Freitag, 16. April 2010

What the Whistleblower Prosecution Says About the Obama DOJ

Destruction of Torture Videotapes Documented in CIA Email


Ex-CIA chief approved destroying torture tapes: report

Former CIA chief Porter Goss approved a 2005 decision by an aide to destroy hundreds of tapes showing US agents harshly interrogating two terror suspects, The New York Times reported Friday.

From Information Clearing House

NATO strikes killing more Afghan civilians

USA Today


Deaths of Afghan civilians by NATO troops have more than doubled this year, NATO statistics show, jeopardizing a U.S. campaign to win over the local population by protecting them against insurgent attacks. NATO troops accidentally killed 72 civilians in the first three months of 2010, up from 29 in the same period in 2009, according to figures the International Security Assistance Force gave USA TODAY...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Big Bucks for Bankers, Pennies for the Unemployed

On Tax Day, A Reminder That War Is Not Free

Obama’s Efforts to Foster Harmony on Wall St Reform Erupt into Warfare

Budget Genocide Sweeps Across the Nation

Tiny (aka Lisa Gray-Garcia), Truthout: "Thousands of poor people of color face hunger, illness, death and homelessness due to welfare, housing and health care budget cuts across the nation. How long does it take to kill the spirit of 7,000 people? How long does it take to forget about 7,000 people? Or 600 people, 10,000 or 22,000 people?"


The Alongside Night revolution

J. Neil Schulman @ Rational Review
by J. Neil Schulman


The national debt is beyond being paid off by any means that doesn’t require the acquisition of all private property by the government. The government will offer a helping hand to homeowners with mortgages they can’t make payments on — especially the new class of long-term unemployed — and either these people will end up working off their debt to the government or they will be turned out into the streets as homeless and helpless … where their vagrancy will be a cause to move them into Dickensian work camps. The dollar will become worthless. It only requires a decision by its foreign holders to buy up any tangible American property before the dollar’s purchasing power dissipates entirely … and the American people welcoming hyperinflation as a way of screwing the foreigners...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

US Foreign Policy: Sixty Years of Disaster

Michael Gass, Truthout: "On August 19, 1953, pro-Shah supporters in Iran staged a coup on the Iranian government that was planned, organized and supported by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and British Intelligence. Iranians lived under the brutal rule of Mohammad-Reza Shah Pahlavi for the next 25 years until the Iranian Revolution in 1979."

America and the Dictators: From Ngo Dinh Diem to Hamid Karzai

Alfred W. McCoy, "The crisis has come suddenly, almost without warning. At the far edge of American power in Asia, things are going from bad to much worse than anyone could have imagined. The insurgents are spreading fast across the countryside. Corruption is rampant. Local military forces, recipients of countless millions of dollars in US aid, shirk combat and are despised by local villagers. American casualties are rising. Our soldiers seem to move in a fog through a hostile, unfamiliar terrain, with no idea of who is friend and who is foe."

Das Recht, bei einem Angriff im Cyberspace wild zurückzuschießen

In den USA soll der NSA-Chef das Cyberkommando übernehmen, der auch "schießen" will, wenn der Angreifer nicht bekannt ist.

Bringing Down the American Empire

Hating the Government Finally Goes Mainstream


Invisible Empire

From APFN daily update

Planning for Disaster


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