buy a new phone could see it succeed.

"Users feel comfortable using their existing mobile phones, so using those could be the sweet, simple solution right under our noses without any of the complexity of having a wireless network," said Richard Webb, an analyst at Infonetics Research.

© 2006 Associated Newspapers Ltd



Health fears over plans for phone masts in your home

The article in last night's evening standard contains a quote from an unnamed O2 spokesman:

"There is no scientific evidence linking mobile phones with health problems and we will continue to fund independent research into this area."

This is plainly inaccurate, and grossly misleading. He might have said there's no 'credible' evidence (which would then be his opinion). But to say there's no evidence is provably false.*

Does anyone know if there's any legal implication of publishing a misleading statement such as this? Is it worth trying to get a retraction or a correction - i.e. get them to admit there is evidence, even if they don't believe it?


Also in Daily Mail where you can comment. They appear not to have added my rant!


John Elliott

You might be interested in this potential new threat.

I think they mean us when they say "Campaigners Against Stuff"


"O2 trial could see a picocell in every home Evening Standard:O2 wants to microwave our kids

O2 is to trial picocell technology which, in theory, could see every Be customer doubling up as a VoIP access point from the comfort of their own home.

The concept is pretty simple: a tiny cell site is placed in the customer’s home, similar in size to a Wi-Fi access point, which allows nearby GSM handsets to connect and then routes their phone calls over the broadband connection. Some form of restitution for the customer would be provided, perhaps a cut of call cost or credit on their account, but the details are a long way from being settled.

The model has been proposed from time to time using Wi-Fi for the wireless connection, but enabling normal GSM handsets to use the connections will make a lot more sense and O2 reckon they can get the hardware costs down to below 70 quid.

Picocells are tiny GSM transceivers which are normally used to provide coverage in buildings such as shopping centres, and other blank spots in the network. They operate on very low power; to reduce interference with the main transmitter network.

What has send the Evening Standard into it’s tizzy is the old chestnut of the health implications: the fact that it isn’t possible to prove that mobile phones don’t give you cancer obviously means that they do, and while our bodies are awash with radio signals the thought of adding any more – and in our own homes - has brought out the traditional Campaigners Against Stuff with their warnings of dire trouble ahead.

Quite how O2 will guarantee quality of service, share the revenue or ensure seamless cell handover from VoIP to circuit-switched connections all remain to be resolved: which is what the trials are for."



From Mast Sanity/Mast Network



Repealing the Military Commissions Act is an imperative for future generations of Americans

Undo The Military Commissions Act


Repeal the Military Commissions Act

Rational Review
by George Phillies


American law and tradition make clear: The accused are entitled to speedy trials before a jury. The accused may not be tortured until they confess. Evidence obtained through torture is not admissible. The accused has the right to cross-examination of the witnesses against him. Older readers will recall the days before Miranda, when prisoners in American jails were likely to be abused until they confessed, especially if they were dark of skin or spoke with an accent. Fortunately, the Supreme Court brought those days to an end. The Military Commissions Act turns all American law and tradition on its head. The Military Commissions Act is un-American to its core. It should be repealed immediately...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Defying voters and the realities on the ground, die-hards push for more troops in Iraq

Going Long In Iraq

There is so much the new Congress can do to help fix the economy for ordinary Americans

The Opportunity Mandate

Documents Show More Pentagon Spying on Peace Activists

Ben Wizner, a lawyer for the ACLU in New York, said the new documents suggested that the military’s efforts to glean intelligence on protesters went beyond what was previously known. If intelligence officials "are going to be doing investigations or monitoring in a place where people gather to worship or to study, they should have a pretty clear indication that a crime has occurred," Mr. Wizner added.



Sign the Online Petition

Looking for Cheney

The American Prospect
by Robert Kuttner


In the 10 days since President Bush fired Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, one figure is eerily missing from public view and public accounts of what occurred: Vice President Dick Cheney. As usual, America's de facto prime minister is either literally or metaphorically in an undisclosed location. With Rumsfeld, Cheney was responsible for the 180-degree reversal in Bush's professed foreign policy -- remember, Bush was the candidate who didn't believe in getting U.S. troops involved in 'nation-building.' As much as Rumsfeld, Cheney was architect of both the Iraq war and the deeper doctrine behind the war -- neo conservative assertion of America's unilateral military might. Cheney, along with Rumsfeld, signed the 1997 manifesto of the so-called Project for a New American Century, calling for the United States to police the world in the name of democracy...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Senator McCain: When and why did you sell your soul?

