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Wirtschaftskrise und Wirtschaftskriminalität

Wirtschaftskrise und Wirtschaftskriminalitätöndorf

More Obama DOJ attacks on whistleblowers

by Glenn Greenwald


In February, 2008, the Bush DOJ issued a subpoena to The New York Times‘ James Risen, demanding the identity of his source(s) for one chapter in Risen’s best-selling book, State of War. The chapter in question described a painfully inept and counter-productive CIA effort to infiltrate the Iranian nuclear program, but which ended up instead passing on valuable information to the Iranians about how to build a bomb. At the time that subpoena was issued, I wrote that it was a serious and ‘dangerous’ escalation of the ongoing effort by Bush officials to intimidate journalists and their sources in order to choke off whistle-blowing disclosures, ‘the sole remaining avenue for a country plagued by a supine, slothful, vapid press and an indescribably submissive Congress.’ I don’t recall a single progressive or Democrat — not one — defending that subpoena. It should surprise absolutely nobody that, as Charlie Savage reports, the Obama DOJ has now re-issued the same subpoena to Risen...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Giving up liberty for nothing

Albuquerque Libertarian Examiner
by Kent McManigal


Security is an illusion. If you seek it you will end up being hurt and enslaved. You are better off taking your chances in the real world, knowing there are no guarantees, than handing over your liberty to someone who has only your subjugation in mind...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Atrocity and War

By Camillo Mac Bica

For the apathetic and for those who trumpet and champion war's necessity from a safe distance, war is a distraction, bleak, dire, and unpleasant, from their consumer driven lives, better left for others and for other peoples' children to fight.

The Military Occupation of Our Minds

By Tom Hayden

As Congress weighs Afghanistan funding, the military is escalating what it calls the "war of perceptions" at home and abroad. The question is whether the American media and Congress will collaborate in the Pentagon's press strategy or retain a critical edge.

Pentagon Confirms It Gave $1.4 Billion in No-Bid Fuel Contracts to Mysterious Companies

The Pentagon's main supply agency has acknowledged awarding $1.4 billion in no-bid contracts to two foreign companies whose ownership and management seem extremely mysterious.

From Information Clearing House

Drone Pilots Could Be Tried for 'War Crimes'

Law Prof Says

By Nathan Hodge

"Under the legal theories adopted by our government in prosecuting Guantánamo detainees, these CIA officers as well as any higher-level government officials who have authorized or directed their attacks are committing war crimes."

Times Square Terror: Drone Payback?

By Noah Shachtma

Faisal Shahzad tried to bomb Times Square as payback for American drone attacks in Pakistan.

Did You Hear the Joke About the Predator Drone That Bombed?

By Medea Benjamin and Nancy Moncias

Obama's 'joke' at the White House correspondents' dinner was no laughing matter to the relatives of the hundreds of people killed in Pakistan by drones.

US to expand Pakistan drone strikes

Federal lawyers backed the measures on grounds of self-defence to counter threats the fighters pose to US troops in neighbouring Afghanistan and the United States as a whole, according to authorities.

CIA drones have broader list of targets

The agency since 2008 has been secretly allowed to kill unnamed suspects in Pakistan.,0,57614.story

From Information Clearing House


How Not to Tell a True War Story

Sind Atombomben in Deutschland illegal?

Aktivisten der Friedensbewegung klagen gegen Stationierung US-amerikanischer Nuklearsprengköpfe im rheinland-pfälzischen Büchel.

Merkel löst Flächenbrand aus

Bravo, Frau Kanzlerin!

Das deutsche Wahlkampfgeplänkel rund um die Griechenlandhilfen hat dazu geführt, dass Griechenland vor der Pleite und Portugal sowie nun auch Spanien vor ernsten Problemen stehen.

Vom Bremsverfahren zum Eilverfahren

Nachdem Berlin lange auf der Bremse stand wird jetzt - zu spät - aufs Gas getreten.

Spanien am Scheideweg

Die Angst vor der Ausweitung der Griechenland-Krise auf andere Länder nimmt trotz des Rettungspakets zu.

Schon 2007 waren 20 Prozent der Griechen armutsgefährdet

In der Eurozone sind 16 Prozent armutsgefährdet, in Griechenland ist man mit einem Jahreseinkommen von mehr als 3.638 Euro nicht mehr arm.

Rising Federal Debt Found to Cause Intestinal Alien Syndrome

Modern Civilization: This Sucker Is Going Down

Protesters Confront Monster Banks

Demand Wells Fargo End Predatory Lending

Daniela Perdomo, AlterNet: "'We are many and they are few - and today they have to deal with us!' yelled an organizer at a San Francisco march and rally on Tuesday afternoon aimed at calling out Wells Fargo for its predatory lending practices. A crowd of a few hundred pissed-off consumers responded boisterously by repeating a catchy chant: 'Hey, big banks, where's our dough? Working families have a right to know!'"


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