Groups Condemn Pattern of RNC Media Intimidation

Antiwar March Ends In Tense Standoff, 396 Arrests


St. Paul's Police Protest the Press

Michael Winship, Truthout: "So, attending the Democratic National Convention in Denver and watching events at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul via television, the sights and sounds of police and protesters were familiar. And that scent, the heavy, cloying smell of gas and pepper spray, as evocative as, but far less delicate than a Proustian cookie ... What was different in St. Paul was that the police seemed especially intent on singling out independent journalists and activists covering the Republican convention for the Internet and other alternative forms of media."

Running From Reality

Bob Herbert, The New York Times: "If there was one pre-eminent characteristic of the Republican convention this week, it was the quality of deception. Words completely lost their meaning. Reality was turned upside down."


The St. Paul Police vs. the Independent Media

by Michael Winship


What was different in St. Paul was that the police seemed especially intent on singling out independent journalists and activists covering the Republican convention for the Internet and other alternative forms of media. Over the weekend, police staged preemptive raids on several buildings where planning sessions for demonstrations were being held, one of them a meeting of various video bloggers, including I-Witness Video, a media group that monitors law enforcement. Later in the week, I-Witness’ temporary headquarters were entered by police, claiming they had received news of a possible hostage situation...

800 arrested, lawsuits coming after RNC protests

Minnesota Daily

The city of St. Paul’s $10 million insurance policy, procured in April, may not run dry, but the city is looking at potentially hundreds of lawsuits as arrests piled up last week. …. Many of the students involved in Thursday’s protest scribbled the Coldsnap Legal Collective hotline number on their arms so they could communicate with the outside world from jail.Coldsnap, a nonprofit organization, informed arrestees of their rights and legal options following arrest and functioned as a central hub, forwarding messages to parents and partners of arrested protesters. During the week, Coldsnap took more than 1,000 calls from arrestees and observers and updated their Twitter service informing where police arrested protesters.Charges ranged from unlawful assembly and disorderly conduct, both misdemeanors, to rioting, a felony.The American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota has 55 attorneys representing more than 100 protesters, 17 of which were arrested before Monday’s protest, spokesman Chuck Samuelson said.Along with the 55 ACLU lawyers representing protesters, the union positioned 75 “spotters” near the protests that handed out political rights pamphlets...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


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