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- Telegraph "Les antennes relais accusées de surmortalité par cancers"
- Daily Express "Antennes relais : un village dans la crainte d'un tueur" (Témoignages)

Yemen Refuses to Go Along with US Extrajudicial Killing Policy

Kucinich: White House Assassination Policy Is Extrajudicial

Feingold, McGovern, Jones Introduce Legislation to Require Timetable for Deploying US Troops from Afghanistan


Bill Asks Obama for Afghanistan Exit Plan

Mary Susan Littlepage, Truthout: "Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wisconsin) and Reps. Jim McGovern (D-Massachusetts) and Walter Jones (R-North Carolina) introduced legislation Wednesday that calls on the White House to develop a 'flexible timetable' to draw down US troops from Afghanistan."


Feingold bill seeks end to 'counterproductive' war in Afghanistan

New legislation introduced by Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI) and Reps. Jim McGovern (D-MA) and Walter Jones (R-NC) would require President Barack Obama to implement a flexible timetable to withdraw troops from Afghanistan and update Congress on its progress every three months.

From Information Clearing House

Alternativer Klimagipfel

Die Energie- und Klimawochenschau: In Lateinamerika formiert sich Widerstand gegen die klimapolitische Blockade der Industrieländer, China macht Nägel mit Köpfen, BASF trickst herum und mit dem März war auch der dritte Monat des neuen Jahres rekordverdächtig warm.

Eating well on $68.88 a week?

That's the food stamp budget for a family of 4: How well can a family of four eat on just $68.88 a week? For more than 38 million Americans, it's more than a matter of conjecture.

From Information Clearing House

Obama's approval rating slides

Army Lt. Col. Terry Lakin refuses deployment orders to Afghanistan; told he'll be court-martialed for disobedience

Lakin, in his 18th year of active uniform service, posted a video on the Internet two weeks ago asking President Barack Obama to produce a birth certificate, and he vowed to disobey orders until one was provided.


Obama's approval rating slides

Just 49 per cent of people approve of the job Obama is doing, and only 44 per cent like how he has handled health care and the economy.

From Information Clearing House

McCain: Time to 'pull the trigger' with Iran

Senator John McCain says the United States has been backing away from a brewing fight with Iran, while that country moves ever closer to having nuclear weapons.

More Hype About Iran?

By Stephen M. Walt

One of the more remarkable features about the endless drumbeat of alarm about Iran is that it pays virtually no attention to Iran's actual capabilities, and rests on all sorts of worst case assumptions about Iranian behavior. Consider the following facts.

The Latest Scare Story About Iran: Missiles Targeting US by 2015

By Steve Hynd

What we have here is a scary story designed to keep the missile defense procurement budget topped up by telling scary stories and hyping possible war. Nothing more.

Why Iran Won't Attack Israel

By Yousef Munayyer

No nuclear attack on Israel could happen without the deaths of countless Palestinians and Israelis, not to mention the likely destruction of Jerusalem, the third holiest site in Islam.

From Information Clearing House


Secret Iran Memo from Gates to Jones


US military plans against Iran being updated



The Pentagon and U.S. Central Command are updating military plans to strike Iran’s nuclear sites, preparing up-to-date options for the president in the event he decides to take such action, an Obama administration official told CNN Sunday. The effort has been underway for several weeks and comes as there is growing concern across the administration’s national security team that the president needs fresh options ready for his approval if he were to decide on a military strike, according to the official who is familiar with the effort...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Why the US Fears a Nuclear Armed Iran

Michael Gass, Truthout: "A report prepared by the Joint Chiefs of Staff on June 30, 1947, stated: 'A peace enforced through fear is a poor substitute for a peace maintained through international cooperation based upon agreement and understanding. But until such a peace is brought about, this nation can hope only that an effective deterrent to global war will be a universal fear of the atomic bomb as the ultimate horror in war.'"

The Global Economic Crisis: Riots, Rebellion and Revolution

By Andrew Gavin Marshall

Ratings Agency Predicts Civil Unrest: Moody's is a major ratings agency, which performs financial research and analysis on governments and commercial entities and ranks the credit-worthiness of borrowers. On March 15, Moody's warned that the US, the UK, Germany, France, and Spain "are all at risk of soaring debt costs and will have to implement austerity plans that threaten 'social cohesion'."

UK: Unions warn of Greek-style riots

Unions today sent a chilling warning of Greek-style strikes and protests after winning a major legal victory for civil servants made redundant.

Is It Already Too Late to Save Greece?

The International Monetary Fund and the European Union are coming to Greece's aid with a financial commitment worth billions. But is it already too late to rescue the cash-strapped country?,1518,694263,00.html

From Information Clearing House


Moyers on the Cost of Wars


The World Should Now Be Considered in Revolution

The Global Economy's New Killing Fields

Can the US Triumph in the Drug-Addicted War in Afghanistan?


U.S. Military Confidence Sinks on Winning Afghan War, Poll Finds

The military's confidence that it will win the Afghan war is declining, according to a new tracking poll showing only 60 percent of active-duty military personnel believe the U.S. can triumph.

Mexico drug war kills almost 23,000

The report, leaked to media on Tuesday, indicated that security forces were involved in most of the violence.

Ciudad Juárez and the Global Economy's New Killing Fields

Charles Bowden

"This thing started in 2006 with the new president, as a statement of his personal power. You know, mano dura-"I'm a strong man." He ripped the mask off Mexico. In other words, he was going to claim he's the big guy. And the mask he ripped off revealed what's really going on in Mexico: mass poverty and social disintegration. Now it's turned into a war by the Mexican government against the Mexican people."

Is the CIA behind Mexico's Bloody Drug War?

By Mike Whitney

The militarization of the war on drugs has been a colossal disaster which has accelerated the pace of social disintegration. Mexico is quickly becoming a failed state, and Washington's deeply-flawed Merida Initiative, which provides $1.4 billion in aid to the Calderon administration to intensify military operations, is largely to blame.

From Information Clearing House


U.S. Drug Policy Feeds Violence in Mexico


Ciudad Juarez: The Global Economy's New Killing Fields


Rose Aguilar, Your Call: "How is the so-called 'war on drugs' and NAFTA affecting Mexico? On the next Your Call, we'll have a conversation with journalist Charles Bowden, author of 'Murder City: Ciudad Juarez and the Global Economy's New Killing Fields.' In 2009, 23,000 people were killed in drug-related violence in Mexico, 4,300 of them in Ciudad Juarez alone. What explains the rise in drug violence?"

Where Is the Economic Recovery?


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