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Financing World Hunger

Wholesale prices rise in March as food costs jump

Wholesale prices rose more than expected last month as food prices surged by the most in 26 years.

Financing World Hunger

How the financial markets create hunger and make huge profits.

Rise of the Corporate Court

How the Supreme Court is Putting Businesses First

Feds launch inquiry into Florida GOP credit-card expenses

Federal authorities have begun a probe into Republican Party politicians and officials related to charges totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars on party-issued American Express cards.

Big Fat Greek Debt: Engdahl on bailout way out

The financially stricken Greek government is beginning talks with the EU and the International Monetary Fund about a possible bailout. Greece has found borrowing from banks too costly recently and is struggling to refinance old debts. Let's get some analysis with economist and author William Engdahl.

Layoff notices sent to thousands of US teachers

Hundreds of thousands of public school teachers across the United States are facing possible layoffs this coming academic year.

Food, Inc.

Hungry For Change?

Video Documentary

Robert Kenner lifts the veil on our nation's food industry, exposing the highly mechanized underbelly that has been hidden from the American consumer with the consent of our government's regulatory agencies, USDA and FDA.

U.S. Food Prices 'Spiraling Out of Control'

U.S. food prices jumped by 2.4 percent in March 2010 in the largest monthly leap in more than 26 years, and the sixth consecutive monthly increase.

Food-stamp tally nears 40 million, sets record

The Agriculture Department said 39.68 million people, or 1 in 8 Americans, were enrolled for food stamps during February, an increase of 260,000 from January. USDA updated its figures on Wednesday.

Unemployment rate rises to 9.9%

Some 800,000 workers reentered the job market last month. Many of them did not find jobs, so the unemployment rate increased from 9.7 to 9.9 percent.

From Information Clearing House

No friendly waves only hatred for British troops in Afghan town

In Sangin all you can feel is the intense hatred of people who hate everything you stand for, says photographer David Gill.

Britain faces payout shame as hundreds of detainees claim soldiers abused them

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has already paid millions of pounds to claimants who alleged physical and sexual abuse in detention in southeast Iraq, where British forces were based between 2003 and 2009.

From Information Clearing House

There Ain't No Escape From Collapse

By Joe Bageant

I would suggest that in planning for the future, you first spend many days pondering the question: How can I best go about giving up the world as I have known it -- which, after all, is the root of our pain and of our catastrophe -- and serve others every day and in as many ways large and small as possible. In other words, sacrifice. In truth, the sacrifice will not be sacrifice, but liberation, because Americans are buried under so much material s... and petty notions as to entitlement, that shedding such things is a blessing.

Governments Will 'Bankrupt Us'

Understanding What the Fed Is Doing to Us


Gangster Government becomes a long-running series

National Review
by Michael Barone


Almost a year ago, in a Washington Examiner column on the Chrysler bailout, I reflected on the Obama administration’s decision to force bondholders to accept 33 cents on the dollar on secured debts while giving United Auto Workers retirees 50 cents on the dollar on unsecured debts. This was a clear violation of the ordinary bankruptcy rule that secured creditors are fully paid off before unsecured creditors get anything. The politically connected UAW folk got preference over politically unconnected bondholders. ‘We have just seen an episode of Gangster Government,’ I wrote. ‘It is likely to be a continuing series’...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Demonizing Iran: US Media Continue Beating War Drums

Against Anti-Civilian Sanctions




Israel Weighs Merits of Solo Attack on Iran

Officials, Seeing Impending Policy Split With U.S., Debate Prospect of a Military Strike Without Washington's Consent.

What will would Iran do with nuclear weapons? Probably nothing

Wouldn't possession of an atomic bomb enable Iran to bully other nations? Nuclear missiles did not do much for the old Soviet Union, even enable it to bully its weak neighbor Afghanistan. Nuclear bombs haven't helped China bully anyone - Beijing still has little credibility in Tibet, despite its fantastic edge in power.

Lies and Wars

By William Pfaff

Once more the threat is a polemical invention, intended to frighten American, Israeli (and European) voters, and prompt a preemptive attack on Iran.

Iran a Threat? I Mean, Really?

By Ray McGovern

First, on the chance you missed it, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said publicly that Iran "doesn't directly threaten the United States." Her momentary lapse came while answering a question at the U.S.-Islamic World Forum in Doha, Qatar, on Feb. 14.

Iran "hardliner" issues Strait of Hormuz warning to U.S.

The head of a hardline Iranian political party warned the United States Tuesday against attacking Iran, saying it could hit back by choking "the West's throat" at a waterway crucial for global oil supplies.