Strike the Root
by Doug Herman


Senator McCain, you and I are about the same age. We both served during the Vietnam War. We both have been Arizonans for many years. Do you really serve the best interests of the American people by requesting more troops and many more billions for the war in Iraq? I wonder how a foreign war based on lies can suddenly become more truthful by escalation...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Virtuelle Debatte statt realer Ursachensuche

#Die Linkspartei.PDS: Pressemitteilungen

21. November 2006

Gestern hat an einer Realschule in Emsdetten ein Amoklauf eines 18jährigen ehemaligen Schülers stattgefunden. Heute beginnt die Neuauflage der Debatte um ein Verbot von so genannten Killerspielen. Dazu erklärt die stellvertretende Vorsitzende Katja Kipping:

Jeder geplante, durchgeführte oder verhinderte Amoklauf macht betroffen. Zu allererst gilt auch mein Mitgefühl den Angehörigen, Traumatisierten und Verletzten. Zeitgleich reagieren Politiker und Medien nach einem immer wiederkehrenden Verhaltensmuster, ohne ernsthaft über die eigentlichen Ursachen nachzudenken. Nicht die brutalen PC-Spiele, über deren Wert und (Un-)Sinn sich sicherlich vortrefflich streiten lässt, sind Ursache für das menschenverachtende Verhalten eines Bastian B. In seinem Abschiedbrief wird deutlich, dass er selbst seine soziale Situation als Ursache sieht: Leistungsdruck, soziale Auslese, Markenwahn, Wertigkeit nach Größe des Geldbeutels, Zukunftsangst, Ausweglosigkeit ... All das darf kein Grund sein, zur Waffe zu greifen. Wer jetzt aber die virtuelle Computerspielwelt als Feindbild ausmacht und lauthals nach Verboten ruft, verzichtet auf ernsthafte Ursachensuche und versucht, den wahren Zustand dieser Gesellschaft zu ignorieren und sich an den realen Problemen junger Menschen vorbeizumogeln. Abhilfe schafft da sicher kein Verbot von Computerspielen, sondern nur Aufklärung. Wichtiger ist aber ein soziales, gerechtes Miteinander, das niemanden an den Rand der Gesellschaft drängt, ausgrenzt und ins soziale Aus stößt.


Congressman Frank Offers Business a "Grand Bargain"

Representative Barney Frank has proposed in a series of meetings with business groups a "grand bargain" with corporate America: Democrats would agree to reduce regulations and support free trade deals in exchange for businesses agreeing to greater wage increases and job benefits for workers. Frank, the Newton Democrat who is in line to chair the House Financial Services Committee, has struck a conciliatory posture with financial-industry leaders in recent years. But since the morning after Election Day, he has moved quickly to lay out an ambitious plan to try to end the political stalemate between Republicans and Democrats on broad economic issues.


Hemophilia Drug Used on GIs Labeled Risk

A blood-coagulating drug designed to treat rare forms of hemophilia is being used on critically wounded US troops in Iraq despite evidence it can cause clots that lead to strokes, heart attacks and death in patients.


A Peril That Dwelt Among the Navajos

Parts I and II

These are the first two of a four-part special investigation being reported by the Los Angeles Times. Parts three and four will follow on Tuesday and Wednesday. Part I: Families spent years in radioactive homes, unaware of the danger. Part II: Navajos quenched their thirst at watering holes that turned out to be toxic.


White House Brushes Off CIA Report on Iran

The White House dismissed a classified CIA draft assessment that found no conclusive evidence of a secret Iranian nuclear weapons program.


School of the Americas Watch: Record Show of Opposition to U.S. Army Training School



SOA Watch photos


We've posted an album of School of the Americas Watch photos. This is a special treat from photographer and activist Meredyth Friend in Louisiana.

See also http://www.soaw.org/new/

Charles Jenks
Chair of Advisory Board Traprock Peace Center
103 Keets Road Deerfield, MA 01342

From ufpj-news


Bread for the World: The Buck Stops Before Thanksgiving


Full Steam Ahead


Congressman Frank Offers Business a "Grand Bargain"

The Annals of National Security: The Next Act



When Bullies Derail Dialogue, We All Lose


Those Missing Media Voices


Our Salvation: Abiding by Limits


Nobel Laureates Back Case Pushing Bush to Act on Global Warming


Slow Talks Could Leave Climate Deal in 'Tatters'


Iran in danger from the axis of aggression


Informant: Lew Rockwell


Joe Lieberman: on a left-liberal neocon



Reject Government Libraries


Will the Middle Class Please Stand Up And Oppose Military Slavery?


Bush Almighty: why Bolton represents him accurately



Trapped in Lies and Delusions



Joshua Muravchik's call to 'bomb Iran'


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Olbermann: Lessons from the Vietnam War


Informant: rafeswhiterose


Big Brother To Decide If You Drive


Flaw lets hacker steal sensitive communications and financial transactions


Informant: susan


Independent Media Source

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