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Mercury rise, Quecksilber steigt

Neuste Daten: Die Quecksilbermenge in menschlichen Organen scheint zu steigen. Es gibt eine Korrelation zwischen Quecksilberaufnahme und Krankheiten, wie z.B. Autismus, Immunstörungen, Hormonstörungen oder Alzheimer-Erkrankung:

"From analysis of data on the human population from 1999 to
2000, it was estimated that 300,000–500,000 children may be born during those years with elevated risks of neurodevelopmental dis- ease based on their exposure to mercury [61]. However, these risks of disease response to mercury exposure may be rising over time due to rising levels of chronic mercury exposure [12]. In fact, atmo- spheric mercury deposition is rising over time [62], mercury levels are rising in the oceans [63], and global mercury emissions are pro- jected to continue rising in the future [64]. Therefore, while a cau- sal mechanism between chronic mercury exposure and associated disease is not clearly understood, this time trend of rising exposure levels makes it a public health and medical imperative to investi- gate the mechanisms underlying mercury associated disease in or- der to prevent, diagnose, and treat this serious, emergent health threat."

"Certainly there are strong and persistent associations between mercury exposure and both neurodevelopmental [22–31] and neu- rodegenerative [32–35] disease. Moreover, there are strong and consistent associations, in multiple animal models, and within the human population, that the endocrine system is a main target of mercury neurotoxicity and effect [36]."

"Mercury is a potent neurotoxin that directly impairs many areas and functions of the neuron including calcium channels [1–3], pro- tein synthesis [4], mitochondria [4], and neurite outgrowth [5]."$=relatedarticles&logdbfrom=pubmed

Autism and mercury:

Trends in mercury levels:

Dr. Joachim Mutter

How did people like Donald Rumsfeld and Richard Perle become multi-millionaires?

Honest in the worst way

by Philip Giraldi


If the public wonders how the US government has gotten so big and expensive they might well look at the huge security industry that has grown dramatically enabled by senior managers like McConnell and Chertoff moving between government jobs and the private sector, often a revolving door that spawns fat government no-bid contracts. Did Dick Cheney get rich with Halliburton because he was a business genius or because he was put in a position where his government contacts could be exploited to bring in the cash even when the American taxpayer had no need of what was being purveyed? How did people like Donald Rumsfeld and Richard Perle become multi-millionaires?

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Obama’s neverending Afghan adventure

by Brian Doherty


As a political move, Obama’s Afghan vacation was a strange choice to cap what had been a pretty impressive streak, with health care and student loans supposedly flowing down like gentle manna from Obama’s healing hands. From one perspective, the trip could be seen as drawing attention to an intractable problem whose standing with the American people shifts for no obvious reason. Barring some catastrophic event unquestionably connected to someone in Afghanistan, I suspect Obama could treat this war like a national Chuck Cunningham and never mention it again. That he bothered to cap his political triumphs with a reminder of this persistent foreign policy bummer seems to prove that he really has adopted this war as his own. Which is good for neither his political future nor the future of American foreign policy...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Sell-off in US Treasuries raises sovereign debt fears

Investors are braced for a further sell-off in US Treasuries after dramatic moves last week raised fears that the surfeit of US government debt is starting to saturate bond markets.

From Information Clearing House

Is America Becoming a Third World Country?

By Arianna Huffington

A report by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation looked at the progress made over the last decade in the area of innovation. Out of the 40 countries and regions it examined, the U.S. ranked dead last.

Hope is For little Kids and Tooth Fairies

By Joe Bageant

I am coming to understand that as Americans, we were born into a powerfully induced mass illusion. An infantile consciousness of "I-want-I want," which drives the machinery of war, waste and profits, and which colonizes our minds and souls from birth like a progressive disease.

Ann Coulter and Blowhard Politics

David L. Clark, Truthout: "This has been a tough week for Canadian universities. On the one hand, a small but daring group of professors at the University of Regina called for a public forum on the war in Afghanistan and on the militarization of Canadian culture, especially the culture of higher education. Unless and until such a forum took place, they argued, the university should do its very best to stand for peace."

FDP will mit Forderung nach Steuersenkung für Benzin punkten

Nachdem bislang fast alle Versuche fehgeschlagen sind, die Bürger für die FDP zu gewinnen, setzt Fraktionsvize Döring nun nach den Hotels auf Mehrwertsteuersenkung für Sprit.

Steuern runter!

Trotz klammer Kassen möchte die FDP nicht von ihrem Lieblingsthema ablassen.

Staatsschulden mit 1,76 Billionen Euro auf Rekordstand

Bundesbank warnt Regierungen vor Steuersenkungen und mahnt noch ausstehende Konsolidierung an.

Billiger Sprit?

Weltweit fließen immer noch Milliarden in die Subvention fossiler Kraftstoffe.


21. April 2010

Steuerpläne der Koalition gefährden sozialen Frieden

Der stellvertretende Vorsitzende der LINKEN, Klaus Ernst kritisiert die Pläne der Regierungskoalition, die die Steuerreform in zwei Teile aufspalten will. Ernst erklärt:

Die Steuersenkungsideologie der Koalition ist unverantwortlich. Egal wie sie ihre Steuerreform verwirklichen wird, am Ende gefährdet sie den sozialen Frieden in unserem Land. Allein den miesen Umfragewerten von CDU und FDP kurz vor der entscheidenden Landtagswahl in NRW ist es zu verdanken, dass die Koalition die Staatsfinanzen endgültig ruinieren will.

Bundeskanzlerin Merkel nimmt damit die Zerstörung des sozialen Friedens in unserem Land billigend in Kauf. Die Verursacher der Krise müssen zur Kasse gebeten werden. Während aber die Banken und ihre Manager von der Bundesregierung verschont werden, bluten die Kommunen aus. Frau Merkel muss endlich dafür sorgen, dass die Steuerpläne der FDP endgültig beerdigt werden. Stattdessen brauchen wir endlich neben einem höheren Spitzensteuersatz, eine Reichensteuer sowie eine Bankenabgabe nach US-Vorbild.

Abgeordnetenbestechung zu heikel für den Petitionsausschuss?

Der Ausschuss lehnt die Veröffentlichung einer entsprechende Petition ab - ohne Begründung.

US-Soldaten im Krieg gegen Islamisten mit Bibelzitaten auf den Waffen

Heimlich hat eine Firma Hinweise auf Bibelsprüche auf Zielfernrohren angebracht, die aus den Waffen "Jesus-Gewehre" machten.

Peter Hartz will es noch einmal wissen: "Hartz V" geht in die Pilotphase

Nun will der Urheber der Hartz-Gesetze aus jedem dritten langzeitarbeitslosen Saarländer einen "Minipreneur" machen.

Ostern für alle: die Jobs stehen schon bereit

In österlicher Geschenkstimmung bietet Ulrich Marseille keine bemalten Ostereier an, sondern Jobs für Langzeitarbeitslose. Wenn die nur nicht so faul und gierig wären...

The Obscenity of War

Bush-Ordered Wiretaps Illegal, Judge Says


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