Donnerstag, 18. September 2008

Can You Afford Not to Read This?

Wall Street and Washington: How the Rules of the Game Have Changed

Steve Fraser, "What is Washington to do as the financial system collapses? Clearly, stark differences in approach as well as in public policy have already emerged. Bail-out Bear Stearns and pump up the brokerage and investment business with new lines of credit. Nationalize Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac on the backs of the taxpayer -- but let Lehman drown. Tell the financial community to save itself, after which Bank of America salutes and buys Merrill Lynch. Then, the Fed gets cold feet and decides it can't let an institution the size of the insurance giant AIG go under as well. Washington is left staring into the abyss. The old rules no longer apply. And that's the point. At moments of crisis since the mid-1980s, the relationship between Washington and Wall Street has changed fundamentally, at least when compared to anything that would have been recognizable in the previous century. As a result, the road ahead is dark and unknown."


Wall Street Socialists

Hang Onto Your Wallet! The Government Is About to Rescue Us

Ron Paul Blasts "Secret Government" Running Economy

Where Is The Outrage, Where Is The Debate?

Texting while driving 'more dangerous than drugs or alcohol'

Informant: Mark G.

Election Day Could Be a Mess

Mary Pat Flaherty, The Washington Post: "Faced with a surge in voter registrations leading up to Nov. 4, election officials across the country are bracing for long lines, equipment failures and confusion over polling procedures that could cost thousands the chance to cast a ballot. The crush of voters will strain a system already in the midst of transformation, with jurisdictions introducing new machines and rules to avoid the catastrophe of the deadlocked 2000 election and the lingering controversy over the 2004 outcome. Even within the past few months, cities and counties have revamped their processes: Nine million voters, including many in the battleground states of Ohio, Florida and Colorado, will use equipment that has changed since March. But the widespread changes meant to reassure the public have also increased the potential for trouble."

Anger at school mobile phone mast plan

Bridlington Today - UK

By Alexa Copeland

CONCERNED parents are protesting against a "totally inappropriate" plan to erect a phone mast near a primary school. ...

Councillors will oppose plans for Beehive Hill phone mast

Kenilworth Today - Leamington Spa, England, UK

The mobile phone giant wants to install the mast on a grass verge between the Birmingham Road and Beehive Hill but Kenilworth town councillors Pat Ryan and ...

Kingswinford mast slammed as "world's worst"

9:31am Thursday 18th September 2008

By Martyn Smith »

A RADIATION expert has ordered urgent medical surveys after branding a Kingswinford phone mast site the worst in the world.

American scientist Dr George Carlo delivered a chilling verdict on the intensity of beams near the High Acres base station to shocked residents at a public meeting last week.

The advisor to the US government hopes to have teams of researchers in place by the end of the year to carry out tests on people living close to the 18-mast site which he slammed as “appalling”.



MP says no proof on health scare

From Mast Sanity/Mast Network

National ID and the conundrum of enforcement

by Devvy Kidd

The clock is ticking on the shadow government's tracking of your every move with the so-called National ID. For those who might not be familiar with this Nazi style snooping and forced production of "Show your papers," Rep. Sam E. Rohrer, has very thoroughly and succinctly explained it in this column. It is a must read for all Americans (perhaps this weekend) to fully understand they may soon be forced to accept the loss of their rights or lose their job.......

Hunderte Milliarden zur Stabilisierung der Finanzmärkte in den Geldmarkt gepumpt

Trotzdem geht der Kurssturz an den Börsen weiter, der Versicherungsriese AIG wurde nun auch unter staatliche Kontrolle gestellt.

Erneuter Börsenabsturz und neue Milliardenspritzen

Auch mit den Rettungsaktionen und massiven Geldspritzen schaffen es die Notenbanken weltweit nicht, den Finanzsektor zu beruhigen.ärkte

Is the U.S. going overboard on bailouts?

Industry and government officials say the handouts are cheaper in the long run than doing nothing. But critics say they encourage bad behavior by removing the consequences.,0,4352836.story?track=ntothtml

Housing starts at 17-1/2-year low

Construction starts on new homes plunged to a 17-1/2-year low during August as builders scaled back sharply to try to cope with the worst slump in U.S. housing since the Great Depression.

