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Keine Lizenz zum Töten in Afghanistan

20. April 2010

Die Entscheidung der Bundesanwaltschaft und die Aussage von Verteidigungsminister Guttenberg, sie schaffe Rechtssicherheit für die Soldaten, kommentiert Christine Buchholz, Mitglied im Geschäftsführenden Parteivorstand der Partei DIE LINKE:

Als Folge des Befehls eines Bundeswehroffiziers wurden über 140 Menschen getötet, und die Bundesstaatsanwaltschaft hält dies nicht für strafrechtlich relevant. Das ist ein politisches Urteil, das Rechtssicherheit schafft. Es bedeutet, dass sich die Bundeswehr künftig weniger Sorgen über die Folgen ihrer Handlungen machen muss. Guttenberg begrüßt die Entscheidung, weil er der Bundeswehr freie Hand geben will, das zu tun, was sie militärisch für richtig hält. Die Folge werden mehr tote Zivilisten sein. Die Bundesregierung erlaubte mit der Einstufung als "nichtinternationalen bewaffneten Konflikt" den Soldaten, den Tod von Zivilisten hinzunehmen, wenn er im Verhältnis zum militärischen Erfolg stehen und er nicht vorsätzlich in Kauf genommen wurde. Die Einstufung als "bewaffneten Konflikt" und das Töten von Zivilisten passt nicht zur öffentlichen Begründung der Regierung für den Einsatz, die Bundeswehr schütze die Zivilbevölkerung. Die Bundeswehr führt Krieg gegen die Zivilbevölkerung. DIE LINKE fordert den sofortigen Abzug der Bundeswehr aus Afghanistan.



Obama doubles Guantanamo

The American Conservative
by Karen Greenberg


On his first day in office, President Barack Obama promised that he would close the Bush-era prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, ‘as soon as practicable’ and ‘no later than one year from the date of this order.’ The announcement was met with relief, even joy, by those, like me, who had opposed the very existence of Guantanamo on the grounds that it represented a legal black hole where the distinction between guilt and innocence had been obliterated, respect for the rule of law was mocked, and the rights of prisoners were dismissed out of hand. We should have known better...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


The problem with the two-party system

Nolan Chart
by Richard Dasher


I don’t think the majority of Americans would go to a doctor who tells them that the only way to fight off a deadly cancer is with another, less lethal form of cancer, as a way to divert from the original problem. The same metaphor can be used to explain the current politics in the US. If there is one thing I hope the average American voter will learn from the past decade, is that there really is not a difference between the Republicans and the Democrats. Politic[i]ans from both sides have been called out on corruption, driven up the national debt, and have passed laws limiting American’s freedom. The only way to stop the current pattern of constantly switching sides in hope of a better government is for the average American to stop buying into the two-party system...


Restoring federalism and state sovereignty: A constitutional path to prosperity

Liberty For All
by Barry Poulson


The Tenth Amendment to the Constitution provides: ‘The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.’ Over the first century of our nation’s history the 10th Amendment was an important part of the Constitutional rules constraining the growth of the federal government...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Veterans Impacted by Another Crisis: Unemployment

Mary Susan Littlepage, Truthout: "The unemployment rate last year for young male veterans, including those returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, hit 21.6 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The stats show that veterans have a hard time making the transition from serving in war to coming home and finding work."



The Evil of the Minimum Wage



The National Biometric ID Card: The Mark of the Beast?



Dems Spark Alarm With Call For National ID Card

By Alexander Bolton

Democratic leaders have proposed requiring every worker in the nation to carry a national identification card with biometric information, such as a fingerprint, within the next six years, according to a draft of the measure.



Tea Partiers in Two Camps: Sarah Palin vs. Ron Paul



The problem with Palin

The American Spectator
by Quin Hillyer


Sarah Palin, 55 percent unfavorable poll ratings notwithstanding, is a political phenomenon the likes of which American public life rarely has seen. There’s something distinctive, something deeply personal, about the way her legions of strong supporters rush not just to defend her but to counter-attack any and all of her critics. Palin has a way of establishing a sense of connectedness with her backers — such a strong, attitudinal sense that she is not just like them but one of them — that she has created what amounts to a one-woman, conservative ‘identity politics’ writ very, very large. Yet if conservatives are to continue a political love affair with this admirable and galvanizing woman, we need to insist on more than mere identity. And more than mere attitude...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Terminally Dumb People

By William Blum

If you shake your head and roll your eyes at the nonsense coming out of the Teaparty followers of Sarah "Africa is a country" Palin and other intellectual giants like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh ... If you have thoughts of moving abroad after the latest silly lies and fantasies like "Obama the Marxist" and "Obama the antichrist" ... keep in mind that the right wing has long been at least as stupid and as mean-spirited.