What's At Stake in the Issue of Iran

By Noam Chomsky

Iran is perceived as a threat because they did not obey the orders of the United States. Militarily this threat is irrelevant. This country has not behaved aggressively beyond its borders for centuries.

Can You Pass The Iran Quiz

By Jeffrey Rudolph

What can possibly justify the relentless U.S. diplomatic (and mainstream media) assault on Iran ?

ElBaradei says sanctions on Iran will fail

In rare interview, former head of UN nuclear agency says sanctions in Iran are likely, but doomed.

A Timetable For War

By Philip Giraldi

Relying on a complaisant media that has fully embraced the fabricated narrative of fanatical Mullahs brandishing nuclear weapons shortly before handing them over to al-Qaeda, a majority of Americans now believes that Iran must be dealt with by force and that it already has a nuclear weapon.

John Bolton's North Korea plan: Bomb Iran!

John Bolton, among other neocon psychos, has long been obsessed with the idea that the single biggest mistake the Bush administration ever made was taking North Korea off the "state sponsors of terrorism" list.

From Information Clearing House


US Nuclear Option on Iran Linked to Israeli Attack Threat

Gareth Porter, Inter Press Service: "The Barack Obama administration's declaration in its Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) that it is reserving the right to use nuclear weapons against Iran represents a new element in a strategy of persuading Tehran that an Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear sites is a serious possibility if Iran does not bow to the demand that it cease uranium enrichment."


A realist breakthrough?

by Justin Raimondo


When our emissaries return to Washington and report that our support in the region is slipping-to-nonexistent, as the sainted General David Petraeus recently did, the president must act. The US tilt toward Israel is so exaggerated that it is almost a caricature of al-Qaeda’s propaganda, and nowhere is this more glaring than in the realm of nuclear brinkmanship. The US has no leverage, and no standing, to push for the preemptive dismantling of a nonexistent Iranian Manhattan Project, when it follows Israel’s lead in never even referring to their nuclear arsenal. The one Obama administration official who did mention it was viciously attacked, and hasn’t said boo about it since, but — unless you’re under the age of three — pretending something doesn’t exist won’t make it go away...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Disposable Soldiers

By Joshua Kors

According to figures from the Pentagon and a Harvard University study, the military is saving billions by discharging soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan with personality disorder.

Tony Blair Stands Accused


Blair repeatedly and deliberately deceived the UN, his allies and his own people that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction that could be rained on anyone within 45 minutes. In deceit and conspiracy, he incited passions for an illegal war.


Tony Blair, Very Close to being Indicted for War Crimes

Informant: Dorothee Krien

The Open Veins of Climate Change

Confessions of a Former Oil Industry Consultant

Christine Shearer, Truthout: "Jeremy Leggett has undergone quite a few large career changes, from oil industry consultant to Greenpeace scientist to solar power entrepreneur. A geologist by training, he worked with the oil industry until his studies brought him face-to-face with the growing evidence of climate change. In an industry refusing to change, Leggett went to work for Greenpeace and was part of the first Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) talks up to the non-binding, international climate change treaty, the Kyoto Protocol."

From Drunken Party Girl To Climate Change Activist

Paul Rogat Loeb, Truthout: "When we try to engage people politically, we never know who will respond or when someone will shift from reveling in their apathy to taking powerful public stands. With Earth Day coming up, here's a striking example of one such transformation."

The Good News About the Very Bad News (About Climate Change)

Rebecca Solnit, "These days, I see how optimistic and positive disaster and apocalypse movies were. Remember how, when those giant asteroids or alien space ships headed directly for Earth, everyone rallied and acted as one while our leaders led? We're in a movie like that now, except that there's not a lot of rallying or much leading above the grassroots level."

Earth Day Greenwashing From the World's Worst Polluter

Mickey Z, Truthout: "On Earth Day 2010 (April 22), the US Navy is going to stage a demonstration of its F/A-18 Super Hornet (a.k.a. the Green Hornet), powered by a 50/50 biofuel blend (made from the Camelina sativa plant). Before you attempt processing that nugget, I've got something else you may want to factor in: The USS Makin Island, the 'world's first hybrid fuel warship.'"


WPCCC: Mother Earth Needs Seat at Future Climate Talks

Greenpeace: Industry Lobbyists Succeeding in 'Hijacking' Climate Bill

Greenpeace Statement on Pending Climate Bill

A New Climate Movement in Bolivia

The Open Veins of Climate Change


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