Wall Street Culture of Greed Under Attack

By Linda McQuaig

Unsuspecting investors lost billions, while the hedge fund manager, John Paulson, personally walked away with $1 billion.


A Finance Overhaul Fight Draws a Swarm of Lobbyists

By Edward Wyatt and Eric Lichtblau

With so much money at stake, it is not surprising that more than 1,500 lobbyists, executives, bankers and others have made their way to the Senate committee that on Wednesday will take up legislation to rein in derivatives, the complex securities at the heart of the financial crisis.


Anderson Cooper and Class Solidarity

By Joe Bageant

There is no way the world's working people can win in the long run, which is getting pretty damned short, or even survive, except by joining the worker struggles, of China, Asia and Africa and India. The idea that American workers are the same as the Asian and Latin American and African working people goes down hard in American gullets.


"Lehman's failure is a story in large part of fraud"

Black's Knockout Testimony

By Mike Whitney

On Tuesday, Former regulator William Black appeared before the House Committee on Financial Services and beat the living-tar out of Lehman CEO Dick Fuld for 8 full minutes. It was a moment of sheer, unalloyed pleasure that will be savored for a long time to come.



Shorting the middle class: The real Wall Street crime

Huffington Post
by Arianna Huffington


The press is all abuzz with news of the SEC suing Goldman Sachs for fraud. While this is certainly big news in itself, even more important is what it says about what the financial elite has been doing to America for the last 30 years: shorting the middle class. The SEC’s action is a perfect moment for us to look at the bigger picture of how the American people were sold on the promise of never-ending prosperity while Wall Street was overseeing a massive transfer of wealth from the middle class to the richest Americans...


Wall Street gangsters

John Stossel's Take
by John Stossel


Greedy speculators aren’t to blame. Greed is a constant. Greedy speculators helped create the boom. It was a wonderful boom. The Dow went from 800 to 14,000 in 28 years. (Bet you don’t remember than in 1982, the Dow was as low as 780) Even at Dow 11,000, it has been a great period of growth. Those greedy speculators gave us the iPhone and e-mail and Lipitor. Give regulators more power and we won’t get the next iPhone. It’s nice to wish that we could have an all knowing, benevolent regulator-in-chief, but that’s a pipe dream...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Goldman Plays, We Pay

Corporate Crime Reporter: Let the Bankers Play Golf: Bring Back Three-Six-Three


Where's RICO?

James Howard Kunstler, Truthout: "It's interesting and instructive to read The New York Times' lead story this morning, 'Top Goldman Leaders Said to Have Overseen Mortgage Unit.' While it pretends to report all the particulars of the huge scandal growing out of Friday's SEC action against Goldman Sachs (GS), the story really comes off as an attempt to create an alibi for the so-called 'bank.'"



Claim That Goldman Probes Are Politically Motivated



Independent Media Source

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