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Yellowstone seeks to balance nature, cell phones

Iraq's Maliki breaking free of U.S.

The toll of technology

September 18, 2008

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As Australians become more immersed in technology, critics are wondering about the health costs. Fran Molloy reports.


impf-report Newsletter Nr. 20/2008

The Ugly New McCain

Richard Cohen, The Washington Post: "Following his loss to George W. Bush in the 2000 South Carolina primary, John McCain did something extraordinary: He confessed to lying about how he felt about the Confederate battle flag, which he actually abhorred. 'I broke my promise to always tell the truth,' McCain said. Now he has broken that promise so completely that the John McCain of old is unrecognizable. He has become the sort of politician he once despised."

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02 ignores phone mast objectors

Harlow & Bishop's Stortford The Citizen - Harlow, UK

By Isabel Jensen

MOBILE phone firm O2 has pushed ahead with an appeal against the rejection of plans to put a phone mast in Bishop’s Stortford, ...

Remembering September 11 and the freedoms that make us Americans

by Samantha Harris


On the seventh anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on our nation, FIRE joins the rest of the country in remembering those who were lost. As we look back on that day, it is important that we also remind ourselves of the importance of the freedoms that make this country what it is, and that we commit ourselves to defending those freedoms when they are threatened. As those who follow FIRE’s work well know, many, if not most, American colleges and universities restrict freedom as much as they claim to promote it...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Protect Internet freedom and privacy!

by staff


Some in the federal government are looking for new ways to control the internet and monitor what you do online. We here at FreedomWorks have been fighting hard against internet taxes, secret provisions that track eBay power sellers, and massive new internet controls by the FCC. ‘What’s next?’ you might ask. Unfortunately we now have an answer...

Big Brother is watching as he’s never watched before

Foundation for Economic Education
by Becky Akers


The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has installed millimeter-wave scanners at checkpoints in about a dozen airports nationwide. It’s threatening to inflict these gizmos on every commercial concourse in the country. Millimeter waves bombard passengers with beams that penetrate clothing to show the body beneath. Victims don’t undress: the rays do it for them so screeners can find the weapons so many of us tape to our torsos. Never mind that no TSA employee anywhere has discovered a single terrorist, despite wandings, pat-downs, and the agency’s foot fetish. Passengers may now have to perform a virtual strip tease, too...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Kimberly-Clark: Don't Blow Ancient Forests on Kleenex

Human Rights First (HRF) Details for Senate Judiciary Committee Specific Steps to Return to the Rule of Law

Cheney Misled GOP Leaders

Bush's Secrets: Anti-Democratic and Expensive

Current targets on emissions are 'a recipe for global disaster, not salvation'

Bush's War Widens Dangerously

Tariq Ali, "The decision to make public a presidential order of last July authorizing American strikes inside Pakistan without seeking the approval of the Pakistani government ends a long debate within, and on the periphery of, the Bush administration."


Pakistan Orders Troops to Open Fire If US Raids

The American War Moves to Pakistan


US pushes Pakistan towards the brink

Asia Times
by Tariq Ali


The George W Bush administration’s decision to widen its Afghan war into Pakistan — striking repeatedly in the ‘badlands’ on the Afghan border — is a perilous undertaking. For Pakistan, there could be a catastrophic crisis within the army — already it has fired its first warning shots at American troops — and even a disintegration of the state. But maybe this is the plan...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bob Woodward's Not-so-Secret Weapon

Steve Weissman, Truthout: "Refusing to reveal details, Woodward insisted that too much talk could compromise the program and 'get people killed,' a bizarre turn of phrase about a program whose purpose was to get people killed. In any case, Woodward would tell only enough to hype his book, and not a single word more. Such is the discretion required of a Pulitzer Prize-winning author permanently embedded in the Washington power structure."

A Salute to Our Constitution

by Chuck Baldwin

On this Constitution Day of 2008, may this generation of Americans live up to its responsibility to valiantly bequeath to our posterity the same legacy of freedom that was so bravely and miraculously bequeathed to us. For the sake of freedom, for the love of our children, and for the safety and security of our republic, may each of us determine for ourselves--and commit to Almighty God--to "preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.".......


Campaigning to Restore the Constitution

Constitution in Crisis, Candidates in Denial

Bill of Rights Defense Committee (BORDC) Issues the 'War on Terror' and the Constitution

ACLU Launches Constitution Voter Campaign To Restore Lost Liberties In '08


Constitution more than a piece of paper

Freedom's Phoenix
by Howard Blitz

When the United States Constitution was signed on this date 221 years ago it marked a real change in the relationship between government officials and the citizenry. For most of history citizens were ruled by rulers. Now for the first time, the rulers were to be ruled...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Remember the real estate boom?

Has the U.S. Invasion of Pakistan Begun?

The Neocons' Palin Project

Did they hypnotize her, or was that unnecessary?


Palin: The Opposite of Progress

Cynthia Boaz, Truthout: "Is it possible that voters have, once again, been duped by the Rovian rhetoric machine? Are we really as gullible as the GOP seems to think? Apparently so."

Denouement: the unraveling of a plot, a catastrophe

The Fed’s Failure


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