The Palin Principle - Bible trumps Constitution

By Rick Ungar

While the religious right are free to vote for candidates who share their reliance on religious belief, they are not free to re-imagine the fundamentals of this country - at least not without putting their reinvention through the rigorous process of amending, or re-writing, our Constitution.


Neocon Sink Their Fangs Into the Tea Parties

By Ira Chernus

"This is the playbook for the resurgence of the conservative movement," says none other than Dick Cheney, on thebook jacket. It's "a must-read for conservatives who want our movement to dominate," exclaims a blurb from Karl Rove.



Bank Failure Tally for 2010 Hits 50

Eight more banks failed last week, bringing the 2010 total to 50. Three of the failures were in Florida, and two were in California. Massachusetts, Michigan and Washington had one bank failure each.


Foreclosure Rates Surge, Biggest Jump In 5 Year

A record number of U.S. homes were lost to foreclosure in the first three months of this year, a sign banks are starting to wade through the backlog of troubled home loans at a faster pace, according to a new report.


Illinois bank-owned foreclosures double in first quarter

Almost 15,000 Illinois homeowners lost their homes to foreclosure in the year's first three months, twice as many as the number that went back to lenders during 2009's first three months, new figures show.


Foreclosure Scams "Spreading like Wildfire"

Scam artists preying on families about to lose their homes. And the number of vulnerable homeowners keeps rising.


U.S. Shuts 7 Banks; Year's Failures Rise to 57

Regulators shut down seven banks in Illinois on Friday, putting the number of bank bankruptcies this year at 57.


From Information Clearing House


Millions stolen from Iraq rebuilding

The guilty have been found to have smuggled cash home in their boots and mailed it home in boxes; they sold truckloads of stolen fuel in downtown Baghdad and took payola in the form of watches, cars and plane tickets.


From Information Clearing House


The Pentagon's Fantasy Numbers on Afghan Civilian Deaths

By Marc W. Herold

The Politics of Counting Dead Afghan Civilians

120 Afghans die in a week of carnage

On Sunday, Afghan Interior Ministry spokesman Zemarai Bashary said dozens of civilians were killed in another week of carnage. He also confirmed that 20 policemen and scores of militants lost their lives in the past seven days.


US occupation forces kill 4, injure dozen Afghans

US military forces have opened fire on a vehicle killing four and wounding more than a dozen civilians in occupied Afghanistan's eastern province of Khost.


Four students die in Afghanistan crossfire: ministry

The statement coincided with a release from ISAF that said four people had died in Khost after their vehicle was fired on by international soldiers while it was accelerating towards their convoy.


NATO admits it killed 4 unarmed civilians in Afghanistan

Family members and local officials had insisted that the group, which included three teenage boys, was returning home from a sporting event.


French occupation force troops killed 4 Afghan civilians by mistake

French troops mistakenly killed four Afghan civilians and seriously wounded one during a clash with insurgents east of Kabul, the French military said Thursday after concluding an investigation into the bloodshed.


France admits killing Afghan kids

The French army has admitted killing four children with a missile strike in a Taliban-controlled area of Afghanistan.


Nato 'kills Afghan MP relative' in raid

A prominent Afghan MP says Nato troops stormed her home and shot dead one of her relatives in an overnight raid.


US-led troops kill 3 Afghan civilians

A raid by US-led troops has killed two women and a child in southern Afghanistan amid rising public opposition to the presence of foreign forces there.


From Information Clearing House


Afghanistan: Occupation troops kill eight

The Nation [Pakistan]


NATO-led troops opened fire on a vehicle in southeastern Afghanistan, killing four unarmed men, the alliance said on Tuesday, the latest in series of incidents in recent weeks the United Nations has called disturbing. … Meanwhile, four children were killed in crossfire between foreign soldiers and insurgents in eastern Afghanistan, the education ministry said Tuesday...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp



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