U.S. current account trade deficit rises to $183.1 billion

The U.S. Commerce Department says the current account trade deficit increased by 4.3 per cent to US$183.1 billion in the April-June quarter, compared to a revised deficit of $175.6 billion in the first quarter. The deficit represents the amount of money the country is borrowing from foreigners.

From Information Clearing House

Russia eyes Mediterranean as alternative to Sevastopol naval base

Russian Navy to remain off Abkhazia until U.S. ships leave region

Russia sent warships from its Black Sea fleet (Image gallery) to ensure security along the coast of Georgia's breakaway province of Abkhazia following an attempt in early August by Georgian forces to retake South Ossetia, another breakaway republic.

U.S. intelligence gathering ship enters Sevastopol harbor

The U.S. Pathfinder ship entered on Tuesday the Sevastopol harbor that is home to the Ukrainian navy and Russia's Black Sea Fleet (Image gallery), a Russian naval source said.

Russia eyes Mediterranean as alternative to Sevastopol naval base

Russia could build up its presence in the Mediterranean to make up for the loss of its naval base in Ukraine's port of Sevastopol, a Black Sea Fleet official said on Monday.

Russian bombers conduct patrols along South American coast

The two Russian Tu-160 Blackjack strategic bombers that landed in Venezuela last week have successfully carried out a patrol mission along the South American coast, a Russian Air Force spokesman said on Tuesday.

Russia to help Cuba build space center

Moscow is ready to help Cuba develop its own space center, Russia's space agency chief said on Wednesday after talks in Caracas with Venezuelan and Cuban officials, Itar-Tass news agency reported.

Russian Government Condemns "Outside Interference" In Bolivia

"We consider unacceptable the attempts to threaten its territorial integrity, as well as any form of outside interference in the affairs of this sovereign Latin American nation," the foreign ministry said in a statement.

From Information Clearing House

We are in an existential struggle with the Bush Administration

Life And Death

By Peter Chamberlin

The life or death struggle I am referring to is not with some shadowy terrorist group, or with an axis of foreign governments, but with our own government. We are in an existential struggle with the Bush Administration and everyone in government who supports the violence they carry-out upon the world.

America Needs a Shadow Government

By Timothy V. Gatto

During the past two terms of this Presidency we have learned in-depth about signing statements, the "Unitary Presidency", numerous Executive Orders that remain secret from the Congress, extraordinary "rendition", and torture to include inflicting injuries on another human being "to the point of, but not exceeding organ failure". We know of places such as Abu Ghraib, and Guantanamo and watched as our Army dropped white Phosphorus on innocent civilians in a city called Fallujah.

Bush Could Still Attack Iran

By Stefan Simanowitz

The US is massing the largest armada of warships in the Gulf since 2003. Two aircraft carrier task forces are already there and a third was dispatched on August 22. French and British warships and carrier groups are also reportedly on their way.

The nuclear issue hasn't gone away

And the IAEA's latest report on Iran has some harsh words for the regime. With Bush mindful of his legacy, this phoney war could soon turn real.

U.S. could use Georgia as bridgehead to attack Iran - Rogozin

At a news conference at NATO headquarters in Brussels Dmitry Rogozin said that Russian intelligence had obtained information indicating that the Georgian military infrastructure could be used for logistical support of U.S. troops if they launched an attack on Iran.

Iran will safeguard Strait of Hormuz

He then expressed Iran's willingness to hold joint military maneuvers with the neighboring states "as the restoration of security to the Persian Gulf requires such moves."

From Information Clearing House

Washington Is Risking War with Pakistan

By Robert Baer

As Wall Street collapsed with a bang, almost no one noticed that we're on the brink of war with Pakistan. And, unfortunately, that's not too much of an exaggeration.

Pakistan Invades America -- "Without Permission"

By M. Junaid Levesque-Alam

American papers reported that under the new policy, the Pakistani military will no longer seek America's permission in killing Americans, but will inform American diplomats about these killings as a friendly gesture between close allies.

