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Risikobericht über RFID & Co. auf Flughäfen

futurezone.ORF.at ORF.at

Der Bericht soll aufzeigen, welche Risiken und Folgen sich mit der Einführung von Technologien wie RFID-Funkchips im Kontext des "Internets der Dinge" ...



RFID-Machtkontrollsystem (Funk-Chip) verhindern!


The Guy Who Brought Down AIG and Maybe the World Economy

The Guy Who Brought Down AIG - and Maybe the World Economy - Gets Off Scott-Free, and Gets to Keep $315 Million in Loot

Jospeh Cassano, the guy who brought down AIG - and maybe the world economy - with trillions in risky derivatives deals which AIG couldn't back up, is getting prosecuted ... and the government will claw back all the money he made, right? Uh, no.


Scheming to steal workers' pensions

Amy Muldoon looks behind the hype about how public-sector workers get "exorbitant" pensions--and finds a cabal of right-wing politicians and CEOs out to bash unions.


From Information Clearing House


America's Long War in Afghanistan


Tax Day and America’s Wars

More Cause and Effect in the War Against Terrorists


The 'Obama Doctrine': Kill, Don't Detain



Kissinger’s role in Operation Condor

Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G. Hornberger


While the Obama administration is now officially confirming its power to assassinate Americans abroad as part of its foreign assassination program, Chilean military dictator Augusto Pinochet’s foreign assassination program has just reared its ugly head in the form of a new revelation regarding former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. First, a bit of background...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


The Only Good Terrorist . . . Hit Squads To Believe In

By Robert S. Becker

Aligning himself with presidents Kennedy, Nixon, Reagan, and at least one Bushwhacker, President Obama joined an American pantheon that has sanctioned all sorts of overseas shenanigans in the name of national security. Now that's legacy bipartisanship with a vengeance. Literally.



US-Soldaten beschießen Passagierbus

Wieder einmal starben Zivilisten in Afghanistan durch ISAF-Soldaten.

"Light em all up"

US-Verteidigungsminister Gates sieht in dem Video, in dem irakische Zivilisten von US-Soldaten ermordet werden, nur "fog of the war".



Have a Nice World War, Folks




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