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The Fall Of Goldman Sachs?

Goldman Sachs set to pay £3.5bn in bonuses

GOLDMAN SACHS, the world's biggest investment bank that is now assailed by accusations of fraud, is poised to reignite controversy over bankers' bonuses by paying its staff more than £3.5 billion for just three months' work.

A volcanic cloud over Wall Street

The charges against Goldman could have far wider consequences.

Now we know the truth: The financial meltdown wasn't a mistake, it was a con

The global financial crisis, it is now clear, was caused not just by the bankers' colossal mismanagement. No, it was due also to the new financial complexity offering up the opportunity for widespread, systemic fraud.

Goldman's Travails: Don't Get Your Hopes Up

By Mike Whitney

Screwing people is a "growth industry". And a big organization like Goldman has a reservoir full of snakeoil, so it doesn't have to worry about running-low on reserves. Just stitch-together a bunch of junk securities, dress them up in sequins and gold-lame', dump them off on investors, and rake in big profits when the ship sinks.

Goldman Sachs: Too Big To Obey The Law

By Simon Johnson

These huge banks will behave better only when and if their executives face credible criminal penalties. This simply cannot happen while these banks are anywhere near their current size.

The Financial Terrorists Who Destroyed Our Economy Will Pay Zero in Taxes and Get $33 Billion in Refunds

By David DeGraw

You and I are working our a... off, paying 30% of our limited income in taxes. Not the banks that triggered the financial crisis.

Numerian: The Goldman Sachs Credo - So What if We Lie? It's Nothing Personal, It's Just Business

Reading the SEC allegations against Goldman Sachs and Co., you get the impression the agency would prefer a simple world where you could charge a company with lying and be done with it.

Goldman Sachs: the bank that thought it ruled the world

'Long-term greedy" was the phrase that Sidney Weinberg, Goldman Sachs's legendary managing partner from the 1930s to the 1960s, used to describe the American investment bank's overarching strategy.

Under-fire Goldman Sachs reveals 90% jump in profits

Just days after US regulators began a $1bn (£650m) fraud action against the firm, Goldman revealed a leap in quarterly profits from $1.8bn to $3.5bn and disclosed that it was setting aside $5.49bn to pay its employees.

From Information Clearing House


Is the SEC Case Against Goldman Sachs Being Staged for Political Advantage?

Goldman Could Trigger Market Correction


The Fall Of Goldman Sachs?


Goldman Hires Obama's Ex-White House Counsel to Fight Fraud Charges

Jason Leopold, Truthout: "Wall Street banking behemoth Goldman Sachs, which was charged with securities fraud last Friday over its role in the subprime mortgage meltdown, has hired President Obama's former White House Counsel Greg Craig to defend the company, according to a report published late Monday by Politico."

Humanity and Its Absence

By David Kennedy

Robotic planes now deliver death from the sky on innocent civilians. These are the modern-day equivalents of the olden day thunderbolts of vengeful gods. They are controlled by vengeful and evil men, men that WE elect into power.

This Will Be Obama's Legacy

Alexander Cockburn, Truthout: "As Obama and his counselors ponder potential nominees, the air is filled with counsel that Obama should avoid a protracted fight and should pick 'a moderate' - i.e., pro-business, pro-government - nominee.... The left has put up no preferred nominee, expressing concerns that the Republicans might filibuster. So, why not provoke just such a filibuster with a decent candidate?"


Obama space policy not grounded in reality

Freedom Politics
by Thomas J. Lucente Jr.


As President Barack Obama has been dancing around the space issue, one thing is certain, science is taking a back seat to politics, jobs and economic development. His plan is nonsensical, a mixing of compromises to supporters and target dates so far away they are useless, such as landing on an asteroid by 2025 and orbiting — not landing on — Mars in the 2030s. The 2030s? Is he for real?

Taxpayers take another hit from Obama
by Hans Bader


Taxpayers will pay billions more due to an executive order signed by President Obama that effectively restricts federal construction contracts to the minority of construction firms whose workers are unionized. That will encourage them to jack up their prices, by shielding them from having to compete with lower bids from non-union construction firms...

The huge, hidden tax you pay for government

Competitive Enterprise Institute
by Clyde Wayne Crews and Ryan Young


Taxpayers rushing to fill out and file their form 1040 today may think their obligation to the federal government is complete. But it’s really just beginning. Although Americans paid more than $900 billion in income taxes last year, there’s a far larger tax bill hidden from view. That tax is regulation...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Weltweiter Hilferuf der Kayapo-Indianer

Der neue Neo-Kolonialismus in Afrika

Der Kauf von riesigen Flächen zum Anbau durch reiche Länder, "Land Grabbing", ist eine Zeitbombe.

Meeresfische könnten bis 2050 verschwunden sein

Fischerei tötet Millionen Meeresschildkröten

Der kommerzielle Fischfang hat in den vergangenen 20 Jahren Millionen von Meeresschildkröten getötet.

Meeresfische könnten bis 2050 verschwunden sein

Ohne fundamentale Neuordnung der weltweiten Fischerei droht 2050 der totale Kollaps der Meeresfischbestände.

Arzneimittelrückstände bedrohen Fische

Viele Medikamenten-Wirkstoffe überstehen Kläranlagen-Behandlung.


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