Missile strike by unmanned U. S. aircraft kills 6 in Pakistan

A U. S. missile strike Wednesday in Pakistan further inflamed relations between the two antiterrorism allies, just hours after the American military chief vowed to "respect Pakistan's sovereignty."

Gilani: US clearly warned not to attack inside Pakistan

Pakistan's Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani said on Thursday that the US has been notified that it cannot continue to carry out aerial strikes on its territory, a day after a US attack killed six people near the border with Afghanistan.

Pakistan: U.S. did not warn of missile strike

Pakistan said Thursday it was not warned about a suspected U.S. missile strike in its northwest that came the same day a top American official assured Pakistani leaders of U.S. respect for the Muslim nation's sovereignty.

'Tribesmen to fight US if incursions continue'

Every Ahmedzai Wazir tribesman will fight US forces on Afghani soil if their incursions into South Waziristan continue, a 3,000-strong jirga ruled on Wednesday.\09\18\story_18-9-2008_pg7_9

Pakistan Accuses U.S. Of New Incursion

Two intelligence officials said Pakistani troops and tribesmen opened fire on two U.S. helicopters after they crossed from Afghanistan into the northwest tribal region, where Taliban and al-Qaida militants are operating.

Pakistan's 'bleakest moment'

Guest columnist Ahmed Rashid says Pakistan is facing its bleakest moment, months after getting a new democratic government.

From Information Clearing House


US Missile Strike Escalates US-Pakistan Tensions

Saeed Shah, McClatchy Newspapers: "A U.S. missile strike Wednesday in Pakistan further inflamed relations between the two anti-terrorism allies, just hours after the American military chief vowed to 'respect Pakistan's sovereignty.' The strike against suspected militants in Pakistan's tribal area, which runs along the Afghan border, is thought to be the sixth such attack this month. It came as Washington is demanding that Islamabad do more to prevent Taliban and al Qaida extremists from using its territory. Pakistani leaders have condemned the U.S. military interventions, which include the first documented American ground raid in the country earlier this month. The strikes have caused an uproar in Pakistan."

Pakistani Troops Fire at US Choppers as Tensions Rise

Augustine Anthony, Reuters: "Pakistani troops fired on two U.S. helicopters that intruded into Pakistani airspace on Sunday night, forcing them to turn back to Afghanistan, a senior Pakistani security official said on Monday. It was the second such incident in a week, and reflects frayed relations with the United States over Pakistan's failure to act more forcibly against Islamist fighters in the tribal lands bordering Afghanistan. The number of missile attacks by U.S. drone aircraft in the remote tribal areas has multiplied in recent weeks."

Palin Using Her Child as Political Prop

Earth to McCain: It's a Crisis

McCain Attacks Wall Street Greed-While 83 Wall Street Lobbyists Work for His Campaign


Senior advisor disses McCain on economy

A senior economic advisor to the Republican Party says neither John McCain nor his running mate is capable of running a large business.

From Information Clearing House

Next-up news Nr 683

Fight to stop mobile mast - Wolverhampton, England, UK

Worried parents are fighting plans for a 50ft mobile phone mast near a Stafford school amid fears it will put children’s health at risk and be an unsightly ...

Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism

Even GOP Says McCain Must Accept Earmarks

Martin Kady II, "Out on the stump, John McCain gets wild applause each time he promises as president to veto every spending bill that contains an earmark. But McCain will find it almost impossible to live up to his vow, and gridlock would result if Congress refused to go along with such an executive branch power grab. And that's what members of McCain's own party are saying."

Key senators dispute FBI's anthrax case against Bruce Ivins


The Anthrax Case Reopens

Bill Simpich, Truthout: "The past week's Congressional anthrax hearings revealed that public pressure is keeping the doors open in the anthrax case. FBI Director Robert Mueller promised that the FBI will provide their evidence to a panel of experts for scientific evaluation. The battle will now turn to the independence of this panel, and whether 'all evidence' or merely 'scientific evidence' will be under review."

