Arizona Legalizes Racial Profiling

Marjorie Cohn, Jurist: "The conservative 'states' rights' mantra sweeping our country has led to one of the most egregious wrongs in recent U.S. history. New legislation in Arizona requires law enforcement officers to stop everyone whom they have 'reasonable suspicion' to believe is an undocumented immigrant and arrest them if they fail to produce their papers. What constitutes "reasonable suspicion"? When asked what an undocumented person looks like, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, who signed SB 1070 into law last week, said, 'I don't know what an undocumented person looks like.'"

Arizona: This Is What Apartheid Looks Like

Roberto Cintli Rodriguez, Truthout: "Those who think there's an immigration crisis in Arizona are correct. However, this is but part of the story. The truth is, a civilizational clash is being played out in the same state in which the state legislature questions the birthplace and legitimacy of President Barack Obama and where Sen. John McCain competes with Senate hopeful J.D. Hayworth to see who is the most anti-immigrant."

By the Time I Get to Arizona

William Rivers Pitt, Truthout: "Rap and hip-hop have never been my cup of tea, for the most part. But ever since the governor of Arizona put pen to paper and officially designated every brown-skinned person in the state to be criminally suspicious the moment they walk out their door, an old Public Enemy song has been running through my head."

New Arizona Immigration Law Wrong

Michael Gass, Truthout: "Immigration is a sensitive issue, but the immigration bill that passed the Arizona Legislature is the wrong way to try to solve it. The new law gives Arizona law enforcement broad new authority to enforce federal immigration laws. It is so broad, not to mention vague, that abuse of this new authority by law enforcement is assured."

State of Disgrace: The Right Fiddles While Arizona Burns

Randall Amster, J.D., Ph.D., Truthout: "It's getting hot here in Arizona these days, and summer isn't even upon us yet. As you've most likely heard, the Republican-controlled State Legislature passed - and the Republican governor signed - the nation's most draconian anti-immigrant law, essentially creating a class of new 'status crimes' and opening a Pandora's box of racial profiling implications. While to many of us who live here such sentiments among state officials aren't exactly novel, the shocking 'where are your papers?' aspects of the law (SB 1070) have raised a much-deserved national furor."

May Day Rallies Take Immigration Fight to the Streets

Brad Knickerbocker, The Christian Science Monitor: "From Los Angeles to New York, Chicago to Houston, hundreds of thousands of protesters in dozens of cities are marching, chanting, and in some cases engaging in civil disobedience - mostly in opposition to Arizona's tough new law aimed at stopping illegal immigration."


US would-be lawmaker wants illegal immigrants micro-chipped

Inquirer [Philippines]


A doctor from Iowa who is hoping to be selected as a Republican Party candidate for congressional elections in November has called for illegal immigrants to be implanted with micro chips so their movements can be monitored, press reports said. … ‘I can micro-chip my dog so I can find it. Why can’t I micro-chip an illegal?’ [Patrick Bertroche] wondered...

Criminalizing the undocumented

by Tanya Golash-Boza


There are many ways to become undocumented in the United States. Two of the most common ways are crossing the border undetected and overstaying a temporary visa. These are not criminal actions. The penalty for either of these is deportation — a civil procedure. The bill recently signed into law by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer — SB 1070 — criminalizes this civil offense. … The bill recently signed into law in Arizona criminalizes undocumented migrants by making undocumented migration a crime of trespassing. … The State of Arizona does not have to power to deport anyone — only the Department of Homeland Security can do that. Once the person is charged and convicted in Arizona, they can be turned over to immigration authorities to be deported — as criminal aliens — people convicted of crimes prior to being deported...

Immigration, the Tea Parties, and big government

Foundation for Economic Education
by Steven Horwitz


The Arizona law enabling police to ask for immigration papers or proof of citizenship of anyone they suspect of being in the country illegally has fanned the flames of an already hot debate over immigration. How these issues play out in the Tea Party movement will be interesting. Polling data indicate that Tea Partiers have a significant anti-immigration element to them. So, will people who claim to dislike big government be consistent and oppose this new law?

Don’t blame immigrants

Libertarian Party
by Wes Benedict


From an economic point of view, immigrants are an asset, not a liability. Business owners usually understand that, but politicians often either don’t understand or don’t care. In an environment of fear, which is where many politicians seem to want to keep us, they use immigrants (both legal and illegal) as scapegoats so they can duck blame for problems caused by too much government. Republican George W. Bush gave us the enormously expensive Medicare prescription entitlement. Republican Senator John McCain famously put his 2008 presidential campaign on hold to rush back to Washington to bail out failed banks and businesses. When times are tough, focusing on immigrants helps distract from these homegrown threats to our economy...

Arizona immigration law conjures ghosts of southern neo-slavery

Huffington Post
by Bob Cesca


The violation was known as ‘vagrancy.’ If you were a black man in the South following Reconstruction, and you were unable to show proof of employment on-demand to the police, you could be arrested and delivered into what Douglas Blackmon, author of Slavery by Another Name, calls ‘Neo-Slavery.’ ‘Show me your papers’ in the vernacular of the late 19th Century through World War II involved furnishing pay stubs or, if you were lucky, the word of your employer — some kind of evidence proving to a police officer that you were employed. But what if you forgot to carry your employment records with you when you left the house that morning?

American citizenship, Arizona & SB 1070

Liberty For All
by Sheila Dean


Arizona now becomes the U.S. cultural experiment for police state practices. While due process attempts to self-manage are scorned by the Obama Administration, it does not mean Washington will deliver a better standard by moral comparison. In a cruel twist of irony, Arizona opted out of all national ID by way of SB 1070...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


The Law that Turned Arizona into a Pariah State

Boycotting Arizona’s Racism

Human Rights Watch: US: Arizona Violating Human Rights Treaty

National NAACP Joins Its Arizona State Conference In Outrage Over Racial Profiling Impact On Arizona’s New So Called Immigration Law


Past Statement Tells Truth About Immigration Law's Goals

By David Sirota

"Insurance companies profile for risk. That is what I am asking that we continue to do - we need to profile for risk," he thundered, adding that using ethnicity as a risk factor "is very legitimate - I think it is smart."

Not Just Arizona: Immigration Enforcement Out of Control on Federal Level

By Bill Quigley

While people protest the terrible Arizona state law that uses local law enforcement to target immigrants, the federal government is expanding its efforts to use local law enforcement in immigration enforcement and has launched a major PR campaign to defend it.

Warning Shots: How Many Do You Need?

By Guy McPherson

Better days lie ahead for those of us who desire to see the living planet make a comeback. But if you believe life is not worth living in the absence of empire - in the absence of our unrelenting intent and ability to destroy every non-industrial culture and non-human species - why wait? Why not take the Hemingway out now, while you still can get a decent imperial funeral?


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