The US Federal Reserve has come to the rescue once again


Stocks Tumble After Government Bailout of AIG

Tim Paradis, The Associated Press: "Wall Street plunged again in a crisis of confidence Wednesday as anxieties about the financial system still ran high after the government's bailout of insurer American International Group Inc. The Dow Jones industrial average dropped more than 400 points, and investors seeking the safety of hard assets and government debt sent gold, oil and short-term Treasurys soaring."

Facing the Financial Fallout

On Friday: "Amidst historic economic failures, 'Bill Moyers Journal' takes an in-depth look at what led to the financial meltdown, what it means for American families and how it will affect voters between now and November."

Crisis Endgame

Paul Krugman, The New York Times: "On Sunday, Henry Paulson, the Treasury secretary, tried to draw a line in the sand against further bailouts of failing financial institutions; four days later, faced with a crisis spinning out of control, much of Washington appears to have decided that government isn't the problem, it's the solution. The unthinkable - a government buyout of much of the private sector's bad debt - has become the inevitable. The story so far: the real shock after the feds failed to bail out Lehman Brothers wasn't the plunge in the Dow, it was the reaction of the credit markets. Basically, lenders went on strike: U.S. government debt, which is still perceived as the safest of all investments - if the government goes bust, what is anything else worth? - was snapped up even though it paid essentially nothing, while would-be private borrowers were frozen out."


FED Socializes Losses, Privatizes Profits

The Financial Meltdown Continues


AIG bailout upsets Republican lawmakers



Key Republicans on Capitol Hill blasted the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve on Wednesday for orchestrating an $85 billion bailout of insurance giant American International Group, and the White House for not informing them of the plan. Meanwhile, Democrats blamed the Bush administration for the financial crisis, while the White House pointed a finger at Congress...

A rising tide of anger

The Nation
by Nicholas von Hoffman


When Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon, he knew he was starting a new political system. As the Bush administration takes over trillion-dollar AIG, it has no idea what it is starting. It does not even know what to do next. All that Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson knew was that if AIG was allowed to slip under the waters, all hell would break loose. There might be something close to panic in the streets. The Secretary and his co-workers knew that one money market fund had already lost so much money when Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy that it had to suspend its depositors’ withdrawals. But Lehman is small potatoes compared to AIG, a gigantic insurance-cum-investment corporation. If it collapsed, many more money market funds would be in danger of being frozen...

Rescue package could cost half-trillion dollars



Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson briefed congressional leaders Thursday night on plans to address the ‘illiquid assets’ on U.S. financial institutions’ balance sheets, possibly including the creation of a government facility to take on financial firms’ bad debts. The proposal to create a massive facility to buy mortgage-backed securities could cost as much as a half-trillion dollars and would involve the purchase of both private-label and government-guaranteed mortgages, according to an administration official...

Reckless mortgages brought financial market to its knees

Fox News
by John R. Lott, Jr.


The stock market has fallen dramatically from its peak a year ago. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has declined by about 25 percent, a significant drop, though not anywhere near as large as the 36 percent drop that occurred over two months from August to October 1987. Few would argue, though, that the financial market is not in a mess. Meanwhile the economy has kept growing. … Obviously some sectors of the economy have been doing well, while others, such as housing, have been in a real mess. With the government takeover of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae as well as other bankruptcies in the financial sector, there are a lot of questions...,2933,424945,00.html

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


The Party's Over

By Patrick J. Buchanan

The Crash of 2008, which is now wiping out trillions of dollars of our people's wealth, is, like the Crash of 1929, likely to mark the end of one era and the onset of another.

Hey U.S., Welcome to the Third World!

By Rosa Brooks

It's been a quick slide from economic superpower to economic basket case.

Paulson and Bernanke Stampede Washington - Continue Raid On The Public Purse

Citing Grave Financial Threats, Officials Ready Massive Rescue

By Binyamin Appelbaum and Lori Montgomery

The Bush administration is urgently preparing a massive intervention to" revive" the U.S. financial system, including a plan to sweep away the unpaid loans that are choking banks and blocking the flow of money to borrowers. - Paulson and Bernanke presented a "chilling" picture of the state of the financial system, according to a participant in the meeting who spoke on condition of anonymity.

$4,000 implants bought to foil kidnappings

Informant: gotemf


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